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LG will not bring Ice Cream Sandwich to Optimus 2X (Update: LG responds, still no decision on ICS)


Update: LG has contacted us to let us know they have not yet made a decision on whether to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Optimus 2X or G2x. LG is still testing Ice Cream Sandwich on those two devices, and the ultimate decision on whether or not these devices will see the update will depend not only on the devices’ ability to handle ICS, but also whether or not the user experience with ICS on these devices will be a good one. My sincerest apologies to readers and LG. And LG has confirmed that they still haven’t decided their ICS strategy via a Facebook post.

The folks at LG have responded to a posting on their Facebook page that the LG Optimus 2X (and, we have to assume, the G2X) will not receive an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, the O2X was released before LG was a part of the Update Alliance, but the decision not to upgrade their flagship device, which has been out less than a year, certainly doesn’t instill confidence in LG’s ability to participate in the update alliance.

This is certainly not the first time LG has given us reason to doubt their mobile business. The G2x was pulled from T-Mobile’s website for over a month while LG tried to work out the many issues people were experiencing with the G2X. The update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread was put on hold for several weeks, and there are users still out there running Froyo on their devices (especially the Optimus 2X).

Now with the decision not to update the first dual-core Android device to Ice Cream Sandwich (even though the device is certainly capable of handling it), LG is certain to have even more trouble with its mobile business, which already saw a sharp decline of phone sales in the 3rd quarter.

Needless to say, we’re more than a bit disappointed in LG, but we do know that everyone out there has their own opinions as well. What do you guys think? Are you disappointed in how LG has handled the G2X? Will you be trusting LG with your future business?

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  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    I gave LG a shot. I got the G2x in April. They promised Gingerbread by summer. Kinda-sorta-not-really delivered. It made my phone buggy. I never used a task killer prior to Gingerbread on the G2x. Now I have to use one to keep my phone from pegging the CPU and running out of RAM (and I mostly just use stock applications). I won’t be buying any more LG devices.

    On a side note, they technically only “confirmed” that the Optimus 2x (P990) won’t be getting ICS. The G2x is P999 so while it is highly unlikely, I suppose there is still a chance that the G2x could get the update.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Considering they did so poorly with the Gingerbread update, I don’t think they’ll figure out ICS.

    • Dr. Samsung, CEO of betrayal & customer genocide

      typical android scam…they should join the scamsung betrayals

    • ihatefanboys

      i think u should go back and re-read the article above….it clearly said the G2X “will not” be receiving the update….so there is no “chance that the G2x could get the update” i thought it was made pretty clear.

      • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

        Yeah, when you look at the Facebook “announcement” they say nothing about the G2x. This article makes an assumption based on the fact the G2x is a variant of the O2x. The post on Facebook very specifically states the O2x (P990) and not the G2x (P999). Is it a valid assumption? Quite probable, but in no way should it be taken as gospel.

        • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

          Yeah, I changed the article to highlight that it’s an assumption.

          • ihatefanboys

            lol oh u did change it, i thought i was losing my eyesight..its a pretty fair assumption based on previous trends and behaviors from LG

        • ihatefanboys

          if that helps you rationalize to yourself then go for it….but in my experience, the “assumptions” made by articles here tend to pan out more often then they dont…plus the G2X fumbling of the Gingerbread update should be enough to give their owners pause.

          • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

            Yeah, when you screw up with how you handle updates multiple times, you’ll probably do it again.

            Yes, I probably shouldn’t blindly assume that the G2X also won’t get the update, but I think it’s about 80/20 at this point that it won’t.

          • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

            Two things:

            1) I am on the staff here, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of how the articles turn out.
            2) If you read and comprehended my original comment, you will see that I agreed with the very point you are trying to make. I said it was highly unlikely that the G2x would get it if the O2x didn’t – but given the specificity of the “announcement” there is certainly room for people to remain optimistic. If you aren’t, then good for you.

        • ihatefanboys

          Two things :

          1) im sorry if ive upset you to the point where you feel the need to inform me youre “on the staff” which i already knew….but to use it as what i can only assume is supposed to intimidate me is very high-school locker room of you.

          2)With your attitude to fans visiting the page and throwing in their interpretation of the article, i can understand how im fast approaching your rating of 82…..

          is there slim hope ? sure ……but slim hope is still slim hope….

          if you think im being too much of a realist, then good for you.

    • http://BoyMeetsPhone.com YoSaintLaurent

      I dont think that is really LG’s Facebook page. Though they use “Life’s Good” in their ads LG actually stands for “Lucky Goldstar”. So I don’t see them using their tag line for ads as the official name of their Facebook page.

  • craz

    Exactly why I’m getting a Nexus next.

    • AppleFUD


      I really think all the pro Android sites need to stop giving news to all other handsets other than the Nexus till the OEM’s prove that they are in it to win and provide great fast updates and support their devices for at least two years.

      Otherwise THEY ARE NOT ANDROID HANDSETS. They are just “proprietary OEM android running handsets.”

      • hadoob024

        BEST comment I’ve read thus far. Granted, I’ve rooted my G2x, so I don’t care (assuming the folks at Cyanogenmod will come through), but yeah, I don’t see myself getting a non-Nexus phone for my next one. Samsung and LG have earned a big FAIL.

        • RealismKnocking

          I absolutely love my CM, but let’s be honest even with CM the G2X is less than optimal. Without all the other parts and pieces that LG doesn’t seem to be able to get right (drivers, hardware, etc.) you’re still squinting to make your VW into a 911.

          I’m constantly amazed with CM and how good it is based on their near constant battle of fighting with one arm tied.

          I’ve firmly come around to the camp of Nexus only from here on out.

  • BigCiX

    Well that’s not a slap in the face to current owners but LG can pretty much kiss their mobile business goodbye. They better give the O3D/Thrill ice cream sandwich.

  • Jake Staehle

    Just watch, CyanogenMod will have no problem putting ICS on it :)

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Again, that’s relevant for the 0.0001% of Android owners that root their devices, but lots of other people bought the G2x as well.

    • Raj

      Yeah but only a small percentage of people root and mod their phones. You could use your argument on just about any phone that has custom mods, but only the power users like you and I will do it.

      It sucks because there’s no real reason for lg to not do this. If I was still on tmo the g2x is what I would have gotten and even though I had a rooted nexus one, I still don’t want to root my Evo 3D yet. So getting the latest android from the manufacturer is important to me.

