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Steve Jobs didn’t think too highly of Android


The Associated Press has received an early copy of Steve Jobs’ upcoming biography. In the no-holds-barred biography of the man we love to hate (and hate to love), Steve’s true feelings about Android come out.

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this.Steve JobsApple

It’s painfully obvious that Steve Jobs thought that Android stole almost its entire operating system from Apple, even though many of the introductions we saw from Apple in iOS 4 and 5 were of features that already existed in Android. Steve wanted a monopoly when it came to the smartphone market, and anything that even remotely resembled the iPhone or iOS should not be allowed to exist, a notion he carried to the very end.

At the very least, this helps explain why Apple has picked up the pace on the lawsuit front, seeking to block sales of Android devices (especially Samsung devices) around the world.

Though I have a lot of respect for what Steve was able to do at Apple and Pixar, I feel his stance on competition in the mobile sphere is simply misguided. Competition is a good thing, and challenges each company involved to do things a little better. As a result, the mobile market has grown tremendously, and the things we’re able to do with our Android (or Apple) devices are infinitely better than what we could just a few years ago.

I’m sure Steve’s legacy of hate for Android will live on in the minds of Apple’s legal team, and we will continue to see Apple going on the offensive when it comes to legal battles. Fortunately, Google and its partners are building a pretty strong portfolio of patents that should keep Apple on its toes.

What do you guys think? Was Steve wrong about Android?

Source: MacRumors

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    Been reading this all over the net.. Wow the man was obsessed with destroying Android… Personal vendetta ! Is this the real reason we never seen or will ever see an Iphone on Tmo? because Tmobile opened the door for Android? was the personal vendetta that bad?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      Never thought about the “punishing T-Mob” scenario, but I mean why would you not give them an iPhone if he didn’t have some reason, right? I mean selling the iPhone on all carriers would make more money than selling it as an exclusive (or on select carriers), I would assume.

      I can say I first heard this theory from you, we’ll see if T-Mob ever gets an iPhone (assuming they stay somewhat exclusive from AT&T).

      • BiGMERF

        i mean it makes sense if you ask me….especially when you think a small company ike cspire can get it but now tmo? hmmm, something is up..Unless the Att influence on Tmo is well underway

      • Black Kristos

        I think it has more to do with the HSPA+ 42. As we saw with the SGSII, in order to get the most out of TMO 4G, they had to build on a different chipset. Apple would have never done anything like that. Also why the 4S has only HSPA+ 14.

        • BiGMERF

          na i woudnt say that.. there are many many many iphone users now on tmo and they settle for edge… getting 14.4 mbps would be a big upgrade

          • Donjuan

            Except that non of the iphones sold get over 3G connectivity anyway. HSPA has nothing to do with it.

    • Jeffroid

      how do you explain Verizon then?

      • elarella

        I”ll give you 3 reasons about Verizon:

        1. They didn’t have the first Android phone
        2. They don’t have a Nexus phone (yet).
        3. They are not a part of OHA

        Anything else?

        • Jeffroid


      • BiGMERF

        verizon is getting it…

      • Jeff

        Isn’t it because AT&T signed exclusive rights to the iPhone for a couple years? Pretty much saved them.

        • DonJuan

          What Jeff said. Nothing to do with HSPA+, (AT&T shares similar bands with T-Mo and currently uses HSPA+ as well. some times people just spout the most random nonsense.

    • Dave Kratter

      I don’t think there’s some anti-Tmobile conspiracy going on here. Considering that a new iPhone release is a once-per-year event, there’s really no sense at this point in introducing it on Tmobile, when it’ll be swallowed up by AT&T soon. It’s unlikely the merger would fall through, it’s just a matter of AT&T selling off enough assets to satisfy the DOJ.

    • http://www.the-wolf.co.uk mabroid

      It’s available in UK on tmobile

    • jason

      T-mobile and Apple negotiated the sale of the iphone long long time ago but tmobile was not going to give into what Apple wanted….att agreed to Apples terms and now will use all that iphone money to buy tmo isnt it ironic. T-mobile dropped the ball long ago.

      • Marcus

        I disagree with you there, I think it has everything to do with believing in an underdog and carving your own path to success. With T-mo being a smaller company than say AT&T they could afford to take the risks that other companies wouldn’t have necessarily jumped at. I think it show’s pride, dignity, and plain BALLS to stand up and say no! I don’t agree to these terms Apple and I could care less about your stupid phone… even if that meant eventually being bought out by AT&T. At the end of the day T-mo still was the first carrier to offer an Android Device and THAT really means something in my book… It’s called integrity. I just wish I could still say that for them now…

    • Claire

      There you have it! Proof Android is stolen by criminals! Fuck off Google you criminal republican bastards. DIE you idiots. These guy are even more criminal than the rapist Kobe Bryant!

      • RevSpaminator

        Wow! So tell me what you know about fluoridation and the communist plot to rob us of our precious bodily fluids?

        • Scott C

          Wow, they’re taking our bodily fluids too, curses Google.

      • Chase

        This has to be a troll… or a crazy person. To choose Kobe as the archetype of criminal just screams troll.

      • BenjiOs

        You are a very bad troll.

      • manig


    • sgb101

      in the UK T-Mobile do iphones http://goo.gl/cyj9o.

      im no apple fan, just wanted to let you know

    • vforvortex

      I agree. I think google is set up in a much better way with their open source platform and different carriers and manufacturers to change rapidly with technology and user preferences than apple is. Therefore in the end, google will succeed. But regarding this steve jobs story, i think some of it is publicity for the new book.

  • AlexT

    a really small thought for a person that “think different”…

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      I can’t +1 this enough. :)

  • Thorpeland

    Jobs was an egotistical moron. He thought anything with a touchscreen was a copy of his icrap. Even though Microsoft had touch screen devices out long before the iphone. His products are over priced and over rated. Apple used to look like a proud, innovative company. Now, they look like a scared kid on the playground, constantly playing catch up to Androids innovations.

    • mikeywong

      Totally agree with you!!!

    • Clips

      Egotistical moron? Much smarter than you’ll ever be for sure. Android does violate many patents from Apple and Microsoft. Maybe if they had done their research before publishing the OS, they could’ve came up with an agreement beforehand with these companies. I really can’t blame Steve for being mad because Google is technically stealing. iPhone overpriced? Really? Same price as high end Android phones with very similar specs is overpriced? How about stop being a dumbass fanboy and actually realize that the iPhone suits the needs of many people around the world and not everyone thinks like you or uses phones the way you do. Apple used to innovate? They just fucking launched a tablet war and they’re not innovating? Using touch first environments on dead touch platforms isn’t innovating? What exactly has Google done to innovate? Nothing, they’re just making a great alternative to the iPhone by pursuing different needs and definitely pleasing the power user community.

