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Leaked pictures give us first look at new Motorola DROID 4


Verizon customers will soon have another high-end Android option to choose from: the Motorola DROID 4. The first few pictures of the device have leaked, giving us a nice look at what the external hardware will offer. The exterior styling of the Motorola DROID 4 takes a few cues from the upcoming Motorola RAZR with a slight hint of the DROID Bionic.

Just like its predecessors, the DROID 4 will feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. If you weren’t a fan of the previous keyboard iterations on the DROID, you’ll be happy to learn that Motorola has gone back to the drawing board. They’ve delivered a new layout, which features five rows of backlit keys.

The DROID 4 is expected to be powered by a 1.2 GHz OMAP4430 processor and should also include a 4-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, 4G LTE, non-removable battery, Android 2.3.5, 1080p video capture, 8 megapixel camera, front-facing camera (resolution unknown), HDMI out, support for Webtop and possible compatibility with the LapDock 100 and 500.

Judging by the pictures and the pre-installed Verizon applications, the Motorola DROID 4 looks like it may soon be ready to launch. We’re not exactly sure when Verizon plans to release the QWERTY equipped phone, but we suspect it to be on store shelves sometime during the holiday season.

droid4-1 droid4-2 droid4-3 droid4-4 droid4-5

We know most of you have your sights set on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0, but we have a feeling the DROID 4 will be a very appealing option for those who simply must have a physical keyboard. Just out of curiosity, how many of you prefer a physical over the virtual keyboard options available on Android?

Source: DROID-Life

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  • BJ

    I find that I do prefer a physical keyboard (I still have my OG Droid), as I liked the feel of it; plus, you don’t have to deal with the virtual keyboard obscuring half the screen. The only problem is that I’ve had to deal with the issue of button wear. Some of the keys have fallen off completely, and I’ve basically been using it as touchscreen-only for a while. Will be giving up the keyboard for that reason and upgrading to the Droid RAZR as soon as it arrives.

  • triangle

    While I love how Motorola has been able to make ridiculously thin devices with premium materials, I just can’t get excited about how these new devices actually look.

  • kazahani

    Dedicated buttons = not launching with ICS??

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      ICS works with or without buttons. Moto said they might have new ICS devices 6 weeks after the Nexus, so maybe this is one of them. One way or another, it will get Android 4.0.

    • Nate B.

      That would be the same as saying the Nexus S won’t be getting IC. That is just a feature. Buttons will still work. Phones with buttons will not have the on screen buttons. It would be a waist of space. They all work the same.

    • pjax

      Everything they said is true. ICS works with buttoned devices

      However, the article has CONFIRMED that the Droid 4 will ship with Gingerbread


      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        How is that unbelievable? OEMs start building their phones and developing the software for them months before they are launched. Google still has not released the source code for Android 4.0 and any ICS code that Motorola may have to play around with is probably not ready for production.

        ICS will come, you’ll just have to wait a few months for it.

        • pjax

          because Moto should have waited for ICS before making the Droid 4

          the Droid 3 isn’t even a year old!

          and by ICS, I mean onscreen buttons. stupid menu button

  • GeauxLSU

    Why the shift away from removeable batteries? Does that also mean no SD card slot?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I hope you’re not right on this one! But that logic would make sense…. let’s keep our fingers crossed this is only a trend.

    • McKevlar

      As frat as I know, they’re moving away from removable batteries so the phones are thinner and don’t overheat as much (Meaning better battery life).

  • https://profiles.google.com/jefmes jefmes

    kazahani – Android 2.3.5 would seem to indicate not launching with ICS. :)

    Beyond that, I really still prefer a physical keyboard for some of the same reasons BJ mentioned. In particular being able to have the entire screen uncluttered while still being able to type. That said….WTF is with the no removable battery??? I know all the manufacturers are obsessed with THIN and SEXY, but usually those of us who want a keyboard are also the type who want maximum flexibility, which means as much removable/configurable as possible.

