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Patent wars: Google steps up to support HTC in legal battles


In the last two episodes of Patent wars, third-party companies finally started getting in the middle of ongoing legal battles involving patent infringement and the banning of smartphones in the US. Both Verizon and T-Mobile have made it known that if Apple succeeds in their fight against Samsung, the outcome for their business and consumers would be terrible. Today, a slightly more involved third-party company has voiced their opinion on Apple’s suit against HTC.

Google has filed paperwork with the United States International Trade Commission stating their beliefs on how a victory for Apple in the HTC suit would affect the cellphone industry.

Apple is the largest seller of mobile computing devices in the U.S. Allowing this supplier to eliminate the competition from a fast-moving maverick competitor (HTC) could drive up prices, diminish service, decrease consumers’ access to the technology and reduce innovation.GoogleITC filing

As Google continues on, they argue that HTC is just one of the many manufacturers “helping prevent Apple’s iOS from becoming the sole viable mobile platform.” Should HTC’s devices be banned from the market by the ITC, the outcome may negatively affect other ongoing suits, essentially giving Apple the market.

It won’t be long now before a final decision is made. A ruling is expected to be announced on December 6.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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  • asian_evil

    im so sick of htcrap!!!!

    • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

      ah good another dick

    • nosense

      We are so sick of Apple’s iOS5…that cheap copy of Android 2.1

      Gooogle should waste no time to sue a ban to prevent the sell of the iDumphone 4Smoke on US stores.

      iCrap…stinks like dead meat.

  • oierjg


    • DanDroid

      Lol, “First” Fail… hahahah Way to go Capt. Late….

  • Richard Yarrell

    With what HTC and SAMSUNG has been doing to raise the stakes in the world of technology I can see why apple has taken so much time to single out the best manufacturers of android products. Take a moment to look at the offerings HTC EVO 3D, SENSATION, SENSATION XE, SENSATION XL, HTC AMAZE, as well as the HTC VIGOR and upcoming EVO DESIGN 4G as well as Samsung and the Galaxy Epic Touch 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note in comparison to that little sorry iPhone 4S it’s pretty clear that innovation has past apple by. Google’s support of Htc is expected and at the end of the a very smart move especially for the future of android. With the upcoming android devices that will be flooding the market within these next month’s and the next 6months especially I can’t help but laugh as I walk down the streets of the money capital of the world here in New York City and actually see people walking around with some silly little 3.5 inch useless iPhone.

    • squiddy20

      shove it up your ass and lg and invida are the future for droids

      • Richard Yarrell

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        • squiddy20

          original squiddy20 here,
          The word you were looking for this time is “ingrate”. Get a better keyboard on your Evo 3D to help you spell those “big, complicated” words. Such a disgrace.

      • squiddy20

        1. It’s “Nvidia” not “Invidia”. See for yourself: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=nvidia
        2. It’s “Android” as that is the OS, not “Droids” the smartphone line by Verizon.
        3. If you’re really going to try to impersonate me (by using my username), you’re really gonna have to step up your game. I’m not a village idiot like Richard.

    • BiGMERF

      Shows how much people believe in Trend…

      Thats the only reason most have one

  • Richard Yarrell

    Together HTC and SAMSUNG is simply PIMP SLAPPING APPLE SENSELESS with the feeble offerings from Cupertino… Today as well as the future android will continue to dominate as always..

    • Richard Yarrell

      Great response YOUR A CLOWN just like @squiddy20 another turd…

      • squiddy20

        Correction: “You are (or you’re) a clown…”
        Try spelling words right/using them in the right context before calling other people “clowns”. It really makes you look… well… clownish. Good day.

      • snowbdr89

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  • http://www.androidexclusive.com AndroidExclusive.com

    It was about time Google stepped up, hopefully now they will start to use their vast patent portfolio to help deter Nokia Microsoft and Apple from constantly suing people (i know some other phone companies are just as bad). I understand about protecting your companies property but this is getting out of hand and its only going to damage innovation and variety in the market.


    As I hear supermen anthem in my head…….

    Team leader Google (Superman) has arrived…Justice League complete….

    Now Ready? ! Fight !

  • Nathan

    You show them Google :D

  • The Omega Man

    Google it is high time to man up and defend any entity that licenses Android for use in commercial products. The U.S. federal government and several local governments also have a stake in this battle. Time to leverage those contacts Google. The DOJ also sould be on speed dial as should the FTC. Goodness knows that Google should be very familiar with the folks at these agencies. It is time to put the gloves on.

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    I am glad to see that Google has stepped up to defend HTC in this war. Hopefully the ruling will be in HTC’s favor. It would be terrible if the innovation of Android slows down in any way.

  • Alec

    Bout’ time Google, still better later than never.

  • Minnesota

    We should nuke the stupid asians once and for all – end of patent wars!!!!!!!!!

    • rovex

      ..And the iPhone since its made in Asia using Asian technology.

    • WizKid

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  • Richard Yarrell

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