      • ihatefanboys

        i thought i should point out why no one has dignified your post with a response, its filled with such unsubstantiated nonsense that we prefer to laugh at you then flame u. you are the posterchild for the “fanboy” , someone that believes what they want to believe based on nothing but opinion and preference, and you really lost everyone at Google hasnt done nothing to innovate. Apple has not innovated, the ipad is a giant iphone with just about the same phone capability, SIRI ? its a small upgrade of something android has has for nearly 3 yrs..Jobs was a child, a baby, upset that someone took something he thought up and did it better than him AGAIN….he probably never forgot the PC/MAC war that the PC won hands down..but he never learned from why the MAC lost, microsoft and bill gates were smart enuf to license their software out to multiple hardware manufacturers, thus generating exponential worldwide growth of Windows, just as Android is doing right now….so guess who’s gonna win, AGAIN…….Jobs was a bitter, bitter man, he was a great salesman for his own products but never got how sales works, get your product out there by any means neccessary, not just on one device thats so proprietary that its inconvenient…..IPHONES are for people that dont do the “research” you spoke of, because if they did theyd realize iphones are overpriced and outdated, and that apple releases essentially the same software year after year and charges $400 a pop each time, but since theyre dumb they keep tossing money at Apple….thats changing, i give Apple 2 to 4 yrs tops before the izombies realize apple is innovation is still circa 2009 and move on to the superior OS for 2yrs now…..ANDROID

        • aantoine87

          How many dumb Iphone users are there? probably like 80%
          How many dumb Android users are there? probably like 30%

          Now i sound like an android fan? sure am BUT i make sense

          Iphone users as a majority get the the iphone because of name and because the media tells them too. there is no way everybody thinks that a 3.5in screen is perfect.

          Android has there share of dumb users too but that number can never be higher than the iphone’s because they choose what kind of phone they want

      • magnanimous

        No need to be so harsh dude. There are ways to respectfully disagree with someone’s opinion without going off on them. But I must admit that I think Steve Jobs was a little over the top here. Consider the many innovations that the Germans came up with regarding cars but we don’t see them suing Ford, Dodge, Chrysler or any other car company for copying their technology. Also if my memory serves me correctly I think that Blackberry was the first to utilize push email yet the iphone has it. Ultimately I believe that the late Mr Jobs was anti-competition.

      • Julius

        “Android does violate many patents from Apple and Microsoft”

        Which ones, buddy? Or is this just speculation and assumption.

    • Bastyon

      I don’t want to COMPLETELY dis Jobs. He did have a vision and no one can honestly claim that he hasn’t had an enormous impact on the development of technology.

      Having said that though he was a autocratic megalomaniac. Some of the excerpts from the upcoming biography on him show him to be somewhat of a crackpot in many ways whith glaring contradictions in his world view (Like being a left wing hippie and an ruthless corporatist all rolled into one.) But in some ways its not surprising that a lefties business model would be to stifle any and all competition. In Stephen jobs notion of intellectual property ownership the only car company EVER would be Ford. The only company that could EVER create a digital spreadsheet would be whatever company owns the rights to Lotus 123 (IBM now?) And only hershies could make chocolate bars. Its frankly an idiotic view of where intellectual rights should stretch What’s even more ironic is that the idea of a touch screen phone is hardly his innovation. companies have been working on touch screen computing concepts for years before the iphone come out but he whined if anyone DARED to come out with a touch screen computer/phone system. Blackberry beat Apple to the phone as mobile computer by ages and you don’t see their CEO screaming FOUL about apple gettign into the phone business (though he probably cries because his products all suck he he JK).

      Funny thing is..I own an Iphone have for 2 years…first apple product I ever wanted to buy in years…and now..just as I expected the Apple closed ecosystem business model that cost them the PC race is undermining and will eventually destroy their share of the phone world. My next device will be a Samsung Nexus and I cant wait to try Android.

  • Dean

    This is hilarious lol. I’m gla for apple products but equally glad for android products. They are changing the world. So funny to see how Jobs felt

    • Paul

      Yeah, I don’t think Android would have moved as far, as fast, with as many features if it weren’t hot on the heels of Apple. You need a “target” a “goal” to aspire to, to reach and even beat. iphone was a great target target to reach and I think Android’s finally getting there and exceeding it in a lot of cases. But I hope that Apple/iPhone turns around and adds even greater hardware and features and forces Android to come out with even better features, etc. competition is good. If you’re at the top and nobody stands a chance against you it’s too easy to become lazy and just stop innovating as much or caring about the users, they have no choice cause you’re the best and they will use you (Apple’s mentality up until lately). Anyways, I don’t think Android ripped Apple’s IOS off, it may have been inspired to create comparable features, but 100% rip off? nah.

      • mikewong27

        Without Jobs, Apple is in really big trouble… They have no one to guide them… It will be like the old days when Apple almost went bankrupt… That’s the reason why Apple went on an offensive on Patent lawsuits.. I don’t want to see Apple go bankrupt, it will be bad for Android as well… I prefer seeing this kind of competition between Apple and Android.

  • Phil

    Will somebody please tell Apple that all they did was bring larger finger friendly elements and kinetic scrolling to the table? I mean damn if others had not progressed the smartphone trend to the point it had reached would Apple even have an iPhone? I mean seriously did not IPaqs and Palms look like iPhones without the phone?

    • djluis48

      And before the iPhone, they were several touchscreen smartphones on the market, like the Motorola Accompli 008…i don’t like how Apple integrates something (feater or product) to their line up, and they say that its a tottaly new concept and something tottal innovative…and when you check, its been already in the market for quite some time…like when they launched iOS 5, and they said that it took them quite sometime to think of something innovative and ”Unique”, and then they came up with the ”Notification Bar” …. -_____-

      • DanH


      • aantoine87

        iand what’s even worse is that it not only works on consumers but the f***ing government too

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    That’s simply stupid to think Android stole from iOS. Sure they have similar features but guess what? Software is only part of the device. The only thing Steve should have really cared about is:
    market share
    profit margins

    Who cares if something else exists and you’re still making huge bucks? If anything competition drives the market, I guess he was tired of making a new model all the time and trying to one-up on the competition. If Android was removed then all Apple would need to do is make a 3G to 3GS-like upgrade (or 4 to 4S upgrade) on the iPhone refresh every two years or something.

  • Al

    I imagine Jobs had much the same conversation with Microsoft back in the day:

    “Windows, so obviously a stolen product. I will kill it with my dying breath…”

    and we all know how that story turned out.

    There are also other quotes, where Jobs told Google “to pick 5 products and stick to it, or you’ll turn into Microsoft” – as if that was a bad thing. No, the problem was Jobs didn’t want ANOTHER Microsoft to battle against. He wanted monopoly. Monopoly in product, and monopoly in market. His computer was the best in the world, so no other computers should exist. His phone is the best in the world, so no other phones should exist. The polar opposite of “thinking different”

    • bighooters

      And all that pent up anger and hate manifested in Pancreatic Cancer! PC wins again!

      • bighooters

        manifested *into*

  • mrjlwilliams

    Who cares about what he thought? He’s not God, and let’s all hope he knew him before he passed. That’s the only important thing at the end of the day! Too much attention is being given to this guy, let it go.

    • Mike Wong

      Remember how everyone was saying that Bill Gates was the devil? I think Jobs is the true Devil in disguise. Apple is worse than Microsoft 10 to 15 years ago… They are just plain evil!!!

  • pechano

    Whoa. This really made me think less of him. I would never buy an Apple product myself, but it is not like I can’t see how good it is for some people.

    Like Apple has the right to call anything stolen. Rofl.

  • mrjlwilliams

    Greed will destroy apple, it will.

  • Mark Thurman

    Nice Bhuddist attitude coming out there…

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Yeah, he harbored a lot of hate for a practicing Buddhist.

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    I don’t know… who’s to say there wasn’t inside stuff going on to back up Steve’s vendetta. I don’t think we’ll ever know.

    Problem is that corporations are evil, and haters gon’ hate.

  • Mattt

    Kind of funny really. First Windows on desktops and now Android on smartphones, must have been really frustrating for him.

  • http://IanSapp.com Ian S.

    Remember that interview in 1994 where Steve Jobs quotes “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

    Yeah, I do too.

