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No Gorilla Glass for the Galaxy Nexus (Update)


Gorilla Glass has become a standard for durable Android devices. The glass is insanely hard to crack and nearly impossible to scratch. While Samsung never mentioned anything about the Galaxy Nexus featuring this reinforced glass, we were hoping that it would.

Sadly, Corning just tweeted that this device will not be among the lucky ones that have Gorilla Glass. We know this could definitely be a turn-off for many of you. We’ve grown to love Corning’s awesome work; it’s saved our devices from many drops.

This doesn’t mean the end of the world, though, as the phone is still probably the best around. This only means we might have to be more careful when handling it, since the screen might be more fragile.

Rough users might want to consider cases and screen covers. Maybe shelling out some bucks for insurance might be your best bet. Perhaps simple consciousness and cautiousness will do.

For now it’s unknown if Samsung has used any other type of protection for the display. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about this topic. Would anyone be turned off if the Galaxy Nexus happens to have a significantly more fragile screen? Would you still buy it?


After reaching out to Samsung about this issue, they were not able to say much. They basically mentioned that instead of choosing Corning Gorilla Glass, they had chosen to use another type of fortified glass.

Not exactly as extensive of an answer, as we expected. It can be a little disappointing that these details wouldn’t be specified, even after being officially announced. The curved screen definitely helps protect the screen against scratches, though. We can expect this “fortified glass” to be resistant enough for many users’ standards. We will have to wait and see.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Corning (Twitter)

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  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    Damn and I was just thinking that with its 4.65-inch screen the Galaxy Nexus would make an awesome go anywhere cutting board.

    • NotRelevent

      Like you for instance.

      • Barabbas

        LOL what a winning comment xD

    • No

      Well, since I am homosexual and have an Android, I don’t see anything wrong with what you said.

      • Reynaldo

        Gay phandroid here. Most gays go for iPhones though… a huge percentage go into performing arts, fashion and other iPhone heavy fields. If you really want to get mediaval, get a windows phone and put a nazi sticker on it.

    • Dave

      Sure is. We don’t exclude anyone. Fucker.

    • NitroExpressNY

      @charlie u have my dog’s name :)

      • eagle1967

        so if you use an iphone and an android are you bisexual???

        • Billy

          :O I have an iPhone 4, a Nexus S and a LG Optimus 7.. I’m a gay guy who’s greedier than the average bisexual.

  • Tico4674

    First the outdated cpu/gpu comboand now this. Not too happy, but who am I kidding? I’ll still get the Nexus if and when it comes to tmobile.

    • Scoo

      Gorilla Glass is just a brand. It does still have a different brand of fortified glass.

    • NotRelevent

      How is an OMAP4460 outdated….when it’s the newest one?

      • Tico4674

        Excuse me, maybe the term should be inferior. Who really knows until we get benchmarks and real world, hands-on reviews. I hope I am wrong because I really want this bad boy!

        • Omicron

          You do realise benchmarks are irrelevant as far as real-world usage is concerned right?

        • thel0nerang3r

          so… you haven’t seen benchmarks, yet you claim it’s inferior??? (first you said outdated)
          You keep using that word, but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • triangle

    Does anyone know if Corning actually makes curved glass?

    I think it’s too early to jump to any conclusions yet.

    It doesn’t look like Gorilla glass was used on the Nexus S. Anyone have issues with the Nexus S glass?

    • http://www.barichrome.com BW

      I’ve never had any issues with the Nexus S, but then I take good care of it. No cover or anything. Watch, now I’ll drop it within the hour.

    • oscillik

      yes they make curved glass, the new Nokia Lumina 800 has Gorilla Glass, and it has a curved screen.

  • Thorpeland

    This device just dropped in “coolness” to me.

  • WarDrake

    With samsungs Insane manufacturing record? i’ll try anything they throw my way.
    the nexus is my next phone and i have yet to see something to change my mind about that.

