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HTC now the number one smartphone vendor in the US


Here at Android and Me, we’ve already gone over global Q3 shipping figures in several different posts. To sum it all up, Samsung is the world leader in smartphone shipments, followed by Apple and Nokia. But what about when it comes to each individual country?

The US market is a totally different beast compared to the rest of the world. Where CDMA and two-year contracts rule supreme, the US is just now ending a long period of playing catch-up with just about everyone else. Even the lead smartphone manufacturers in the US are different. Despite Samsung leading the globe in smartphone shipments, they didn’t take the number one spot in the US. HTC did.

During the third quarter in the US, HTC shipped 5.7 million smartphones. You can even add an extra 70,000 to that number for devices under the T-Mobile brand. Samsung wasn’t far behind with 4.9 million, and Apple was also close with 4.6 million, but Palo Alto based analyst Chris Jones said it best:

However you count it, HTC has become a deserved leader in the US smart phone market. This is an awesome achievement for HTC, which has built a premium brand in a highly competitive market in just a few short years. It now has a strong range of 4G Android products, with devices ranged by each of the major carriers, and offers some of the most compelling and differentiated products found on the platform today.Chris JonesCanalys

Thanks to HTC and Samsung, Android now has an impressive 70% of the pie when it comes to platform share in the US. As Canalys points out, this next month is going to be a big test for Android. Customers who bought the original Droid (largely regraded as one of the most popular Android handsets of all time) will finally be near the end of their contract. Those couple million users looking for new smartphones could make a big difference by the end of Q4. But that’s a different story, for a different day.

For now, it’s HTC’s time to shine. Do you have a favorite HTC phone? Maybe a memory you’d like to share? Let it all out in the comments below.

Source: Canalys

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  • Ben

    Interesting. Wonder why they don’t support HTC Sync any better then. :-/

    • metafor

      Honestly, with Android being mostly cloud-synced, I have found very little if any need to use HTC sync.

    • Richard Yarrell
      • squiddy20

        Wow. Basically copied and pasted directly from the other article you posted this stupid crap in. For shame. How about you “buy a life” (your moronic words) and stop trolling the sites with your utterly “useless” links that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Sync to your PC??? what is this, 2003?
      I keed, I keed. Yeah, their software is hog.

  • johnd

    HTC = Great Phones, but lackluster battery life.

  • triangle

    HTC makes great phones, but I don’t think they’re going to stay at the top. I think timing had something to do with it since the Samsung Galaxy S II phones were released in late September.

    I predict that Samsung take the crown for most smartphones sold in 4Q (aside from apple) due to the new product releases, including a certain Galaxy Nexus phone, if it ever gets released. It would definitely help to have a strong Samsung phone at Verizon.

    • thel0nerang3r

      HTC has a lot of designs, with pretty much the same internals. So, you can find something to your liking on each carrier.
      Take a look at the S2. Currently in the US, if you want a keyboard, you got to go with Sprint. Take almost any HTC phone, and you will find something similar at Sprint, ATT, T-Moblie, VZW.

  • poosh2010

    I’m very happy for them….my 2 year old HTC Hero still works like a charm!

  • Shizzy

    My favorite memory was when HTC was the biggest smartphone seller…but all i wanted was my freaking GALAXY NEXUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    Super lovely except I make 10x more money on iOS than Android from my apps. =/

    • Mattt

      Make better apps.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The first android device was made by HTC and the first 4G android device was made by HTC. Clearly HTC has earned what they have and deserve there number one status. Definitely great products.

    • CTown

      Exactly! Each phone is specialized for each carrier (which makes Data speeds as fast as possible). Not all HTC devices are just refreshes (but the whole Sensation and Amaze being a few months apart thing is ridiculous.)

      HTC is not scared to try new things. They have been making large phones since the Windows running HD phone! They made the first Android phone, the first 4G phone. Not only that, they were the first to customize Android. With Sense, HTC expanded the idea of what a widget can do.

      Cannot wait to see the battery life improvements on Krait-based devices!

  • Raptor

    Two words: VARIETY and DISCOUNTS

    1) HTC and Samsung total make 10-20 new shiny models per year, Apple just 1. One does not fit all without brainwashing by Steve.

    2) Discounts discounts.
    Our perception of cr#p and cool changes depending on the price tag (c).
    At $600 TouchPad is crap, discounted to $99 it’s cool
    At $500 HTC is crap and discounted to zero it’s cool.

    Twice I could buy during last year two or even three HTC or Samsungs simultaneously during 1-day supersale at T-mobile at ZERO price with 2 year contract. You never buy iPhone on discounts.anywhere else besides Europe. And that, sorry Steve, is stupid too. Because here is an anecdote i like

    Q> What is faster then the speed of light?
    A> A moron with discount coupon.

    • Raptor

      Another anecdotal evidence that variety is FTW:

      In Russia the most popular for 20 straight years (!!!) are “Неделька” (Nedel’ka), sorry, a 7-color set, one per day of a week, woman underpants.
      Google it why

  • Gabe

    I’ll predict that Samsung will take over.. HTC’s sence UI is definetly NOT astheitcally appealing… I’m just sayin..

    • Tangent

      That’s the thing about aesthetics, it’s a personal choice. I happen to like Sense very much, but am not impressed with TouchWiz or any variation of MotoBlur, and I downright hate whatever LG calls their UI.

