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Epic ball smashing returns to Android with Homerun Battle 2

Homerun Battle 2

Are you ready for the most addictive baseball game on Android? It’s been nearly two years since the release of the original Homerun Battle 3D, but Com2uS is finally ready to refresh one of their most popular titles. This week Homerun Battle 2 debuted on the Apple App Store. The Android version should be available soon.

The sequel features the same homerun derby theme, but it has been expanded with 3 character types, 5 stadiums and 6 different game modes. Players will still choose a character and customize their gender, body structure, skin tone, clothing, bats and accessories. Gameplay modes now include duel, survival, mission, burning, arcade and training.

Com2uS is selling the iOS version for $2.99, but expect the Android version to follow the freemium model. Homerun Battle 2 should be available for free, and in-app purchases will allow players to buy stars they can use for better equipment and items.

Check out the trailer below for a quick preview and then go download the free Homerun Battle 3D if you never got to enjoy the original.

Source: com2us

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  • Ankit

    Rather pay for the game than go freemium

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I agree, but the devs have learned that freemium games generate the most revenue in the Android Market.

    • Lux143

      I agree…freemium is B.S.!
      its ruining sooooo many good games. im honestly ready to give up on android games for this reason. i0S dosnt have this type of shit.

      and thats what it is…SHIT….

  • Nathan

    yea, Im not a big baseball person but it’ll be a good time killer =)

  • JirafaBo

    Com2US is a truly evil game developer. The original Homerun Battle had issues with losing all your progress each time you updated. Then iPhone users had an unfair advantage due to better packages they could purchase. Now the app won’t run on rooted android phones. I loved the original game for a time waster, but I got tired of their $hit and uninstalled it. I refuse to even try this one… although I would like to.

    • Prem Desai

      Dude i hve hacked version of this gme that i dwnloded frm and after i updated it latest version all data is saved nd there is no loss of achievments gold bsllsndd cloths also are saved …..
      Better shut your mouth before u tell and think about it

      • Brian

        Went to and downloaded it. Still free version so which one did you get?

  • fuchenwei

    Android want!!

  • pritams


  • Prem Desai

    Just give me d date of realise of home run 2 ……. …..

  • Robert

    I won’t be gaming much longer on android because of the freemium crap. It’s killing true gaming. What’s the point when you can pay to win.

  • shallay

    Send me the link for cracked version of this game pls