  • Sean Workman

    Are you freaking kidding me? I’ve grown to LOVE Gorilla Glass and its durability. I’ve seriously pretty much been put off this phone due to this. The insurance plans on these phones are expensive and STILL require you to shell out $100 if you drop your phone ONCE and crack the screen. I mean WTF Samsung?!?! Your Galaxy S I & II lines have it. I’m on Verizon and now I don’t even have the f*cking option of a Galaxy S2 (because they won’t carry it) or a Galaxy Nexus (because Samsung didn’t use Gorilla Glass).

    Yeah, I’m pissed. Been waiting forever for this phone and this bloooooows. I might have to take a 2nd look at the Droid RAZR now. F*ck!!! re-f*cking-tarded!

    • counsel

      As mentioned, Kleenex/gorilla glass is one brand-there are others… why not investigate whether the device uses any of the other fortified glass products while posting this “news?”

      • Edgar Cervantes

        We have contacted Samsung to further investigate what type of glass the Galaxy Nexus will be using. It takes time for the representatives to give us an answer, though. We just thought it would be good to report this to our readers while we wait for Samsung’s response.

        Just hold on tight for a bit more and we will give you the details once we get Samsung’s response. :)

      • Sean Workman

        Samsung is being super-stingy with “actual” specs and info on this device. You’d think Samsung would be able to tell us EXACTLY which CPU/GPU is being used (others will tell you but Samsung won’t), also the size/weight of the LTE model is only an asterisk on the specs for the non-LTE model. I don’t expect them to address the strength/weakness of their glass solution anymore than I expect them to explain why they went with a Pentile screen.

        I’ve cooled down a bit since my original comment, but if it really comes down to curved screens can’t use Gorilla Glass, I would’ve voted in favor for a flat screen every time taken the known performance of Gorilla Glass over unknown mystery glass.

        I hate slapping cases around phones and sticking screen protectors on them. What’s the point of ever-compact slim devices when you have to wrap them with your own protective coating or risk breaking them?

  • ynot74

    Could someone please remind me why this phone is better than the razr? To me its a mindless omission. From what I’m reading the razr has some qualities that the GN just doesn’t have. Especially since the razr will soon have ICS. Memory upgrade-razr-yes. GN-no. GG-razr-yes, GN-no. HDMI-razr-yes, GN-no. Last but not least, the build quality seems better on the razr. This decision is going to be tough.

    • ben dover

      one simple thing for me between these phones: galaxy nexus looks beautiful. the razr looks like ass.

      sorry, imo, I have never liked the look of moto’s droid phones.

      • themanwithsauce

        Have to disagree there. This phone looks boring from a hardware standpoint. I think the screen presentation will be better when RAZR gets ICS because it will retain its buttons but the hardware design is much sleeker on the razr. ALthough I do want to feel the grip surface on the nexus before passing judgement on this front.

        And while the droid charge and droid bionic have been….well I’ll just put it at “special”….THe original incredible was quite a sight to behold yet it didn’t look out of place next to the OG droid by moto which was a handsome phone all on its own. The droid brand image can produce some good looking phones no matter who makes it. I would like to see more RAZR, less bionic out of moto from now on.

        • ben dover

          moto phones have just always felt bulky to me. the razr might be thin but it has that huge stupid camera/speaker/thingy sticking off. I laughed the first time I saw it. to me, the razr looks really, really stupid. but again. that’s just my opinion :)

  • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

    wow. people really jumped on the corning marketing train. yes it is good glass, and some other phones have had problems with cracking (think obvious android competitor).

    fact of the matter is that neither of the previous nexus phones had gorilla glass. i actually think the curve in the glass (which most certainly keeps it from being corning, probably due to price or to manufacturing process) acts to improve the glass strength (a design property, not to be confused with the glass hardness, a material property)

    first it will get less scratches as it won’t sit flat on tables. any micro crack or pock mark will act as a stress concentrator and that is exactly where major cracks start.

    secondly, being pre-curved means that the glass can better transfer force, say from a corner drop, in a better direction than flat glass, which can flex equally in both directions, quickly reaching it’s yield point.

    now, i haven’t worked on cell phones or with glass specifically, but i am a mechanical engineer, with decent experience with drop and shock damage to electronics.

