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Nokia’s Elop says customization will be Android’s downfall

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Stephen Elop of Nokia has never been shy when it comes to how he feels about Android. To put it simply, he doesn’t like the little green guy. When faced with record lows and an uncertain future, he pushed Nokia towards Microsoft. But why? Nokia could have taken their impressive hardware and blossoming designs  and added any sort of custom user experience they wanted. All while still giving users access to one of the most impressive app markets and competitive ecosystems out there.

In a recent interview with the Verge’s Thomas Ricker, Elop spoke out on the customization of Android and how aftermarket UIs are what’s bringing the platform down.

In terms of (Windows Phone) doesn’t allow for the Sense UI or whatever, I would suggest that one of the biggest challenges facing that particular ecosystem is the fact that there is more and more of that going on. And when I go into the store and look at what that brand was supposed to stand for, I’m not quite seeing it – it’s just unclear what the standard is for the user experience.Stephen ElopNokia

The customization of Android is certainly a two-way street. In some cases, it really tarnishes the Android name and leads to delayed updates due to manufacturer and carrier changes. But those deep levels of customization are also where Android really shines. Companies like HTC have set themselves apart by using Sense and all of the special features that come with it. Motorola is constantly working to improve their custom UI, and so is Samsung. Both are far better now, causing some people to steer towards the Galaxy S II just for the extras that TouchWiz brings to the table.

And besides, secondary UIs could be in for a major change once ICS is made available. Take Honeycomb for example. Manufacturers have added custom software and apps to Honeycomb tablets, but the main UI has never strayed too far from the stock experience. If a similar approach is taken with Ice Cream Sandwich, then update delays could become a thing of the past.

It’s a shame to think what Nokia could have done with Android. Can you even imagine Ice Cream Sandwich on the gorgeous Nokia N9? If you ever change your mind, Stephen, I know at least one person who will give you a second chance.

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  • http://technicquill.com Jess Blanchard

    That quote of his sounds like a corporate Mad Lib. Jargon, jargon, bad grammar, jargon.

    • uzunoff

      Just like Blockbuster’s CEO stating that people would rather drive to the movie store then figure out how to play netflix on their Wii.

      I guess customization, amazing graphics, speed and hundred of thousands of apps will be the demise of any mobile operating system. Thank god Nokia doesn’t have any of those :)

      • Clipsofpaper

        1. Customization – WP7 Live Tiles lead to great variety.
        2. Graphics – ilomilo and tentacles are both beautiful smartphone games.
        3. Speed – WP7 tops most Android phones in speed and it’s consistent.
        4. WP7 has 35000 apps and has been out for a year. I think they’re doing just fine.

        I mean, it’s okay to love Android but can we at least tone down the ignorance?

        • uzunoff

          How about a few sources for what you said there. Remember that we are talking about Nokia

        • inviolable

          Yes, let’s please turn down the ignorance and turn up our sarcasm detectors.

        • applesuxdonkeyd!k

          nokias still in buisness?? hmm tracfone must still be ordering them..and windows phone custom?!? are you f*@#ing serious get a life homo, play with a rooted evo for a week see if you even think bout windows when your done

        • RevSpaminator

          I’ll admit to being ignorant about WP7. I’m not one of the 238 people who use it. :)

    • vasra


      stop talking trash and ship something worthwhile.

      Not another generi, under-specced Compal clone with Nokia polycarbonate shell.

      Android is eating WinMo+Symbian+Wp+Meego COMBINED for lunch.

      So yeah, looks like a really big downfall so far.

      And btw, you are talking about the downfall from customization, just as your company’s future depends on the fact that you can differentiate within WP camp by customizing.

      Tip of the day: when you bullshit, try not to make it so transparent.

    • Clipsofpaper

      What he said was absolutely true. Why do you think Google has been toning down customization? Just look at Sense UI on HC.

    • davisbs999

      I am a die-hard android fan (I suppose that’s a given since I am perusing this site), but I agree with Elop. I am sure that I am not the only person going with the galaxy nexus instead of the razr in order to get a pure android experience (and the timely updates that accompany it)

    • RevSpaminator

      Buzzword Bingo!

  • TatiG

    Everybody hates Android… What did the little green robot do to these CEOs???


    • thth

      guess they dont like to get ownd..

    • Chris125

      Maybe google wouldn’t let nokia get in on the android action??

  • hinds

    Its funny what comes out the competitions mouth! By those words you would think that it was Android failing to sell and not Nokia itself!! I wonder why they went to Microsoft!! Oh yeah cause they hoping to survive!!!