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        Yeah, the G2x can easily handle ICS. I REALLY hope it’s not a Tegra 2 issue. That will be a fun one. ha

        • xBIGREDDx

          No worries on that front; the XOOM is Tegra 2 and it’s been confirmed for an ICS update. As long as you’re comfortable installing CM9 when it comes out, you’re good to go.

          • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

            Yeah, I guess that’s true. Hadn’t put 2 and 2 together this early on a slow Friday ;)

    • ihatefanboys

      i am so , so tired of reading that statement, i really am

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        haha… not that CM isn’t good, but people overestimate how large the root/modding community is.

        • ihatefanboys

          i agree, its a huge overestimate….i love CM just as much as anyone else…..im just tired of it being tossed out there as a cure-all to any situation when its merely window dressing.

          • cheese

            The truth is that a nexus phone or custom ROMs are very much a “cure all” for those that are concerned with having the latest android version. Most people don’t care or even know what version of android they are on.

            News Flash: Your phone will still work just as well as when you bought it even if it doesn’t get upgraded to the newest OS version.

            If you are reading this site they you probably do care what version of android you are running. And if you have the interest and time to spare reading android blogs, then you can do 10 min of research and have a custom ROM on your phone in an hour or so. Or just buy a nexus if you are too lazy.

            P.S. If you down vote this comment then you do not understand android and what android is all about and you might as well get and iphone.

          • http://inventurous.net Val-Zho

            For me (and it sounds like many others) it isn’t just window dressing, and isn’t about a need to have the latest and greatest version of the software.

            It really is a cure for LGs really _really_ crappy Android implementation (the hardware has been great so far).

            I feel bad for the majority out there that don’t know how or can’t flash a custom ROM onto their G2X… because a great deal of those people are suffering with daily reboots, lagging, syncing issues, errors, wifi problems, bluetooth problems, service problems, etc.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those people who don’t know any better will swear off Android altogether, and move on to iPhone or WP7… well, probably not WP7. So, one might argue that, in some sense, shoddy, shoved-out-the-door software like this can hurt the whole Android community–not just LG.

          • ihatefanboys

            i prob know more about rooting and ROMS than most people here… i have a G2 so i really dont have the need to root it….. my G1 ? sure….. but would putting ICS on my G1 make any type of sense ?? no….why ? because it would only look like ICS, but not perform anywhere near a phone that could handle it…..thats what i meant by window-dressing….. the G2x can handle it….but phones approaching 2 years old cannot….like the original Nexus…i had a similar conversation in another thread about this. My point being, if your phone is old and outdated, 18 months or older, then u should get a new phone, using CM is great for image, but youre giving up actually having the tech to run ICS in favor of just having the overlay or the GUI of ICS….. for the G2x , CM would be a valid option….for my G2 as well if i get tired of waiting for the ICS update….

            News Flash: dont give someone a “news flash” about CM and rooting….if u had actually read any of my posts , its clear i understand the concept quite well thanks !!

            Ive been an Android Junkie, Groupey, Whore ….since day one…..its insulting you should mention even looking at an Iphone, let alone spending too much money to buy it…….yuck !! you offend me ……. lol :-)))

        • mkrmec

          760 000 CM installs isn’t huge for a project? Cmon.. don’t say stupid things.

          If people really want the latest and greatest they would root their phones, usually they don’t really care so they don’t do it period!

    • Paul

      This is what bugs me. I know the hacking community, Cyanogenmod most likely, will create a ICS ROM for this phone. So why can’t LG just hire them or get their permission to make their ROM an official ROM update, signed, OTA, etc. if they’re having such problems as releasing SW updates for their phone(s) but the hacking community does it all the time, why not just enlist their help? I think a lot of chef’s/cook’s/custom-rom dev’s would jump at the chance to create a ROM that’d be officially endorsed and distributed by the manufacturer, talk about street cred. It’s just stupid that manufacturer and carrier delays in SW releases happen when the hacking community is 10 steps ahead of them all the time. Hire some of them, enlist their help, make them contractors, something; but obviously they can do something you were incapable of doing.

      • AME

        I agree. When they’re paying Microsoft $10/unit just because of some lame patent loop-hole they could afford to pay some dev to cook-up an update/ROM for them. Even if they paid the dev as little as $0.25/unit, that’s a ton of money for the dev (who’s currently doing it for free or Paypal donations) and practically nothing for the OEM.

    • AME

      The problem with running CM on the G2x now is that you have to take the stock camera which is why LG’s Gingerbread “update” was total BS– it dropped the great camera it shipped with. Thankfully some very talented devs were able to port the camera over to GB, but not to CM based ROMS. I think the stock camera on ICS is supposed to be pretty good so it shouldn’t be as big of a deal this time around.

      Of course, if you don’t root and you upgraded to GB on the G2x, you’re about to get hosed by LG twice!

  • Abdul

    Wow…well that’s terrible by LG. Just terrible. Android forever, but that means Nexus forever..

    Plus…that also means Cyanogen Mod….if they make a stable release. Which they have been VERY off pace.

  • Tom

    Now that you asked:

    Are you disappointed in how LG has handled the G2X?


    Will you be trusting LG with your future business?


    • Black Kristos

      Since you took the time to post: Can you give reasons for your stance on these questions?

      • ihatefanboys

        lol could mean many things…maybe he doesnt even have a G2X but likes LG TV’s so while hes not disappointed in their mobile phone division, he will keep buying their other products….or he could just be a dumbass….

        • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

          man, I had an LG microwave that died like 1 day after the 1 year warranty. LG needs to make better things, period.

          • ihatefanboys

            LG makes microwaves ???!!!

          • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

            haha yeah. They make their own brand of appliances, and they also are the owners of Goldstar, which makes entry level microwaves.

  • Jamie Scott

    If LG won’t update Optimus 2X, then definitely they won’t Optimus Black either. Good job LG! Keep up the good work!

  • Black Kristos

    And I think we can all now let out a big sigh of relief that those LG Nexus rumors were false.

    • Legend

      So true!

    • AME

      I don’t think there will ever be an LG Nexus rumor again. They killed it that bad.

  • Chris

    Oh hell no! I was already pissed with their lack of support with the Shine Plus (Canadian version of the Ally) but as of early summer it seems like LG was getting better with their support of devices.

