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Nexus Prime rumored to be released November 3


Many are still upset that Google and Samsung postponed the Nexus Prime announcement at CTIA. The show must continue, though, and the device is still expected to be released soon.

Despite this announcement delay, the day we’ll finally be able to get our hands on this device may not be too far off, according to Phandroid’s source¬†that¬†claims the anticipated Nexus Prime will be released on November 3.

While we don’t know anything about the source, Phandroid claims to have confirmed its legitimacy (through ways they cannot disclose). The rumored date seems very believable. It lands on a Thursday, and Verizon seems to like Thursdays for release dates.

The release date is only a few weeks away. Let’s hope we get to see an actual announcement soon! What do you guys say? Do you trust Phandroid’s source? If so, are you signing up for an Ice Cream Sandwich device?

Via: Phandroid

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  • federalreserve

    Sweet, sign me up! Hope the official announcement comes soon…

    • Steven Taylor

      Too late, i already preordered my iPhone 4S

      • http://www.androidexclusive.com AndroidExclusive.com

        Why!? It was a massive disappointment….

        Wait i forgot, people seem to be obsessed with anything beginning with ‘i’

      • Dan

        LOL some people are better off with iphones. If you want the iPhone 4S then you are definatley one of those people. The rest of us will enjoy some Prime action shortly :)

        • mikeyDroid

          Nothing wrong with the 4S, haters.. matter of preference.

          I for one couldn’t pass on the 4g, NFC, and plethora of other goodies, but to be honest, I bet that 4s is pretty damn slick in its own way.

          • http://www.androidexclusive.com AndroidExclusive.com

            I agree there is nothing wrong with it the iphone 4s probably is a good phone but i was expecting a lot more from apple, look at the specs theres nothing special apart from the camera and there are alot better alternatives if you just want it for that.

  • Josh Phillips

    I’m getting 1 each for my wife and I, and convinced two of the partners in my firm to give of their crappy blackberries for this phone. 1 of the partners is also grabbing an LTE Galaxy Tab (unless Moto releases something slick for verizon in the next couple weeks).

    We’ve got the Nexus fever in these parts!

    • dj

      are you an attorney?

    • http://www.dallascowboys.com Chris

      Yeah, you should know since you have reviewed the phone extensively to where you can tell someone to keep their blackberries. Go away troll.

    • Magnus100

      Are you referring to the bugs in your brain? Your comments stink of ignorance laced BS.

  • ZEROleaf

    Yeah sign me up for sure! Releasing it on the 3rd makes perfect sense. I believe the source. I have a feeling that Samsung and Google are going to announce it a week before before the release date or a couple days before. :)

    • ZEROleaf

      Excuse the double before typo. I also want to add that the rumored October 27th announcement falls in place perfectly with the one week before release date!

  • mrjlwilliams

    I wonder what it will look like!

    • ZEROleaf

      Yeah me too. If the leaked video is the true phone, then that would be sweet! But if it turns out to be fake and Samsung/ Google show a different design, I know it will look awesome as well.

      • kazahani

        Are you referring to the “leaked” video that Samsung posted to their official Youtube channel? Cuz I’m pretty sure that’s legit…

  • kwills88

    Ah, as happy as I am about this, I really wished they were still showcasing it tomorrow so I can finally make up my mind between this and the galaxy s 2…but any nexus news is great news…unless it’s another delay.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    My birthday is the 4th, in case anyone wants to buy me one for my birthday.

    • R.S

      I’ll buy you one for your birthday…

      If you buy me one for my birthday, which is also the 4th.

      • knesbey

        Mine is on the 2nd… how about a 3 way purchase. Then I wouldn’t have to explain to my wife yet another high end phone purchase because it would be a gift.

        • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

          Mine’s in March… :( XD

        • Sway_212

          Sweet! Mine is on the 2nd too!

      • Johan Ribbing

        Oh Crazy! I also have a birthday.

    • KTMAN

      No way.. my bday is Nov 4 too. Hopefully it will be available so I can be it for myself as a bday gift

  • Wunako

    great news, hopefully the announcement is next week hopefully they took the extra week to jus clean up the ICS, im still on the fence i like it but yet i dont (judging fromthe supposed leaks).. either way i just hope a Tmo is avaliable or atleast the att be compatable…


    SMH . this pretty much confirms the early release for verizon only? BS ! Im pissed

  • YNWA

    Yep, I will be ditching my Droid Charge for this. I would say 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor is better than single core and 384MB’s of RAM or whatever this phone has. I can’t even play most of the games in the market with it. 4G is great, but it lags so much. Also, no Gingerbread release date in site still for it. Can’t wait to step up to the Nexus!