    • TgR

      He was working for Microsoft before becoming Nokia’s CEO…
      But somehow he’s right Android was lacking of consistency, Sense UI, Touch Wiz, Motoblur…
      these things should be optional, hopefully ICS and the next Android version will change that, Google still have a lot to do to get things better !
      Nokia + Android would be a dream but we need competition so…

  • AppleFUD

    News. . .
    Elop opens mouth. . .
    says something stupid.

    • Clipsofpaper

      Commenter opens mouth…
      says something stupid.

      • keysersoze

        Clipsofpaper opens mouth…
        says something bullshit.

  • xsynth

    “In terms of (Windows Phone) doesn’t allow for the Sense UI or whatever, I would suggest that one of the biggest challenges facing that particular ecosystem is the fact that there is more and more of that going on.”

    If it was the fact that other manufacturers were adding a custom UI to android that made them choose WP7 (with no custom skin), why did they not just make an android phone with stock android? At least they would have had the option.

  • Me

    Well I agree with him. I wish Google would force cellular manufacturers to use stock ICS on new phones. ICS is prettier then any of the other skins. and consistency is important so people won’t have to relearn how to use their phone every time they try a different company.

    • WarDrake

      Because you can always dump the UI’s the manufacturers provide and go with vanilla if you so choose.

      and because, customization is at the core of Android and that’s what those UI’s are, if google forced the defauly UI on manufacturers it would be going against the very core principle in android. Freedom to choose.

      • Me

        I have nothing against costume roms and different launchers from the market. I do want the out-of-the-box experience to be the same among all manufacturers. 99 percent of the people who buy an Android phone don’t change rom or launcher. heck some people I know didn’t even knew they bought an Android phone.

        Us geeks dumping the UI’s the manufacturers provide won’t change the fact that it will take longer for the rest 99% to be up to date, if ever.

        • blkidea

          Are you saying we’re the 99%???????
          Hahahahahahahah I keeed!

        • inviolable

          Costume roms. Just in time for Halloween.

      • pjamies

        True, and not true ..
        Yes, you can turn off/unload many UI’s, it’s the ability and speed of the upgrades that come from the manufactures and carriers that are most of the issues here ..
        Google puts out an upgrade -> manufacturer slaps on his UI -> Carrier adds his 2 cents .. and that is if both external parties decide to pass along the update …most do not due to cost ..etc
        Apple on the other hand has a much easier path ..
        Apple -> Phone ..

        Yes the UI’s from some manufacturers cause the OS to be non-standard, but freedom to choose what I want my phone to look like and do is why I like it !!
        Now if we can just get an upgrade path like Apple has, with out all the interference the manufactures and carriers add, then I’ll be much happier.
        Example: My son has an Iphone 3Gs, he is on his 2nd major OS update .. lets see android manufactures do that … !! You’d be lucky to have 2 minor updates before they pull the plug ! This is why my current phone is the Nexus S …No over head, straight through updates .. Ya baby !!
        I really hope ICS fixes these Update issues on non-pure android phones going forward ..

      • Julius

        - Not everyone knows how to do it.
        - Custom ROMs not always provide all functionality.
        - Custom ROMs not always are bug free (or less bugs than the official).
        - Depending if the OEM locks the device, devs can’t find a good way to provide it.

        Many flaws, many flaws. However, Android is like Linux. There are half-assed baked distributions out there. And there are the best.

        Right now, Android by Google, on Google hardware (Nexus) is the top. People must learn that because all freedom comes with a price. And that price is paying attention to what you buy.

        As I always stand for freedom. I don’t want nor need somebody else to hold my hand and tell me how I’m supposed to use my phone. Even Android is not completely free, but it’s the best balance so far.

    • BrandoHD

      Nonsensical statement, similar to Elop’s, anytime you change brands there is always going to be a learning curve, do you really expect to change brands and have the same experience that you had with the previous brand, if so , why did you change in the first place????

      Now though we would see how WP7 does, because all that is different when it comes to WP7 is hardware.

  • bk

    Manufacturers couldn’t customize hc, it wasn’t open source.

    • Clipsofpaper

      Guess you haven’t used HTC or Samsung HC tablets huh? They had a little bit of tweaking there.

  • jonaRamone

    The lack of customization under Nokia/SymbianOS phones was terribly disappointing, Elop is just jealous!!!

  • Kevinthebox

    Why is this news AandMe? Be careful, lest you want to become a website based on fanboyism to generate cheap hits. No one cares what the CEO of a rival company has to say. That is not Android news. Please focus on rich, informative articles that this website was once based upon.