    Still, I like the look of the keyboard enough that it’s make me question whether I really want the Galaxy Nexus. So we’ll see. I’m on an Atrix right now but I’ve finally seen first hand how much better Verizon works in my area that I’m going back.

    • GeauxLSU

      I don’t understand the whole thin craze. Just about everyone I know with an iPhone has an otterbox around it. I have a case around my OG Droid. Are they just trying to make them as thin as possible so that the protective case isn’t so thick? I would love to see a poll on how many people have protective cases around their phone.

      Also, I’m sure some engineers could confirm this, but doesn’t having a removable battery help disburse the impact from a fall to cause less damage to the inner workings of the phone?

      • Ben

        I don’t get the whole thin craze either. You may have a very good point about the removable battery. Devices aren’t getting any cheaper and they’re becoming obsolete quicker and quicker these days. It’s makes more money for a vendor if consumers have to buy a whole new phone instead of just a battery (or other modular/replaceable part).

  • Richard Yarrell

    Like it or not gingerbread is dead there is no need for anymore gingerbread devices. Rather you have 2.3.4 or 2.3.9 it doesn’t matter Ice Cream Sandwich is the platform now. Anyone purchasing devices today without ice cream will be so far behind the update game

    • BJ

      I don’t think that’s the case. Tech specs are starting to plateau a little bit, there won’t be as much urgency to get the newest and coolest phone, especially now that high-end options are becoming more plentiful. It’s tough to get much past 1.5 GHz on a dual-core processor, we probably won’t see much better than that until quad-core phones become a reality. Therefore, since everyone will be roughly on the same playing field, everyone will receive ICS updates at roughly the same time; so really it’s a matter of Nexus devices just being ahead. That’s its primary advantage in my mind. I’m willing to settle for what I consider to be a better phone that will still be getting ICS.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The first new devices coming with ICS besides the Galaxy Nexus will probably not make their debut until CES. People forget that we buy phones because we need to use them NOW, not in 6 months. Just because ICS is going to be released next month does not mean that Gingerbread no longer works. Gingerbread is an incredible platform and anyone who buys a new Gingerbread powered device should have an incredible user experience which will only get better once they get upgraded to ICS.

    • pitacrisps

      Why the hell do you still post on here dude? No one likes what you say, you’re always getting negged.
      Some people, like myself, weren’t able to wait until ICS came out and had to upgrade right before the big announcement. Most of the phones purchased with ICS today will hopefully/probably get ICS anyway. Gingerbread is still a very able OS, and I’m content with waiting.

      • Richard Yarrell

        You get plus after plus for saying this?? Your just as foolish as that dope @squiddy20 and snowbdr89. You guys are simply lost. Who cares minus me all day long PISS ON VOTES…

        • squiddy20

          If votes mean nothing to you, why do you care if he or I gets positive votes? Seems to me, if you want to “piss on votes” (what a childish way of thinking), you wouldn’t be making such a big deal about others’ getting positive votes while you get negative ones. Just sayin. Such a big moron. You can’t even figure out the errors in your own thoughts without someone pointing them out to you.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Bottomline @squiddy20 and snowbdr89 are daily trolls the broke squad plus these losers all day long they have nothing else going anyway. This makes me laugh so hard..

          • squiddy20

            You know nothing about me, therefore your viewpoint of my being “broke” is completely unfounded and utterly absurd. I could also make the same exact insult about you since, judging by the amount of comments you leave everywhere, you’re on here “trolling” at least, if not more than, little ‘ole me. Please try harder next time. You’re insults are downright amateurish and incredibly faulty.
            Who’s the one laughing now?