      • Justin

        I really hope that with ICS we start seeing less custom UIs. HTC really innovated when they first introduced TouchFlo/Sense. It really compensated for aspects of the Android UI that were lacking. Then it seemed like everyone else did a custom UI for the sake of having a custom UI and not so much as to improve the Android experience.

        The Android UI has come a long way and Sense feels like less of an improvement and more of just doing it differently. It greatly delays updates to new versions and really feels like bloat at this point.

        It would be nice if Sense was converted from a custom UI to an app and widget suite as to be not so integrated into the OS. That way you could buy any HTC device you like and use Sense if you want to or uninstall it if you don’t. You’d also get new OS versions much quicker that way.

    • Justin

      I agree that Samsung will take over. HTC’s innovation seems to be getting watered down with all the device they’re putting out. Variety is good but it’s a lot of the same. Also the quality of their devices isn’t what it used to be. Not saying they make poor quality device, just not where it was. It used to be when HTC announced a device you knew the hardware was going to be higher quality than everyone else’s. I don’t feel that’s the case anymore.

  • REVS

    htc 4 life

  • Koolio

    Had the MT3G, then the EVO4G, both were great phones.

  • jbrandonf

    I dunno, I love HTC but I feel their direction is shifting.

    The phones are not getting better looking (the back panel on the Resound, or the Amaze) and they put way too much emphasis on eye-candy animations that detract from the user experience. Case in point the carousel crap they put into Sense 3.0. Sense in general is way too heavy..my Sensation has about 700mb of RAM but if I’m in the browser for a while and loading heavy pages and return to the homescreen I have to reload Sense! Which in itself takes about 30-45 seconds..

    HTC stop trying to do too much. Focus on the software experience, take out the ridiculous animations or give me and option to speed them up or minimize them. Make Sense run as efficiently as possible..how is it that my lady’s G2′s notification tray is more responsive than my Sensation’s? I won’t tell ya to release less phone because you got to #1 by giving something to everyone but you need more focus on software fa sho.

    With that said, you make great hardware. I’ve owned 4 devices already and no other manufacturer can match your build quality. Now get a dual core on ATT quick!

    • Justin

      I have to say on some devices their hardware isn’t what I had come to expect. My first smartphone was a HTC Tilt. While Windows Mobile 6 certainly had it’s weak points the hardware was amazing.

      When the Touch Pro 2 (successor to the Tilt) came around I was really psyched and picked one up when my contract ended on the Tilt. The hardware was above and beyond what I expected, but Sense just wasn’t enough to make up for WinMo 6 at that point. So I returned the TP2 and got a Nexus One when it launched; which I love.

      I figured it wouldn’t be long before we saw a Touch Pro 3 running Android with all the great features that were unique to the TP2. The amazing quality speaker phone and ability to simply set the phone down on it’s screen and have the speakerphone turn on automatically was a great feature. Dedicated mute button on the back was a great touch. The keyboard on the Tilt was amazing and nobody came close to it’s quality. And then the TP2 keyboard was even better.

      So, when the Touch Pro 3/HTC 7 Pro was announced I was really psyched. I would have preferred Android but I was still psyched. Then I got my hands on one. They keyboard was pretty good but immediately didn’t feel at the level I’d come to expect from the previous two generations. The slide mechanism felt like a major downgrade. The screen and specs fell short on what they should have been compared to other devices that had already launched. Not to mention that the speaker phone quality wasn’t there and all of the TP2′s unique features were dropped.

      The HTC 7 Pro isn’t a bad device by any means. My brother has one and loves it. It was a great upgrade from his second gen Sidekick. But from the perspective of a long time HTC fan it fell really short of my expectations.

      They do a lot of different devices these days, but the differences are only minor. I think they’re just too in love with Sense and focus on that being what sets them apart. I’m craving some that HTC hardware innovation that made them a household name so quickly.

  • Cheeto

    I have both the Epic touch and the Evo 3d.I love them both, but I must say the HtC build quality, sense, and style is the best out of the Android line up. HTC has a polished great great and has a better user experience. The epic is runs a smoother ( as far as web browsing) but not faster than my evo 3d , best screen and audio. But I have a shit load of issues with the capacitive touch buttons and the keyboard even though I tried almost every keyboard on the market and Forceclose issues which I did not have with my EVO 3d. Samsung tends to have a lot of software bugs compared to HTC. The few bugs that my EVO 3d has HTC was quick to fix it compared to samsung.

    HTC still needs better Processors ( qualcom sucks ) , a amoled screen and maybe they will be the best in the world. HTC stands out from the rest So its no wonder why its number one in the U.S.

  • maclifer

    My Amaze 4G arrived yesterday and i’m just starting to use it – it is my first high-end Android device (began with LG Optimus V in Feb of this year) and is just blowing me away. I’m enjoying it immensely but almost don’t know WHERE to start in learning all of the new features. Loving it!

  • kido

    your fone if it has been used for like a 3 year it will just lock its self

  • kido

    thats well bad

  • dog lover

    it happened 2 mine you gotta go 2 htc store or ring em

  • kido

    i h8 it

  • fatty bum bum

    t8ks 2 much time

  • pritams