  • kwills88

    The thing I love about android is the customization, there is something for any and everyone, instead of being limited to one phone, and a one look type of OS, we all got something to choose from that fits us according to our liking…i don’t see what’s so bad about that..some people think stock android is boring, and they have the option to choose something else instead of being forced to use something they don’t like and be happy with it because they don’t got many alternative.

  • Phil

    BWAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Have you all forgotten that just last year Nokia was saying that they weren’t going with Android because the couldn’t customize and differentiate. Now the ability to differentiate is going to be Androids downfall??? Is he saying this because that phone they just announced ended up looking and operating EXACTLY like every other WP phone out there? Sounds like somebody’s trying to back track when they found out its mighty hard to customize Microsoft’s highly stylized and locked down OS. They can differentiate at all and they will flop with the rest of them.

  • Nate B.

    I hear where he’s coming from and it makes sense, but android will not fall.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Android’s customization is one of the first things that draw me to it. It’s always about making your phone, your clothes, your house or whatever you own, truly yours by customization and making it the way you like it. I also understand that this just helps on the fragmentation level but that’s an issue for carriers. Android is good as it is, being “open” is what it’s all about.

  • Dr.Carpy

    This is why when the Q4 numbers roll in Elop will more than likely be removed as Nokia CEO. To be so off base and out of touch, is actually quite frightening. If Nokia had Android based phones, they would easily be the number one phone manufacturer in the world again. Truly irrelevant words, by an irrelevant man.

  • dnar56

    Nokia should make only vanilla devices and own a huge majority of the Android pie chart, but instead windows will be the downfall of Nokia. True story kids.

    • WickedToby741

      By his argument, Nokia could have made a killing selling stock Android devices if skins are the downfall of Android. This just goes to show he’s out to make decisions that best help Microsoft, not Nokia. Why does he want Nokia phones to look like other manufacturers phones? That just makes it easy to switch away from Nokia is a customer is dissatisfied.

  • Vu Le

    First, most users don’t even care about fragmentation until they can’t install something they want. There isn’t an easy single answer to this issue. If you keep Android fully open, it’s going to be fragmented, and the users lose. If you lock it down (but still allow multiple OEMs and carriers), then the phones become commodities and the manufacturers lose. I think a more sensible approach starts with the theming engine in CyanogenMod7 and MIUI. Let manufacturers pre-install widgets, apps and custom themes. When the Android OS is upgraded, incompatible extensions are simply turned off, much like Firefox. Keep baseband and kernel changes as separate (and minimal) as possible, which should hopefully placate the carriers from slowing down the validation process. And slow down the cadence of Android OS upgrades to one major 1.0 and one minor 0.1 update per year. (which Rubin has already hinted that he will do)

  • Andrew

    microsoft’s man in suite doing the microsoft corporate speak. Nokia board should fire him!

    • WickedToby741

      Exactly. Nokia’s board members would be fools to think that Elop is working for them and not Microsoft. Talking about Android skins in this way only serves to prop up WP7, not Nokia itself. By his argument, Nokia could have made a killing making stock Android phones versus other skinned ones. He’s not speaking for the interest of Nokia but rather for the interest of Microsoft. Its like he’s Steve Ballmer’s puppet.

  • Brian

    Seriously, people? You guys are actually defending manufacturer skins? Like “Me” has said above, manufacturer skins has caused a lack of consistency and delayed updates in the Android ecosystem. I’ve learned my lesson. I will only buy the Nexus models from now on. Hope to purchase the Galaxy Nexus as soon as it’s out.

    @WarDrake – “Customization is at the core of Android and that’s what those UI’s are, if google forced the default UI on manufacturers it would be going against the very core principle in android. Freedom to choose.”

    If Google truly believed in freedom and choice, they would allow users to choose whether they want stock or the manufacturer’s skin straight out of the box on a phone, instead of resorting to rooting and flashing.

  • Nathan

    I just mad that android is doing better then him :P

    • Nathan

      he just mad that android is doing better then him is what i mean =)

      • ablkidea

        What???? You’re flip-flopping like Elop!!!

  • alamoe

    I still don’t see why everyone thinks Nokia makes “beautiful” phones. The Windows phones they introduced this week aren’t that good looking.

    • WickedToby741

      The one looks like an older iPod Nano with the screen stretched down to the bottom.

    • Dustin Earley

      I can see the iPod touch comparison, but the N9/800 looks amazing. I’d kill to dual booth Meego and Android on that thing.