    I recently bought the Optimus 2x for my father as a gift and got my wife to get it also on a new plan. Both of them are still on 2.2. Seriously LG? I thought this would have been one of their primary phone they wanted to update since the Gingerbread update didn’t exactly pan out.

    I’m done with LG, for real this time. Everyone deserves a second chance, they blew it.

  • Nathan

    What the hell, I went to the trouble of updating my mom g2x to gingerbread and didn’t regret it cuz it made it a bit better. But it’s not getting ics? Wait, what the hell the reasons behind this idea? I would have pull out my laptop and done the update the manual way for this update. I want an answer cuz it should be a problem since it a stock android phone. But why am I upset for ill just root it, lol. But I am very disapointed but my Mon not going to care though.

  • http://www.typhonrt.org/ Mike Leahy

    :: grabs pitchfork ::

  • Mil

    There are many reasons why consumers will choose one handset manufacturer over another when choosing a phone, one of the reasons that will see consumers returning to the same manufacturer is good update support for the phones. If updates are skipped, delayed or even if promises are broken then consumers will turn to another manufacturer. It is amazing how LG can be so blind about this and not realise that this will only hurt them in the long run.


    wow that is sad.. i will never ever ever ever buy an LG mobile product. EVER!

    • Nathan

      Im with you, I’ll never tell my friends or family to get a LG phone.

      • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

        Unless it’s an entry level device. They’ve made some good entry-level devices. Just don’t expect them to get updated. ha

        • BiGMERF

          YEA. i bought my daughter an optimus t and its running like a champ.

  • Alan

    This makes my mind up.

    As a UK user stuck on Froyo, I’ve been toying with the idea of rooting the phone and held off on the vague promises/rumours of an official release of Gingerbread. Now no reason to wait – rooting it tonight.

    • AME

      If you you install their GB “update” you lose your awesome camera and it goes to stock which doesn’t have all the cool extra features you have now.

  • SphericalPuma

    There is absolutely no excuse for this, whatsoever. I’m sure if enough people complain LG will change their stance, but when you have a dual-core phone that should have absolutely no problem running Android 4.0 and you don’t update it, you’re sending a middle finger to the people who bought it.

    This isn’t the mytouch 3g, this isn’t the Motorola Cliq, it’s a Dual-Core device, with plenty of internal storage and there’s absolutely no excuse for LG not to update it. Yes, I know there will be CM9, but like a previous commenter said, the majority of the population doesn’t know about that and really, with the specs that this device has, they shouldn’t have to worry about their device not being updated.

    I suggest all those affected by this, start writing letters to LG, T-Mobile (if you have a G2X) and possibly Google. I know Google doesn’t have total control over it, but I’m sure even they would be appalled by what is happening.

  • nick

    bought the g2X in april at release, only because my N1 had been broken a couple months and I needed _something_ to hold me over until there was a device worth getting.

    the phone has been a huge let down.

    regarding design, the thing is obnoxious. it’s got the biggest bezel i’ve ever seen on a modern smart phone.

    a buddy at work has the atrix. roughly same screen size and i must have 10mm on him in height.

    i’m gotten over the design issues, since you get used to whatever you use long enough..

    but the lack of support from LG has been a dealbreaker.

    • ihatefanboys

      shoulda got a regular G2….a solid HTC phone….awesome hardware keyboard…..almost a year old and got the Gingerbread update and will probably(i hope) get the ICS update as well…still runs smooth….i hope that LG continues updates for the G-Slate tho…..but i wouldnt trust another G series phone to LG…… honestly theyre supposed to be nexus-ish without having the official Nexus name…im saying that because its stock android, and minimal carrier bloat….always a good thing.

  • Nicky

    The LG Optimus 2X is officially supported by MIUI. MIUI 2.3.5 currently available.

    Xiaomi have said an Ice cream sandwich version of MIUI is in the works and I presume it will also be made available and ported to all officially supported phones.

    The hardware is still very capable and if willing to root and go custom this is still a nice option, particularly for UK customers where cheap dual core android phones are few and far between at the moment. This along with teh atrix are probably the cheapest dual core android phones available on ebay here in the UK.

    • Nicky

      Obviously CM7 is available too

  • Darkseider

    Where LG fails Cyanogen more than succeeds! Many thanks to the devs that make a phenomenal and stable ROM for the G2X as well as all the devs working on kernels that kick ass! The hardware is sound it’s LG that is completely clueless. Samsung had the same growing pains in the beginning and have pulled through. Here’s hoping LG will get their act together.

  • BrandoHD

    It’s a dumb move by a manufacturer that has done some dumb things in the past, hopefully people will stop buying their devices, they obviously don’t have what it takes in the software development and integration department. Developers were able to get a ICS port on the Nexus S from a SDK and this “company” can’t get it on a dual core device even if given access to the source code, their coders have to be newbs…..

  • dennis p

    That is terrible TERRIBLE. Phone just came out and its dual core and cant even get updated? NEVER will I buy a LG EVER

    • ihatefanboys

      no one said it “cant” get updated…… LG simply “wont” update it…… in anyones book that should be worse.

  • Anton

    This is VERY disappointing LG!

    I have been a long standing user of LG products and have always recommended them to others.

    Along with my Optimus 2x I have 2 LCD TVs, a blue ray player, an AV receiver and a microwave, all manufactured by LG.

    As a dedicated HTC phone user the Optimus 2x was the product I needed to switch my phone allegiance to LG around April this year.

    Since then, a series of false promises about software updates have left me very unhappy with LG.

    The total lack of customer care since I purchased my unlocked SIM free 2x is nothing short of disgraceful.
    I purchased what was supposed to be a flagship device with dual core chip and market leading performance as out should remain in the spotlight for updates.
    The reality is a neglected, laggy phone which frequently crashes. The UK O2x hasn’t received a single worthwhile Android update since I bought it, yet Samsung, HTC and other providers have somehow managed to keep their phones up to date and are even promising ICS on recent handsets.

    The only reason I still have my O2x is because I rooted and flashed CM7, which left me with a usable phone. If it was left to LG, my handset would be permanently stuck on Froyo, hardly right for such a recent handset.

    As a consumer I need to trust manufacturers of expensive products to support me and keep my investments up to date.
    If LG continue to show such disregard for their customers and products I won’t be purchasing ANYTHING from them in the future. There are plenty more consumer orientated companies out there who offer equal our better products at similar prices!!

  • Nicky

    To be honest i’m chuffed to bits, Most LG roms are toilet anyway, not sure why you’d buy this phone and not run a custom build.

