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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update is finally available (for real this time)


Getting a feeling of deja vu? Don’t worry, it’s not the Matrix glitching. Verizon told us the Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt was happening at the end of September and then called take backs before we could stop them.

While you may have a new treat in mind now, it’s important to remember that the road to an Ice Cream Sandwich is paved with Gingerbread, or something like that.

Anyway, for those of you with an HTC Thunderbolt, your Gingerbread update is ready and if you want to speed up the process just go into “Settings” and select “Software update” and finally “Check new” and you’ll be on your way.

While you are waiting for the update to download you can peruse the complete change log via the Source link below.

The most notable changes are going to be the cosmetic tweaks to your homescreen. Beyond that you’ve got some new apps including a download manager, a “Full Dock Mode” app that as you might guess gives you a view that is optimized for having your Thunderbolt docked, and finally some additional power and app management options available to you in settings. The rest of the updates are more behind the scenes features, including protection from that nasty security vulnerability that popped up a couple weeks ago.

Let us know how the update goes for you and whether you notice anything markedly better (or worse) after you’ve been running it for awhile. I’m a Thunderbolt owner myself, but I rooted and strayed from the stock path so I’ll have to live vicariously through all of you.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Techrocket9

    “the road to an Ice Cream Sandwich is paved with Gingerbread”

    That’s the funniest thing that I have seen all day.

    • Beavis

      Your comment is the saddest thing that I have seen all day.

  • sick of sammy

    No update for the tmo vibrant yet!!!

  • Kyle

    I loaded that “update” on my TB a week or so ago and I still have issues w/ the phone. The screen doesn’t shut off while I’m talking on the phone so my fat face is constantly calling others and/or hanging up. I was VERY excited about the Thunderbolt, but have been disappointed from the beginning and this is just another in a growing line of let-downs.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Sorry to hear that, my Tbolt has been a mess since I got it as well. I’ve had two of them now and both were constantly rebooting and disconnecting from the network when I was on stock which is what drove me to finally root and load a new rom on it. I’ve been running Das Bamf and having much better results with that for the last few weeks.

      • Slith

        I got it a few weeks ago as well and had a lot of issues. I finally gave up and rooted it. I don’t want the update!

        • Slith

          Well apparently the update was pushed to my phone as I restarted it and it went to the unpacking screen. It then promptly gives the ! in a triangle and is stuck. Watch out if you are rooted. I was rooted but did not have a custom ROM installed.

          Anyone have advice as how to fix it? I can restart it but it powers down as soon as it connects to Verizon and attempts to update again.

          I just need this phone until the 10th!

      • Slith

        I did have a backup from TItanium. I am following the advice on the android forums now. It’s tricky because the OTA starts immediately and it is still messing up with the stock PG05IMG.

        I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

  • Nathan

    Well hopefully this download will help TB user not just get in the way

  • Richard Yarrell

    Sorry conclusión this thunderdud really has been I don’t know who to blame HTC or VERIZON. This has been plain and simple one of the worst android devices launched..

    • squiddy20

      Coming from a “self proclaimed” HTC/Sprint/Evo fanboy, your viewpoint is old news. What’s sad is, you can’t really say it’s “the worst” when you’ve never even used the phone for a few hours, let alone owned it. As you’ve said to me so very very often “Get with the real world”.
      FYI, “the worst android device launched” is most likely the Kyocera Echo (Sprint). All the hype leading up to the launch, only to be met with sub-par reviews and somewhat crappy performance. It was released not even 8 months ago and it’s already been EOL’d. THAT’S a “sorry conclusion”.

    • snowbdr89

      thunderdud? dick u moron id take a rooted thunderdud runnin a das bamf or cm7 rom over that pethetic 3d p.o.s you have anyday!!! kinda sad a single core phone like the tbolt is just as fast if not faster then the e3d… so the sorry conclusion is your pathetic ass

  • Tech40

    I installed the update yesterday, and so far, I have seen the battery life dramatically improved. Have had the phone going for 4 hours so far today, and still actually have full green battery indicator.
    HTC Sence is pretty much the same, a few new menu features, I am diggin the quick settings menu from the pull down.

    I bought this the first day it was launched, and have never had any of the above described problems with this phone.

  • Msjeep

    Love my Thunderbolt. Got Gingerbread a few weeks ago when it was first pushed out. No problems. Just got the update to fix some things. Still no problems. Got my TB about a month after it came out along with my son and daughter. Low audio initially when recording video but that was fixed way back. Only other problem was losing internet over the air. Replaced Sim card no problem since. Bought extra batteries and external charger real cheap. Hardly ever charge the phone anymore. Just pop in a charged battery.

  • Nick L

    Everything went wacked after i updated my thunderbolt…i absolutly hate it…fix it now!

  • heriberto(eddie)

    i have a brand new thunderbolt that im trying to sell because when i bought it i thouhgt i was going to be able to jailbreak it but i went every wear i was told. they can do it but didnt have any luck so im trying to sell it if interested you can text me for pricing and pics as i dont know how to upload pics here my cell 413 210-7647 you can text me anytime

  • pritams