    • babadush

      Sounds like he could dish it out but couldn’t take it

  • Nate B.

    I really hope he rest in piece but this is awful. I know the courts have their systems but can they not see what Apple is doing. They aren’t going after any other product. They are going after Android only because its a threat.

    • kwills88

      What makes it worse is that apple is an incredibly wealthy and important company so the judges will forever be bias when it comes to them, apple could take and use android and say its a new version of ios and google could sue apple and chances are, apple would win because of how bias towards them the system is, pretty unfair on our part.

  • rovex

    Dying breath eh Steve..How’d it work out for you?

  • Will

    Phew good thing he didn’t see ice cream sandwich. That would have really got him. ICS is ridiculously sweet. That presentation packed more features than useless voice commands and cloud syncing. Apple folks need to realize that these features are old and that they got jacked of the i5. Android folks need to realize that most people don’t like change. I respect Apple products. They are great for the parents and kids. But for me… I’ll stick with the fast lane.

  • lostmynuts2mewife

    He just feared the inevitable. He feared what he did to microsoft would happen to apple. And his vision was not far off, android has gained ground and is leading the way in innovation.

  • Gary Burley

    Death to Steve Jobs!


    • AA

      I thought that was funny. I think two weeks is long enough.

  • NexusFeed

    If Steve Job’s wants to talk about Copying look no further than the iPhone copying Andy Rubin’s Danger OS from the Sidekick line of phones. Danger OS was the first truly smartphone OS and it did sell and this was even before iPhone was a concept. Steve Jobs took most of the API’s and Functionality of the Danger OS and wrapped them up in a Pretty Package. After Danger was bought by Microsoft, Andy Rubin started work on what would become the World’s most popular mobile OS, Android. Android was actually being made, in late 2003- early 2004 before iOS was being made. Apple did not start on iOS until Mid-2005 and your gonna sit there and say that Andy Rubin copied Apple, and they were making all these great features before iOS? Steve Job’s would have to know that the Sidekick was actually an Android device back in the early 2000′s so Android’s roots go back further then people know, because Danger OS had the same exact Kernel that Android was also being built on, so the Danger/Hiptop OS was actually prelude to Android, in a sense the Danger OS is almost exactly like Android with the same functionality and API’s just almost like a beta build. So Steve Jobs can have all the say he wants, but I believe Android started when Andy Rubin founded and built the Danger OS back in 2002 and that Legacy still continues. Many Respects to Steve Jobs, because he himself created much innovation as well.

    • ihatefanboys

      Wow, i did not know that., but sure am glad u were here to tell me. Jobs was a pretentious prick, karma got him good.

  • Bruce

    Folks are smokin weed.

    What phone existed prior to the iPhone that was REMOTELY similar to it? Anything that anyone wanted to use?

    Look at phones today. They all look like copies of the iPhone. THey’re all a slab wo a keyboard. They all have icons to start apps. They all pretty much look alike. Trivial details separate them.

    Windows mobile is somewhat different, but Android does look like mostly a copy of the iPhone. Now Android is copying Windows mobile.

    • crickerman

      ….slab without keyboard touch to start app? Palm pilot, LG prada,IPaq, there is more… But you get the idea that a slab based device with a touch screen to launch applications…the integration of the capacitive touchscreen is what revolutionized it…but apple did not invent it.

    • UmmmLots

      Ummm, outside of Danger mentioned in a previous post, Palm OS had a grid of icons that you clicked on for apps close to a decade before the iPhone. At that time you had to use a stylus but the basic idea was there, and later you could use your fingernail, the screens just weren’t available to do what apple did at that time and Palm was too small of a company to push manufacturers like Apple. If you don’t think Apple took a ton from Palm you are deluding yourself. The reason Palm wasn’t ever sued by apple for WebOS is because Palm would have taken Apple’s lunch and then beat them with it. App stores even existed for Palm well before the iPhone. I tend to agree with an earlier post the iPhone’s innovation was the sliding finger gestures and a better browser outside of that they just decided to put a better screen on it than previous models.

      I tend to think the iPhone started a revolution without itself being truly revolutionary more evolutionary. Job’s greatest ability was to make people desire the devices Apple creates and make them beautiful.

    • Phil

      People that don’t know much outside of technology should really shut up. WP looks no more or less different than the iPhone than Android does. Does WP have kinetic scrolling? Yes. I hear no complaints. Does WP have large finger friendly features? Yes. Now you can stop right there because again thats the only things the iPhone brought to the table. Everything else is ripped off of the PDA’s that came before it….yes the slap keyboardless PDAs. All Apple did was integrate a phone. Hell and Android didn’t even have transition animations when it launched unlike WP so that in addition is so called ripped off the iPhone.

      But you know what. WP7 and WebOS both have the same features that everyone claims Android copied from iOS but no one says anything about that. Its because most of this talk comes from iPhone fanboys that are hurt that Android has come to dominate the mobile scene. Get over it. It is what it is.

    • Butt Head

      Should Chrysler have paid Ford for the rights to make a moving vehicle with 4 wheels because the Model T was first? I mean really.

    • ihatefanboys

      i say this to alot of u idiots….but ill gladly repeat it for you. Just because a phone is rectangular and has icons, and a center button does not mean its copying the iphone…how many different shapes can a phone possibly come in without looking ridiculous andas far as i know JOBS hasnt taken credit for inventing the rectangle just yet….ok if u minus that then what do you have left….icons are not an apple creation, so scratch that…even if you count the grid, well grids were also not invented by apple and are simply more efficient, so scratch that…cell phones even dating back to those bricks that nokia made and motorola flip phones were all rectangular too…i dont see how any of what u listed and my own personal experience prove that android copied the iphone…..the iphone and IOS are stale and boring, something Android is not… so if you want to give apple credit for anything, they took a lot of what was readily available and wrapped it in a shiny wrapper so idiots like you could go “ooooh, ahhhh” while not realizing youre holding crap

  • triangle

    Completely agree with you, Anthony. While I respect Jobs as an innovator, he was a control freak. He wanted to control the smartphone market and that attitude manifests itself in the closed nature of iOS.

    While I can appreciate iOS, Android is just so much better. Android’s approach is so refreshing compared to iOS. It doesn’t impose the restrictions that Apple sets for its users.

    I would rather choose what kind of keyboard I use, rather than have Apple tell me that theirs is the best. I would rather download songs from the Amazon store than getting ripped off by iTunes. I would like to truly multi-task instead of having apps shut down when I temporarily do something else. Gosh, I could go on for hours about this, but the point is that iOS seems to be a reflection of Steve Jobs for good and bad.

  • Perry Ahern

    I have only 2 things to say:

    1) Though I was softening toward Jobs for a bit at the end, I now more than ever believe that he was an arrogant ass. How can the company that stole or “borrowed” all their ideas and just improved and packaged them better for the general consumer accuse anyone of stealing from them?

    2) That Android Jedi vs. Apple Sith (General Grievous!) pic is awesome! Where can I get that in desktop wallpaper sizes? I need it!

  • DaveTheSeries

    “To the last, I grapple with thee;
    from hell’s heart, I stab at thee;
    for hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

    -Captain Ahab
    -Khan Noonien Singh
    -Steve Jobs

  • dennis p

    Sorry that Jobs died. But he was a moron.

  • bolski

    Wow, just sad. What ever happened to the free market?

    If anything, Android will help make the iPhone and iOS better. Competition breeds innovation which in turn, helps make companies strive to make their product better. And, it gives us, the consumer, choices.

    Just sad.