    With the lack of support it may mean more users selling, pushing prices on ebay down. As mentioned before hardware is very capable.

  • terry paine

    I think if all of you meant what you said then, LG and Samsung would be out of business right now, lets not forget that samsung have been just as bad with their phones, not only releasing their updates late but also releasing a phone in the US almost half a year later than it released in Europe. Lets se how samsung hanndle the ICS update.

    I have a G2X but lets face it, most of us will not have the phone long enough to realy care about and ICS update, you know it will be on EBay once the tegra3 phone come out, I would not count out LD or Samsung I think like most of you that it is the device that grabs you, wether it is made by LG, Samsung or any of them. Case and point the Samsung Nexus and the GS2, who would think that these devices would sell after the update fiasco with the origianl GS, but the GS2 is still one of the highest selling devices in the world, and the Nexus will probably out sell every phone on the market, we are tech hungry, we want the latest and greatest and because of demand any manufacturer will have a chance. If LG comes out with a tegra3 device next year watch the thing sell like hot cakes.

    • ihatefanboys

      i agree with you about Samsung….but good luck saying anything bad about samsung…. too many glitches in the past for my liking, havent had many problems with my LG G-Slate…so if i want quality hardware ill take LG over Samsung any day……but given the choice id stick with HTC……..hopefully T-Mobile will entrust the G3 next year with HTC again….they are, until proven otherwise THE BEST phone hardware manufacturer…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes you have a point… Samsung’s track record stateside definitely isn’t good. LG I wish them well for android but it doesn’t look good that’s for sure….

  • rantmo

    I’m really disappointed but, sadly, not terribly surprised. The G2x is a great phone that I love except for when it’s a terrible phone that I hate; the love is in the majority but not by the widest of margins. The upgrade to Gingerbread helped with the random rebooting but not with everything else wrong with it. I’d been holding out a vain hope for ICS to come and save the day but alas. I guess I’ll have to learn about rooting.

  • Melanie86

    Thats what happens when buying the wrong, cheap, android phones.
    I got an iphone instead, its better and it recently updated to ios 5.0 which is more advanced than 4.0 anyways…


    • ihatefanboys

      Yes if you buy a cheap, entry level, no power Android phone, its sucks……but if u buy a high powered, only affordable on contract phone like the G2 or the MT4G or the Sensation…etc…..its much, much better than anything apple has to offer… i also noticed you mentioned IOS 5.0 is better than 4.0…but clearly avoided saying 5.0 is better than Android…… ill give u minimal Kudos for that…and the audacity to mention anything Iphone on an android site…..were u an abused child ?

      • ihatefanboys

        Entry level Android phones like the optimus series from Metro PCS do suck… sorry i offended anyone…..but its true. text messages sometimes arrive days later….etc

        at least i can admit it..

  • Ian Harrison

    I’m not surprised. This phone has been a DISASTER from the beginning. It was supposed to have AT&T and T-Mobile bands. It doesn’t. It was supposed to be vanilla Android. It’s not. Moral of the tale: never buy an Android phone that isn’t a Nexus…

    • ihatefanboys

      lets not forget Samsungs not so perfect past with Android….glitchy phones, bad update frequency….hope that never happens with the NEXUS….. but the moral should be never buy an Android phone that isnt vanilla, and isnt made by HTC like the original Nexus, and every phone in the G series, or a nexus.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Double-check your research please. It *IS* vanilla Android (speaking as a device owner). The rest of your post is correct however.

  • charliethesuperturtle

    CM9 FTW!

  • Zhi Hao

    All I can say: ouch.

  • OnIn2

    Now that you asked:

    Are you disappointed in how LG has handled the G2X?

    Yes. Can’t even deliver an OTA update, I had to flash it myself.

    Will you be trusting LG with your future business?

    Negative. I thought since it was stock they could deliver updates. Since there is no support, One and Done.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, it’s not like they even have to deal with their UI overlay. They just need to take stock ICS and push it to the G2x. You would think they would be able to figure that shit out.

      Not a good omen for how they’ll handle other devices.

  • Sdotunome

    Wellllppp…. I’m glad got rid of my g2x and got the galaxy s2…. But it’s still ridiculous how they handled things with that device. You purchase a flagship device hopefully future proofing yourself since it certainly has the hardware to compete with the best, then they won’t update it any further? I’d want my F’n money back! On a lighter note… Icecream sandwich on my galaxy s2 will be nice

  • Mark

    What are the G2′s chances of getting ICS? Anyone know?

    • Paul

      I’d say high. The specs of the G2 is nice. The 800mhz stock CPU is faster than a 1ghz 1st gen snapdragon. But the CPU can even be pushed all the way to 1.9ghz stable. So it’s plenty fast, has plenty of storage. Cyanogen himself has a G2 and is responsible for the updates of CM on this phone, so I imagine he’ll create CM9 for this phone easily. The G2 is an awesome phone.

      • Mark

        AWESOME! Thanks. Looks like there shouldn’t be much to worry about then. It even got updated to 2.3.5 which is a good sign.

  • ANdRoIdGrOuPpY


  • Lux143

    One thing i have learned about android phones…they all love to piss in their own cereal bowls…this is ridiculous and unacceptable.

  • Paul

    Should I get a G2X for my brother? My brother’s on T-Mobile and is looking for an Android phone (I kid you not, he’s using a G1). T-Mobile only really has 3 dual core phones, the MyTouch 4G Slide, the G2X, and the Galaxy S II. Maybe the Sensation or the Amaze, not sure. Anyways, he’s a gamer, loves his PSP and was considering going to Verizon for the Xperia Play but doesn’t really want to switch carriers. So out of the phones, the G2X was cheapest on craigslist (he’s on prepay, so no contract) and it has the Tegra 2 which is supposed to have a very good GPU and there’s games made for Tegra 2 specifically, so I figured the G2X was his best bet. But is it? Also, I can easily root it and put a custom ROM on it if that’s the only real gripe, as long as there’s a nice stable awesome custom ROM out there for it then I can do that. But does the hardware suck? Do all the ROM’s for it, custom or OEM, suck?

    • http://inventurous.net Val-Zho

      I left a ridiculously long post below about my experiences with the G2X. After I installed CyanogenMod 7.1 this phone has been amazing. I think the hardware is great–especially if you aren’t worried about voiding warranties and what-not and replace the crappy software driving it.

