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Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard ported to most Android 2.2+ devices


We’re starting to see more and more Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich themes and ported applications pop up on the Android market lately. Yesterday morning, XDA member for.digit announced that he has ported over the Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to Android 2.2+ devices. Since the latest version of Android has been released into AOSP, this is a direct port of the application found in Android 4.0 rather than the themed keyboards we’ve seen in the market already.

Though your phone may or may not be seeing the latest version of Android makes it’s way to your device in 2011, you can get a little taste of the upcoming OS by installing the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard application. Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard is currently available in the Android Market for free for most Android 2.2+ devices.

Perusing through the reviews on the market, the application seems to be having some trouble with HTC devices (confirmed by our own Sean Riley’s HTC Thunderbolt), though it works fine on the two Motorola phones sitting on my desk, as well as a few staff devices from LG and Samsung.

If you do happen to check it out, let us know if you have any problems with the application or let us know how you like the keyboard by leaving a comment below.


Source: XDA-Developers

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  • Troy Glancy

    I’ll stick with swiftkey!

  • GreyCelt

    Yup, same here. SwiftKey for me.

  • JeEtZ

    Works fine on Nexus S. At first use seems better then 2.3 keyboard.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Sadly my phone has not enough space for this, man it sucks. I had been using the Gingerbread keyboard but even had to get rid of it since my phone always notified of low space in disk, I think the problem is the G+ app, it takes up to 25 mb. I have an Spica with 2.2 thanks to Cyanogenmod.

    • T-MO:SGSII

      You probably need to upgrade your MyTouch3G to a device from 2011

  • ben dover

    I love, love, love this updated keyboard!

    with how I type, I would hit the period rather than the space bar when typing really fast.

    with the widened space bar, I can type really fast with no mistakes! love it!

  • shhon75

    Anyone tried this on the Nexus One?

  • caffeinedependent

    Works fine on SGSII except the vibrate function. Key tap sounds work though.

    • lolroflqwerty

      You should try going into advanced settings and changing the vibration duration. That’s what worked for me… :-)

  • Jes

    So far so good for me on my G2/Desire Z, but what’s with the lack of capitalization? “I” didn’t get auto-capitalized and I can only do caps lock after I’ve enter my first letter. Are these the problems mentioned with the HTC devices?

    • Thomas Hunsaker

      I’m noticing similar things now that you mention it. I got caps lock to work by pressing and holding on the key.

      • Marlon

        Double tapping works also
        *Droid Bionic*

  • rantmo

    Well it seems to work fine on the G2x, which is pleasant. It’ll take some getting used to but at first blush it’s definitely an improvement over stock Gingerbread.

  • salmubarak

    wow.. tasty keyboard… and deserve to be my default one..

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Works on my Nexus S, but it was too laggy so I just disabled it.

  • shaun

    Works well on my “DJ” streak

  • Pablo

    Now we just need more languages! Dutchhh please! I just can’t find the perfect keyboard… I’m a very rapid typer and the stock GB keyboard is nice, but i’m pressing the ‘dot’ way too often. Also if you type 1 letter too much or you miss one half of the times it auto-corrects to something stupid.

    SwiftKey didn’t had multitouch so was unusable for me, they updated a few days ago I saw, but I still don’t like it. Swype is slow (you’re just using 1 finger, i’m using two thumbs and that’s way faster for me). Any good tips, or is the auto-correction on this ICS keyboard much better than stock GB? :)

    Hope it gets more languages soon!

    • YNWA

      You tried SwiftKey X? That works with multi-touch on my Droid Charge.

  • jckeyes

    Really liking it so far. Works well on my Incredible.

  • chris hordley

    Will add it to my comparison review coming soon but first impression is it is too dark, lacks style. Big space bar is better than Swiftkey. Sub symbol too small on my Sensation screen. No one matches Swype editing layer, stick to Swiftkey and use SWYPE to ed it.

  • Rashad

    Pssh… I got swiftkey. I do like the color scheme with this keyboard, though

  • Nathan

    Cool, I’ll try it out

  • Mike

    People still use stock Android keyboards? SwiftKey FTW.

  • sirmitchie

    Working fine on my HTC Desire. I think this is the closest I’m gonna get to having ICS until my next upgrade!

  • Angie Wimberly

    I’ve been using SwiftKey for a long time, and loved it, but this is really really nice. I’m going to use it for awhile to really tell if I think it’s better.

  • LG Optimus V

    Annoying bug where the lowest row of keys is only half-shown makes it hard to hit the spacebar. Kinda unusable until that’s fixed.

  • h0ruza

    I like it so far. Nice little bit of ICS. Which leads me to something that has been bugging me.
    Some do and some don’t but I think all manufacturers should ship their phones with the stock keyboard as well as there own.


    Google should have their official keyboards on the market rather than our amazing developer community having to do it.

    let us have the choice please.

  • mikeluongo15

    Nice on nexus s. better then 2.3 keyboard

  • sirmitchie

    Just a heads up; I’ve come across another port called ICS Keyboard, which is smaller, has more functions, less bugs and is a better keyboard overall in my opinion.

    It’s on the market too:

  • chabuku

    How does this compare to SwiftKey? Seems to emulate it in a few ways.