    I’d have preferred to have the best known “tough” glass on the device, but i’m not especially worried about the strength of the display. also, i’m not one of those people who tend to drop their phones everyday. (i definitely have friends who do though)

    anyway, still planning on getting this one. just waiting for an officially announced launch date.

  • Mark

    Seriously reconsidering my purchase now.

  • Nathan

    Omfg really hopefully something will be on it but what the hell why does this phone have some màny compromises I don’t see any other phone with as many as this one, like holy dam.

    • Nathan

      I feel better now :D and I over reacted a bit (or maybe alot)

  • Robert Hallock

    Samsung has already confirmed it uses another brand of fortified glass: http://i.imgur.com/OHZuB.png

    You look amateurish when you linkbait traffic with a headline and a story that doesn’t paint the full picture.

    • Mei

      Hopefully this ‘fortified glass’ is Dragontrail from Asahi Glass :D

  • SherlockHomeboy

    Doesn’t much matter to me. Haven’t had any problems with the non Gorilla Glass on the Nexus S so no gorilla glass on the Galaxy Nexus won’t stop me from owning it.

  • Charles

    Gorilla glass may be tough, but it still shatters on impact. See: http://androidandme.com/2011/10/devices/video-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-vs-iphone-4s-drop-test-of-the-year/
    With the outrages prices some of these phones are selling for, they should be using bulletproof glass or something stronger.

    • Charles

      I want my screen to be a flat diamond!!!

  • Wesley

    I’m not worried that it doesn’t have the Gorilla Glass brand. My Nexus One screen has been fine without it. I’m sure the Galaxy Nexus will be too.

  • Aaron

    It doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t have “Gorilla Glass.” I’ve had a HeroC for two years with no screen protector, and has only a couple very very faint scratches. Same with my dInc which I’ve had for a year. Sure I’ve dropped both of them, but both seem pretty stout.

  • Black Kristos

    I’ve had the MT3G for about 2 1/2 years and there is only a small ding in one corner. I have no worries about the Nexus and still plan on buying it.

    • Nathan

      I had my for less time about almost 2 years and don’t have a single scratch

  • aj

    Disappointed and turned off? Yes. Would I still buy? ABSOFREAKINGLITELY!!!!!

  • david

    My last phone had gg. I dropped on the floor of my house,flat. It shattered. I have a nexus s without gg and with curved screen. I dropped it on the floor once, flat. The inward curve protected the screen. ‘Nuff said. Never going into this gg marketing again, and thinking about selling it for the galaxy nexus gsm.

  • JLix

    Really? The phone looks like ass? Well, first, I like ass, so……… Second. The Razr looks Pimp compared to my blackberry. Compared to my old Nokia it looks Money. And compared to my old bag phone it looks straight Science Fiction! The Nexus is the phone I am waiting for, but in 5 years it will look like a rotary phone, so get over yourself! (Yes, I made a rotary phone reference!!)

    • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabroid

      What does any of that mean? “the razr looks pimp” is pimp good or bad?

  • KC

    As an android fan, the Galaxy Nexus does not live up to the hype specs wise. The GPU is underwhelming and nowhere near as powerful as the one found in the iPhone4S.

    With such a big screen I was hoping for a powerful GPU for games. The processor, screen, camera and data speeds all are up to par though, just the GPU underwhelms.

  • unfeasible

    It is strange how the awesome screen, is not the best version, but a close enough version.
    Now roumers of the glass being not the best. Though the glass is still tough glass, just not a brand name.

    The real question, is how much will it cost to get one of these to New Zealand.

