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Put the Marvel Universe in your pocket


We’d put up good money that the intersection of Android fans and comic fans is a large one. Now you can enjoy both at the same time.

The Marvel Comics app is now available for Android devices sporting version 2.1 (Eclair) and up. (That should encompass our entire readership. If not, shame on you). With this app, you can access Marvel’s extensive Digital Comics collection from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

A Marvel.com account is required, and any content you may have previously purchased will be synched with the app. Also, your content will be automatically backed up; it won’t be lost if you lose or switch devices. If you don’t have a Marvel.com account, registration from inside the app is quick, simple and free. (Interestingly enough, the process makes you specify if you’re female or male).

The app itself is free and does feature some free content. Paid content is comparably priced to its printed counterparts and ranges from $1.99 – $3.99 per issue. In the first instance of opening the app, you’re prompted to watch a quick tutorial hosted by the Iron Avenger himself. Navigating through an issue is intuitive; simply tap the right of the screen to go forward and the left of the screen to go back.

I found the page animation to be pretty neat; it pans from panel to panel, similar to the path your eyes would take when reading a print comic. This setting can be tweaked to “fast” or “slow.” It can also be completely turned off. You can further customize your viewing experience to show the entire page before or after transitioning to a new page. Tap the settings button to adjust these options or to browse pages.

You can view pages in portrait or landscape mode by rotating your device. Iron Man claimed the app has an “auto rotate” option, but I couldn’t find it.

Once you’ve downloaded some issues, you can filter your content by recently downloaded, recently viewed, series or creator. Select the issue of your choice and you’re taken to a screen where you can choose to read or rate the content. You’re also given the option to share what you’re reading with your friends via the networking tool of your liking. Or, if you’re a purist, tap “Buy in Print” and enter your zip code. You’ll be given a list of comic book stores in your area where you can pick up the issue.

This app ran seamlessly on my LG Optimus T, so I’m sure the powerhouses you guys are packing won’t have any problems with it. Find this app in the Market or use the tools at the end of the post to download or learn more.

If you do download this app, head over to Marvel.com and take advantage of Free Mondays!


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  • http://blog.artesea.co.uk artesea

    If you already have Comics from Comixology no need to download this (licensed) clone. The Marvel comics can now be found in their market, syncd with you Comixology account if you have purchased them online.

    • Adam

      yeah but comixology doesn’t have all marvel comics.

  • thaghost

    You have an optimus t, shame on you.

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Going to try it out, thanks for sharing, looks really cool.

  • SherlockHomeboy

    Really excited about this as now I can get my Batman fix AND my Spider-Man fix on one device!