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Futuremark to revive 3DMark benchmark for Android in 2012


Today Futuremark, one of the leaders in performance benchmarking software, announced that they had started development on 3DMark for Android. Some of you may remember that Rightware actually acquired 3DMarkMobile last year, but it appears Rightware only purchased the benchmark software and the 3DMark brand still belongs to Futuremark.

The original 3DMarkMobile that we used last year has now become Basemark and Righware has expanded their suite to include tests for the Android OS, GUI performance, and OpenGL ES 2.0 performance. Rightware continues to develop their mobile benchmarks and we hear they have some exciting announcements coming soon.

Back to Futuremark, their new mobile 3DMark will measure gaming performance on Android devices and they hope to develop the benchmark so that results will be comparable with 3DMark for Windows 8.

Jukka Mäkinen, CEO of Futuremark, describe his vision for the future of mobile benchmarks by saying, “We will bring 3DMark to the Android platform with a professional grade benchmark that can be trusted by manufacturers, suppliers and vendors to provide the definitive measure of gaming performance on Android while showcasing the very best in real-time graphics and effects.”

Highlights of 3DMark for Android (working title) include:

  • Measures gaming performance using rendering, CPU and physics tests
  • Stunning real-time graphics pushing the OpenGL ES API to the limit
  • Complementary online service to compare results between devices
  • Results will be comparable with 3DMark for Windows 8
  • Currently in development, expected to be released in 2012

Some have argued that synthetic benchmarks are largely useless, but I still think they play some role in determining how today’s hardware will handle future games. The end user experience is always the most important thing, but benchmarks can sometimes help us determine the different strenghts and weaknesses of competing platforms.

Speaking of benchmarks, we are working to finally standardize the suite of tests that our team uses to review Android devices. Which Android benchmarks do you think are the most reliable and which ones would you like to see us use on a regular basis?

Source: Futuremark

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  • charliethesuperturtle

    I love the flying skateboarding droids!!!

  • Dev-CreativeReach

    OpenGL ES will ,most likely play a very important role in even desktop graphics in the future.
    seeing that they are pushing these small mobile GPU’s so far, it makes you wonder what could be done with a ARM desktop.

  • johnd

    I hope they include quad core support, can’t wait to try it next year on Tegra 3. It should put up some insane numbers.

  • darkhorse166

    Graphics card manufacturers spent a lot of resources optimising their drivers for synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark on the desktop – sometimes to the point of perceived “cheating”. I wonder if SoC manufacturers will do the same on mobile, as graphics become more and more important.

    • johnd

      Interesting thought, they may. Well I know there are a few custom roms now that you can artificially force high quadrant scores on. I do look for graphics to become much more weighted with SoC getting more popular. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these chips in game systems soon if they keep improving this rapidly.

    • Heroine Headliner

      cosine dis statement…..

      deez ho-grammers ain’t playin fair…..

  • Heroine Headliner

    If it ain’t bout da nexus prime I don’t respek it…..


    Salute me…..or shoot me…..


  • Nathan

    Great now we wait, hopefully it wouldn’t keep us waiting to long. =)

    • latouffe

      I think i will have to buy Note or S2, because on my i9000 it will enver run :P

  • ishbuggy

    I hope this finally means we can have a standard graphics benchmark for android. I can never figure out all the random ones there are now with openGL.

  • staryoshi

    3dMark has always been a reliable benchmark for relative GPU performance. I will definitely be checking this application out when I get my hands on a new Android device.

  • akjax

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted this to happen.