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HTC excited about Android 4.0, looking into handset upgrade plan


Many of you stayed up late last night to watch Samsung and Google’s unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus along with Android 4.0. Now that the dust is settled, most of you are probably wondering when or even if your current phone will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich.

HTC is one of the first OEMs to speak up on the matter by declaring that they’re already looking into the new features and enhancements to determine their upgrade path. While we don’t expect HTC to update all their phones to Android 4.0, we do believe that all the phones they’ve delivered in 2011 have a very good chance of getting a taste of Google’s latest Android dessert.

Any upgrade issue with Ice Cream Sandwich shouldn’t be related to performance, since according to Google, most phones running Android 2.3.x should be capable of running Android 4.0. HTC will be looking specifically at the new enhancements and functionality to figure out how they can best incorporate them into their Sense UI to deliver “an improved user experience” for their customers.

We are excited about the latest update for Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and are currently reviewing its features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans. Our goal for Android updates is to give every customer an improved user experience, which means balancing each phone's unique hardware, HTC Sense experience and the Android kernel. While our goal is to upgrade as many of our recent devices as possible, we are committed to maintaining every phone's performance and usability first. Please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.HTC

We’re not sure how long HTC has had access to Android 4.0, but we hope they announce their complete upgrade plans soon. Knowing if a device will be getting the latest version of Android will certainly affect the public’s purchasing decision over the next few months.

Historically, HTC has been the OEM to beat when it comes to updating their phones to the latest version of Android. Do you believe HTC can keep that crown, or will Samsung or Motorola push them aside this time around?

Source: Engadget

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Slith

    With this news, someone want to buy my Thunderbolt in like three weeks? ;)

  • Subhramani

    Unfortunately, buying anything apart from a Nexus phone means that you have to wait for several months before you can actually get an update from your vendor.

    As soon as I finished watching the video today, I put up an ad on Craigslist to sell my brand new HTC Sensation knowing the fact that its not easy to get an official update to ICS.

  • Nate B.

    They need to go ahead and surprise everyone with a stock update. And remake Sense behind the scenes. It’s to much going on in IC to remake that. I mean to much going on in a good way. Why would you want to change the look. Sense is already bloated and went downhill in my personal opinion. Just more bubble like Widgets that take up the entire screen. Just new ways to do what it was already doing. A few new features but nothing we wouldn’t hurt without. I just think Manufacturers should go stock and let the hardware speak. I mean if you have the physical parts that can support the features you should be okay. If not, then that specific feature will be missing. Like say, if you don’t have a front facing camera, then don’t expect facial recognition to unlock.heads up for Nexus One users. Kind of like the iPhone updates. The iPhone 4 doesn’t support Siri natively. There has been ports but its not as good as it would be on the 4S.

    I’m just saying IC is such a clean look and shouldn’t be changed. Everything looks more professional and sharp. Its sexy. If you want an origin and updates and real support then stick to the Nexus line. It’ll be a bit of a waiting period anywhere else.

  • Nate B.

    Oh and I stayed up until 3:30am heeled about this. Looking at every video and news and possible carriers etc. I wasn’t overwhelmed but it made me honestly happy. I had a honest smile.

  • Jer

    Like Samsung will update their phones. The Galaxy S is still stuck on 2.2. Yet they made the Nexus S that was nearly an identical phone, with 2.3. I trust HTC to do what they can. But other makers, I doubt, especially Samsung.

    • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

      Blame carriers and their custom software for that one. The International version of the Galaxy S has had Gingerbread since March 2011.

      Google search shows plenty of stories: http://www.google.com/search?q=galaxy%20s%20gingerbread%20march&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

      This is why custom skins and custom apps are bad. They force delays in updates.

    • Rene

      Hey Jer,

      Samsung Galaxy S is on 2.3.5 for already a month via Samfirmware.
      Very stable version.
      So I think Samsung is doing OK so far!

  • http://www.3for.tv 3for.tv

    Dear HTC,

    When will you realize we actually like your hardware? We buy your phones because they are solid. I have one simple request. A switch. Toggle vanilla on, toggle vanilla off. Do this, and I’ll never own a non-HTC again.

  • Starship

    Still waiting on gingerbread for droid incredible. I rooted to get the last update. I’m getting a nexus. Can’t wait for updates and locked bootloaders that go with non nexus phones. Specs be damned

  • Nathan

    Yes! I feel better now =)

  • Ben

    Haha, when I had a htc incredible 1 when froyo came out I would have believed that statement….Now , with my htc thunderbolt, I dont have much respect for HTC anymore. Yes, sense is the best and they finally got gingerbread for me, but they outdated my sense the moment they released the sensation and ice cream is most likely going right over my head (thank god for rooting and wonderful devs at XDA and Bamf)

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    At first glance, HTC appeared to have a lot of work ahead in order to get Sense updates with all the latest features within Android 4.0. But if you look at all the details, HTC’s already ahead of the curve in most cases. HTC’s lock screen still offers more functionality than ICS, the camera app has more features (the panoramic image mode could easily be swapped out for what HTC currently has in place), and core apps stand alone.

    The changes HTC really need to focus on are widget resizing, people app, dialer, and notifications. They should be able to get rid of the 100+ widgets they include any simply allow for stock widget resizing.

    • BiGMERF

      great points Nick

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        Yeah, seriously Nick. You must have an amazing editor. ;)

  • Mark WIlkins

    “…HTC has been the OEM to beat…” Yes, WITH A LEAD PIPE! Hey, HTC, what about Gingerbread for the ORIGINAL INCREDIBLE? HUH? This has been promised and pulled so many times, HTC has LOST THIS CUSTOMER FOR GOOD. Sayonara!

  • greg wilson

    I’m worried about my 3-month old EVO 3D, with its wacky cameras and 2D/3D hardware switch. Sounds like a lot of work. What’s in it for HTC to upgrade it? I love the specs but almost never use the 3D. It’s more of a conversation piece than anything.

    Was the 3D successful for HTC/Sprint? I remember the prices falling really quickly compared to the OG Evo.

  • Richard Yarrell

    When I look at ICE CREAM SANDWICH it’s funny I just see some elements of sense and I believe htc will make sure the EVO 3D will be the first dualcore device to recieve ice cream sandwich. Mark that down.

    • squiddy20

      “the EVO 3D will be the first dualcore device to recieve ice cream sandwich”
      Since you obviously haven’t read one of the other articles you so stupidly posted this exact wording on, I’ll basically repeat what another commenter stated. Your silly little Evo 3D WILL NOT be the “first dual core device” to get ICS. The Galaxy Nexus will be first. And the next “device” to get ICS after that will most likely be either of the Nexus S versions, NOT your Evo. Please, if you’re going to stretch the truth, at least make sure it’s not an outright lie. Such a fool.

  • Aeronoors

    I have been waitin’ for this news. Maybe HTC will do hard work for updating their devices.

  • N8

    I have a HTC MyTouch 4G Slide and really want to update it to Android 4.0

  • N8

    HTC MyTouch 4G Slide has a Dual Core 1.2 Ghz Processor with 8mp Camera on the back and a front facing camera it’s should get it

  • Anastasia Krause

    Anyone know if the mytouch 4G/ HTC Panache will get the Android 4.0 update?
    Thank you!

  • karan mehta

    htc plz annonce d upgrade of htc xplorer