  • lezbehonest

    Don’t know or why Google would make a Verizon exclusive. Hurts muh feelins

    • Angie Strickland

      lezbehonest! hahaha

      • Chade


    • Monkey Pi

      Galaxy S II was supposed to be a Verizon exclusive too, according to one rumor. My contract is up on Verizon, and they don’t have a clear winner of a phone to choose from right now. I am not holding my breath that Verizon gets it at all, although I read today it passed FCC for two other carriers.

    • http://oceanmedia.net Scotter

      There are a bunch of articles out there over the last week or so showing the Prime passed FCC with AT&T and T-Mobile radios.

      • BiGMERF

        could just be a world phone

        • irishrally

          As long at the world phone can utilize the 2100mhz band, I’m fine with that.

  • Thaghost

    I don’t believe phandroid’s source

  • Scott

    I know the original release date rumor revolved around the creator of Batman and November 3rd. However I am so fed up with Samsung and their release date delay excuses that November 3rd will be one week too late for me, I will go with HTC’s Vigor and Samsung will lose my business forever across all their product lines. I realize the Steve Jobs death respect concept, but let’s face it, Apple didn’t delay the release of their iPhone 4S out of respect for Mr. Jobs so to me Samsung’s and Google’s reasoning is flawed.

    • Dirty_Azkals

      Lawls, right? If any of the higher ups from Samsung or Google passed, heaven forbid, then I can understand the delay. In fact this is disrespectful to Jobs using his untimely passing as a cover for an obvious screw up in ICS or Nexus Prime that they caught very late.

      “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”
      - Charles de Gaulle.

    • Dirge

      Uh, Steve Jobs passed away the day after the iPhone 4S reveal.

    • truth999

      yes, google betrayed all they are liars

  • MaxSteel

    I will be disappointed if Google decides to sell themselves out and make this a timed Verizon exclusive.

    • Me

      There wont be any exclusivity to Verizon, that would be so stupid on Google’s part has the CDMA/LTE model even go thru the FCC yet?

  • Black Kristos

    I will be leaving T-mobile for this baby. I cannot wait.

  • TxAg

    Verizon?? So what happened to the whole FCC/GSM/AT&T fact? Did the FCC approve one for LTE/CDMA that I am unaware of?

  • TheSmegHead

    This could very well be my next device. Unless the specs suck (I hope the second set of specs leaked are correct). If the specs do suck, then I will look @ the Vigor or the Droid Razr (but only because the Kevlar skin has me interested!).

  • allofusjw

    Android and me… you disappoint me. present me with actual evidence for the Verizon exclusivity bs. aside from bgr and their original rumor, what could possibly be the reason for this assumption? all i can think of is reasons why it makes zero sense. Verizon has never had a nexus device. There are fcc papers for a gsm nexus compatible with both att and t-mobile. a nexus device isnt meant for a carrier ie. carriers don’t call google and make a deal to carry the phone. nexus is a developer phone meant to serve as a universal platform for the purpose of establishing a standard. there is NO logic to warrant any belief in these Verizon rumors. this is just lazy reporting and i would have expected better from you.

    • inviolable

      Oh get over yourself

    • Jigjazz

      androidandme is run by amateurs, they dont have a clue nor a reputation.
      They dont even attend the big mobile fares (they are not allowed i guess)

      • Nate B.

        (Peter Griffin’s voice?) WHAT?

      • Fireant

        I love when people rant about stuff and can’t even spell… I believe what you mean is fairs, not fares…a fare is what you pay in order to do something. I don’t know the guys personally, but I’m pretty sure they do go to the big FAIRS in fact I’m pretty sure Taylor was in Spain last February…go buy a dictionary.

    • http://www.dallascowboys.com Chris

      Exactly what I have been saying on every other site. There are a lot of stuff on these android blogs that you need to ignore. This guy is more than likely a Verizon customer and is probably still under the assumption Verizon is getting this phone. I would be surprised actually if Verizon even gets a copy of this phone.