  • Leonard

    Guys, gorilla glass is overrated, i had a milestone with gorilla glass and it SCRATCHED, i had gorilla in my inspire 4g and it scratched, its very hard to break yes? but it CAN stratch

    • david

      It’s not even hard to break, believe me. I had a Milestone, GG, like I said before in this post (a few posts above this one). I dropped it on the floor of my house and it shattered. The floor was not abrasive, it was flat and smooth. Nevertheless, it broke.

      And as I said, I have the Nexus S, and even without GG, the curved screen helped when I also dropped it (under strikingly similar conditions). So, in my humble opinion, a curved screen was much more helpful than a flat, GG one.

      Also, to those who prefer metal to plastic: when my Milestone broke on the floor, the hit made a few “dents” to the Milestone case, while the plastic on the Nexus S is still visually perfect. On some light, if you look carefully, you can see a few scratches, but only if you look carefully. The Milestone was like a smashed car. Sure the metal feels nicer, but at which price!

      That why I started to rethink this whole “metal / gorilla glass” wisdom out there.

      However, credit where it’s due, the screen on the Milestone did seem much more resistant to scratches though.

  • sylar

    Well I imagine its probably still made out of some tough glass so it won’t break the first time you drop it hopefully. But people have to have their name brand stuff.

  • sap26

    I trust that, despite the manufacturer, the screen will satisfy your needs. Give Samsung a little credit in that I’m sure they chose to put a decent, durable screen on the premier ICS device. I just would like to see this become standard for all devices. There was a time when you automatically bought $20+ screen protectors and $30+ hard cases for your phone because it couldn’t withstand everyday use (including the inevitable drop). Lets just make these phones durable tenough

  • Mei

    I don’t mind if Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Corning’s Gorilla Glass if it comes instead with Dragontrail Glass from Asahi Glass. :D

  • Rashad

    If you are going to come out with a phone that is pretty much only a display, gorilla glass is a must!

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Just because the screen isn’t Gorilla Glass shouldn’t stop people from buying the phone. The Nexus will be an amazing device, and I dont see how the screen would be a big deal unless people are extremely clumsy

  • JoogleMe

    It’s no surprise to me, that’s two in a row. I wonder if the contour display has anything to do with it? Perhaps although strong the glass could be too brittle to try & curve?

  • kazahani

    If I poop in a bag and call it “Gorilla Poop”, does that make it better? As long as they use some kind of impact resistant glass, I’m cool.

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      i agree all i really want is to know they are using something fortified.

  • Kaz

    Maybe they are using Corning’s new Lotus Glass..?

    • kazahani

      I feel as though if that were the case, then Corning would have mentioned that in their tweet.

  • L2OS

    More and more little secrets keep popping up about this phone …. these tiny details keep pulling me away from buying this phone. Oh and the GPU of this phone sucks!! oh well i hate to say it but i think I’m going with the iPhone 4s ….

    • kazahani

      Right, because the i4s has Gorilla Glass! Oh, wait…

  • Kaz

    perhaps it will have Corning’s new Lotus glass..?

    • summit1986

      one can hope.

    • Kevinthebox

      Highly doubtful.

      • Matt

        Why is it “highly doubtful?” Some phone will have it. Why not the Galaxy Nexus??

        • pjax

          because Samsung and Corning would be proud to announce that the Galaxy Nexus uses the Lotus glass

          Samsung sounded slightly “ashamed” that it just uses a fortified glass
          and Corning sounded defensive, that Samsung did not use any of their glass

          • Scott H

            Maybe PPG new product PSS3000. Word is it is unbreakable , scratch resistant and has optical clarity of glass. It is apparently a high end thermoset with unparallelled optical clarity.

  • scott h

    Maybe its using new (superior) product from PPG called PSS3000. Apparently it is supposed to be the next great advancement in hand held devices eliminating all scratches or any possiblility of breakage. Optical clarity is that of glass

  • pritams

    oh no…

  • Sean M

    Just walked into the corner of my desk with the my week old Galaxy Nexus in my pocket. Screen is pretty much split in half now, this “fortified glass’ is horrible. I dropped my original droid face down without a case on cement more than I care to admit and that thing didn’t even scratch.