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Is Google finally poised to get into the music business?


Hop into the wayback machine and join me at Google I/O 2010. It was day 2 of the conference and Vic Gundotra was playing the ghost of Android future and showing us the Android world that was yet to come. Vic described Google Music as we have it today. (Upload your music collection to the cloud and stream it from anywhere on your device). First, however, he showed us one feature that continues to elude Google today: simply purchasing a song via the Android Market.

Rumors of Google starting a music service of their own date back basically to the launch of the T-Mobile G1, when many speculated that their partnership with Amazon and its MP3 store was just a bandaid to get Google by until they could get a competing option up and running. Three years later and still nothing. Apparently it was a more herculean task than anyone could have expected.

Well, if the New York Times sources are correct, the wait may finally be drawing to a close. The Times is reporting that Google has ramped up talks with record labels in the hopes of launching their store “in the next several weeks.” These are the same talks that broke down earlier this year and caused Google to launch Music without the ability to purchase songs or have Music recognize the songs in your collection and simply make them available to you. (Rather, you’re forced to upload your entire library).

In July some unused resources found in the Android Market revealed that Google had been very much ready to incorporate these features.

So what’s changed? Perhaps Google is feeling the pressure with iTunes Match so close to launch and is more willing to deal this time around. Of course it’s also possible that the music industry doesn’t want to cede their fate to Apple completely.

How critical do you think a legitimate music service is for Android?

And speaking of Google Music, if you still need an invitation, just ask in the comments. I’ll give invites to 5 of you that have commented by noon tomorrow.

Update: Invitations were sent to the 5 winners. Congrats to boozelclark, steven smith, Tommy, Csaba and gsquared2e. If you didn’t get one of my invites you might want to take a pass through the comments as some of our other readers generously offered to hand out some invites their own.

Source: NY Times

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  • xsynth

    A music service would do wonders for Android. Currently I can’t buy any music directly off my phone (not even amazon, won’t sell to me as I’m not US!!!) like I could when I had a 3GS, and there’s been plenty of times when I’ve heard a song and wanted to get but I couldn’t.

    Also, I would love a music invite, if it works for people outside US by invite of course…

    • Alan

      Use a US proxy server to request an invite, it’ll take a couple of weeks, but it’ll come. If you get someone to invite you in the mean time, they’ll get a notice telling them that invites are only available in the states, but you’ll get your invite right away.

    • touch my feet

      I alreay have iTunes. Its the best and MAULS Google mumble or whatever its called…

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I still need an invite… heheh :P

    But I do believe that Google will get into the music business for sure. If not soon, eventually.

  • Nate B.

    This would be sweet

  • Danny

    I would love a invite from you for google music. Thanks :)

  • Alan Paone

    Mostly I’m intrigued as to what innovative new ideas google had that were so despicable to the music guys. If that turns out to be just buying music and storing it in the cloud, I will be very upset >(

  • boozelclark

    Please can i have an invite.

  • Nitin Gaba

    I think google music would be a great idea, especially with the the iOS5 feature that lets you sync your ipod to computer OTA. Also invite please

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Drop me your email if you want an invite. I have a few more to give away :)

    • noctx

      damn i’m really looking for an invite…if you have one that would be awesome.
      [email protected]
      thanks in advance!!!
      btw, i live in canada, will it still work for me? will i need some vpn/ip mask?

      • fabien

        done i’ve sent you one

      • 12

        thx for email, im adding it to my spambot

    • keels

      You got any more invites? Am a lil late I know but if could work a miracle that would be amazing.
      (praying with fingers crossed lol)

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/113887069715004391445/posts?hl=en Waukisha

    Spotify is not copatable with the Samsung Gravity Smart, it’s becoming frustrating to have a reliable music player other than the one that Samsung has (has bugs galore!). I am all for Google & Android!

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I’m an avid Music Beta user, since the first time I heard about the service it was already receiving petitions for invites, I was so happy when I received mine! So far is great, you can have up to 20000 songs on your account, that’s what you upload and songs you can add for free using the Magnifier. Magnifier is a special blog on Blogger where people at Google point out their favorite bands to you, they also do interviews, reviews.

    I mostly use the service on my PC but I love the Android app, is my default player since it has all the music I store on my SD card plus everything I have on my Music account, you have the option to stream on 3G or WiFi and to save the songs on your phone.

    I’m glad Google hasnt forgot about Music, they really need to get it going, and work for the availability of songs purchasing on the Android Market, just as they have the books.

  • Ecarttev

    I got 6 invites, who wants?

  • steven smith

    Send me an invite please! [email protected]

    • Ecarttev


  • Johnng

    Can someone send me an invite please? [email protected]. Thanks! :D

    • fabien


  • Tommy

    an invite would be lovely!

  • teecruz

    I think it’s very true.
    I Love Google Music!
    & the latest app that was leaked via ICS firmware shows that Google is strong and serious about improving and adding to the experience. :)

  • Zouhair

    Can someone send me an invite please? [email protected] tXXXXXXXs

    • fabien

      invitation sent

  • Rubrewskey

    Invite please!

  • Csaba

    Please send me an invite :) Thanks!

  • Edzilla

    I would love an invite! thanks :)

  • gsquared2e

    Please send an invite, thank you!!

  • Kalle Peterson

    Ooh, a invite would be brilliant! Thanks.

  • roamdeus

    I would like an invite please [email protected]

    • Danny


  • Jens

    I would love to get an invite from you for google music. Thanks :)

  • YNWA

    I have 5 invites if anyone wants them. Leave me your email address.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    A music store is exactly what is needed in this day and age when we’re consuming more and more media via mobile devices.

  • ashelee

    I would love an invite

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    People saying you would love an invite, we need your email address to send it! lol

  • Scott

    If they are launching Google Music, I really hope they include a way to set it to automatically download purchases made on my mobile to my PC (where I keep and back up my entire music library). Even with cloud storage, I like to have a local backup of my purchases. Wifi sync works well enough, but it would be great if I never had to think about it.

  • Gord

    If you have an invite available to spare, could I have one?



    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Willard Potter

    +1 for reminding me of News Radio… lol

  • Chris Esser

    I would love an invite if anyone has some!

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  • issac

    Issac4760, would be great if I had an invite, hopefully the lucky 5 can send one my way!! Thanks

  • gstorrs

    If anyone needs an invite email me at [email protected]

  • Karly

    Buying music directly from Google Music would be great. However what I really think Google needs to work out is the music manager. Right now it’s kind of a nightmare to manage the music unlike iTunes which is close to flawless. I say fit that and ass the music buying AND THEN Google would have a great rival to iTunes.

  • SliestDragon

    I’ve been waiting for Google music. Hopefully the rumors are true, and it will be released soon. :)

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    I have 5 invites people, if anyone wants one just hit me up with a reply to this post and place your Gmail.

  • Ramon

    Need a invite bad

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    I would greatly appreciate an invitation to google music…thanks!

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