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Verizon drops Galaxy Nexus exclusivity tag, UK sets November 17 launch date


Like many great phones before it, the Galaxy Nexus is proving a bit difficult to nail down in the weeks leading up to its launch.

Just last night Verizon put up a page allowing Galaxy Nexus hopefuls to sign up to be the first to know when they could have the privilege of purchasing the newest of superphones. While that page didn’t mention anything about exclusivity, there was a banner ad running on Verizon’s site that proudly stated, “Galaxy Nexus Exclusively from Verizon.” The ad is still there today, but it has been stripped of the “Exclusively from Verizon” text.

Whether that means the Galaxy Nexus won’t have exclusivity on Verizon in the US for a time or if it simply means that it won’t have exclusivity globally remains unknown. We’re also still without a Verizon release date; our only evidence points to November 10.

However, we do now have what seems to be a hard date for the Galaxy Nexus to launch in the UK. Yesterday we reported November 16 as the release date based on the third party retailer “Phones4U,” but it turns out that was off by just a hair. Both Amazon UK and, subsequently, Samsung themselves gave November 17 as the official UK launch date at an event today in London. A worldwide launch will follow.

So where does that leave us? Does Verizon have a 7-day exclusive? If so why did they pull the exclusivity tag? I guess the one sure thing we have is that by November 17 at least some of us will have the Galaxy Nexus in hand, and I’m sure we can all agree that day can’t get here soon enough.

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Source: Phandroid

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  • 666

    If those Sprint store orders for Galaxy Nexus posters is any indication, Sprint will soon be getting it too. Hopefully with WiMax in tow. Sprint may be getting LTE but they still have a long term on going contract with Clear.

    • mercado79

      Honestly, I’d settle for an LTE version on Sprint as well. As convenient as Wimax is on occasion, it’s not a daily used feature for me (I have enough stress worrying about battery life without making matters worse by leaving Wimax on). The speeds, future proofing, and possibly higher resale value that an LTE model would bring makes it more than worthwhile for me.

      • Nate B.

        I will settle for LTE & wait to use it as well. I rarely use Wimax & I have good coverage. I’m always around wifi.

      • 666

        By the time LTE does hit any area, and I’m NYC, I’ll be looking forward to the next super phone. WiMax works now and I don’t think they’ll release a LTE phone without LTE deployed anywhere or any 4G radio. My bet is that if the GN comes, it’ll be a WiMax one.

    • Alan

      We don’t have a contract with clear. We are the majority stakeholder in clear.

    • some internet dude

      I cant wait at the prospect of Sprint getting the Nexus. Bring it on.

  • dcormier


  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    sorry guys the event clearly said. EU first on nov 17th then the rest to follow.

    that means you dont get it till after the 17th

    and virizon were never going to have a full worldwide exclusive now were they??

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The event quite definitely gave that impression, but everyone likes to claim they are getting something first, we’ll just have to see.

      And no one has ever really known what the story was with the Verizon exclusivity rumor and considering the vanishing act in their ad that may include Verizon.

    • BiGMERF

      what Keridel said. I watched the UK show today and they def said Europe the 17th ,with a world wide distribution to follow soon after.. So I do not see how it can be the 10th?
      Verizon probably pulled that tag cause of the backlash they received. I hope I am wrong

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        You guys are probably right, the only question is if the Verizon launch is on the 24th how am I going to explain to my family that I have to leave Thanksgiving dinner to wait in line for a phone?

        • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

          hahaha they will understand i’m sure…… maybe…..

    • Starship

      Well I read it as : ‘We’re giving away a free puppy with purchase”

      The catch is the puppy comes in the mail and could take 6-8 weeks for delivery :-/

  • Nathan

    I really hate this cat and mouse game crap, can we just get a freaking date and price so we can move on with our lives, like come on already.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      I can’t +1 this enough.

      • BiGMERF

        i will +1 yoou too for reading my mind

    • Nate B.

      Couldn’t agree more. When Google sets these things up they need to have it ready for the public a week or two after announcing it.

    • R.S


      I also agree with it. Its one thing to hype up a product but its complete BS to continuously tease people like this. After a while, it turns people off and creates animosity or bitterness.

      I was willing to wait for the Galaxy S II because at the time my phone, even though it acted up a lot, still worked. Now that it no longer does, I’m essentially paying for a service I can’t use. Because of this, I need a phone asap. Not maybe in a week, not maybe in two weeks, not maybe in December but right now!

      As much as I’d like to wait for the Nexus, it looks like I’m going to buy either the HTC Amaze or the Samsung Galaxy S II.

      • Nathan

        Well thanks for the one ups but yea this is getting annoying and company should have a release date atleast a week after announcement or a even a few days more but that just pushing it.


    i got a question for you guys. I have bought a hone over seas for use here stateside. If this infact turns out to be a Verizon exclusive for a period of a month or more I may consider buying one from Europe (depending on the price). I have read in several laces that the 2100 AWS bands that tmo uses is on board, so 3g/21mbps should not be n issue. Now what and from where would be a reputable way to purchase one?

    • ben dover

      good question! I’m in that same boat!

    • BiGMERF

      sorry that was supposed to read “I have NEVER bought a phone overseas”

      • BiGMERF

        cancel what i said.. Just saw the conversion rates.. Im not paying 800 dollars. No way

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’ve known a few people that used Expansys over the years to import their phones without any issues, but I don’t have any personal experience doing it.

      • Muhammad

        Whats your opinion on AT&T? Will the nexus hit their lineup sometime this year? Thus far their smartphone lineup looks very underwhelming vis a vis Verizon and even T Mobile. They’ve got the iPhone, galaxy s2 and then a bunch of second tier android devices. Verizon is just crushing them.

        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          Verizon’s lineup honestly borders on unfair going into this holiday season. I have no idea how they managed to garner basically the best device from every manufacturer all at the same time.

          I don’t have any special knowledge of when AT&T will get the Galaxy Nexus or if they even will officially support it. I believe that the AT&T compatible version that we saw roll through the FCC awhile back should be available before the end of the year, but that may just be the fan in me hoping for everyone to have a chance to get the Nexus.

  • Alex

    Verizon is getting it exclusive at least the LTE version while tmobile and att hspa+

  • Dee

    I could give a damn about VZW. Let’s talk about the GSM version and whether they will be selling this phone unlocked in both versions since google discontinued its nexus store.

  • L

    You want to import this unlocked, use it on a GSM network like ATT on Edge speed for 1000 bucks and no warranty? Genius

  • Muhammad

    I walked into a Verizon store today (Chicago, IL) and asked an employee about the release date of the Galaxy Nexus. She checked with a manager and then told me that it will be released on the 18th of November. I asked about pricing and she said there is no price as of now.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      A Friday release would be pretty weird for Verizon, but I’m all for any release date before the end of November.

  • Justin

    I hate to sound like a whiny beotch, but these looong delays between announcing it and making it available is kinda ridiculous.

    If they had made it available within a few days, they would be flying off the shelves. If they had released the S2 at a reasonable time, we all would have it right now. But they waited… so me (and I’m sure many others) decided to pass & wait for the next best thing.

    “Uhm, so I guess I’ll just give you some money, and you can give these shoes…. I’m just trying to get these shoes back to my house so I can wear them”

    replace “shoes” with “phone” and that is how I feel right now.

    Sorry… I guess I am a whiny beotch.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I would be very happy for a November 18th date..

  • pritams