  • joey

    I got out in time thank god. I got the G2X when it came out and sign a two year thing and has sent it back twice under the t-mobile warranty. Finally I yelled so loud that the presidents office called me and made a deal to give the g2x back for the Sensation and I had to pay a little bit more but I am so glade I did that. The G2x was flagged with so many issues and problems and LG was not willing to fix them and make it right. I am so happy with the HTC Sensation. Along with Samsung LG has burnt there bridge with me. Please HTC don’t let me down.

  • sota767

    I didn’t think Android phones could be worse after owning a Motorola Cliq but then LG comes along and I buy a G2x.

    Random reboots multiple times a day on Froyo with the official fix as turn off GPS & wifi.
    LG pushes out a Gingerbread update which reduces reboots to only once a day. But the camera app isn’t updated and goes back to the stock android camera. GPS also takes forever to lock most of the time.
    So I give up on LG and load CM7 which gets rid of the reboots but because LG didn’t release any of their drivers getting bluetooth working takes a year of hacking, GPS still doesn’t like to lock, and sometimes the phone will lose all APNs.

    I’m never messing with this again. Next time I’ll pay the premium and get the Nexus. The phone manufacturers can bite me.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Huh. I thought it was just me who had every possible hardware problem this phone has experienced all in one unit. Sorry to hear I’m not the only one who got the unluckiest batch…

    • http://inventurous.net Val-Zho

      Wait… did I just write that? My son is currently on my old Cliq with a custom ROM. I’m getting to the point where I don’t trust any of the manufacturer’s ROMs. This is an egregiously stupid situation; as I said elsewhere, shouldn’t the manufacturers of the product have the access, ability, and the resources–not to mention top-shelf support from Google–to make better ROMs than anyone else?

  • ndokami

    Wow LG, you really screwed over what little fan base you had with that move…. I admit that G2X was a beast of a phone… I was even gonna buy it, but then i herd of the Sensation Release date was right around the corner so i chose to wait. Of course there is still CyanogenMod but you basically just gave up on a phone you put out less than a year ago… Good JOB

  • peshal

    its really a sad news. i bought the g2x the day it was released April 20 11. the only reason i bought this device was the presence of vanilla android and t mobile said that! they made the g2x vanilla android so that they can push the future UPDATES faster.the only thing that surprise me is that if the community developers can bring the newer updates so fast why can’t theOEMs who has all those resources. conclusion. this is my last LG android device and off course last LG device of all
    my friends and relatives.

  • John

    I purchased the G2x just a month ago. It came with Gingerbread installed and felt confident that LG would do the right thing and give us ICS. LG proved me wrong, very disappointed and won’t buy LG products again. Your loss LG. Life is not so good. :(

  • Meth

    Tbh I’ve always thought LG is the worst mobile manufactor .. worst than Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia’s and everything.

  • Tiwiz

    I started a petition for this matter of LG and the ICS upgrade. If you feel like, help us :)


  • Malcolm Abbott

    I’m disappointed.. but not even remotely surprised. My O2X hasn’t even got gingerbread yet (officially). Clearly customer loyalty is not a concept they understand. If they think I’ll go buy a new LG phone to get ICS, they are woefully naive.

    I won’t buy another LG, this is the first and last, thank you. I love the phone, and will stick with MIUI to get ICS on it. But come upgrade time they wont get my money again.

  • Jón

    Never buy an LG Android phone in the future. Ok, I think I got it, LG.

    • Interpol91

      I originally said the same thing about Samsung and how they always take forever to push out updates, along with Sprint, but I still bought another Samsung device. However, they don’t compare to LG cause LG is at the lowest with what they have just done.

  • http://inventurous.net Val-Zho

    I bought the G2X for both my wife and myself on day one. The decision was between getting this, and waiting a month or two for the HTC Sense, and I thought that getting a vanilla Android phone would mean faster updates. Wow. That was a dumb assumption.

    We both put up patiently with random reboots, daily issues of the system slowing down so much that you just pull the battery and restart because you can’t stand it anymore, syncing hiccups, missed calls with full bars, wifi suddenly no longer working (and requiring a restart to get it working again)… then the Gingerbread update came out, and I almost bricked my wife’s phone getting it installed. Seriously? (It was a common issue with the installer that, thankfully, someone–not from LG mind you–figured out a resolution for… which I found in about the 4th or 5th hour of trying to recover my wife’s phone.)

    Gingerbread helped with the issues… a little. … very little, now that I think about it.

    After the ICS announcement and the speculation that LG wouldn’t be updating (it appears that was correct), I decided enough was enough and installed the latest nightly build of CM7. It’s been a week now and I have been amazed that I now have a solid phone that works like it’s supposed to. In 5 days–running a supposedly unstable nightly build–I have had no hang-ups, no slow downs, no strange error messages, and no syncing issues (I did have 1 random reboot, but that’s a HUGE step forward from having one about once a day). On top of that, my battery actually lasts an entire day… with plenty to spare! I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to throw this thing at a brick wall, but now it’s like I have a whole new, much better phone.

    And speaking of battery, I think it’s quite telling about this G2X that my first thought about the new Razor’s battery not being removable was to wonder what to do when you need to reset it (that tells you how often I’ve had to yank the battery due to lockup… it was getting to be at least once every day or two).

    As someone else posted above, the custom ROM community has no problem developing these ROMs quickly and _better_ than the manufacturers ROMs, Shouldn’t the manufacturers have MORE resources and MORE incentive to produce them? It just makes me very angry at LG and the rest of these companies that just leave their products in the lurch six months or a year after release (or even before release one could argue in some cases).

    When are manufacturers going to wise up that THESE ARE NOT PHONES!!! People don’t purchase them the same way, and people don’t use them the same way. They certainly aren’t cheap. THESE ARE SMALL TOUCHSCREEN COMPUTERS! If Dell or Apple or any other computer manufacturer stopped updating or supporting their computers’ software after 6 months where would that put things?

    I will be updating my wife to CM7 as soon as possible, we won’t look back, and we will both be happier for it.

    When I’ve worn this not-cheap-by-any-means investment into the ground, my next phone will be a Nexus. Thanks to CM7, that shouldn’t be any time soon.

    • http://inventurous.net Val-Zho

      And I should add… no thanks to LG which apparently only cares about selling you a $500 phone every 6 to 12 months.

