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Topic Tuesday: What is the best Twitter app for Android?


As part of our increasing focus on you, the loyal reader, we’re pleased to introduce a new weekly series called Topic Tuesday. Each Tuesday we’ll post a question for user-only discussion. In exchange for your opinions, we’ve increased the points for a comment upvote on these posts, so sharing something useful to the community will get you even more credit.

Today’s question: What is the best Twitter app for Android? I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before, but the last post I could find was from 2009, so I think we’re ready for a revisit.

In addition to user comments, we’ll make sure to get a few staffers to answer each Topic Tuesday, too. My favorite Twitter client has to be Tweetdeck. I’m in love with the column interface, especially the small yellow dots/lines that indicate when there are new tweets to be read. At a glance, I can see new tweets across multiple accounts, saved hashtags or other users. The compose tweet screen is also one of the best I’ve seen, making it insanely easy to add mentions, location, shortened links, etc. On top of all the Twitter stuff I like, Tweetdeck also supports Facebook and Foursquare, neither of which I use but mention here in case some of you guys do.

We asked staff author Dustin Earley which Twitter experience he preferred and he want the au natural route:

“When it comes to Twitter clients for my Nexus S, I have obsessively used them all. It may not be the best looking of the bunch, but two things keep me coming back to the official Twitter client for Android. I have yet to find another app that is quite as smooth or has better notifications. Every app seems to have at least some small form of stutter or lag except for the official Twitter app. The ‘pull to refresh’ animation is a great example. Other apps have tried to use it, but the animation for the action is never as fluid. Notifications in the official Twitter app are quick and have never had a negative impact on the battery life of my Nexus. With an older phone like this, every little bit towards the battery life counts.”

We also polled our editor Anthony Domanico, who reminded us that he also likes to check out The Twitters on a tablet:

“Though it’s not necessarily my first choice when it comes to phones (Tweetdeck wins it in that category), I religiously use Plume on my Honeycomb tablet. Simply put, the UI on Plume for Honeycomb is gorgeous, and the way Plume handles multiple accounts helps me manage my two personal and one AAM accounts with ease. Also, since this is one of the main projects for developer LevelUpStudio, updates and bugfixes come relatively frequently, especially when you participate in their beta program.”

So what about you?

Which Twitter client is your favorite? And why? With so many solid contenders to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to really decide why to use one app over another. The devil really is in the details (notifications or smoother animations, for example) and we want to know which app you’ve crowned king.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • Vineares

    My favorite twitter app is HTC Peep that comes with Sense 3.0 soley for the web page view INSIDE the app. Waiting to switch to the browser and then for the page to load is always a pain. But now that I’m on CM7 I’ve been using the official Twitter app.

    • Melissa

      HTC Peep is okay, but looks too plain. I wish they would revamp it.

    • nportelli

      UberTwitter has done that since it was early Twydroid.

  • triangle

    Someone recommended seesmic to me and I’ve just been using that since. It just works.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I’ve have used several apps before, always trying to find the perfect one and just trying out those who friends told where the best for them. I really tried to dig Tweetdeck but it was just not happening, after I ended up using the official Twitter client for Android. Is just simply the best for me. It does what I it to do, feels smooth, never had any problems regarding notifications or updating and I quite enjoy the UI.

    This may or may not change on the future, but I for the current present, I have it give it all to Twitter and their app.

    PS: This is really nice guys, I gladly welcome Topic Tuesday.

  • BiG MERF

    i love tweetcaster.. always have

    • james bricknell

      completly agree.

      tweetcaster is excellent

    • WarDrake

      On a phone, yes tweetcaster is the best because of the simplicity of it’s GUI and the power of it’s backend.


    I’ve always loved Twicca. It’s super lean, clean and customizable. Really love using the color markers. What I really like is how sparse the main interactions are, but the menus open up a lot of really useful short cuts, especially in the secondary menus. I don’t need a lot of upfront tools, but when I do need them, they’re easy enough to get to and thought out really well.