  • inviolable

    Uncharted 3 and the Nexus 3 in the same week? Now I just hope it comes to the other 3 carriers…

  • Psychohellcat

    Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime? Lets make sure we’re talking about the right rig! Two distinct phones with seperat hardware and platforms – vanilla gingerbread and one with touchwiz 4.0.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I can’t wait for this announcement! Too bad I’m most likely going to be in school when they announce it :(

  • CJ84

    The rumored announcement date is my birthday. Considering the gt-i9250 just went through the fcc with att and tmo radios, i am thinking that it will launch on att or tmo first unless we see one with cdma go through, it could go right by verizon. Maybe every carrier save sprint will get it on the exact same date. All i care is that this phone comes to att. But sammy and google would be blind fools to pass on verizon. If its on att and vzw then theyre set but i expect most if not all carriers to get this phone one way or another. I would also appreciate bloatware free. I think the galaxy nexus will be a vzw variant/exclusive and will not be be under the nexus branding and have bloatware. Or it could be droid prime. Nexus prime though is my favorite choice for a name though. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • BiGMERF

      your post confused the whizz out of me.. Lol

    • http://www.thatboyjay.com Robot Human

      If marketed right, this could be the iPhone killer. It already is with superior specs and features but people don’t know that BC the Nexus marketing campaign is very lame. Where are the commercial????? The key note speeches with PPT video shows with a cool speaker like Steve Jobs did where Apple made sure the internet and media saw the unveiling video and how cool their product is. The Nexus Prime needs a Samsung representative to step up and delivery one hell of a show and they need innovative commercials. I guess easier said than done but until then, there will not be an iPhone killer BC iPhone buyers are brainwashed. Did you see that survey where 1/3 of the people who own an iPhone 4 believe they have a 4G device! ? Lol.


        Preorders for iPhone 4S just broke a new world record! Everybody wants to have an iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nexus primevil better stay in the shitwoods

  • Nexus S(cratch)

    See that cool curved screen? That’s not Gorilla Glass folks!!! The second you take your shiny Nexus Prime out of the box put a (good) screen protector on. My Nexus S was a scratch magnet within hours of its well protected life. Now, when’s my next upgrade? 19 months?!? WTF?


  • Nathan

    Well if this is true then hopefully they will reschedule the announcement sometime next week preferably. But hopefully it does eventually make it way to T-Mobile at some point of time.

  • texsux instruments

    It looks cheap like a hood rat with all of these ugly plastics….

  • http://www.thatboyjay.com Robot Human

    iPhone 4S has nothing on the NP. Anyway, I’m worried BC it has a curved display, if there will be ugly cases/covers/etc. I want to preserve the coolness. It actually looks like a cooler N1.

  • Rushi

    :O Idk if anyone said this but…November 3rd…3…3rd Nexus…Released on a date that is also a PRIME number….

    My contract is up with Tmo so I’ll be going wherever this phone lands. I’d ideally like it to be on Tmo or At&t mainly for the sim-card capabilities (lots of travel) but I guess I’ll have to wait

    • 23435

      my dick size is 11 inches and my gf has 3 holes? wow idk just saying
      coincidence? i dont think so

  • Amsterdamned

    The biggest mistake from Google and Samsung to postpone the Nexus Prime!
    Only for Steve Jobs? A honored man that sure!

    But the iphone 4s (iphone 4 Steve) has already broke the pre-order record!

    If Google and Samsung revealed the Nexus Prime earlier, then I bet the iphone 4s wasn’t able to break the pre-order record.

    Now one million people already wants an iphone 4s…Stupid strategy and tactic from Google and Samsung!

  • Nicolo

    All android fans need to stop acting like retards and except the FACTS for what they are in stead of living in some delusional fantasy world when it comes to android.

    I own 3 android devices, would consider my self a lover of android but not a Fan boy. I have never owned an apple device, and am not intending to buy one. But the facts remain.

    The iPhone and iOS are in no way in decline, they are still expanding and as a single manufacturer (not in terms of platform adoption as a whole). Apple are decimating all the competition in both the tablet and smart phone arena, they just took 1 million pre orders for the 4Gs in 24hrs. No other smart phone manufacturer in the world can compete with that, not even close.

    Geeks on forums like this are a very small percentage.Proportionally Apple completely owns the mind share of the general public, here in the UK at least and probably America too. Here in London, you just have to go on the tube and look around, at least 8 out of 10 people are iPhone users. Anything that vaguely resembles an iphone is seen as inferior or clone like by a huge percentage of the general public.

    Whatever any of you say, the CPU and GPU in the 4GS are very strong, and the 4S will almost certainly outperform the GS II with stock firmware and almost all other current android smart phones on the market. You cannot sugar coat this by giving me some crap about ‘some guy from XDA made this rom and I overclocked it blah blah blah nonsense’. I’m talking about out of the box.

    Spec wise the 4S update was boring to non Apple users and tech geeks, but it means nothing, the update was just a standard apple road map fare. It will still outperform stock android on almost all android phones with more ram and higher cpu clocks and definitely ‘feel faster’. The whole interface will be more fluid than all android devices on the market.

