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BaconReader for Reddit finally reaches the Android Market

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If you just so happen to be a Redditor, or user of social media in general, then you may have heard of an app known as BaconReader. It is a Reddit client that has been in the works for almost a year now. It has gone through multiple stages of alphas and betas, and today it finally makes its official debut in the Android Market.

Nearly one year ago, when BaconReader was first introduced, the Reddit client options on Android were incredibly slim. Since that time more developers have opened shop and released apps into the Market, but none of them are quite as nice as BaconReader has turned out to be. The app is plenty functional, with features like full profile support, color coded comments, full featured inbox, one-tap access to your favorite subreddits, Rageface and look of disapproval support. But that’s not where BaconReader excels. BaconReader blows the competition out of the water when it comes to design.

BaconReader is not only the best looking Reddit client available on the Market, it’s one of the best looking apps period. A lot of time was put into the design and user interface of BaconReader, and it really shows.

Also announced along with the release of BaconReader is a glimpse into the app’s future. BaconReader has been acquired by OneLouder Apps,┬áthe developer behind FriendCaster and TweetCaster. Chris Arvin, the original developer of BaconReader, has said that there will now be an entire team of devs working on bug fixes, but he will continue to stay with the project and still lead design.

You can try BaconReader for free by using the Android Market download widget below. If you’d like to get rid of the ads in the app, you can do so for $1.99 as an in-app purchase. If you happen to give it a shot, let us know how you like it.


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  • Dr.Jeckyl

    YAY! Another way to get my daily dose of non-productivity. I love you Reddit! I can’t seem to get away from you! You crazy sexy girlfriend.

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      Oh by the way… INSTALLED!

  • bossyman15

    i’ve installed it but will try it out during my break at work.

    • stenzor

      You’re doing it wrong.. you’re supposed to reddit during work, not during your breaks!

  • stenzor

    Ooh this is fancy! Definitely much better looking than any of its predecessors… time to procrastinate in style!

  • bossyman15

    mmmm seems to run little slow on my evo 3d

    when scrolling my subreddits (front page button) it lags when scrolling.

  • aj

    MMMMMMMM… donuts wait…

  • stenzor

    Yay! Happy birthday!

  • BlkSquad

    Oh yeah! Time to waste time

  • SCJaredJ

    mmmmm…….bacon. +1 for making me hungry.

  • amassingham

    I’ve been looking for a good reddit client for a while now. I’ve tried Reddit is good ( I think that’s what it’s called? ), but I just found the interface way too clunky.
    BaconReader is, well, beautiful. (Showed it to one of the iPhone kids at work and he’s pretty jealous that his reddit reader isn’t as pretty).

    There are obviously a few improvements I’d like, such as faster loading comments, and some way to differentiate between read and unread posts. But I for one have decided to use this as my reddit reader of choice from now on.

  • EwanRGR

    So my two questions are:
    1) Will there ever be a similar Android And Me client (since as the community is building it is starting to get harder to keep up with comments)?
    2) Will they (or anyone else) build a decent client for Hacker News?

    As for the app itself, it’s not quite AlienBlue for Android, but it’s not bad!

    • goodevilgenius

      I’d love to see an “Andoid and Me” Android app, too.

  • Mighty_O

    i will install it but will try it out during my break from school and see if i like it..

  • Shackled

    Been using this since Alpha 3 and even then it was the best Android Reddit app. A really well polished app and I like that logging into an account is not necessary for browsing anymore. Can’t wait to see what else he (I guess its they now huh) comes up with.

  • FSFatScooter

    I do gusta anti-productivity …

  • golcarcol

    Just when I finally decided to make a Reddit Android app, this comes along and slaps me in the face =/

  • SuperAndroid

    And there I was thinking there was an app that could Read Bacon…

  • goodevilgenius

    I never really used Reddit much before, but I installed the app anyway, and now I’m hooked. Why haven’t I been on Reddit all along?