    • squiddy20

      1. Once again, I must point out that there is no “2.3.9″. At this point, I’m convinced you’re just making up numbers because you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.
      2. In case you’ve failed to perceive past events, the chances of manufacturers completely dropping Gingerbread are slim to none. I mean, there are phones coming out, even today, that have 2.2, and in rare instances, 2.1. These are mostly low-end phones, but the fact remains, you’re dead wrong as usual.
      3. The source code for ICS hasn’t even been released, therefore, OEMs can’t even make phones running ICS. And when it is released, it’ll be quite a few months before any new phones are released with ICS, so your statement of “Ice Cream Sandwich is the platform now”, is more than a few months too early. Good job on that.
      4. “Anyone purchasing devices today without ice cream will be so far behind the update game”
      And once again, you’re a moron. Not even 1 phone has been released with ICS so no one can purchase a device “today” WITH ICS. Keep up the good work of making yourself look like a total fool.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Can’t help but laugh at your dopey post your an idiot totally. Gingerbread is gingerbread it has been out for a while and some device are still stuck on 2.2 enough is enough producing new gingerbread devices. Android needs to slow down and allow everyone to catch up to 2.3.3 at least then focus on 4.0.1 ice cream. My Evo 4g had gingerbread way before I brought my current EVO 3D in June 2011 that also had 2.3.3 out the box. To me nothing was so great about gingerbread it wasn’t even optimized for dualcore devices like my evo 3d so actually who benefitted from gingerbread??? Ice Cream Sandwich will change all of this where dualcore devices can really operate with a OS that will be optimized. Keep being the lost soul you have been here on androidandme.com you crack me up so much. Oh yeah by the way how’s gingerbread on the thunderbolt making out another device that Finally made it to 2.3.3 for a change. Listen up moron it pays to buy the best I go for 4.0.1 ice cream period. And WHO CARES IF THEY MINUS ME FOR 100 here I could care less

        • squiddy20

          You do realize that Gingerbread was brought to various Sprint high-end phones only within the past 4 or so months, right? Keep thinking “gingerbread is dead”, because your thoughts are dead wrong, as usual.
          And no, your Evo 4G didn’t have Gingerbread “way before” you got your Evo 3D. In case you can’t remember, the Gingerbread update was released around June 3rd, and the 3D was released on the 24th of that same month. So, wrong again Dick.
          “To me nothing was so great about gingerbread it wasn’t even optimized for dualcore devices…” Since you obviously never looked at the details of the Gingerbread update, let me spell it out for you: most of the improvements were back-end, behind-the-scenes stuff, not GUI stuff. Keep up that blinding ignorance. It’s working wonders on your intelligence.
          “Oh yeah by the way how’s gingerbread on the thunderbolt…” Ummm I wouldn’t know moron. I don’t own any Verizon phones. I’m with Sprint. Good try at a shitty insult though. Might have worked if you could remember even one thing about me.
          “Listen up moron it pays to buy the best I go for 4.0.1 ice cream period.” HAHAHAHAHA! You call ME a “moron”? By the above quote, you seem to think there’s already a “4.0.1″. There isn’t even a 4.0 released yet. Seems to me you need a 4.0 before you get to 4.0.1. Your intelligence is astounding.

          • Richard Yarrell

            You are the BIGGEST JOKE on this site can’t help but laugh at you daily. Trying to appear so smart your just stupid here as you are a sprint customer. We don’t need you here on sprint go to metropcs do us that favor. Don’t hate bother I am the legend here and all over

          • squiddy20

            “…your just stupid here as you are a sprint customer” Wow. Yet again with the insults that also insult yourself. I guess you never learn anything, do you? Do I REALLY need to point out that you ARE a Sprint customer and a “self proclaimed Sprint fanboy”? So aren’t you just as “stupid” as me given that you are, in fact, a Sprint customer? What a joke. Try thinking your insults through next time.
            Who’s this “we” you always speak of? I only see tiny, insignificant, singular, little you arguing against me. You’re just a moron who thinks he’s bigger than everyone, when your possibly THE dumbest person on here.
            Yeah. Ok. Keep thinking you’re “the legend”. If you’re a “legend” at anything, it’s being miserably wrong, utterly stupid, and the biggest jackass on the planet. If you were a “legend”, why are you getting such low ratings? Legendary people/objects are generally only talked about in a positive light. There’s nothing positive about you.

