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Where in the world is Andy Sandiego?


We can’t really blame them, but Samsung absolutely sucked the life out of the CTIA show in San Diego. For the second year in a row, they’ve disappointed us by unexpectedly cancelling their big media event with little explanation. A few other products were announced, but the talk of the show was the missing-in-action Galaxy Nexus.

There were all kinds of excuses and rumors, but only Google knows the real reason for cancelling this week’s big announcement. The latest rumors suggest that Andy Rubin will show off Ice Cream Sandwich next week in Hong Kong at AsiaD: All Things Digital, and I believe that to be true. Last year Andy surprised us with a demo of Honeycomb at an All Things Digital event, and I’m sure he wants to show off his team’s latest work when he takes the stage on October 19.

Samsung Mobile US keeps telling us that an announcement is coming “sooner than we think,” so we might find out about an American launch event at any moment. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Samsung reveals another Unpacked event in New York by the time this post hits the tubes.

I’m still puzzled as to why Google would debut the next version of Android to a Hong Kong audience one week after stiffing the US media, but it’s a good sign for those of us hoping to see the Galaxy Nexus arrive simultaneously on multiple carriers (instead of being a Verizon exclusive). An Asian debut could signal a big global launch plan, similar to what Apple has achieved with the iPhone becoming available in dozens of countries shortly after going on sale in the US.

With each passing day it seems almost impossible that this device will live up to the hype we’ve all created, but I’m still genuinely excited to see what secrets Google has been keeping from us.

At this point all we can do is wait. It would have been nice to attend a US launch event, but that doesn’t really matter in the long run. Google and Samsung will still announce the Galaxy Nexus sometime this month. It will probably go on sale in early November. And we will stand in line at Best Buy again to go pick one up.

Hopefully, this is the last time I’ll have to write “one more week to go.”

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  • Nathan

    Hopefully it will be true that it will be last time you write “one more week to go” cuz I’m really want to see it.

  • sap26

    Google, don’t make me hate you.

  • seven2k

    yeah..ill wait but im thinking a Friday announcement just to mess with the people standing in line. Or when they are trying out their new iOS phone and see that Google just announced a phone that trumps the iphone..but i maybe really wrong… we shall see

  • Nate B.

    I’m looking forward to it being announced on the 19th. I don’t really care where but when is the issue.

    I just want to say I’ve learned more and more and its been fun with this site. I check in on PhoneDog, Techno, MobileBurn, and others, but even if its the same story I’ll look forward to see it here on Androidandme. The characters and excitement in each post is pretty cool. Even the comments of others are funny and I learn from them. You guys are really awesome.

    And the tweet about Taylor saying his Nexus S won’t update to IOS5 was to funny lol. I really wish you all would off got to have a hands on live at the CTIA. It’ll be in y’all hands soon and ours as customers as well. Look forward to the androidandme news and future reviews.

    • Angie Strickland

      Nice to hear, thanks for sharing :)

  • skugern

    According to a Wall Street Journal article titled “Samsung, Google Delay Launch Due to Jobs Death” … uh, the title says it all.

    • Steve Barry

      And do you believe everything you read in the media? While I hope it’s true (would be a pretty class act if you ask me), the mainstream media is simply just a bunch of sheeple.

  • R.S

    With T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S II now available, waiting for the Nexus has gotten harder for me.

    I had planned to go check out the GS2 but I’m afraid that I’ll end up buying it then regret it once the Nexus is announced.

    With my luck, it would probably end up after the 14 day window has closed. Lol

  • rpras

    So we’re leaning toward “Galaxy Nexus” again? I much prefer Magenta-flavored “Nexus Prime.” A question – would the GSM version that passed through the FCC be capable of AT&T HSPA+? Just wondering if I stay with T-Mo and (God forbid) the merger does happen.

  • CJ84

    If i dont see something concrete soon im gonna jump on board the galaxy sII. the gs2 is expected to get an ics update around christmastime and it has some pretty nice specs. Realistically it wont matter too much i just want ics and super amoled hd as quick as possible.

  • Tico4674

    I went in to the tmo store today and tested the sgs2. It was really hard to go home empty handed, what an incredible phone! I’ll wait for the announcement and reevaluate my stance on waiting or just getting the sgs2. I may just buy the sgs2 and sell it on craigslist to help buy the prime whenever it eventually hits tmobile. First World problems!

  • thaghost

    “sooner than you think”

    BS. Everyday after the 11th is another day late!

  • osatrevor

    *clap* *clap* *clap* Taylor, you are far and away the best writer on any of the Android sites that I read. I always read AAM first because of how consistently articulate your articles are written. I feel like you echo our sentiments and write them even more eloquently than we can think them on our own!

    Consider me a Taylor Wimberly fanboy! Keep it up bro, you make this the best Android site on the net!

  • http://keridel.blogspot.com keridel

    as far as i know it is a worldwide launch.

    the iphone is available in the pretty much the whole world at the same time.

    i love you guys but sometimes you seem very american centric

    just a point i’ve noticed..

  • kore sar

    Also there is rumor that Google is going to release their next Nexus with LG company. And there will be two Google-phones, an ordinary one, and the one with hardware qwerty keyboard called Optimus Prime Transformer.