    I only have one account that I check and don’t use lists or saved searches much. Twicca doesn’t handle that kind of stuff that elegantly. So that’s probably why I never saw the need to go with something like Tweetdeck. Plus, I was turned off by older interfaces from Tweetdeck, Plume and Seesmic. But maybe I’ll check out Tweetdeck again.

    • agentdiscount

      I just have a single Twitter account so I have no use for the advanced features found in many apps. But, I will say I have enjoyed using Twicca for longer than any other client for the reasons @REDKEG mentions here. It’s fast, looks good, and has a few unique features (esp color coding).

  • Dennis

    I like the official and the Plume, don’t have sure wich is best. I think both are great.

    • iamXiV92a

      I agree. Though you have to have both app and key installed to get the premium features… o_O
      Why not just make it simpler?

    • Josh McAllister

      YUP! I I have used like 15 different apps, and I continue to use Plume and ONLY Plume. it’s just awesome!

  • Cvette83

    Like others, it seems like I’ve tried them all. The closest to being perfect in my opinion is TweetDeck. One thing I noticed recently that started to bug me though was that it doesn’t have the feature to see what’s trending (at least not that I’ve noticed), so I have turned to using the official Twitter app for that. Not a deal breaker for TweetDeck but sometimes I like to see what everyone else is talking about.

  • pekosROB

    Tweetdeck hands down. Columns, multiple accounts, interface/layout/UI, facebook, what is there not to like?

  • KidEnglish

    Just the standard Twitter app does fine for me.

    Twitter’s simple, the official app covers all the points I need and I never did understand why people want such involved overcomplicated interfaces.

  • razgriz94

    In the early days of Android, I used Tridroyd Pro exclusively. But now I’m a heavy TweetDeck user, though I do occasionally find myself using the official Twitter app every now and again. What keeps me with TweekDeck though is how it pulls in so many services into one app. I love being able to not only Tweet, but update my Facebook status and Foursquare all at the same time.

    • razgriz94

      Oops, typo. Meant to say Twidroyd. :)

  • mabroid

    Tweetcaster for me.

    Used the official app for a while as well as twidroyd but Tweetcaster is simple to use, great Facebook intergration which is key and great customizable layout

    • mabroid

      Ps @mabr82 if u want to read me moaning about work, my love of football (sorry “soccer”) and general nonsense!

  • Derek

    I like the original Twitter App but the only thing I dont like about it is it doesnt let you retweet with comment. So i use Tweetcaster just for that feature.

    • mabroid

      You can, its called quote instead ;-)

  • steve19137

    Official Twitter app all the way! I won’t use the other ones because they just aren’t as simple to use. They have nice features, but for someone who just wants to click the links and tweet a few times himself, it’s all I need. Not even a widget is needed, but I would use LauncherPro+ for that if I had to.

  • Önder Çatalkaya

    I’ve tested many apps some of them included in the post above. But Twitter for Android official app is just always one step ahead.

    1- Push notifications
    2- Pull down to refresh feature.

    But I gotta admit Tweetdeck’s column interface, friends tab and some more detailed features drags me into it. But the basics like i mentioned above always win.

  • Questionmark

    I have tried several clients but the best one remains Twicca. The most important being the no of option it gives. Plus u can integrate several addons like google trends, read it later. Plus the trends are easily viewable. Plus the widget is grt. Tweets just a click away.

  • Droid Dewd

    I had used Twidroyd pretty regularly and had tried Tweetdeck and Tweetcaster however I have been using Plume religiously for the past year or so. Though Tweetcomb is nice too but its not as user friendly as Plume. Plume has the best UI on my Transformer and my former Nook Color and I like how I can see conversations without having to leave my TL.

  • Milo

    Mine has been tweetcaster pro… Have used most twitter apps and tweetcaster just works best for me.