    • OnIn2

      I had come to the same conclusion.
      The smartphone manufactures see phone as commodity items to be replaced every 18 months.

      We see them as a hand help computer that should be updated as needed.

      ****** Disconnect ******

  • Paul

    The cool thing is because of all the ‘hate’ for these phones you can pick them up for $180-$210 on Craigslist all day long, no contract. I mean, they are Dual Core phones. Just drop CM7 onto it and you have a solid, fast, $200 Android phone and no contract. Then get Simple Mobile, pay $40/mo (no taxes or anything) for unlikmited talk/text/3g web and done. No contract, same cost as a new phone with 2 year contract, and super cheap monthly payment and access to T-Mobile’s ‘ok’ network.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, I sold mine to a friend (who had a blackberry) for $160.

  • Nick Cook

    To be honest, ICS or no ICS, after seeing all the BS that my brother has gone through with his G2x, I would never buy an LG phone. I’ll stick with HTC or Samsung but only for the G-Nex.

    • Interpol91

      Definitely. Doesn’t matter the quality of the device (okay it does) but if there is no real support for it then there is no reason for them to get our business.

  • droiddewd

    While I agree that this is going to be a big black mark for LG. For me, I didn’t really consider LG to be a company I would invest in for a cell phone anyway (though their washer/dryers are nice.)

    But let’s be realistic. I’m sure a lot of the people who have this phone probably don’t even know it will behind by one update, might not even know about the GB update and maybe LG is counting on that implied ignorance. No harn no foul if they don’t know what they’re missing right? LOL Still, shame on you LG — especially knowing this phone probably could be updated with ICS.

    I’m glad I took the conscious choice to root my phones and make sure I am getting the most up to date option for my phone since Cupcake was the last update I got OTA.

    Good luck LG youre gonna need it if you want to survive i the mobile biz.

  • Ebow

    Well that is business. You make the customers happy they back come for more. I am finished with LG for sure!!!!! On to a Nexus or Galaxy. I don’t know why I didn’t just wait one more month to get the SII instead. Very poor showing from LG. Never even its free there will be better free ones that get updates. Boldly say no updates to a phone you promised gingerbread which most people still haven’t received.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Man, did you JUST get a G2x? That sucks!

  • triangle

    Unfortunately, LG hasn’t differentiated themselves from what I would call the big 3 in Android: Samsung, HTC and Motorola. They haven’t done anything in hardware that does anything that truly makes their products better (though the Nova screen is nice, it doesn’t make me want to go with any LG product). Their software also hasn’t really done anything special. If anything, they should just go with stock android all the time. It would be nice to see some innovation from LG, but so far, aside from the Nova screen, I haven’t seen anything really worth mentioning.

    The clock is ticking for LG before they just get pushed to irrelevance in Android…

    • droiddewd

      Aren’t they there already LOL.

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

    Boy!!! Didn’t Public Enemy make that song “Don’t Believe the Hype”? My first Android phone was a Motorola and that was a huge fail. Then I got this LG G2x in hopes of experiencing something better. Now that I’ve heard about their refusal to update to ICS? Don’t think I’ll be getting anything other than Nexus in the future. I installed that ICE Theme onto my phone with the ADW Launcher and it’s a decent emulation but to have the full on OS would probably be much nicer. Oh well.

    Oh just to share with current G2x users something I found out from their tech support. If you are having issues with the phone do a factory reboot (Hold down Power Button + Down Volume). This will wipe your internal memory but if you had updated to Gingerbread 2.3.3 that will stay intact. My G2x after that reboot has run a lot smoother without some of the issues explained above. You’ll also have to re-install all your apps too from Android Market. Better to have a smooth running phone than one you can’t depend on, right?

  • ickyboo

    LG as a company is like a headless chicken right now, They don’t know where to focus on. It’s been like this for a few years now. LG was never fully into Android and their phone division has been having problems for a while now. From what I remember they was trying to sell it off but no one wanted to take it as it was a money pit (five consecutive quarterly losses). Don’t blame Android for LG’s failings. The writing has been on the wall for them since 2009 and if you brought their products then you should have known about the dire straits they are in and prepared for it. Also the Android Alliance only covered devices made after the announcement, The G2x was released around 6 months or so before it, So LG doesn’t have to agree to anything.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Fair enough. Still makes me mad that a Tegra 2 device won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich, even though we all know it can handle it.

  • Darkseider

    Well I sent a wonderful message to LG customer support directly through their website. Here’s the link and I suggest you all do the same to show them just how much you think of them.



  • Brooke B

    ok so i have the lg thrill 4g… the 3d one. can i update my phone with the ice cream sandwich or will it mess it up?! can anyone help me?!

  • thaghost

    The bottom line, at the end of the day and the moral of the story is LG SUCKS!!!

  • Ms_Matrix2515

    The only reason why I have the G2x now is because after having 2 HTC Sensations that were giving me hardware problems they sent me this phone instead. I’m not happy about hearing about this, this is the reason why i knew I didn’t want to get any LG phone…I wouldn’t mind getting the Galaxy S 2, but I would have to pay full price for it. So for now I’m just going to be easy, but I could get another phone trust me I would.

  • peter

    It matters to me, but it doesnt seem to matter to others

    Samsung Overtakes Apple in Smartphones

    By Tim Culpan – Oct 28, 2011

    “The Samsung Behold II on T-Mobile was the most expensive Android phone ever, and Samsung promoted that it would get a major update to Eclair at least,” The Understatement’s Michael Degusta writes. “But at launch the phone was already two major versions behind–and then Samsung decided not to do the update after all, and it fell three major OS versions behind. Every one ever sold is still under contract today.

  • Eroc162

    WOW I bought two G2X’s thinking they would be up to date for atleast a year. Dum me went out and bought a G-Slate. I hope I have better luck with the ICS update on the slate. I won’t hold my breath on it.

  • AME

    Isn’t it possible for an OEM to just make a phone into a fake Nexus by just doing an OTA update to stock Android? If LG doesn’t want to invest the time or money into making their own version (it is vanilla-ish) couldn’t they just give us the real-deal like the Nexus line just once to 4.0?

  • Derrick


  • http://Boymeetsphone.com YoSaintLaurent

    I am a little confused about the Facebook page. Doesn’t LG stand for “Lucky Goldstar”, not “Life’s Good”?

  • SherlockHomeboy

    ISn’t the G2x basically stock android? How hard could it be to issue the update for that? LG really dropped the ball on this one.

