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Socialscope for Android coming soon, bringing Instagram support?

socialscope Image via: AndroidCentral

BlackBerry has always been seriously lacking in app selection. More so than any other major platform out there. But there’s one app Berry users have been able to hold over Android and iOS users for years now. It’s called Socialscope, and it’s a networking powerhouse.

Socialscope is a one-stop shop for social networking. It features Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare integration for managing multiple networks within one app. There are similar apps available for Android right now, but Socialscope has a cult-like following. That could be due to the fact that it’s been in private alpha for years now, or because it’s a well designed app. Either way, both BlackBerry and Android users are scrambling to get their hands on a copy. There is, however, a new addition to the Android version of Socialscope that will have BlackBerry users asking what gives. Instagram support.

Instagram is a simple photo sharing app that’s currently only available for iOS. Users can take pictures, apply a faux-vintage filter and share online. Android users have long been pining for an Instagram client to call their own. An Instagram app for Android is supposedly in the works, but anyone who lands access to the early alpha of Socialscope for Android should be able to beat Instagram to the punch.

To sign up for the early alpha of Socialscope for Android, use the Google Docs-powered form here. Word of advice, don’t hold your breath. It’s probably going to be awhile.

Source: AndroidCentral

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  • Nate Hudson

    And yet….. no Google+ support. And why would I want the ANDROID version to support Instagram since there is no ANDROID version of Instagram yet. It got promised as coming soon back in August and has yet to appear. Also, why don’t other apps start integrating on the fastest growing social network (Google+)? I’d love to see apps like Pulse, Goodreads, Grooveshark, Spotify, etc. utilize Google+. I have to manually do so much to share stuff over at Google+ because everything is all about the facebook and twitter. I use all of them, but love where Google+ excels at a lot of things.

  • Stigy

    Supposedly Instagram’s API does not allow image uploads, hence the Instaroid application in the market. Allows for viewing, commented and liking pictures but you cannot upload.

    Anyone know something different?

  • pritams

    Awesome..can’t wait to try..