    • Phil

      I’m with you and don’t know why you were voted down. The WP phone they announced does not look all that great to me. But like just about every WP phone that has come out WP fans swear up and down its beautiful. Interestingly they now say these same phones are ugly or weak and thats why WP doesn’t sell. Expect to hear this again when this doesn’t sell. It will be Windows Tango and the “real” WP phones from Nokia.

      As far as Nokias other phones they could be well built and innovative but most people I’ve heard talk about them don’t think their phones look all that good. I mean they aren’t ugly but rather clunky.

  • crickerman

    People like choices…. not everyone wants the same screen size, style, etc…. If you go buy a car… you buy a car that suits your needs…. consumers like having choices and this is true here as well… Sure, fragmentation is inevitable but its the nature of the game. I’m sure it would be much easier to have the same size shoe for everyone, the same sized clothes, unfortunately reality isn’t so simple….

  • jb

    Anyone check out that Nokia Morph concept? IM liking it too bad it wont be android though.

  • Melissa

    That is one of the many reasons why I love Android. We have choices, especially for UIs. Not a lot of people like non-stock skins, but I LOVE HTC Sense more than any other….so I have no problem with customization.

  • KevinN

    This coming from a guy that’s run his company in the ground! They should give the asshat the boot!

  • Rdillz

    People complaining about fragmentation sound really silly, as does this goofball, CEO of a dying/dead brand. Android, with all its fragmentation, is the hottest OS on the planet! I hope Google doesn’t lock down ICS. Leave it open! If a consumer chooses a skinned version, then that’s their choice. That’s what defines Android. Choice! And that’s the way I like it. If you don’t like, get an iPhone. Btw, it just start letting users change wallpapers a year ago. Good luck with that.

  • slimx30

    lol. like this idiot knows whats good and whats not. he damn near brought nokia down to its knees and basically had to be bought out by microsoft to stay afloat. this clown is a joke

  • WickedToby741

    Sooooo, couldn’t Nokia just sell stock Android devices then without the skin and be at an advantage to everyone else? I don’t really see the problem here for Nokia. If this was Steve Ballmer promoting WP7 over Android, I could see this point, but in terms of just Nokia’s interest (which is all they would have really been concerned with had they gone with Android), I’m not seeing how any other manufacturer’s interface would have hurt Nokia Android phone sales.

    • Clipsofpaper

      Maybe they didn’t like the UI design? Too bad they couldn’t see ICS before making the decision. Harmattan looks a bit better to me still though.

  • E

    If the so called all mighty Steve couldn’t bring down Android nobody will and the whole reason Android is sooooooo diffrent to anything else is because of customation we all like some thing that look that reflects our personality that’s why iPhone bb or wm7 don’t dominate because they all stuck doing the same thing that’s why I own an Android and I’m very dam happy since the G1 to the EVO and soon the galaxy nexus

  • cb2000a

    I really like Nokia phones and it’s a shame they chose a guy like this to lead them down the path they are going. He is dead wrong in his statements here.

  • anamika
  • me

    haha, nokia is going to bankrupt.. and they think that their words are still interesting about android.. :D

  • Comet

    Both Microsoft and Apple have good OSes but Android is spreading faster for the following reasons:
    - Because its open there are all kinds of Android devices going from the extremely cheap to very expensive.
    - It has no market lock. It may not be important for everyone but the fact that you can install apps without using the Android market or even that you can access other app stores is a must for many people. A company for interest that wants to deploy an application quickly doesn’t need to ask anyone’s permission.
    - It is very customizable.

    - Above all, Google runs a business, but compared to Apple and Microsoft they usually don’t lock their apps to a platform. As an example, I can’t use Zune Pass on Android,
    but I can use Google Music everywhere. Same goes for most Google services.

    To put it simple Android is the mobile system that comes closer to what you can do on the typical PC

    People don’t want a platform lock in. Stuff like apps that only run on a particular system and that force you to adopt their ecosystem.
    Or having to jailbreak your phone just to install an app. Or market policies that block everything that competes with the OS company products, or licenses.
    Stuff like OpenVPN, VNC Player and so on are not possible in Windows Phone because Microsoft policies block open source software.

    In my opinion, Android success is really due to the lack of vision of their major competitors.

  • scrxt

    This fool is responsible for almost running Nokia into the ground. 5 years ago, the iPhone with all new UI bells and whistles was released. Their response was none but glacial. The tragedy is, they had the first touch-screen Maemo device (N770) in 2005, yet took them eternity to develop it into a decent smartphone OS, and the joint venture with Intel didn’t help (N9 is still Maemo in fact).

