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A closer look at the upcoming wave of Tegra 3 games


With the recent official announcement of the quad-core Tegra 3 chipset making its way to Android devices soon, there were also a ton of games mentioned in the press release that a lot of people probably aren’t familiar with. Right now there are over 15+ Tegra 3 games under development and 40+ Tegra Zone games will be available by end of 2011.

With the Asus Transformer Prime not too far off from being released, here is a compilation of most of the games that will be available for Tegra 3 devices. Some of these you already know about such as Sprinkle, Shadowgun and Bladesligner, while others you may not have even heard of before such as DaVinci THD.

Bladeslinger, Shadowgun, Riptide GP

Two titles already available for Tegra 2 Android devices as well as other non-Tegra based devices are Shadowgun and Riptide GP. For those of you who have missed the plethora of articles out there when these games were released, Shadowgun is a third-person shooter that features some pretty impressive console-quality graphics and gameplay. A Tegra 3 optimized version is already in the works.

Riptide GP, on the other hand, is a water racing game where you jump on your jet ski and start racing against computer AI opponents. Graphically and game play wise, this is probably one of the best racing games currently available for Android. Vector Unit is currently working on a Tegra 3 version of Riptide GP which will feature improved graphics and physics including a neat little feature where the water will actually ‘splash’ onto your screen.

Bladeslinger is a hack n’ slash game coming from Luma Arcade that will be making it’s way to Tegra 3 Android devices soon. While this is an action hack n’ slash game, it also features a unique battle system that is based around cards, similar to that of Magic the Gathering but as a much faster pace.

Soulcraft THD

Shown off as a tech demo during CES 2011 at the Nvidia press event, Soulcraft from Mobile Bits is an action-RPG title that will finally be landing on Tegra 3 devices soon. There still isn’t a whole lot of information to go on in regards to Soulcraft THD but it is a great looking title even back when it was being used to show off the dual-core Tegra 2 chip.

Combat Arms: Zombies

Nexon is making a bit more of a push into the Android gaming scene with an upcoming title developed using Unreal Engine 3 called Combat Arms: Zombies. This title is based off their MMOFPS game of a similar name, Combat Arms, but brings in the zombies with it. This will also be an FPS game similar in style to the Call of Duty Zombie mod.

Lost Planet 2

Capcom has been testing out Lost Planet 2 on quad-core Android tablets since Computex 2011 and it seems they are still working on bringing this title to Tegra 3 devices. This is a third-person shooter that takes place on a planet called Eden II and features some pretty impressive visual and game play mechanics which include using vehicles and mechs during combat. Capcom has yet to officially confirm this for Android but you can check out the tech demo of it running on a prototype Tegra 3 tablet from Computex 2011 in the video below at about half way through.

Zombie Driver THD

For those of you who are fans of all things related to zombies, there is another game coming to Tegra 3 devices soon called Zombie Driver THD. Unlike most zombie games where you run around shooting zombies in the face, vehicles will be your weapon of choice in this game. You’ll be able to outfit your vehicles with weapons or just simply mow down a large group of zombies with the vehicle itself by drifting across all their blood. It isn’t just about zombie killing though as you’ll need to rescue survivors as well who are trapped in buildings.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure

Moving away from the shooting and racing games for a moment, Hamilton’s Great Adventure is a co-op puzzle game for one or two players (on the same device) where you are a treasure hunter going by the name of Ernest Hamilton. To solve each stage you will have to use both Mr. Hamilton and his bird, Sasha, to solve the puzzles in each stage, collect the keys and loot before moving onto the next. For those of you who can’t wait to try this game out, you can also grab a copy off Steam.

DaVinci THD

Probably one of the more exciting titles to look forward to when it comes to Tegra 3 games is an MMOFPS called DaVinci THD. The PC version of this game just went into a closed beta and the developers, Bridea Corp., are currently making a version of this fantasy themed MMOFPS for Android as well. Unlike a lot of MMOFPS games that are strictly about PvP in some form or another, DaVinci features both PvP and PvE (Player versus Environment) content for people to blast their way through.

Siegecraft THD

Currently slated for release on Android Tegra 2 devices this month, Siegecraft THD will be getting an enhanced version for Tegra 3 devices as well which will feature high detailed graphics and, like most Tegra 3 games, higher FPS for smoother game play.Siegecraft THD is all about waging siege warfare but instead of being a king of some land and battling out with other nations, you are actually a mercenary for hire who happens to have their own siege army. The three races in the game will be hiring you to go after their enemy’s castles.

Zen Pinball THD

Zen Studios’ upcoming pinball arcade platform called Zen Pinball THD will be landing on both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices soon. The free table that comes with this game, called the Sorcerer’s Lair, has been the one seen on plenty of videos from past events this year where a Tegra 3 prototype tablet has been on display. The tables for Zen Pinball THD will all come with different themes like the Amazing Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and the Sorcerer’s Lair for example. All of the tables are fully animated even right down to the smallest details. The Tegra 2 version is slated for release this December 2011.

Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar Games has a set of titles coming our way soon for Tegra devices in the form of Grand Theft Auto III and Max Payne. Rockstar Games is giving Max Payne a bit of a face lift by improving the graphics to sport a bit more detail with a revamped user interface and will be landing on Tegra 2 devices soon.

Grand Theft Auto III will keep true to it’s console counter-part and will come with all the content the console version had including the ability to pick up hookers and then rob them to get your money back. Rockstar says the Tegra 3 version will have improved visuals with newly created textures, more complex characters with higher polygon count and higher resolution assets from the game’s PC release. This should make the purists out there rather happy. No exact release date has been announce for either title.

The best is yet to come…

This certainly isn’t all the Tegra games coming to Android, but it’s starting to impress.  Other titles slated for arrival soon include Big Top THD by Pitbull Studios, Sprinkle from Medicore, and Jett Tailfin Racers THD from Hoplite Research. IniS also appears to be bringing their once tech demo of Euphoria as a full game as well. Best of all, for those of you who plan to get a Tegra 3 device, all the Tegra 2 games should run on your new quad-core device and will see performance increases as well.

Which upcoming Tegra game are you most looking forward to?

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  • charliethesuperturtle

    Get a hooker then rob them for your money back?
    This is my game!!!!

    • to all

      Merry christmas and a happy new year!

    • welcome to android fragmentation

      Prepare for android gaming fragmentation!!!

      • Andrew Huff

        In about a year, or even less, that won’t even be an issue anymore. Most people who play console games are usually the ones talking about gaming fragmentation. PC Gamers have been dealing with it for years.

        As I’ve always said, Android is to PC Gaming as iOS is to console gaming.

  • kazahani

    This is EXACTLY what android needs. The public has been waiting for true PC-quality gaming on the go. GET THIS RIGHT, GOOGLE.

    • Sam G

      It’s not up to Google.

    • Samuel Evertson


      If you could have ‘pc quality gaming on the go.’ Why have computers? Why not just plug the phone into a monitor? Because you can’t have the PC quality ‘on the go.’

      • AsakuraZero

        all i can say is “yet” “not yet”

        technology its like a out of control train at full speed, it just will keep going forward waiting for no one

      • Andrew Huff

        You can absolutely have PC quality gaming on the go. There are plenty of services under development that will actually let you play PC games via the cloud, on your Android device such as GameString and OnLive. With quad-core devices coming out with 2GB of DDR 3 RAM, that’s more than enough power as well

        • Max

          But is there enough battery power on these devices?

    • 666

      Waiting? The iPad which has been out for nearly a year has a GPU that is still about 25% more powerful than the Tegra 3′s GPU. And it already has an impressive game library.

      • 666

        iPad 2 that is and the iPad 3 is just around the corner and you can bet on am even more powerful GPU.

        • Andy

          No the ipad 2′s gpu is inferior to the tegra 2′s gpu actually. The games are more optimized. The tegra three games however do look a lot better than the same games on ipad, or tegra 2 . The ipad 2 is pretty outdated in terms of hardware except for the screen.

  • DRA

    im going to be broke with all of these great games coming out

  • lolman

    I was going to buy PS vita…….nw these kind of games changes my opinion again….shud i rather go for asus transformer prime

    • sirmitchie

      I’m in the same predicament. I’m gonna have to do a LOT of overtime to get a PSVita, Tegra 3 Tablet AND stay at Uni. Ahh, who needs a degree anyways…

    • Mark

      You can’t get the same kind of control that you’ll experience on a Vita compared to a touchscreen device. It just isn’t possible.

      • Ironzey

        ICS is going to have support of gamepads. So you will have the same control…

      • Andrew Huff

        You could use Bluetooth controllers since before Honeycomb came out. Honeycomb 3.1 brought USB Host support which includes controllers but that was limited to tablets. ICS will come with expanded game pad support so it will work just fine, if not better than the Vita since you can use a full game controller that a lot of people who play console games are already used to.

        • 666

          Whats the point then? How is a tablet or phone with a external controller a portable option?

          • Andrew Huff

            It’s a portable option because it’s a portable device. Just think of back in the day when the gameboy first game out. You would have to have a carrying case just for your games alone and that’s not including any extra peripherals that you make have used with it.

            Even in this day and age if you were to bring a new portable gaming device, you’d still have to lug around cartridges etc etc. All you need for Android, if you choose to want to use one, is a controller. It’s a hell of a lot more portable.

            Edit: For whatever reason I can’t reply to you below so I’ll reply here. Unless you have the tiniest hands in the world it’s incredible easy to hold both, even a tablet and a controller, in one hand. I do it all the time. That is with a full game pad. There are other controllers that fit right into your pocket that are compact. It’s actually a lot more portable than you may think. To each their own though.

