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Adobe launches suite of applications for Android Tablets

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At their Adobe MAX conference in early October, Adobe announced they would be releasing a suite of tablet-optimized versions of their popular graphic design and photo editing tools on Honeycomb tablets. This announcement was widely acclaimed, as it would most notably bring a feature rich version of Adobe’s Photoshop application for the low, low price of $10.

Early this morning, Adobe launched this suite of six applications onto the Android market for $9.99 each. The following applications can now be yours to enjoy on your Honeycomb tablets.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop is one of the most widely used programs for photo editing in the world, and rightfully so. The Photoshop Touch application allows you to use all the core Photoshop tools to edit and transform your images in a clean and polished application.



Adobe Proto lets you create wireframes of websites and applications on your tablet. I’m sure this is the kind of application that makes Clark feel all warm and gushy on the inside. If you’re into wireframes and the like, you’ll probably want to check out Proto.



Kuler is an application that lets you generate color themes that can inspire any design project. Adobe further claims that Kuler is the most powerful color inspiration tool anyone has seen on a tablet device.



Adobe Collage lets you assemble moodboards by combining images, drawing and text. If you don’t know what a moodboard is, you’re probably not alone. A few of the screenshots in the market show off the kinds of things you can create in Collage, including a cool looking flow chart.



Debut is a form of presentation tool that allows you to present and capture feedback of designs and other Creative Suite creations with colleagues and friends virtually anywhere from the comfort of your tablet. This is perfect for you on-the-go designer types. (Here’s looking at you, Angie).



Ideas is a digital sketchpad application that allows users to create drawings using vectors, layers and color themes. Ideas allows you to fully zoom in on your creations, perfecting the level of detail necessary to produce your creation at almost any size imaginable.


Final Thoughts

All of Adobe’s new applications serve a unique purpose that is sure to capture the imagination of the designers who will be purchasing them. Each application allows you to sync your creations to the Adobe Creative Cloud for further edits/perfections using the Creative Suite on your Mac or PC.

Since I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch (though I do have a lot of interest in this field), I’ve only found myself confident enough to purchase the Photoshop program. Adobe has a knack for putting together fully featured, beautiful applications out to market, so I probably will be expanding my repertoire very soon.

Which of these applications are you guys going to purchase? Any of you out there who don’t currently have an Android tablet now planning to purchase one because of these powerful new tools?

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Source: Adobe

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  • Patrick Connelly

    I was really hoping to see lightroom or some other photo-specific application for tablets. Would be nice to be able to edit photos on the go like I do on my desktop.

    • pcon

      Man, I really need to remember to login next time….

    • AsakuraZero

      As a hobbyist photographer I bought the transformer with the purpose of showing my pictures on the go.

      Seeing photoshop its welcome but something like lightroom its way better on my tablet and more now with ics tablets

    • MarkT

      WOW – For £6.99/$10 you can edit plenty with this app. I think this will be a great go-to tool for on the road edits and retouches for the tablet crowd. I use Pixlr on my Chromebook for this ATM.

  • Lane Montgomery

    I wonder if the apps have been submitted to both Apple and Google at the same time rather than waiting for Apple to approve the app.

  • Andrew

    $10 per app is quite good, but to sync files between tablets and pcs you need the Creative Cloud, it’s $49 a month.

    • Nick Gray

      Just use drop box and you should be set.

      • Anthony Domanico

        or email… or many solutions really

    • Meg

      You can use the Adobe Creative Cloud for free via the apps. The Adobe Creative Cloud has benefits that you can’t get with Dropbox. For example, when you open the new app called Adobe Debut- bring in a PSD file from the Cloud and select which layers you want to present in the app. The Cloud converts PSD files to a tablet readable format. If you bring in an AI file you can select the artboards that you want to present. The Adobe Creative Cloud is actually pretty cool.

  • iAMtimmah

    I actually purchased a thrive on Sunday just to download and use these new adobe apps. Not too intersted in the creative cloud, but am definitely excited for my tablet to come in so I can play with these.

  • javon27

    I previously used Inkscape on PC for vector drawings. Does anyone know of any other vector drawing programs on the market that are free?

  • pekosROB

    This is totally unrelated but I don’t know where you can post general questions on the site… if there is can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to get a Transformer Prime when it comes out next month. Anyone know if any websites or companies have any specials or bundles with it prepared?

  • pekosROB

    I have Sketchbook Pro and it cost about half as much as Ideas. I absolutely love it, although I haven’t used it much lately.

  • Nathan

    I need a new phone to get all these new cool feature or tablet

  • Kwills 88

    Being a graphic designer/artist, seeing this makes me all types of happy, being able to edit and draw on the go when i have stocks of work pilled up and i am away from my pc will be great for me.

  • Leo Young

    A lot of really great things about this suite.
    One deal breaker – 1600 x 1600 pixels.
    Say what?!

  • pritams

    they knows the retail market real well..