  • Rob

    I’ll just leave this here: http://youtu.be/CW0DUg63lqU

    • BiGMERF

      wow that was great

  • Hollyw0od

    I’m still trying to figure out what was “stolen”.

    All Apple Fanboys do is make claims but can still not provide examples.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      multitouch is the biggest argument, i’m sure.

    • macu

      Wow, was he ever the hypocrite. Nice to link yourself to Picasso.

      Brilliant link.

    • https://plus.google.com/116093795732345180640/posts DroidNexus

      Actually they say it’s a concept. They say “well turn it around, wouldn’t you consider it a stolen concept?” My response is “If I had a motorcycle, a high end car company (like Volkswagen; they own Audi Lamborghini, and Bugatti), and then a motorcycle company like Suzuki sued the car company for the concept of a fast, aerodynamic, gas powered, rubber wheeled means of transport, it would be laughed at?” And the answer is YES, cause they do similar things but one is way more functional. The car has more functionality, more versions, from more places and different prices, where as Suzuki is simple. Kind of inconvenient (because you can’t do as much in it), but they’re faster by a little,smaller, and they can go farther on a full tank.

  • Tal

    I need to remember that too, but when you get to hate that much – instead of forgetting more often that not, its really bad for your health. Might be devastating.

  • EFC

    Before iPhone there was nothing like iPhone. No multitouch interface on a phone, no touch OS on a flat panel of glass with little else to the hardware. No web browser that showed real web sites rather than pale shadows. Apple invented. Apple shipped. Apple woke up the world to what could be in your pocket.

    Android is an obvious “rip off” of the iPhone. It is really not hard to see this, and it is bit silly to say that this small innovation or that made Android less of an iPhone derivative. Google even copied the idea of an app store. I wish everyone invloved could at least admit this much. I’m not saying anything Google did was illegal, but nobody put these pieces together until Apple. After Apple showed the way it was a lot easier for Google to follow that path. Give Apple some credit for the innovation.

    That said, Steve is pretty prickly for someone who knows that good ideas will be “stolen” all the time. Since Android started competing with iPhone, the iPhone has become a better device. Competition is good for everyone, and nobody gets to rest on laurels in this business.

    Given the way our society works, even the lawsuits are reasonable: let the various companies involved figure out how to credit and pay each other for their work. It would be nice if all parties were gentlemen and worked things out, but Steve is first among the non-gentlemen. This is hardball, they duke it out.

    Nobody should be surprised or even upset that Steve would defend Apple to his dying breath. Or that Apple will continue the fight. But we should all hope that this is not all that Google and Apple become. Let’s hope that both companies continue to INNOVATE, invent, and bring new ideas to the world. It would be a shame if they become minor extentions of law firms!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      There is a very stark difference between defending Apple and attacking Google. One is classy, the other isn’t.

    • Hollyw0od

      Thank you for literally proving point I made three posts above.

    • Legend

      “Before iPhone there was nothing like iPhone. No multitouch interface on a phone, no touch OS on a flat panel of glass”
      There were touch screen phones before the iPhone, all Apple did was redefine the use of a touch screen with multitouch and a new OS/GUI. Someone would have gotten the idea eventually.

      “Android is an obvious “rip off” of the iPhone. It is really not hard to see this, and it is bit silly to say that this small innovation or that made Android less of an iPhone derivative.”
      Android isn’t an obvious rip off of ‘iOS!’. ICS has evolved way past iOS by the looks of it. Apple is copying android believe it or not! >:O (e.g. notifications) but of course, iSheep gonna believe they had it first!

      “Given the way our society works, even the lawsuits are reasonable”
      Lawsuits are reasonable…if you’re not just suing just to get competitors products banned from all over the world!

      • Prinny

        got to agree with the suing part. banning the tab 10.1 based on the design of the device is ridiculous
        if you show the average person 2 55″ black lcd tvs from 5 meters away i doubt they can spot a difference. thats what they did in australia holding up an ipad and a galaxy tab a few meters away from samsungs lawers and told them to tell the judge which was which

        • Vendeth

          Ever seen Kubrik’s 2001 A Space Odyssey ? It looks like Apple wasn’t innovating with their brilliant iPad at all. They just stole their design from a 1969 movie.

          And now they’re whining because of Samsung’s design?

          What a bunch of fucktards…

    • Andy in Indy

      “Before iPhone there was nothing like iPhone. No multitouch interface on a phone, no touch OS on a flat panel of glass with little else to the hardware. No web browser that showed real web sites rather than pale shadows. Apple invented. Apple shipped. Apple woke up the world to what could be in your pocket.”

      Multitouch is inherent in the technology of a capacitive touch screen, so by purchasing legally produced and licence capacitive touch screens, there is no theft. Samsung tried this tact against Apple with some of their 3G related patents in the chips that Apple bought, and it was rightly thrown out.

      The touch OS on a flat panel long predates the iPhone and goes back to Apples Newton (possibly the first) and the the Palm Pilot. Windows Mobile (and CE before that) and Palm OS phones used a similar interface before the iPhone. I remember noting that when the iPhone came out, it was not a capable as my year old Treo 600 (iPhone was also more expensive, my private data couldn’t be backed up, and the carriers wouldn’t offer insurance against theft and damage). Oh, my Treo also displayed full web pages (although it was a relief to find the new mobile sites – your chickens and eggs are in the wrong order).

      Steve jobs greatest innovation was in the way he leveraged the iTunes system into an app store. If the same type and number of apps had been written for the Treo, we would all care less about the iPhone.

      As for Android not being different from iOS, you are misinformed. Android was built from the ground up with a set of design philosophys that are still different from every other operating systems on a mobile device: “All apps are equal”, “write once, run everywhere”, “easily customized”, and “Hardware Independent”. You might find three at most but never all four.

    • brklynmind

      If [your] “not saying anything Google did was illegal….” then it isnt STEALING, and if its not stealing then WTF is Jobs/Apple complaining about.

      Palm and Windows CE had touchscreen interfaces that were ubiquitous in the market for YEARS prior to IPhone – moving from using a stylus to a finger isnt a “new idea” or revolutionary – its an evolution (allowed by advances in technology)

      Going from 1 touch to multi-touch AGAIN, evolution not revolution.

      Icons in a grid – Palm, Windows CE WAY before Iphone

      Mobile Browser that does “full” webpages – (really) – laptops had that – and windows CE had it – but you were sort of limited to WAP – because the data stream was too thin (and the processing power wasnt there to render full pages) – evolution not revolution.

      Application “store” – Palm had it, Linux had it WELL before Iphone.

      In short there is NOTHING revolutionary about the features of IPHONE it was putting it together in such a nice way that made the Iphone unique. SO WHAT – can the inventor of the horse drawn carriage sue Henry Ford? What about the inventor of the internal combustion engine?

      If Steve Jobs was really that mad about Android then his ego just got the best of his rationality….There is no legitimate basis for his outrage.

    • RevSpaminator

      You obviously didn’t look at the Palm, Pocket PC, WinMobile or anything of that nature. Anyone remember the Handspring Visor with the Springboard module? Stuff was out there but it performed so poorly that no one in their right mind could stand using it.