          • 666

            Huh? You’ve got to be kidding. This isn’t “back in the day,” this is now. I can carry a Vita with all the games in the internal memory or probably even in an external card and that’s it. Thats all I need. I can hold it while standing in the train and game in comfort. Now tell me how the hell are you suppose to hold a phone, let alone a tablet, and an additional controller in a portable situation – you CAN’T and it’s stupid.

          • buxtahuda

            @Andrew Huff

            I completely agree. Laptops are “portable” and require a number of peripherals in order to be fully-functioning, often causing people to devote an entire extra bag to lug around. Once I have my Transformer Prime w/ keyboard dock, I’ll need nothing but that considering my needs and reasons for getting the device in the first place and that can do fine for these games so long as keyboard-for-controller options are available.

            If not, I pride myself on my numerous pockets with all outfits ^.^ I could easily throw a small BT or PS3 (same, but I’d consider a plain BT smaller) controller in one of them and feel no different in terms of burden.

            @lolman, sirmitchie

            I too am in this predicament, but over time will have all ^.^ the Eee Pad comes first I think, as I’ve just been stalling on trying out a tablet for exactly a device such as this. Then the PSVita after a decent library of games has really been established, that make compelling, full use of the (IMO) strange hardware.

            And this Wal-Mart sale is about to net me possibly all three current consoles if I really feel up to wasting my life, probably just the XBox w/ Kinect and some games for it and my PS3Phat though.

            Lawd knows my nettop, phone, and desktop haven’t been hard to justify and those are still kinda needed. My upcoming ventures will be entirely for naught lol

  • Bart

    They should make Castle Crashers for tegra 3^^

  • Russell

    how would these perform on Tegra 2?
    I’m about to cash in on a great deal on an Acer a500 and it would be awesome if I could run these new games.

    • Andrew Huff

      Some of these will have Tegra 2 optimized versions but some will be strictly for Tegra 3 devices. Not sure if you’ll be able to play the Tegra 3 only games on Tegra 2 devices. Maybe Chainfire will come up with something.

      • Nathan

        That why I want a tegra 3 tablet at some point

  • Nathan

    Can’t wait to play some of these games.

  • Trident

    Hey i wish there is a way to play these tegra games on the galaxy nexus :(

    • chris87

      You can with chainfire just google it.

  • dump

    android is for homosexual_s

    • charliethesuperturtle

      Like you?
      oh sorry I mistaken Ifartos 5 with Android considering apple just copies what Android has had all along


    cant wait to play these games. Tegra 3 tablet is surely part of my christmas wish list.

  • buxtahuda

    [quote]IniS also appears to be bringing their once tech demo of Euphoria as a full game as well.[/quote]

    Oh, this looks just like Flower by That Game Co. on PSN. I loved that game, though I just couldn’t force myself to bother with all the trophies.

    Anyway, I hope the video I saw was the tech demo and not general gameplay. Looks good, and will definitely be an addition, as will many of the other games here, to my Transformer Prime.

  • Luke Haviland


  • Max

    So with tegra 3 becoming the main focus, what’s gonna happen now? Are tegra 2 devices no-longer gonna get exclusive game titles? Hmm…tech is moving too fast!

  • duh

    unfortunately, not much tegra 2 games work at all on the asus prime

  • craig

    All these upcomming games are going to be released for both android and apple ios yet apple only have dualcore not tegra 3 so i think your wrong about the tegra 3 exclusive games they will work on tegra 2 an ios just fine as welll, the game debelopers wouldnt make any money marketing just android tegra 3 devices.

  • MrNois

    ok, so i have new tegra II device, it is pretty powerfull, but there aren’t games that really utilize the power, and the devs are already making tegra III games? that’s sad, some of those games are using UE 3 which tegra II is more than capable running… just saying…

  • Gentry

    its funny cause shadow gunner plays fine on my single core 1GHz scorpion snapdragon without any lag and with stunning detail. why do they need tegra 3 for that game?

    • MrNois

      Thats what im talking about… my Desire S plays all games fine :)

  • Trent

    The tegra 3 shadowgun game has many more effects than the version that other devices play
    Same goes for riptide and all these games that have “normal” counterparts.
    I have a transformer prime and I can tell you that the extra effects really help the experience

  • JohnnyBoy

    Graphics processing power on new devices grows fast. I must admit I’m quite impressed what Tegra 3 can do. I quess it’s a fair assumption that when especially graphics get better you’d expect the overall game quality be higher as well. How ever, at the moment that just isn’t the case. I really haven’t seen any pc or console quality games with real depth on phones or tabs yet. They might come, but that would mean major resource allocation from game developers. That translates to higher production values and thus very much higher prices than 4,99$ or so. I really hope that all the power Tegra 3 brings along aren’t thrown into games, that are nothing less than tech demos.