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New myTouch devices outed straight from T-Mobile (Update)

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The myTouch family is growing. T-Mobile has put up the “Coming Soon” pages for two new myTouch devices on the official website (ahead of announcement). And boy, do these look good.

These bad boys are the T-Mobile myTouch (Black) and the T-Mobile myTouch Q (by LG). Sadly, not much is known about the specs for these devices, and much of what is reveled seems doubtful. As of now, devices coming out with the specs listed on T-Mobile’s “Coming Soon” pages are very rare, and our friends from TmoNews entertain the idea that much of the information could just be a placeholder.

For starters, the listed specs do not mention a front-facing camera on the myTouch (Black), but there seems to be one in the image. It’s also suspicious that these devices claim to support enhanced 4G data speeds of up to 42 Mbps, since TmoNews’ latest leaked roadmap shows that these devices will be 3G only.

T-Mobile’s website claims these devices are identical. The only difference is that one of them has a physical slide-out keyboard (myTouch Q), while the other is touch only. However, although both devices are said to have a “Genius Button,” only the myTouch Q seems to have one in the images.

If these specs (or some of them) prove to be real, these devices will come with a 1 GHz processor (quantity of cores not specified), a 5 MP rear-facing camera and a 1500 mAh battery. Of course, the myTouch Q also has that nice slide-out keyboard for all the typing monsters out there.

We know much is left unsaid. Trust us, we want to know more, too. Sadly, this is all we have. But an announcement should be right around the corner. Hopefully we’ll see more detailed specs then and find out if this info was just a placeholder.

Take a look at the images posted below. If you want more information, go to T-Mobile’s pages for the myTouch and the myTouch Q. How many myTouch fans do we have here? Is anyone waiting to get one of these? Keyboard or touch only?

mytouch 1 mytouch 2 mytouch 3 mytouch 4 mytouch Q 1 mytouch Q 2 mytouch Q 3 mytouch Q 4


So, it seems like releasing these pages was indeed a mistake, and T-Mobile has now removed the phones from the site. Also, as our reader dethduck mentions, the T-Mobile myTouch (Black) does actually have a “Genius Button.” The only difference is that it is an actual app icon in the UI’s dock, as opposed to being a hardware button on the device.

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Timing FTW!

  • dethduck

    The non keyboard one does have the Genius button right there in the picture, it’s just an app shortcut on the homescreen dock rather than a button on the phone itself. In other news, the myTouch 4G is the last myTouch I buy unless the next is another HTC.

  • dethduck

    P.S. the direct links to the phones no longer work. Looks like T-Mobile removed them.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thanks a lot for the heads up and the help! The post has been updated! :)

  • Wunako

    good move for lower end phones.. Im wondering why TMo has opted for LG to make their brands of current phones instead of HTC? you know, the G1, G2 all mytouch lines, now LG has made the G2X and now the mytouches?

  • CTown

    Didn’t LG get to do a G-phone? I hope they test these MyTouch devices more than the G2X! Is T-Mobile trying to cut ties with HTC? Why not just give LG their own line of T-Mobile phones?

  • Mark

    T-Mobile are fools. First, they let LG taint the G-series with crappy G2x and now this.

    • johnny

      That’s because LG will be the next samsung