      Apple’s contribution to the smart phone market was making one that worked and was popular. It wasn’t the first or the best but it did make the idea one the masses could accept.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Just PLAIN SILLY…

    • ihatefanboys

      Wow, you are dumb, i dont even know what to say……i understand youre elderly and prob never touched tech till u handled an iphone because someone else told you it was the best, but a simple search on the internet would tell you that Android was around years before IOS, in different forms, and betas, but the core of what Android has become, existed before the crap that is IOS.

      iphone has not innovated since 2008 when they packaged all that they stole into a shiny rectangle, they have not gotten “better” tech wise, theyve gotten better convincing idiots like you that what they release each year is a new phone, but its really the same old software from 2008, with a couple of new bows and ribbons and a new # or letter, but still the same old iphone…

      wow, u should do research before saying stuff…..but i bet u blindly believe in god too….oh well…

      • mmitchum


  • McLovin

    Steve Job’s tirade against Android made me think of Ahab of “Moby-Dick” or Khan in “Wrath of Khan”, …, “from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee”.


  • Poosh

    you mad bro?

  • S

    CREDITS to Mr. Eric Schmidt for going from Steves target to Steves killer.
    Steve set out to destroy Android, Android destroyed his life.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    If Apple didn’t “steal” the idea of GUI from PARC, I would respect them more, but they didn’t.

  • Lavi

    Jobs was a sick person…

  • tyrone

    I cant remember or not, but wasnt the cingulars HTC 8125 with windows mobile before any of the iphones.

    • Hollyw0od

      Same goes for Palm Treo

      • tyrone

        right, and those treo’s was the best things out at that time.

  • macu

    For a Buddhist, his hatred for an operating system was irrational and unnerving. Is this the Apple ideology? If it is, it is scary.

  • sap26

    I’ll accept anyone’s opinions regardless of how they may or may not differ from mine. What bothers me most

    • sap26

      …is how his views hinder the competition. The whole point is to continually develop a better product for the consumer but he apparently wanted only one for all. This is what I love about Android: variety, “openness” and FREEDOM.

  • Steve Jobs

    I am a narcissistic egomaniac that carried hate on my heart and felt anyone that thought differently then I was to small minded and was the enemy. I died a bitter Hull of a man.

  • stuartmc

    This is deja vu if ever there was, this was exactly how Steve reacted to Microsoft and Windows back in the mid-eighties and we all know how that ended.

  • James

    When the first iPhone came out i was excited and purchased it. Only to realize that the first iPhone was so locked up tight that even ringtones could not be set for individual callers. When “jailbreaking” (breaking away from the prison) was released it was crazy stupid but possible to make small customizations to the phone. It was not until apple saw the “hackers having a market” within the “jailbreak” community that apple “came up with the app store” this was a direct result from the various lawsuits that came from people that did not want a pretty paperweight and felt applications and customizations should be a part of the base system. Funny that a year later a new iPhone was released that was running 3g, and it seems every year apple releases a new phone and gives you basic upgrades to it and package this new device with carefully crafted marketing and call it innovative. So I take an archaic device, add a faster processor or camera give you bullshit features “Siri” (android has had something quite similar for about 2 years already) and call this crap innovative…. What a fucking joke. and before you start with the whole bullshit on how i am an Android fanboy know that I have had each and every iPhone since they came out. and to this date the best phone I have is still the Samsung galaxy s2

  • Moebius

    He was an asshole. I’m a proud owner of a Nexus One and soon-to-be a Galaxy Nexus owner. If I had to pay $1,000 for the GN I would do it because I like Google, Samsung and Linux. On the other hand If somebody gave me an Iphone 4s or whatever, I’d put it on craigslist right away (or probably give it to my dog to chew on)

  • Rushaoz

    Ive gotten banned from a few forums for flaming this guy. I dont give a shit what he did for the industry. Just because the devil introduced you to the wheel doesnt mean you have to like the bastard.
    I’m happy he’s gone.

  • jason

    T-mobile and apple negotiated the sale of the iphone long long time ago but tmobile was not going to give into what Apple wanted….att agreed to Apples terms and now will use all that iphone money to buy tmo isnt it ironic. T-mobile dropped the ball long ago.

    • Hollyw0od

      No one has bought anyone yet.

      You aren’t an Apple fanboy are you? If so, you’re proving the stereotype. Unimformed rhetoric spitter.

  • Marx1684

    Die hard Android guy here. I was offered an Ipad 2 for free & decided to just wait until I could get my own Android device & I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Open source is the way for me. Jobs was good for pushing Google to me. Other than that I would not entertain the idea of getting one of his products.

    • RevSpaminator

      Why didn’t you take the free iPad 2? You could have reloaded it with Android. :)

  • RevSpaminator

    Even if the bio is “official”, I have to wonder if the author didn’t take some artistic license. It just sounds a little too extreme considering some of the earlier on relationships Apple had with Google. I would guess that the feelings became stronger as Android gained in popularity. I could be wrong.

    Either way Apple will soon be facing the same situation they were back in the early 90′s. Without Jobs, no one at Apple will have the strength of leadership to drive their next great idea. Ultimately their flagship iOS will slip in popularity as Android’s versatility and openness leads it to market dominance. Apple will keep shipping the same iPhone/Pod/Pad devices with slight bumps but overall their product announcements will become boring. Within 5 years Apple will be sitting at 5%~10% market share. Eventually even the Apple faithful will recognize the Walled Garden’s effect. I watch this happen in the 90′s. Those who refuse to learn from history….

    I just hope Android doesn’t get stale from lack of competition. :)

    • Phil

      I think that decline for the iPhone might just be right around the corner. Last year they kinda had the Verizon iPhone 4 hype to save them This year theres nothing to pull out mid year and the 4S really didn’t even trump the GS2 let alone the GN and Razr. Now they have a whole year to deal with beasts coming out left and right with no hype for the iPhone. And the changes to the UI in ICS only compound the problem. I think people generally are going to find the UI stunning and clean and all the so called problems of inconsistent UI are being addressed. Doesn’t look good for Apple…or WP for that matter.

  • Marcus

    Of course he hated the Android OS why wouldn’t he!? Just think about it from his stand point; he had it all. The computer market was broken up into two main sectors Windows users and Mac users. For years it’s been that way… it would be very easy for a person of any level of intelligence to become complacent, haughty, and just simply full of ones self. He thought he was Gods gift to the information age… he was a great man but he was not without his faults and unfortunately for him he did make a very strong first stride at trying to destroy Android instead of just looking at it as a way to further his own stranglehold on the market. The fact of the matter is and Android fan is made everyday and same goes for Mac (No one likes windows mobile) so you stick to your strengths… because as we all know Pride comes before a great fall.

  • counsel

    I want everyone to enjoy their phone… what is right for me may be wrong for you-that applied to us all..

    Yet… (you did know this was coming right…?), the Treo 600 & 650 had a touch screen with program icons aligned in rows & columns… the picture viewer also presented thumbnails in the same way-who holds that patent and how (prior art anyone)? Palm’s natural progression was to a fullscreen, butpalm managementpuntedthe Treo designers and the opportunity. Go Google that :)

  • kwills88

    Jesus, did you guys read those comments on macrumors? You can see just how brainwashed they are into believing that apple/iOS is the greatest on planet on, and what they were saying about android didn’t sit too well with me while reading what they had to say.

  • mmilton

    Did Apple invent the mouse when the Macintosh was released?

    • Greg

      Nope. Stanley Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute. But Apple made the first good consumer use of the product.

  • 3for.tv

    Ever seen the short documentaries called “everything is a remix?”

    Isn’t there philosophers that have said we create nothing “new,” we just combine already existing ideas?

