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DotEmu celebrates release of R-Type for Android with 150 free Zeemote controllers


Today DotEmu announced that R-Type for Android is now compatible with the Zeemote wireless controller. In order to celebrate their first Android release, we’ve teamed up with DotEmu to give away 150 free Zeemote controllers, so our fans can enjoy the retro game the way it was meant to be played. Read on to see how you can claim your free controller.

The Game: R-Type

For those of you unfamiliar with DotEmu, they are a developer and publisher that specializes in bringing retro games to new platforms. They have already released a dozen games for iOS and the 1987 classic, side-scrolling arcade game R-Type is their first release for Android. The game normally sells for $2.99, but DotEmu is having a 50% off sale from November 21-27.

Highlights of R-Type for Android include:

  • CLASSIC ARCADE SHOOTER R-TYPE IS BACK - Let’s go back in the 80′s with this classic old-school shoot’em up! One of the biggest arcade game will make you travel back in the day. Be ready to have fun with this old-school side-shooter game!
  • INCLUDING ORIGINAL FEATURES - The game is the challenging R-Type you used to play before. And we kept all its specifics, just the way you remember it! Fly through 8 levels with 3 different control options. Play in two difficulty levels. Upgrade with new weapons, power-ups, and attachments. Defeat 8 unique bosses and waves of various enemies.
  • FEEL THE BLAST - Blast off and strike the evil Bydo Empire! Don’t be shy and use your best shot to take them down! It’s retro, it’s fun and it’s also hard to master. Be the best ever to finish this masterpiece!


The Prizes: 150 Zeemote controllers

DotEmu has hooked us up with 150 Zeemote controllers to give away. The Zeemote JS1 controller ($29.99 value) operates over Bluetooth and offers a console like gaming experience with an analog joystick and 4 action buttons. The Zeemote controller supports mobile devices running Android 2.x and above.

How to Enter: US Residents Only

To claim your free Zeemote controller, just fill out the form below. Really. If you’ve got an And Me Account (make sure you’re logged in!) and are one of the first 150 to sign up, you’ll score a free Zeemote. This contest is for US residents only (more contests for international readers are coming soon).

Update: And they are gone. The contest is now closed. The first 150 eligible winners will be notified shortly.

This content is for And Me Accounts only. Please .

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    This thing looks pretty sweet. Awesome giveaway

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    Man that’s pretty cool. I love SHUMPS but hell if they don’t kick my ass every time. I spent countless hours on the Saturn and Dreamcast getting my ass handed to me in every shooter I could find. Consider R-Type a done deal.

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    I hope I recieve mine, it said first 150,,

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    Classic games rules! :D

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    Great game. Would love to have the controller to go with it.

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      A lot of people don’t read and are submitting foreign addresses, so they will be invalid. I believe there is still a chance to win.

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    You can get Rtype working pretty easily with a wii remote too. I just struggled to map ONE button though, and was impossible to get hold of the developers to confirm the mapping. Is awesome on a tablet.

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    I’d love one to try out! R-type is one of one of my fav throw back games :)!

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    i would love one of these for my transformer prime!

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    FYI – the log in link at the bottom of the post doesn’t work very well with the mobile brower.

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    I have read a lot of people experiencing problems signing in. I also had the same issues at first but found that refreshing the page quickly solves the problem and shows you are logged into your account.

    BTW great week of contests, this only makes the coming weeks even more exciting for AndroidandMe

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    fyi… Taylor had this to say about this contest: “We sent the list of 150 winners to Zeemote over the weekend. Prizes should be shipping out soon. We didn’t collect emails in the contest entry form, so we are not able to email all the winners.” -From:

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    3+ weeks… can someone reach out to DotEmu to get a status? Or at least tell us that the 150 people already got theirs?

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    Everything is going according to plan!

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