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2 GHz Exynos to power next year’s Galaxy Tab

Exynos 5250

Details are still scarce at this hour, but stories have begun to break from Korea that Samsung just announced their first mobile processor to feature ARM’s Cortex-A15 core. The new dual-core Exynos 5250 is built on Samsung’s 32nm-low power HKMG process, and it will run at speeds up to 2 GHz.

Tech blog SammyHub was one of the first English sites to spot the Exynos 5250, and they report it will offer 2x the processing power and 4x the graphics performance of a 1.5GHz dual-core SoC based on Cortex-A9. The faster GPU, rumored to be an ARM Mali-T604 or T658, promises support for stereoscopic 3D displays and a display resolution of up to WQXGA (2560×1600).

Samsung says the Exynos 5250 will be used in high-end tablets and mass production will begin in Q2 2012. If they meet their goal and mass production begins on time, then we would expect to see devices based on this platform appear in the second half of 2012. That means Samsung’s 2 GHz Exynos 5250 will appear right around the same time that Texas Instruments introduces their 2 GHz OMAP5.

Both SoCs will feature two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, but that’s about where the similarities end. TI will use a 28nm process technology, feature a PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, and use two low-power ARM Cortex-M4 cores. Samsung on the other hand will use their own 32nm process, feataure an ARM Mali GPU, and possibly use two low-power ARM Cortex-A7 cores in a big.Little setup.

As we stated earlier this month, 2012 will be the year of reducing battery drain and both of these next-generation processors will help acheive longer battery life.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung is still working on their quad-core Exynos 4412 that features the older Cortex-A9 cores. This is expected to be their last high-end chip based on Cortex-A9, but it will be available before the 2 GHz Cortex-A15 parts. That’s why we still think it could appear in the upcoming Galaxy S III.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see what kinds of devices are created with these ultra performance, low power processors. The ability to drive higher resolutions should allow devices with larger displays, which could finally turn Android into a full desktop OS. Current versions of the Android OS and innovative devices like the Transformer Prime are close to providing a PC-like experience, so I could picture a full-on Android laptop with Chrome browser and a larger display.

Android fans freaked out when Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha promised a 2 GHz mobile device back in 2010, but it turned out he was talking about a dual-core Tegra 2 processor instead. Two years later, we might finally see his dream come true.

Via: SammyHub

Source: Samsung

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  • Christopher Chavez

    I noticed you geek out when you talk about mobile processors, Tay :D

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’m ready for my phone to replace my laptop and PC.

      • 666

        This Processor doesn’t touch Sandybridge or Haswell.

      • spookz

        Time for crysis?

      • AndroidJunkie

        I’m also having problems staying logged in, going from one page to another sometimes logs me out.. but yea, I’m seeing these randomly disabled ratings on posts as well. Not really fair those posters can’t get up votes. Now watch, this post’s ratings will be disabled as well..

        Chrome Win XP 32bit
        also seen on
        Chrome Win 7 64bit

        I’m also having problems just sending this one post, an error page pops up saying to slow down, I’m posting too fast? wtf

      • Sean the Electrofreak

        You mean it hasn’t already?! :p

      • dl22

        I anticipate the GN to take care of any desire to get a tablet.

    • goncalossilva

      Every geek geeks out when talking about geek things :D

  • AsakuraZero

    oh but this new processor are smoking hot!, 2.0ghz native! looks so sexy to overclock… and even undervolt.

    hope to see that kind of hardware in the future and lets see how it compares with the T3 and S4 processors

  • erikiksaz

    I swear, at the rate these processors are announced, it makes it so hard to upgrade since the upgrade cycles are halved!

    Anyone else feel that cellular providers need to go back to 1-year contracts so that we can get newer devices more often? =p

    • Cole Loomis

      It really does feel like you moment you buy a device the next one is announced.

      Going to one year contracts would really be a good idea. The discount on the devices may not be as much on a shorter contract, but for people like us with a need for a new phone every year, it makes sense.

      • Mil

        It’s for this very reason I no longer tie my contract with the phone I want. Getting a SIM only contract works out considerably cheaper. I then buy the phone I want SIM free. As soon as a new phone comes out that I want, I buy it SIM free and sell my old phone. I tend to look for good deals with my phone so this technique works out a lot cheaper for me as well as allowing me to have the phone I want. Doesn’t matter, if I’m tied into a 12, 18 or 24 month contract as it’s not associated to my phone. Best of both worlds :-)

        • jonathan rung

          out of curiosity, what country do you live in, and which carrier do you use? I try to stay off-contract too, but I’m not sure if it’s doing me any financial favors in the US: AT&T doesn’t offer any financial break for providing your own phone and t-mo doesn’t have particularly good service in my area.

          • punshkin

            i do it the same way, guest Mil does it.
            i pay 10€ a month for 100texts, 100min + webflat
            and buy my phones of contract whenever i feel the need to upgrade for 500€ and sell for 300€ a year later.
            Costs me 320€ a year and i am always with the newest phones :D

    • dl22

      Seriously, does it really take two years for the carriers to recoup the phone subsidizing??

      1year contract FTW!

  • Mil

    All this race for more power, more cores and higher clock speeds are great for those who are gonna be gaming and make use of it. However, a lot tablet users do not use their tablet for hardcore gaming. I just hope that companies put some intelligence into the more powerful chips (sort of like the Tegra3 with it’s lower powered 5th core to accompany the 4 main powerful cores) which can scale back the power when it is not needed so that they conserve as much power as possible.