    So yes… Google “stole” off of Apple…

    Who stole off of…
    who stole off of…
    who stole off of…

  • Greg

    Almost all technology is copied in some way, shape or form. The Palm PDA’s copied from Apples Newton. Palm’s first product in 1996 and the Apple Newton came out in 1993 Steve was passionate, not perfect. He certainly was not a moron like a previous commenter suggested. I have been using computers since 1982 and Microsoft and Android products leave a lot to be desired in both their aesthetic appeal as well as the stability of the operating systems as well as the software and applications that use the the OS. Our family owns the iPad 1 and 2 and my experience has been very positive. We had to get two devices because it was used so much more than the 4 computers we had sitting around I was slowly converted to the MAC culture. It didn’t happen overnight. It start with the iPod Mini and I stopped dragging my knuckles and walked upright. You should do the same.

    The Apple products are so much superior in functionality and build quality. Even after I had the iPad 2, I decided to look at Android tablets to see if maybe I was being biased. After all, I love technology in general. I spent a few hours at a local Best Buy using all the major brands of tablets running various versions of the Android IOS’ (insert wtf here). Here was my take on what I saw.

    1) Most of the products lacked any sort of appeal They looked like a rush to market abomination of metal, glass and yes lots and lots of good old plastic. Ick

    2) The layout had varying sized icons for media versus apps. It just looked like another cluttered windows desktop. Not a fresh new experience at all. Yuck.

    3) What blew my mind the most was how often the various applications on the devices just randomly crashed. I don’t see that very often at all. Maybe once a month. It was crazy because in the course of a few hours, I saw 20+ application crashes. I guess windows users are acclimated to such dribble. Puke.

    Most of the commenters on this blog haven’t ever given a Apple product a spin for any period of time so they probably should refrain from presenting a one-sided opinion.

    • counsel

      The Internet still had data in the company that predated the newton-Apple wasn’t first with that either…


    • Eric R.

      if you really came to a site called “androidandme” to praise you iOS devices, you are literally barking up the wrong tree. Then you go onto rip on Windows users??

      So your Apple devices give you so much happiness that you must spread hate on an Android site?
      You are a real class act. Perhaps you should go enjoy your Apple brand of happy elsewhere.

    • Hel’spon

      Since I’m a little bored, I’ll spend a little time breaking down your post to show and prove how inaccurate and full of shit it is…
      I love how you imply that those who aren’t apple sucke-uh, er….customers are somehow less “savvy” or “sophisticated” than those who, as you put it, stopped dragging their knuckles and started walking upright. Somehow, you “know” what’s best for others because you suggest they do exactly as you have done. That display of smugness is exactly what is off-putting about Apple, their corporate culture, the company’s admittedly brilliant co-founder (r.i.p.), and a lot of their customers. I agree that he wasn’t a moron, but he was definitely a prick…
      Regarding Apple’s build quality, I have to disagree with you right there. Prove that their build quality is better overall than the top smartphone/tablet OEMs (since you seem to like YouTube so much, look up the drop test where the exalted idevice breaks when dropped from waist high compared to the “plasticky” gsII)…in fact I still have my Motorola q from back in the day…and it STILL WORKS…and though you are entitled to your opinions regarding aesthetics, my xoom has comparable build quality in comparison to both of your tablets. And please don’t speak to functionality when “iPhone” has to be the most paradoxical name for a product whose “functionality” as a phone was laughable. Picture messaging, 3g, copy/paste, multitasking, widgets, sending email attachments, unobstructive notifications, (I could continue…) are all functions that consistently arrived later than the competition. So consistently, iSheep wait a year or more to acquire “functionality” from a device while spending as much (presently) or more (remember the price drop fiasco?) than comparable devices…
      As far as looks go? Truly in the eye of the beholder. Be real with yourself though, you can’t seriously look at various tablets and make a statement like “not a fresh new experience at all” and not expect to be looked upon as asinine. Between vanilla android, sense, touchwiz, and the different styles of icons and widgets, you actually think that a row of icons (4 years unchanged and counting) is a fresh new experience? Gtfoh with that bullshit, trust that no one’s taking your opinions seriously. Let me clue you on some unsolicited info, sheep…
      Apple wasn’t the first to do it…
      Apple not only isn’t the first to do it, they typically do it later than others (feature set)…
      FYI…your posts and others like yours on other forums are why android users spit such vitriol at apple users such as yourself. Most of you/them fail at realizing when y’all have been duped. The shit appleheads accept from this company is astonishing. From the price gouging of the first 2 iPhones while delivering dumbphone level functionality in the beginning, to releasing a phone with a design flaw in the antenna and blaming the end user for holding it wrong, to determining for the end user what the user experience is, for deciding what is allowed to be downloaded to the device (i.e flash), for using Gestapo tactics to protect or retrieve lost prototypes (impersonating police in order to search a person’s dwelling shouldn’t be tolerated by NO American, whether it’s done by Apple, Google, RIM, Microsoft, or anyone else, no way I support that with my $)….and y’all keep going back for more. Apple doesnt listen to its customers,…their customers listen to and obey Apple, and the sheep wait in line to re-up each year for mere incremental upgrades…and have the nerve to act as if their jesusphone is truley more than what it is…this is why you are sheep…
      And in case anybody is wondering, I don’t have a problem with the product(s) itself. Aesthetically speaking, it is what the sheep say…elegant, smooth, etc. But when people act like this device is some type of status symbol, that IT (and by extension,THEY) are better than others just because it is from Apple, that this company is the end all be all when it comes to tech…and act uppity about it, then I have to drag them back to earth…preferably kicking and screaming.

      • DeZzA

        Couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • Greg

    Here is a Youtube video comparing an Asus tablet to the Ipad 2. The Asus tablet looked pretty good and had some nice features, but the iPad actually worked (watch from 11:30 to 12:30) Embarrassing huh, but you’re used to it because you grew up as a Windows user. Wait for the next patch….It will be awesome!!!

    Android mobile OS is just so buggy. The true acid test of any product is how consistently it works and it looks like Android mobile OS is just shovel ware OS.

    People think that Ice Cream Sandwich will be so great. Good luck and I really hope it works because all I’ve seen so far is unstable crap which really doesn’t give Apple much competition. We need good competition to drive the market forward not half baked OS’ that make the user the guinea pig.

    • Raptor


      Someone mentioned Wiki here, i will cite:

      “For example, the first patent for an electronic tablet used for handwriting was granted in 1888.[1] The first patent for a system that recognized handwritten characters by analyzing the handwriting motion was granted in 1915.[2] The first publicly-demonstrated system using a tablet and handwriting text recognition instead of a keyboard for working with a modern digital computer dates to 1956″

      If Apple stole something long forgotten then it stole from them. All others stole from Apple, period. I am glad my views coincided with Jobs, i did not know that before.

      While some your points are fine, I do not find others very credible. For example both iPads are just good looking sh!t which even fall off the main philosophy of Apple itself. How come these picture frames have that pixelated screens while it is #1 of importance device of the tablet? How come accepting retina displays in the smartphones they did not do that in iPad2? One excuse -Steve Jobs was sick and overlooked this.

      But from the other side Android tablets – ALL OF THEM – first, were inspired by Apple and are 100% shameless steal from Apple (like i remember so well the USSR did for 70 years stealing everything possible which was honorable thing if you steal something from your enemy), and second, also have a bit better but still crappy screens. Android itself though is not bad there but is also inspired by Apple and is a STEAL from Apple.

      I will repeat, i respect some your views, and have nothing personal – I like how Jobs questioned each and every authority, spoke straight even to President, but I avoid Apple products and hate Apple fans passionately. Worst morons ever. Then somewhere on 4-5th places go Android and Linux morons.