    Spending a lot of time and effort to save Symbian was a disaster, too. Qt as the future of Nokia platforms. You bet. The failure is complete in that they now ship a flagship product that _doesn’t_ have any backwards compatibility with it, only the feature phone line has that kidn of roadmap.

    Now they are MS army, nothing exclusive except probably navigation stuff and their always respectful quality – i.e. going with the OS that didn’t sell.

  • sleepin

    Clipsofpaper is nothig more than a Nokia loving idiot. Stop trolling and accept the fact that, no matter what you say, Nokia is an inferior product with a bland OS. Windows has blown goats for so long…. Now they want our phones to be slow pieces crap too? No thanks. Elop needs to be replaced with someone who has half a brain and can read market trends.

  • Kinchas


  • inviolable

    Elop is getting worse than Ballmer.

  • gwrh

    elop should think about what was symbian’s downfall

  • Lux143

    BAHAAHAHA! this guy has no idea….

    • Lux143

      Watch this fool make another Netflix disaster…destroy the company because of one persons arrogance.

  • Mark

    Sorry but if you want a one size fits all phone, I suggest you join the rest of the iSheep in la-la world. However, if you want an OS that YOU can customize based on your needs, wants, personality, an OS that evolves with you, an OS so advanced, you discover new things everyday then buy an Android device.

    Elop, STFU.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Okay first of all, this guy almost looks as creepy as Ballamer in that picture. lol.

    Second, I don’t understand why people hate on Android all the time. Are they just jealous? This guy needs to shut his mouth.

  • Joshua

    He should probably be guessing on the downfall of Nokia… oh wait it already happened.

  • apay

    Ahah, i think that coming from Nokia, it’s not really important to notice…. ^^

  • Raptor

    What this guy just said has 0.00000000000000% value to me. Just the noise.

  • lilmoe

    I’m an android fan too (i also own an android phone). but i still have respect for ios and wp7.

    I believe you guys aren’t getting the picture here… forget what this idiot said, it’s all marketing and enterprise garbage. Google IS going to indirectly lock down android starting with android 4.0 (ics).
    the problem isn’t because they need users to have a unified experience, but for more technical issues that i, and may of you android users, HAVE faced while using our phones. i’ll try to summarize some of the points why:

    1) full hardware utilization. due to the fact that android is so open, each and every oem customizes the OS AND its kernel separately. this leads to a semi-different OS on each device. it’s NOT only about the UI. this makes the task of tweaking up the OS and allowing it to fully utilize the new CPUs/GPUs (and extra cores) that much more difficult. that’s why Google didn’t’ implement hardware acceleration on the UI until ICS. WE ALL KNOW that android devices LAG big time, and it’s mainly due to that reason. and even when ICS enables hardware acceleration (for example), not all the apps will benefit from that!

    2) application (app) developers have had nightmares developing for android. which isn’t the case for iOS or wp7, because all they need for the latter was to develop using the emulator, and things will work on ALL devices, because (for example) all wp7 oems had to worry about was making their devices directx compatible. it’s the same reason why wp7 mango enabled hardware acceleration for ALL apps without needing to recompile or add more lines of code to the previous built apps. if an app works on my galaxy S, that doesn’t mean it will work on a HTC thunderbolt, and THAT’s a fact (unless the developer releases an update to fix the problem). google has created a richer unified UI API with unified elements. this will ease the developers’ efforts and worries in “supporting” the greatest deal of android devices, and concentrate on making their apps more visually appealing and more useful, thus increasing the value of the android market and the app base. it’s also a main reason why the same apps look better on iOS, it’s because iOS took care of most UI rendering and transitions, and that’s what made the apps look and work better and faster.

