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Samsung’s Q3 results are in; shipments almost double Apple’s


Just last week the Wall Street Journal reported that, according to a “person familiar with the situation,” Samsung shipped somewhere near 20 million smartphones in Q3, taking them past Apple by a healthy margin. Samsung’s latest numbers for 2011 are finally in, and it’s even better than originally projected.

In the third quarter alone, Samsung shipped 27.8 million smartphones globally. Apple shipped slightly more than half that number: 17.1 million. That gives Samsung a total of 23.8% of the market and Apple 14.6%. Nokia shipped 16.8 million devices, giving them 14.4% of the market. Clearly, Samsung is doing something right.

Even though Samsung’s numbers are comprised of dozens of devices compared to Apple’s select few, total market share and growth for the South Korea-based company is impressive. Especially considering that the overall market has seen a decline in growth from Q3 of 2010. Last year, Samsung only sold 7.5 million devices in Q3, giving them a meager 9.3% of the market in 2010. Thanks to the highly successful Galaxy S II, Samsung has shattered those numbers. The question on everyone’s mind now is, “How long will Samsung be able to hold on?”

The Galaxy S II has just landed in the US, and the Galaxy Nexus is sure to make its fair share of sales on Verizon. But the long anticipated Apple iPhone 4S is now available on three carriers in the US alone. With the holiday season approaching, shipments for all handset manufacturers should go up. Even if Samsung is dethroned by Apple at the end of the year, no one can say Android’s number one smartphone manufacturer isn’t a force to reckoned with.

Source: Wired

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  • Nathan

    No wounder apple is bring them to court because they can’t compete

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Well, but they also give Samsung the spotlight being a close #2 (or, should it be the #1.) Recently, I’ve heard numerous time from mainstream media (meaning, people who don’t know what they are talking about) that Samsung is giving a lot of pressure to Apple. And, you know what, this will actually fuel the growth of Samsung.

      IMO, Apple is fighting a losing battle. It wants to be the coolest smartphone maker, but things are cool only when you do not see everyone using the same thing. The more people using exactly the same product, the less cool something is. That’s why people want limited edition of everything. You see Ford, Toyota everywhere, but you don’t see a Porsche so often. At some points, Apple will lose its coolness and people will want something that’s different. So, it’s probably not a bad thing for Samsung when Apple sues them — it will force Samsung to try something different, which can differentiate it from being an iPhone clone.

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Apple goes to court because they dont have anything to do

  • Samar

    SHIPPED..Ahhmmm, I wonder How many actually SOLD ?

    • GRAW

      I’m pretty sure retailers now how to sell items…

      Customer: “I want a new phone, perhaps this new ‘iPhone’ I keep hearing about?”
      Store representative: “Well, I think you’d like the Galaxy Nexus more, it has a much bigger and better screen, it also ha-”
      Customer: “I’ll take it”

    • muadhnate

      Doesn’t matter. They’re comparing shipped numbers so it’s still valid.

      Also, retail stores aren’t going to just buy a ridiculous number of phones to have them sit on the shelves. So they must be selling at a fairly good rate to get this kind of demand.

    • atul0002

      Shipped is the only number they can calculate on their own and the only reason they are shipping is cuz their being sold. No one wants to overstock.

    • n25philly

      The amount listed. The phones shipped is how many Samsung has sold. Numbers are based on demand, so while maybe not every phone listed has been sold to a customer, it means that all those phones are being purchased from Samsung which means they are selling out pretty quickly.

    • Jon Garrett

      shipped = sold. or do you think Samsung just gives them away? retailers and carriers pay for these things you know.

      also, the article says that Samsung shipped these items, its not about what retailers and carriers sales are like.

      • Chris

        Shipped (does not) = sold. If that were true, they wouldn’t be two different words… Think, then write.

  • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabroid

    IPhone for free with decent tariff £45 per month, Samsung Galaxy SII Free with decent tariff £28-£30 per month. Not rocket science really.

    My one question re ongoing lawsuits, doesn’t the iPhone use Samsung parts? Surely they are shitting in their own backyard?

    • Jon Garrett

      iPhones use about 26% Samsung parts, the displays are made by LG and who know what else is made by whom.

      I tried to Google this stuff but so far can only find the percentage of Samsung parts in iDevices.

      Samsung will also produce the A8 chip for apple’s next device.

  • BrandoHD

    And the lawsuits will obviously get worse

  • http://None CaribGrackle

    Great for Samsung, I hope to see that number go sky-high thanks to the Galaxy Nexus and whatever the company has been preparing lately. And as many others have noted, this is clearly why Apple is so eager to stop Samsung at all cost (and Android with it)..

  • http://youtube.com/user/jawckamoe Marcus

    Well its evident now why Apple wants to sue Samsung. It’s clear to me now why Steve Jobs hated Android. He knew he couldn’t compete. Apple kinda reminds me of Napoleon Bonaparte. They’re trying to take over the (smartphone) world, but their arrogance will lead to their downfall.

    I learned that in my World Civ. class :3

    • charliethesuperturtle

      apple reminds me of hilter

      • R

        You are both teen morons who if not braindead will change a shit in your heads to exactly opposite when grow up

  • RichardYarrellBot


    • thetruth


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  • Richard Yarrell

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    • RichardYarrellBot

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    • squiddy20

      Although the impersonation is quite funny, I am not responsible. I would just like to chime in and say that your statement of “I will change the picture I am way to smart for you pirates” is utterly wrong. What you fail to realize is that those “pirates” can do the exact same thing you can do. You use a different picture, they can copy it and use it too. You use yet another picture, they can do the same. You change your profile name, they can do the same. Face it, you’ve lost Dick.

  • snowbdr89

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    • kazahani

      It’s just the internet. Calm down.

    • Richard Yarrell

      @snowshit89.. It’s on monkey…

      • snowbdr89

        Impressive dick, what’s on?

  • 4TOPS

    Just added to that total today bought 2 samsung sgii and loving it so far

  • Koolio

    And some people still do not recognize Android’s superiority*sigh*

  • sylar

    Well that explains why Apple is suing them. They are scared half to death that they are going to be put out of business. But we can’t really have that because then what reason will there be for innovation in android? Sigh…the tangled webs we weave.

  • http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/ KatSelezneva

    Samsung is the real market leader nowadays. Apple’s lawsuits look like desperate attempts to hamper its rivals instead of working on new technologies and apps. I’ve written an article about it: Clash of the Titans: Samsung vs. Apple http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/clash-of-titans-samsung-vs-apple.html

  • Dion

    Because this is a fair comparison…

    I hope you guys realise that the iPhone 4S has sold about 4 million units within 3 days, and that’s not even worldwide. Apple will take the crown from Samsung in Q4. Unless you’re stupid enough to believe this is a fair comparison – with Samsung having the Galaxy S II and other Galaxy phones released, whilst Apple didn’t even have the 4S out yet.

    Samsung isn’t the market leader, but I will say that they are very powerful. When a new iPhone gets announced, it’s all over the news. When the Galaxy Nexus gets announced, it appears on Android sites who claim it’s going to sell millions. Dream on. I’m not saying Android is bad, but let’s be realistic about sales.

  • pritams

    Go get ‘em..:D