  • xray49er

    I like plume the scrollable widget and being able to colorize your tweets.

  • oparra

    I’m fairly new to android phones, but I always prefer the official Twitter app to third party apps. But to be fair, this is mainly because my own paranoia. If somebody is gonna use / manage / sale my data, I prefer it to be the main provider of the service (in this case Twitter).


  • Melissa

    My favorites are TweetCaster, Plume, and TweetDark.

  • Fraser Ntukula

    TweetDeck hands down…

  • Black Kristos

    I’ve used Tweetdeck since beta, but sadly it seems like support has vanished since their purchase. The issues and errors I’ve been getting with it seem largely unanswered. I still use it, but mostly because I hate the Facebook app.

  • jstnbsn

    I use the official client for notifications since no one else seems to want to add in push notifications. But for actual usage Tweetdeck hands down; although I use the last version since it still has posting enabled. It has the best image previews, posting screen. And it’s the only client that reliably saves your timeline position if you haven’t chacked it in a few hours.

  • Jorge Moreno

    Official Twitter app all the way!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am a simple guy when it comes to social network apps, and prefer to keep it official. I use the original Twitter app for Android. :)

  • GeauxLSU

    I use Tweetcaster only because it was the free app of the day once. I only signed up for twitter to get score updates from LSU baseball during Mardi Gras and since then have only started following a couple of others.

  • McLovin


    I haven’t found a valid reason yet to use Twitter other than to enter the contests this board sponsers.

  • l0g0s

    Definitely based on personal preference as well as usage habits, but I’m in the Tweetdeck Camp because of it’s integration with FB, and other social sites and because of lists.

  • nportelli

    I loved Twidroyd, But since it went to UberSocial and the last few versions before the name change it has gotten progressively worse. I don’t know what is best now.

  • thaghost

    Tweeting is for the birds!

  • unfeasible

    Twidroid is awesome. It is nice to also be supporting a 3rd party app that has more funtionality than the official app.

    Also.. why do the android people call the downloadable software “apps” as well. Stop copying mapple?! plz?!

  • Marcus

    When I first got an Android phone, I saw a video reviewing Seesmic, so I tried it. I used it ever since. It’s nice, and has a lot of features

  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    Thanks for running this post. I thought I was seriously missing something by not using the latest & greatest tweeting app. I’m sticking with Peep and the authentic Twitter app.

  • Michael Benjamin

    tweetcaster pro is the best by far, let’s not kid ourselves here, Facebook integration (which i don’t use), pull to refresh, retweet w/comment, photo thumbnails, very easy to mention folks, I can go on and on….but im not so just give it a try and you will be hooked…btw i use android pro widgets in conjunction which is free and you can also check out if you love sense like widgets.

  • lolobabes

    I use plume great app esp its scrollable widget

  • ndokami

    My favorite is Tweetdeck but since they removed the or the twee longer feature i been looking around for a substitute. Before Tweetdeck Seesmic for android was my main client, im thinking about going back to it. Right now i using 2 Tweetdeck regularly and Tweetcaster pro for when i want to tweet longer than the minimum.

  • SliestDragon

    Twicca is the one I use. Been using it since it first came out in a Beta. Love how minimal and uncluttered it looks. The blacks look amazing on any Samsung screen, and I love the user color settings. I’ve tried others, and like them, like Seesmic, tweetdeck, Twitter for Android, and others, but always come back to Twicca. :)

  • KatSelezneva

    Thanks for the article! I really didn’t know there are so many Twitter apps! I use the official Twitter client for Android, but now I’m going to try another app. As for me, my favorite Android apps are these: My Top-10 Android applications

  • mzthang007

    Is there a twitter app that will let you use and will display emoticons?

  • Curiouz0ne

    Tweetdeck by far, love the ability to make columns for #Hashtags, Users, and my Lists. I have tried many other apps and always gravitate back to Tweetdeck.