  • asifriyaz

    no need update this is worst phone any way

  • RichardYarrellBot


  • Michael

    I bought an optimus 2x and Now i will Never even consider a lg Product.

  • Pont

    That’s just rumors!!
    LG MOBILE stated this on their facebook!!

    LG Mobile We do have a plan to update Ice Cream Sandwich.Now we are working on it! When the date is set we will let you know through Facebook! Please check our wall regularly! Cheers

  • rba

    If this is true, my next phone is a Samsung…

  • Zyo

    LG => Lucky Getting updates.

  • Tom Moran

    I received the G2x after signing a 2 year contract with T-Mobile. I originally had the motorolla CLIQ. and before that the G1. The G1 was awesome then it crapped out on me. T-Mobile said I could no longer get the G1 and I had to get the CLIQ which was the worst phone i ever owned. My girl friend now owns Crikets version and it has the same problems if not more. I reluctantly signed another 2 year contract for the G2x and I couldn’t believe how happy I was. This G2x even made I Phone and Samsung Galaxy owners jealous. Well guess what now My G2x has crapped out with signal, echo’s, buzzing and clicking, dropped calls and the internet freezing. then 2 Days Ago. “The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again FORECLOSE” Yea that didn’t work and now T-Mobile is now sending me a refurbished G2x. Curios about what could of happened I found this article. I am disappointed all over again and probably have to go through hell again with replacement phones that will never be all they advertised they could be.I was duped once again! Thank you so much LG and T-Mobile! I am so glad I could be your customer that pays his bills for your empty promises and faulty phones and lack of everything you claim to be. my suggestion MAKE IT RIGHT!!!!!
    and I will gladly post how you did and how you made me a happy customer once again. YOUR NOT THE ONLY CELL PHONE COMPANY OUT THERE!!!!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I FIND YOU IN BREACH OF OUR CONTRACT!!! (THAT I PAY FOR)

    • Tom Moran

      Well as I said I would gladly post how you did and how you made me a happy customer once again. T-Mobile sent me a refurbished G2x with 2.3.3 with a new sim card and I already can see the difference. My phone runs faster, the echos,buzzing and clicking, and internet freezing are all gone. I do still get dropped calls but that might be because of my girl friends phone Crickets version of the motorolla CLIQ, i dont know 100% I also did more research about this article and found out that Ice Cream Sandwich is just for tablets. Thank you T-Mobile for fixing the problem with my phone. Thank you for not sending me through the hassle I went through last time. I feel I jumped the gun and assumed I would be treated as I was last time. If Ice Cream Sandwich does become available for the G2x that would be great. Thank you LG for making a Fun Blazing Fast Phone!!! I am once again a happy customer.

  • Alex


  • say what what in the butt

    i hope we get that ice cream sandwich


    do they underestimate there users? will it improve the user experience? yes! can the phone handle it? YES! LG please dont not insult your user base with that statement..

  • Khamikaze

    By @dligon & @Xenolance via xda-developers (forum .xda-developers. com /showpost.php?p=18849920&postcount=37)

    we should all go to the lg company office with our pitchforks and torches…

    I’m Thinking “OccupyLG” is right around the.. oh wait..

    #LgAngriestMob #OccupyLg

    Follow, promote, be heard!

    lgforum. com /forum/boards/carriers/t-mobile/topics/lg-india-confirms-optimus-2x-not-getting-ics-g2x-next

    #LgAngriestMob #OccupyLg

    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/LgAngriestMob

    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/OccupyLg

  • K. Rod

    I bought the G2x one week before the Sensation dropped (though I knew it was coming I preferred vanilla Android over Sense), so to answer the last two questions… Yes I am disappointed with the way this phone has been aborted, and no, I will not be trusting these guys for ANYTHING Android or mobile related ever again.

    To quote myself on something I say on an almost weekly basis: “I should have stuck HTC.”

  • HD

    The whole reason why I bought a dual core phone was for it to be “future proof”.

    If LG don’t keep this device up to date I will abandon them and never recommend LG products!

  • http://pryvateidz.posterous.com Dave

    It’s like every device I have there’s some underlying issue (Android) that is. Cliq wasn’t supposed to get a update past 1.5, but finally got a 2.1 (upgraded), MyTouch 3G was just a mess period (buggy as ever), Vibrant (battery life issues, they had issues w/ updating to Froyo), Got a G2 (battery issues again, took forever to get Gingerbread), LG G2x (buggy, lagged, battery life issues, rebooted itself, everything, didn’t deliver Gingerbread as quick as they said they would), & by the grace of god I was given a free upgrade to a HTC Sensation 4G, so I wouldn’t have to potentially have to not get ICS or deal w/ the already issues I was having w/ the G2x. I hope people now realize I don’t get a new phone just to get one, there are issues. I also am one that don’t find the need to root my phone. For me, it’s like for what? I’m not a basic user, but I’m not like a heavy tech user either. I’m like intermediate & all I want is my phone to run smooth & have acceptable battery life that’s it, why should I have to root for my device to run stable & or upload custom ROM’s to get the latest Android OS.

  • Sorry I Bought an LG

    LG probably can’t tell if ICS works on the G2X since the one (part-time) guy they have on QA testing probably doesn’t realize that the darn thing turned itself off again.

    No worries pal, just pull the battery (one more time) and you should be fine for a couple minutes of blissful use.

    What a piece of garbage…! Never again LG…

  • agentdiscount

    So guys…what do you think I should do with this news….

    I got a G2x the instant it was released. At the time, it appeared that LG was making a big push into the Android market so it could compete with longtime nemesis Samsung. I felt that LG would support this new “flagship” phone for a long time. I passed over the Nexus S and waited 5 months on a slow-as-hell G1 with CM for this phone.

    I have insurance on the phone through T-Mobile. Should I try to return it? Keep it stock and live with it? Or cancel insurance and just root it with latest CM? Will I still have WiFi calling?

  • Lox

    Ah ah.. I don’t believe them, in their press announcement of the O2X they said it will get Gingerbread in a couple of months after its release… We are still waiting…

    Don’t believe them, they use to lie, and don’t expect them to bring ICS to O2X/G2X, they not good enough to do that.

    But for sure the device’s hardware can handle ICS.