    Apple only have 1 phone on the market with a closed proprietary OS, so of course their software/hardware integration and optimization is better than all these android manufactures producing hundreds of phones a year. Accept this. Stop chatting crap about ‘well my GS II never lags blah blah blah, your lying to yourself, iOS is more fluid than android period.

    Unless ICS is fully hardware accelerated it will still be lagging behind both iOS and windows phone 7 in terms of UI fluidity.

    Also the way iOS handles or doesn’t handle ‘multitasking’ means that running multiple apps at once on an android device will inevitably lead to lag as they are not being frozen like on iOS.

    This is not to say that certain android devices still don’t perform well and are still nice to use,

    The android tablet app selection is also a complete shambles, there’s not even a separate section on the market. Don’t give me any shit about ‘but android is fully scalable blah blah blah’ any app on a 10 inch tablet must be differently laid out to a smartphone app and at the moment the tablet app selection on the market is severely lacking.

    For every Galaxy S II there is also 100′s of other shit android phones, with laggy ui’s, shit carrier or manufacturer skins, poorly optimized OS builds and bad build quality. Accept this and accept the effect this has on the public’s perception of android as a platform.

    Although Android is a younger platform it still has no where near the amount of dev pull or incentives for devs iOS has either.

    Now before the fan boys jump down my throat let me just say, i love android, I see great potential, I am fully behind it. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and start trying to gloss over some gaping problems or try and argue the Apples game is still not very very strong and the android is ‘taking over completely’.

    • Nate B.

      I’ll say something. To a great extent your right, but I’m sure we if not some of us know this. Apple is a way better & much more organized platform all alround. But for you to be an Android user & be all negative is really ironic. Let em dream. So what. Even with Apple succeeding, Android is still a threat. Its scary how much potential they have. I enjoy Android. I love it. Apple is cool to, but upon first look, Android gets me every time. A much better interactive interface. Quality performance of Apps & user interface on the iPhone but its not as fun to me unless you dive into the app. They have their differences. But if you really are an Android user, express something positive. Saying, “I’m all for Android” then bashing it basically is a nice cover up. A lot of Apple heads say that to lesson the threat. Your post is very ironic. & on this type of article where does it stand? All we did was get excited about the possible launch. You come in with Apple is this & that. Enjoy your phone buddy.

      • Nate B.

        Oh, yea, my Epic Touch 4G (SGSII) doesn’t lag. Stock out the box. Now its rooted running at 1.504ghz. Even better. Its just fun to be able to do that. A phone will never been perfect & that’s what rooting & Jailbreaking is. Don act Luke Apple devs don’t have their methods of mods. They just can mod the operating system as deep because the OS isn’t built like that. I have an iPod 4 latest one. Not much different then the iPhone 4. I know these things. I’m subscribed to Apple dev channels for hacks & tweaks & running gold master ios5. Root, jailbreak all the same. Android just has more freedom. I’ll always tip my hat to Apple though. I respect them. Can be shady but its there way & they’re a boss. But Android is unique most definitely.

        • Nicolo

          No, you have misconstrued what I am saying. I frequently post about the great features of android, the openness, hacakability, file support, access etc etc. They are all reasons why I use android devices and don’t buy apple devices. I can’t imagine running such a locked down device and being forced to use software like iTunes which I hate and having the same looking UI as everyone else.

          It is more to get fans to keep things in perspective, be realistic and also be aware and not delusional about the platforms shortcomings so they can push for the necessary improvements to bring the platform up to par.

          It is also in some ways frustrating for some one who is not a dev but has a real interest in the platform .I would be making tablet centric android apps if I had the time to learn how to code and develop.

          Apples close control does have certain benefits and I think android is some times put at a disadvantage due to it’s business and distribution model.

          One thing steve jobs brought to the table was an obsessive eye for detail, something which I believe android needs more of.

    • Yashar

      My man,

      This is what I’m talking about. I agree with you in every single argument. Although, I have never owned an android or iOS device. (I’m stuck with WM6.5). But I strongly beleive that Android has a BIG potensial and a bright future.

  • http://williamyankees william

    I love it

  • http://www.joshuanaylor.com Joshua

    I’m thinking they’ll do an October 27th unveil (in lieu of today’s event) and release on the 3rd – with pre-orders somewhere in between.

    I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from complaining about Samsung postponing the event – and the consensus seems to be that they are taking a step back, knowing that Apple is getting a ton of press from the 4s and Steve Jobs death. Once this settles, then the spotlight will be on them and them alone.

  • Deli

    Android for smartphones is only the beginning. Wait until your home appliances (bluray players, fridges, light control, home security) start using it. Everything will be integrated. That is where it may be heading.