      Being Android or iOS fan sounds for me as stupid as being DOS 2.1 or Windows 95 fan in the past.

  • Greg
  • Greg

    Where’s my keyboard?


    9:00 – 9:30 on video

    Wonderful craptastic Android OS.

    Also watch 11:30 – 12:30.

    Enjoy:) .

    • AA

      You must be an apple fan, because you can’t tell the difference from Acer to Asus. You need pictures of fruits to tell the difference. BTW my rooted Nook Color has been very reliable that can play flash. How about your iPad that costs twice as much?

  • E1

    All this is going to do is boost Android up more and lets not forget ICS I wouldn’t be surpised to see Android completely over take ios and eleimnate it I guess that’s what Steve feared and let his fustration run wild

  • cb2000a

    After reading some about the upcoming book it became clear to me that he was a somewhat different kind of guy. Brilliant in design and innovation, but clearly a super control freak. This transferred over the company and it’s control on everything Apple touched, which had good and bad consequences.

  • aplsux

    hah, too bad he died, YOU LOSE!!!! ANDROID WIN!!!

  • aplsux

    Greg Y U SO ANGRY? no more steve jobs rectum to suck on?

    • Greg

      I often find that all the people that are so brave in anonymous postings are the biggest cowards in real life.

      I at least tried to be a little fair. I said the Asus had some nice features, but the OS was so buggy and your response was based on a direct insult because you had nothing to argue back with.

      Google built a terrific search engine, but Android at this point is not the greatest. They made it open source because they realized they couldn’t make a great product themselves and needed almost the entire industry to fight against Apple. Google has a veiled guise with it’s open source in that if it succeeds it will be more of a monopoly than Apple or Microsoft ever was. Open source is far from free. You will pay the ultimate price in the end. Don’t be so easily duped and please grow up a little or at least share your real name and address instead of being a coward.

      • Raptor

        Google is an interesting company….starting with huge delay compared to all other internet search companies it abruptly became the leader. Someone decided to put the main bet on them and money in one day overflooded them. They have done just one thing — they were not annoying you with two first pages of clearly intentionally placed ad. All others couldn’t afford that. The search engine innovations they introduced were of second order of importance and not as of critical difference.
        Doesn’t this ring you the bell?

  • Mark

    I had my comments deleted when I was posting about what a piece of shit human he was when all the bleeding hearts were trying to act all sympathetic. Guess this is a wake up call. STEVE JOBS, YOU WERE A PIECE OF SHIT WHEN YOU WERE ALIVE AND YOU ARE STILL A PIECE OF SHIT NOW THAT YOU’RE DEAD.

    • Raptor

      depends on who is talking.

  • franco

    I think the guy was too obsessed. What an annoying point of view.

  • Raptor

    Stealing and copying is the main feature of living organisms. The humankind is not an exclusion. LOL.

    Funny, without any influence from the outside, and never being an Apple fan, i was thinking lately exactly the same way about Android and Steve Jobs just confirmed that.

  • bin artyte

    I notice 1 difference in comments about this article on any site.

    Non partial users, such as those that don’t favour apple says generally this, “We respect steve jobs, but he’s a control freak. Competition breeds innovation.”

    And partial users, such as apple fans generally says this, “Android should just die.”

    What a big difference in maturity…

    • Greg

      Not true at all. I am quite diverse. I own a Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and a Wii. I’m not a fanboy on any level. I have sony, Samsung and Visio products throughout my home.I can just tell that the people that don’t like Apple think everything should free or nearly free. Guess what, when you sell something without much margin, then you just set yourself up for future failure because you will go cheap on the R & D with successive products. I wanted a Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy tab when they first came out, but they simply weren’t as good as the Apple product and cost nearly as much.

      Amazon will sell it’s Kindle at a loss because they want their competition to die as well, but that doesn’t help the industry. I still might buy a Kindle Fire because I think the idea of Silk is innovative and I like the idea of cloud computing. Everybody bashes the IPad2 because it lacks a USB or memory stick slots. SD slots are not really that big of a deal anymore with Cloud computing. There is no reason to store your entire life on a single tablet..not that any of them could without the Cloud can anyway. I have a 64 GB model and have bout thousands of dollars of Apps, movies and songs. I can completely entertain myself on cross country flights where I used to be bored to tears previously. USB is also so slow. Even the 3.0 standard will be slightly less than half the speed of Apples Thunderbolt.

      Finally, there is the argument that Apple is a control freak. There is some truth to that, but it allowed tons of average Joes like you and me the opportunity to become millionaires by publishing apps for the masses. Do you realize you can publish an app for free. Apple take like the first $150 or so, but then after that you make about 70% profit. The publishing mechanism and sales audience they give you is astounding.

      I also personally don’t like people that give products equal chances. I at least have and the Android market may be there someday or maybe in the near future, but it isn’t there yet. It is half baked and I would rather pay a premium for a great product than less for second best.

      • Joshua

        Totally wrong about SD and cloud computing. With the ridiculous cost of data and still no nation wide reliable wifi cloud computing is still horribly crippled. You still need space to store things.

        I’d rather save my data and watch a movie off my SD card then stream Netflix and burn through data in two days. Until cell phone companies here wise up like the rest of the world cloud computing will be a joke here.

  • me

    Steve should Go straight to the hell!
    Few years ago he said that apple stoling too much… they are taking everything from others…

  • ozzzy3z

    I never thought too highly of Steve Jobs. In my mind, we’re even ; )

  • sam

    someone listening to this greg dude would think apple has paid him to be their spokes personnel..dude we get it!!! yes u love technology.. you gat d cash n all but have u noticed u are the only one with postings expressing a barrage of irate comments..lts like this tirade of urs is never ending..
    buh i must say i respect ur guts tho..u gat sum facts dere

  • ptsuk

    He was a douche. Just goes to show you that when he steals its “inspiration” but when others steal its theft! I wonder if the Xerox guys in the early days had a vendetta against apple since he practically stole all of “his” ideas from them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdrKWArr3XY what an asshat.

  • tyler

    did anyone else read that quote with an angry german accent?

  • Joshua

    I think it’s truly ridiculous and just confirms Jobs God complex. I could see if Apple IOS was completely unique and never added anything that any other OS’s had, but it didn’t. Everybody takes from everybody else and it’s just the way the world works. There was no blatant rip off here. It’s just stupidity in every sense of the word. Google wanted something open source and they went with it. The conusmer made it a success and it had nothing to do with iOS. iOS was more polished than Android from the start but obviously people wanted something different. If it was a rip off they would have stayed with it. WTF is he thinking?

  • jizzy6879

    and now he’s dead 1 android 0 dead guy

  • MarkT

    The iPhone was an innovative and desirable product – in its day. That day has passed and its current flagship model confirms what many of us feel, that the iPhone is a triumph of marketing, expectations and owner aggrandisement over actual capabilities.

    Is it any wonder that Steve Jobs, the man behind this very clever approach may have employed it himself? His image is carefully cultivated and enhanced by the Apple followers, but wipe some of the manufactured gloss away and the possibility exists that underneath, as a person, he falls short of the status he was afforded in the eyes of the public and the Apple customers.

    I don’t want to crucify the guy, but I fully expect more ‘personal’ revelations from people and employees that felt his wrath and the sharp end of his management style. It won’t be pretty, but this is what happens when the marketing machine stops.

  • Kevinthebox

    It must be a slow day in the office for this to be news. Who cares what Steve Jobs says? Just because onedead man says something about Android its news? This is dissapointing Androidandme. A fanboi based article all in the interest of cheap hits and money? And based on the number of comments and type of comments, how can anyone argue? Please focus on your premium Android content articles this website used to be known for.