  • Brandi Martin

    I’m VERY dissappointed in how they do business. I’ve had a couple phones from them (not smart phones) and I was always happy with how well they lasted, but after buying the G2X from Wind Mobile being promised and update to Gingerbread and now being told I’m not gonna get that (nevermind the Ice Cream update!). I’m very angry, and will never buy another LG smartphone if this is the way they treat the people that pay them. My phone is a piece of crap right now, the battery doesn’t last, the battery icon freezes, it resets itself. Fuck LG.

  • Brandi Martin

    In addition, at least if I would have bought an iPhone I would always get updates. This is just gonna make Androids look bad.

  • Harvey

    I switched from Print to T Mobile for this phone. I was part of the lucky few who never really had a problem with the first phone I bought. I rooted 2 days after purchase, and have pretty much been running MIUI since then.

    When companies make a move like this, it doesn’t really instill confidence in the average consumer.

    First, the sell is a phone that barely works out of the box.

    Second, you promise an update to fix it “soon” that actually took a month to roll out.

    And finally, you tell us your not even going to support our faith in the product/company we have bought in to. I’m not going to say this will keep me from being this companies product in the future, but I will say I’ll be more apt to explore other options. It’s hard to keep faith in something that has no faith in you.

  • Khamikaze

    [LG Official Statements on Ice Cream Sandwich OS Update]
    (via Engadget)

    facebook. com /LGMobile/posts/302292243115436

    “LG firmly denies the rumors that claim LG will not be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS update for the LG Optimus 2X. These rumors are NOT true. LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google. Please stay tuned for more updates from LG.

    Thank you very much.”


    ‎LG Mobile / LG USA Mobile / LG Product Pro,

    Please explicitly expand your comments to T-Mobile G2x regarding the ICS update. Nobody can not assume anything.


    twitter. com /#!/search/realtime/OccupyLg

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update. That means they’re testing and haven’t made a decision yet. So the rumors are NOT true….maybe. LOL

  • Dr.Carpy

    LG Optimus 2X will get ICS! They announced it on their Facebook account.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      NO no…they announced they’re working on an update plan, which could mean no update. They are going to hold off on a decision until they’re sure 1) the device can handle it and 2) the end-user experience is a good one.

  • brenan batten

    For everyone with the LG Optimus 2x, dont worry anymore! It will be getting ice cream sandwich. The whole thing about the LG optimus 2x not geting the android 4.0 ice cream sandwich is just a rumor. read this article in the link and it will explain everything. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2395732,00.asp#fbid=mBY2E96zoXO

    personally i am super glad that the optimus 2x will be getting the updates because i have that phone. i just hope it lives up to its expectations.

  • Ray C

    I dont actually have problem with LG 2.2 Froyo.

    What I can see here is that people tends to forget what and android device is.

    My O2X works excelent for my needs.

    1. It can make phone calls
    2. It helped me with browsings and do my business needs
    3. It install great apps for me to use
    4. it runs good games.

    If you want a powerhouse buy a pc instead a mobile device.

    You dont make a bicycle to run 200kmh, or make cars accross rivers.

    Its a phone not a supercomputer, maybe you should’ve tought about that before you buy one.

  • Lexi

    I hate my G2X! I’m constantly having issues with the battery dying and I even had a new battery sent out to me but it still has issues. The phone takes a long time to load and the messaging service is always messed up. The ideas were there for how its supposed to work but I personally think the phone sucks. Not to mention T-Mobile’s horrible customer service…I’ve been into three different stores and they are always telling me to call someone else or go to another store.

    • Ray C

      Battery problem? that is all phone with big screen problem. Reduce the back light brightness and use android booster to control your data traffic.

      If its still leaking try upgrading your os, i’m using V10e and no problem so far. My LG P990 works great.. it would keep the battery up to 15 hours a day. unless if i constantly using it for playing games then maybe around 2-3 hours

    • Sorry I Bought an LG

      Called T-Mobile support about my G2X’s continuing problems with:

      Unexpected Reboots
      Non-functional GPS
      Freeze-UPs requiring battery pull

      They took all my info (including OS and kernel versions, etc.) and promised to check with engineering and call me back.

      They called back 4 days later and left a voicemail saying there was a software upgrade available and that I should contact customer support.

      Opened a chat with customer support who informed me there was *no* software upgrade available. I asked how they would resolve the problems with the phone and their solution was for me to pay them $20. They would then send me a *used* G2x in return.

      I suggested to them that that was unacceptable, given the likelihood that I would just end up in the same situation and that they should be offering me (a customer for nearly 20 years) an alternative phone.

      Their response was – get this – that T-Mobile is not responsible for the myriad problems customers are experiencing with the G2X. That it’s LG’s fault and so, it’s not their responsibility to make amends with their customers!


  • derek

    I am extremely disapointed with my lg thrill. my sim card back into my iPhone 3g until ice cream sandwich

  • phaet2112

    Anonymous Facebook posts by outpost branches of the main company are not to be trusted.

  • pritams


  • tomnewtn

    I have a G2x TMO gave me for free….new with GB already installed. Had it since Aug or Sept and no problems other than occasional software conflict, so I delete the troublesome app….usually a game. Most mainstream apps are fine. battery life is very good, but not quite as good as my nexus one. Anyway, even though TMO retention gave me this phone free, I still qualify for an upgrade. I’ll save it for a Nexus GSM should one come to TMO. I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, just wanted to confirm that there are some G2X devices that work great. Mine is one of them.

  • Poisonpony

    No more LG for me. Was planning on buying a LG flat screen, refrigerator, and washer-dryer set. Because of the could care-less attitude LG has towards it customers, bought a 65′ Samsung TV, GE refer, and Maytag washer/dryer. Oh snap! Just under 10k LG will never see becuse they don’t back their products.

  • Poisonpony

    No more LG for me. Was planning on buying a LG flat screen, refrigerator, and washer-dryer set. Because of the could care-less attitude LG has towards it customers, bought a 65′ Samsung TV, GE refer, and Maytag washer/dryer. Oh snap! Just under 10k LG will never see because they don’t back their products.

  • someone

    You really know allot about cellular phone software & the operating systems, don’t you.


    Apple makes an OS just like Google does. And 5.0 being better than 4.0 because of the 1.0 diff??!!??!!

    what an uneducated ID10T!

  • Bissmarck

    Well it was first and last LG phone i ever bought, No one needs thei shitty ICS, it would be sorted out, if they would publish source codes, so developers could make fully working custom roms.. Didn’t expect such a spit in my face.. Further, i will try to avoid any of LG products.