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Samsung dethrones Apple, crowned new king of smartphone market


According to the Wall Street Journal and a person familiar with the situation, it looks like Samsung has finally been crowned as king of the smartphone world; the company sold more than 20 million smartphones in Q3. When Samsung announces their third-quarter earnings next week, analysts are expecting Samsung’s smartphone shipments to range between 20-30 million units — an over 500% jump from the 3 million smartphones sold by Samsung in Q2 of 2010.

Apple’s latest numbers revealed that they sold 17.1 million iPhones in Q3, while Nokia shipped 16.8 million smartphones. We hope Samsung’s Q3 report will break down their smartphone sales numbers and reveal how many of the estimated 20 million units were actually Android-powered devices.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S II lineup finally hitting US carriers and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus scheduled for November, we should expect even higher numbers for the last quarter of the year. Apple’s iPhone 4S may have been the biggest handset launch in history, but we have a feeling sales will be dropping off after the first few weeks, allowing Samsung to dominate sales in Q4 as well.

Do you think Samsung can keep up the momentum? Will the launch of the Galaxy Nexus play a bigger role in Samsung’s sales numbers in Q4 than the Galaxy S II will?

Source: WSJ

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  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Here’s is for hoping that the new Galaxy Nexus won’t be bound to any specific carrier in any country and have a proper International distribution.

  • http://goo.gl/tQ2E wwJOSHdo

    I’ve never had a pure Google phone! I can’t wait! ;-)

    • Dustin Earley

      You are missing out!

    • Richard Yarrell

      I applaud the rise of Samsung they have come a long way and have helped place android firmly on the map along with Htc. I am also excited to become a pure android google device owner on launch day of this Galaxy Nexus nothing beats launch day excitment.

    • YNWA

      It is nice because they actually fix the small annoying bugs on a regular basis that most phones leave untouched until major updates. There is much more attention placed on updates since there is only one piece of hardware. The other phones out there do once or (maybe) twice a year updates to fix bugs.

      I am still waiting for Gingerbread on my Droid Charge. 9 months since Gingerbread release and still no update in sight. Who knows when it comes to ICS. No idea if it will ever get it. I think a lot of people are realizing this about Android. Because of this I think the Nexus will sell well especially if it is available on all or most carriers.

      Once word of mouth spreads, people will see this is the best Android experience, and hopefully it will inspire other companies to stop ruining Android with a bunch of bloat.

  • Black Kristos

    I’d love to see the Nexus give them a bigger boost, but it will not make much of a difference. The SGSII had more worldwide fanfare.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      I think it’s going to be different this time. Samsung is more involved when it comes to marketing for the new Nexus. The name speaks for itself. It’s not only a Nexus phone, but also part of the Galaxy family.

  • AppleFUD

    can’t wait for ifans new argument as to why iphone is superior. . .

    I know. . . some still won’t get that apple sells a “line of smartphones” and Samsung sells a “line of smartphones”

    they’ll insist that it’s one phone vs many. . .. freakin’ itards

    • protozeloz

      That will be gone when a single phone beats the iPhone, and even that way they will claim apple makes more money and iPod should be counted in the market share and bla bla bla

  • protozeloz

    I’m happy for sammy, it simply passed from being the sorry ass android manufacturer that meses up a lot to the greatest android manufacturer so. Far, its because they have vision. More than HTC or motorola

  • Droidberg

    my fart dethrones apple ..

  • BigCiX

    How do I get my profile picture to show up?

    • Sketaful


      Connect your email with a apicture. :)

  • YNWA

    Yeah Samsung is doing well, and HTC will do well with the Rezound and similar hardware. The question will be if Motorola can recover, and not just do marginal bumps to existing boring hardware. The new Droid Razr and Bionic are nice, but everything before that since the Droid 1 has been pretty boring. (With exception of the Atrix).

    I had the Droid 1 and Droid 2, and noticed a lot of issues with Moto’s version of Android. No issues at all on TouchWiz now with my Droid Charge. Now if Motorola switched to 100% pure Google experience and some solid hardware that would stir things up.

    • Sketaful

      “everything before that since the Droid 1 has been pretty boring”

      Well. Samsung was like that before to. You have to look to the “now” to see if there is a way out that will make it all better for them. If their razr happens to be a great phone and they continue on that road, then it really doesn’t matter that their older phones where crappy, right? :)

      • YNWA

        Yeah, all I was alluding to is that I hope they don’t take their foot off the gas pedal like they did before if they want to be a market leader, and not just a fringe hardware maker.

  • ken

    I am getting the galaxy nexus on day one at verizon store. I will then run outside like a big homo holding the nexus up high. and maybe i will cry and then put a post-it and the verizon store window . then take a knee for 42 minutes of silence.


    hopefully we al get a chance to help these numbers and not just verizon

  • Me

    Although Im not really counting on it, but if the Galaxy Nexus actually does make it to the 7 carriers that is on the sign up sheet on Samsung’s website then that would be a HUGE boost to Samsung and I am quite excited to see which carriers will support the phone.

  • Scoch

    Samsung does not sale only smartphones but many first price simple phones.
    Now, for the first time someone can get an iPhone 3GS for 0$ with contract.
    Also iPhones 3GS et iPhone 4 will hit the chinese market with two major carriers.
    Apple sales should be very good.
    That said, I can’t wait for my new Nexus!

  • mrnobody

    It doesn’t take a professor of statistics to figure out that the inferences of this report are misleading. Samsung was on the heals of a huge release while Apple fanboys were all waiting for the new iPhone. Yearly numbers would be a much more fair comparison. Also, as others have pointed out, Samsung sells a ton of different phones.

    I look forward to a day when an Android manufacturer catches on to the make one phone and make it well model. There are a ton of us Android enthusiasts that would be willing to pay for top of the line build quality and industrial design, and the manufacturer would benefit from economies of scale.

    • Mc. Kevlar

      In the article it doesn’t say that Samsung sold 20 millions “phones”, it clearly says “smartphones”. Also, android enthusiasts were holding too for the release of the new Android 4.0 ICS, so that’s no excuse. Not that I like Samsung that much, just stating the facts.

  • http://gplus.to/anujahooja anujahooja

    Finally, numbers are showing some sort of superiority.

  • DSDroid

    Wonder if this article will show up on Engad…
    Apple fan central, these numbers will cause people to have aneurysms…

  • http://www.3for.tv 3for.tv

    Have you read the new post about Steve Jobs on Gizmodo? Crazy. Here’s a quote:

    “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs said. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

    You mad, bro?

  • E1

    The numbers never lie I love to see Android success and Sammy has been doing awsome this year dey deserbt it SGSII is one of the best Android phones I’ve seen all year

  • James

    You know that Samsung does not only sell Android phones … ??

  • http://www.ictmanazer.cz/ Albert

    No enterprise functionality, everything only for home consumers. That is bad way :-(