  • sylar

    Whoa, that’s serious Steve. Even though most of the innovations in the Apple updates are originally from android its still a stolen product huh, yea that makes a lot of sense….

  • JCB

    I thought it was Bill Gates and Microsoft that we loved to hate. I wish I had an Apple-Android comparison to make here, but it’s Bill Gates that springs to mind. Bill has been very open and accommodating in talking about the high piracy rate of Microsoft products in China. Accepting the reality was a way to at least sell some product in China, and it gave a lot of Chinese people access to the software. I never knew Steve Jobs was supposed to be the man we loved to hate. Actually I never knew much about him or his company’s products but thought he and they looked pretty cool. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and he could have kept it that way. But he was willing to spend his dying breath and every last penny of the company on revenge? Those are about the only words I’ve ever heard from him. Perhaps that’s the difference between him and Bill Gates – that Bill’s happy to spend billions losing out for himself in order to benefit others. I was hoping to catch a TV special on Steve Jobs’ life just after he died. I’m not sorry I missed it.

  • BW

    My, how QUICKLY we forget, Stevie. Let’s get in the Delorean, fire up the flux capacitor, and set the dial to Aug 6, 1997. With Apple on the verge of bankruptcy, the egotistical Steve Jobs was forced to BEG Bill Gates for $150 Million to save his company. THAT is the ONLY reason that Apple continued to exist. What’s more, Apple had to use Microsoft Office on it’s system to keep selling computers.


    At the end of the day, no mater how much money he made, Jobs would always know that were it not for Gates, he would have been bankrupt and OUT OF BUSINESS!!! No Ipod, no Iphone, no Ipad, no nothing!!!

    • Greg

      Better go “Back in Time” a little further to see that Steve Jobs paid Microsoft to develop software for early Apple products. The guys were competitors but also friends. You would do the same thing if placed in the same situation. Jobs just wanted to save Apple when he came back. He was not the one that drove it into the ground. He also had this little company called Pixar that was starting to explode when he came back to Apple. He didn’t need the money. He wanted to save Apple and show that he wasn’t a one trick pony and he did it. btw Steve made the majority of his money from Pixar, not Apple. He would never have been bankrupt. He lived too modestly anyway. Check out his house and lifestyle versus the amount of money he made. Very modest He wasn’t stupid. Quit rewriting history if you don’t know the facts.

      The problem with Microsoft and Android products in general is that they don’t have control of both the hardware and software and unfortunately the end products usually get screwed up. Every Android software code will be first tweaked by the manufacturer and possibly again by the carrier (if the device is sold by a mobile phone company). Something gets lost in the process where the “whole” is not as good as the sum of the parts.

      I am totally open to buying an Android tablet too because I like tech in general, but I’m waiting for a good one to come out. One that meets my high standards just hasn’t come out yet.

  • Ernie Tirado

    I’ll put it this way as a human being I felt sorrow for Gaddafi when he was captured and beaten, even if he was an Evil Human being who tortured other.(He got what he put out=Bad Karma)
    That said; I felt for Steve Jobs passing, even being a Windows Fan (Not a Fanboy). I guess he forgot who bailed him out n the 80s when Apple was going into bankruptcy. If Microsoft would have taken that attitude of “Sear and Destroy” where would his company be today. I believe with the little I have heard on the news about his Bio, It shows an brilliant but angrily self-centered person. A spoiled child mentality of my way or the highway.
    If Apple does not learn how to compete, his dream of spending every last cent on litigation will come to reality and his company will join him were ever he is. Because of this I would not read his Bio even if it was given to me as a gift.
    Brilliance is walking a fine line between being humble or being an egocentric Idiot.

  • Harvey

    I agree with the comment regarding Steve Job’s God Complex. He had a completely wrong point of view. In any business, there will always be competition and this cannot be avoided. Also, it’s not that some of the ideas were copied, it’s just that the direction of technology is pointing to this certain direction. Remember the good old days of Palm OS vs Windows mobile? Palm OS had a market. Windows mobile competes. Apple iPhone revolutionizes touchscreen. Google competes. Simple as that.

  • Jeremy Chan

    Apple isnt completely original to begin with

    • Greg

      There is no “Original” any more, just “Better”. Take any car, electronic item, book, movie etc. and see if you can’t find that it wasn’t a rehash, modification or improvement of something from the past. Everything has a past. Get over this argument. It’s meaningless tripe.

  • CptSheridan

    Well this article confirms my guesses. Not that it wasn’t already obvious. I will say it now, he was a great business entrepreneur (who however doesn’t listen to customers) who however will leave a legacy of how to be short-sighted in terms of technology (no pun intended). I had one of the original iPods, it broke on me after pretty much exactly a year. Fuck you (‘scuse my language).
    Then there is the whole price issue. Apple-consumers complain that Android products are just as expensive as Apple and never perform well. Well I’m sorry, would you like us to run a benchmarking app for iPhone? Is that even possible without jail-breaking?
    Thracian another point. To access Android’s full potential via rooting is a walk in the very small, well trimmed with flower bushes park. Jailbreaking as far as I understand is FAR more difficult. Then another thing, IPhones while capable break EXTREMELY easily. I have lost count of the amount of people I see with broken iPhone screens, I have yet to see it happen to my dads Defy, and he mountain bikes with it.
    Then there is the keyboard, yes Greg talking to you. My Swype keyboard performs far better than iPhone. I have used both and I type on Swype about 2x as fast as on my mums iPhone 4.
    I’m all honesty in terms of the actual article it just shows how little he cares for actual people and prioritizes profits over the well-being of his customers. While I respect his success he was no matter matter what, a ignorant idiot who lacks understanding.

    • Greg

      1) No need to jailbreak an iPhone. The software is excellent.
      2) Anything with a glass screen (including the Defy) is bound to break if you don’t put a bumper on it. See the following article on an ad that Motorola had to pull because their phones do break http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/09/defy_ads_banned/
      3) Agree Swype is a pretty cool idea.
      4) I used to get caught up in benchmark hype, but real world performance is where it counts. I don’t know enough to comment on Android Smartphones, but I have seen enough of the current breed of Android tablets to not be impressed. Why do I need to see all the underlying files for a program. I just want to run it and I don’t want it to crash. That’s all that is important and unfortunately that’s is what I have seen on the Android tablets. If something does not crash and runs quickly and efficiently then that that far exceeds a more powerful device that crashes randomly here and there. The cars with the most horsepower are not always the fastest.
      5) Masses of people shouldn’t be the only consideration in developing a product. Steve Jobs was right when he said that people don’t know what they want and what he means is that a lot of people don’t have enough vision to see far enough ahead to make a wise decision. If you let focus groups drive everything then you might not even have telephones, email and texting today because a lot of people would have been to resistant to the change initially to appreciate the power of such things.
      6) Cursing in a post? Really? My children know better.

  • http://twitter.com/FitAmber Elvia Gaines

    “We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people, and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

  • Ruiqi Mao

    Sure! Let them do it!
    It’s only going to destroy Apple further.
    They’ll never win enough lawsuits to destroy Android, even with their $40 billion.
    And once that $40 billion is gone…

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I don’t give a shit
    android ftw

  • pritams

    he was an asshole./

  • Reinhart

    ‎”the industry wasn’t measure by who has best selling personal computer, or who has most innovated technology, the industry was measure by who has the most systems that was adopted the most other companies” – John Sculley (Triumph of the Nerds)