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Video: Google+ introduces hashtag and real-time search support

It’s not everyday you get to see Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, Vic Gundotra, introduce a new feature in Google+. Google has been busy slowly rolling out changes and improvements to the service, but today’s new additions are special. Finally, Google has enabled clickable hashtags and real-time search support.

So how do these new features work? It’s really quite simple. To use hashtags, add the pound sign to the beginning of any string of text without spaces. After the hashtag is posted, it becomes a clickable link that brings you to a variety of search results containing the tag. You can filter your results by Everything, People, Google+ Posts and Sparks. And of course the search results that come up for hashtags, or anything else for that matter, are displayed in real-time.

By pressing the “most recent” link on the search results page, posts containing your search criteria will auto-populate in real-time. If there’s something you want to see more of, or if you just want to stop the results from coming in, press the pause button.

In my personal experience, the real-time search results work well. If you search for something popular like “Android,” the results come in a little too fast to keep up with. Other than that, it’s a nice addition.

Hashtag support on the other hand is very clearly a work in progress. Let’s say you search for the hashtag #androidandme. The results aren’t just posts or articles containing the hashtag. Anything with the hashtag text, whether it’s an actual hashtag or not, will show up. And adding quotation marks doesn’t help either. Hashtags are still usable in their current state, but some advanced search options wouldn’t hurt.

What do you think? Have you had a chance to use Google+ hashtags or real-time search? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  • sap26

    That’s great, Vic. How’s ICS coming along?

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    I don’t know why, but this video creeps me out.

    • MaxSteel

      How so?

      • Panatella

        Don’t get me wrong, Vic is an OK guy, but he needs to get some better media skills. Everytime this guy tries to speak on a friendly tone, my mind starts to distrust him.

        • DeRocKK

          For me it is the complete opposite. I totally love his videos and his style.

          • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

            Huge fan of Vic, too, especially since the Google I/O 2010. He gave an incredible presentation then for Android. Too bad he’s doing it less and less now, and he seems to be involved only with Google+ now.

          • wax

            I love his style too. He’s like a brown Mr. Rogers!

    • Anthony E

      Yeah, it creeped me out too! I got the sex offender vibe while watching that video, lol. I normally love Vic’s presentations though.

  • mmace

    “To use hashtags, add the pound sign to the beginning of any string of text without spaces”
    surely using the hash would be more sensible?
    Do people outside the UK even have a pound sign (£) on their keyboards??
    yes, I’m being sarcastic, but to 60 million people you use a hash for hash tags and “pound” is above the number 3 on they keyboard and is our national currency

  • Vic Gundotra

    This video looks like a homemade audition tape for Sesame Street… why is he talking like he is addressing rather simple-minded six-year-olds?

  • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

    Man, I went to G+ to avoid hashtags.


  • Ant

    For English viewers it’s not the pound symbol it’s the hash symbol.

    • http://www.deebster.com Dan

      I think it’s only in the US that some call # a pound sign. You’d think that the name “hashtag” would be a clue ;)

  • glarghblarg

    Omg…he speaks just like this kid in my speech class when he gives his presentations…so ..so…weird