    3) aspect ratios are a different issue though, and ICS addresses this issue, allowing game developers to adjust the resolution of their games and apps based on the device. i’m not sure if u guys tried fruit ninja (for example) on android (pre ICS) vs iphone; on android the picture looks like it’s stretched out (galaxy s). i guess it’s due to the fact that it was imported to android from ios, but it’s’ like running your desktop LCD screen on a resolution that isn’t native to it. new games developed for ICS will look as great as your screen regardless of resolution or aspect ratio…
    we all know that iphone 4 doubles the resolution of the previous versions, and the main reason to that is the fact that adjusting the aspect ratio will “break” previous apps and games (look-wise). i don’t think it’s a big issue for metro UI as it is for iOS. sorry, but Apple chose the WRONG aspect ratio because 16:9 is WAY more natural for a phone and media. but if they stick with 4:3 even a 4 inch screen will make the phone as wide as an android phone with a 4.3-4.5 inch screen, if they choose to go 16:9, their apps will break. guess i’ll have to wait to see what they’ll do. it will be interesting.

    i believe it’s a great thing that ICS is a bit more to the (locking down) side than the previous versions, and i still believe that google will figure out a way to maintain android’s openness through oem customizations that don’t get in the way of moving on, while dramatically reducing the time-frame of updates and tweaks by oems and service providers.

    too bad for this nokia, i’m sure after ICS more oems will jump in the game in android’s favor because the job will be that much easier. some oems might probably just provide cheap (REALLY CHEAP) devices with vanilla android! and that would only serve to increase android’s penetration rate and invite more users to the smartphone industry. who the heck ever complained about his/her Sony Vaio having same UI on his 2 year old Asus laptop?!?!?!?!?!
    I believe this is where it’s heading. good job google :)

    my 2 cents…

    • Daniel H

      @lilmoe I seriously doubt you being anything but an astroturfer.

      1. I have had Android phones from cramming Android into my OpenMoko mobile throught HTC Magic, HTC Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S2. Apart from these devices i owned i have had countless experience from other phones. The lag you talk about is something i have never seen except from .mkv video when the hardware lacked video acceleration. One thing is for sure, you must be doing something awfully strange with your phones (but i doubt you have ever touched an Android Phone).

      2. This is just insane. Unless you do strange stuff with the hardware apps will work just fine on any phone. The issue here is exactly the same that makes badly written apps on Windows refuse to work unless there is a Nvidia GPU in the box, bad programmers taking shortcuts.

      3. I have yet to experience a problem with aspect ratio on Android so i dont really understand what youre talking about here unless some stupid twat does iphone style pixel for pixel UI programming. Havent seen much such stupidity on Android yet.

      • lilmoe

        well, i guess it’s your openion, but i’m anything but an astroturfer…

        i own a galaxy s since last year and use it as my primary phone (because i believe it’s the most stable and compatible with apps), and have played with various other android devices ranging from old and new of the same and different brands… most of my friends own iphones, and we always get in arguments of which is better. some of them actually bought android devices after asking me which was more useful. trust me, i LOVE android in general but i do hate the cons i talked about in my previous comment. and i believe anyone should be truthful when asked about a the pros and cons, which i do mention before giving advice.

        i wont say that your first point was misleading, but you must be extremely lucky to have no lag whatsoever on all your previous and current experiences with your android phones. i’m not sure if that comment was from a person on earth anyway, sorry… i cant even count how many launchers i tried, ranging from stock to custom rom launchers to 3rd parth (market) lauchers. the one i’m mostly comfortable with is go laucher ex. but even that one lags on some occasions. i’m currenty running darky rom 10.2.2, very fast, but without hardware acceleration, even a conventional cpu will lag. your definition of lag is probably different from the rest of the community i suppose.

        for your second poing, i’m pretty sure u have no idea what a kernel is. you probably never flashed a stock or custom rom so i’ll cut you some slack on that. Different providers use different kernels. period. i wont go into a detailed technical explanation (i did that in my previous post, you can also google that up) but i’ll try to prove it to you from an acctual app. go to the market, download skype (one of the most popular android apps) and take a look at the update log. look me in the eye and tell me it works perfectly (with video) on ALL android devices, make sure you also read the user comments…

        and for your third point. grab an iphone and fire up fruite ninja, then grab one of your android collection phones/tabs and fire the same app up. make sure to wear your glasses or contacts, if non are available, i can recommend a doctor for you.

        being loyal to a certain OS is ok, i guess. but not admitting the faults is just arrogant (just like apple fanboys).
        i love android, and i mention the pros and cons all the time. We live in a world where nothing’s perfect, humans who create the os are NOT an exception.

        sorry, but your reply was a major fail.

  • Daniel H

    The reason Elop talks trash about Androids customization is that Nokia cant customize jack with Windows Phone 7. Im pretty surprised at a phone manufacturer lamenting being able to differentiate themselves. Whats the difference between a Nokia WP7 phone and a HTC WP7 phone except the price? As hardware stabilizes like on the PC platform the differences will become smaller and smaller with WP7.

  • Dion

    Stephen’s know all about downfalls, seeing as he’s also in one.

  • pritams

    a**hole he is…