  • pitacrisps

    I’ve had the Ally, the OG Droid and now the Bionic. And I do miss my physical keyboard quite often…

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I’m still not sure what I’ll be upgrading to once my G2 has reached the end of its life. I can’t seem to find a great replacement that has a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Steven

    Is this just for the USA?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      No word yet on a EU launch, but I don’t see any reason why Moto wouldn’t put out a GSM version of the phone

  • gossipininja

    I like the look and personally I love physical keyboards, Hell it wasn’t until the first droid that I moved away from my sidekick.

    I like that it has HDMI out, but no where do I see microSD or NFC as a feature. Also the non removable battery kinda sucks.

    I want HDMI / NFC / Microsd/ and usb host on a phone with a keyboard preferably from Motorola as webtop sounds cool.

  • Ben

    And why are they opting for the non-replaceable battery? Why is that such a problem? Doesn’t look like they’re putting an inductive cover on it either. disappointing.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I am not too worry about whether the Droid 4 will get ICS — it will, sooner or later. But what I worry the most is whether it has NFC. If there’s no NFC, then even if it gets ICS later, it won’t be able to use Google Wallet, and Android Beam. Another concern is the RAM. Anything less than 1GB is not going to be very future-proof.

  • macu

    If I were Motorola I would not be happy. Those photos make it look pretty pretty ugly.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      That’s what happens when people take pictures of phone without wiping them down and use a flash. It exposes every smudge and piece of grime.

  • ozzzy3z

    Keep it at 4.3″ like the RAZR and Moto has a winner.

  • Nathan

    Well hopefully they will show it off soon, and I don’t mind the new look either.

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Wow, DROID 4 already? I got the DROID 3 when it came out and that was only in July!

    I really prefer to have a physical keyboard myself…

  • Dee

    Good grief Motorola is aggressively flooding VZW with phones. On one hand I do like a keyboard (i have a G2) but on the other hand I feel like as screens get bigger (i.e Nexus Galaxy @ ~4.7in) is there a need? 4in screens offer a generous amount of typing spaceand a software keyboard is way more flexible than a hardware keyboard…

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I agree. Adding a large screen to a phone with a QWERTY keyboard makes the device exponentially larger. I own the G2 as well and am having a hard time finding a good replacement for it, but I do miss having the number row that I had with the G1.

  • mjk

    My god, don’t pre-order you’re Razr just yet! Its about to be trumped again.

    And again come – Winter/Spring 2012: the quadcores?

  • pjax

    I want ICS because I HATE HATE HATE the four physical buttons of Android.

    I’m waiting for a QWERTY phone with ICS no buttons

    I guess I have to wait some more

    • djembeman

      Sorry, this seems like a bit of a contradiction. You hate physical buttons but you want a full physical QWERTY keyboard. I love Androids 4 button system. The fact that my LG Revolution has the 4 capacitive buttons already means that it has no physical buttons, just power and volume. The 4 capacitive buttons are already basically a part of the screen. I hope they will actually keep the 4 Android buttons on future ICS devices and that the phone is smart enough (or programed) not to also generate the on screen buttons.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I’m in the opposite boat. I actually love physical buttons and wish more phones has hardware buttons rather than the capacitive ones found on more devices. I love to click.

  • http://Website Funny iPhone guy

    I still don’t understand why you Android people still like QWERTY keyboards. Apple perfected the virtual keyboard over three years ago. Do Android virtual keyboards suck that much? Get with the times people and move on to a better platform.

  • OceanFlower

    I still have my Droid 2 and was finding it hard to replace. I don’t like the looks of the Droid 3 so I’m quite happy about the Droid 4 style. I love having the slide out keyboard and I do own an iPad so I know all about the virtual keyboards, but I like having actual buttons. To each their own tho right?

  • gottapkrfc

    LOVE a physical keyboard, texting is insanely faster, and no “autospell” errors all my iphone friends have…But WTH w no removable battery?!?!? this is the single worst mistake. the batteries always crap out…forcing us to stay a disposable society I guess. LAME

  • pritams

    let’s wait