    • Lane Montgomery

      Even without a 5th ninja-core as long as the cores scale it shouldn’t be an issue.

      Only using cores only as you need them coupled with shrinking dies should use less and less energy.

  • stenzor

    Is it weird that I get boners from news like this?

    • kazahani


      My pants tightened up a bit when I read “Full Android laptop with Chrome browser”.

  • darkhorse166

    This is great news. I’m impressed by how much the speed of SoC development has increased over the past year – and I’d have to say Samsung look like they’re at the top of the heap. If Sammy were to deliver enough volume of its Exynos chips to sell to other companies, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI had better watch out.

    Still, unless they’re really ridiculously fast, it’s not going to compete directly with Tegra 3 / T30, rather, its refresh, so the performance comparison remains to be seen.

    • darkhorse166

      Clarification: its timeframe is still at least 6 months out from now, by which time OMAP5/Krait/Kal-El+ products should be out.

    • korntoff

      It’s not the cycle speeding up; no, the cycle is constant. It’s the current level of computing power that affects the next cycle. See, Moore’s law states that computing power at the high end doubles every 18 months. This means when we have 8 core 4ghz, the next step will be double that; say, 10 core 5ghz? Note: I compensated for the inevitable increase In power that cones from not the cores themselves nor the clock speeds, but things like the instruction set and fpu.

      • Leo Young

        Hmmm. The GHz will flatten out for the same reasons it flattened out in desktops and perhaps at a lower speed than in desktops to keep the power consumption low. More cores and GPUs will give us more multitasking, better graphics and larger screens. I agree, improvements in the pipe-lining and the instruction set, advances in compiler technology and writing to multiple processors will have a disproportionately large impact on performance.

  • itzxdjx

    Exynos is prob the best chip out there, it really does wonders! Can’t wait for these i knew back with the g1 that, these phones where gonna be amazing in no time flat!


    These powerful chips may solve the battery issues on most Android devices. Imagine devices coming in for the next year with outstanding performance and overflowing battery juice. Looking forward for what Samsung has to offer in 2012.

  • melvinjavier

    what the,?
    i think 2012 will be the epic mobile computing era :D
    ehem, im so thankful that i don’t believe that 2012 will end the world, because if it happens, damn, i won’t have a hand on the exynos chip and the tegra 3 chip,

  • Minesh Rai

    Initially this SoC will be for Tablets only we have to wait to get it on Smartphones……..

  • Lane Montgomery

    Benchmarking is going to become more and more important with the vast diversity in SoC platforms.

    Various cores and ninja cores, 32nm vs 28nm, GPU muscle…. It’s going to get complicated to say what the best is, but that geeks me out!

  • YMS123

    Pc speeds on my phone? yes please

  • Darkseider

    Between this and the Tegra 3 I will have a stable of tablet goodness come the end of next year. Add in a Tegra 3 OR Exynos 5250 based phone and well… POWER!!!! UNLIMITED POWER!!!

  • Nathan

    the battle of the processor in 2012

  • ishbuggy

    I just wonder how it will compare to Tegra 3 as far as battery life goes. Dual core will likely be more power saving under load, but he companion core of Terga 3 is very interesting.

  • J. Williams

    I would love to see how this measures up, nice.

  • cwjones4

    This next year is going to be amazing in mobile technology. Just hope my old hero can last a few more months until some of these quad core beasts come out!

  • cwjones4

    Can’t wait to see what 2012 has to offer with these quad core beasts. Hoping my old hero holds out until they start coming out in smartphones!

  • SCJaredJ

    Dear laptop, your days of out-powering my tablet are clearly numbered!!

  • TaoRenCe

    The only way I buy that Galaxy Tab is if it ships with vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. No touch wizard please…..

    • Vitti

      I kind of like the new TouchWiz. I am sure stock ICS is still better, but I have a GSII and the new TouchWiz is a welcome change. Looking forward to what they come up with with their ICS update before I root.

  • nportelli

    So it has 2 GPU’s that can push 2560×1600, big whoop unless the LCD is that res. I want a retina display tablet damnit!

    • Raptor

      +1 Yes, hi-res displays are way overdue, current ones are fine only for the gamers.

      There is no display or TVs around you with PPI (perceived PPI which takes into account distance from viewer) less then 250-300. Even smart phones got hi-res displays finally (ones with 720p), only tablets keep with 149 PPI or less (where iPad is the dumbest “champion” at 130).

      Ideally due to digital structure of the screen for perfect look and scaling of fonts as you see them opening full screen sites, the PPI has to be even not 300 but more then 450 !

      /* (Means that despite eye does not resolve more then 300ppi but when scaling fonts there is no 1.2 or 1.5 pixels and the next is two pixels together which gives 150ppi — which is is too large & crude jump for the eyes. So the ClearType smoothing has to be used etc)

    • RRR

      +1 Yes, hi-res displays are way overdue, current ones are fine only for the gamers.

  • ilmma27

    When will you stop teasing me, sammy? Oh I hate the feeling to wait and have the latest and greatest smartphone..

  • ndub21

    So what are the chances I can pop one of these in my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and watch it scream? That would be awesome, unfortunately in order to get that power in my hands I know it will cost me $500 minimum. Why is it that I always want the toptop of the line gadgets? Cough-Transformer Prime-Cough

  • spintrex

    The evolution of tablets continues to surprise me. Funny I see laptops getting replaced permanently by tablets yet desktops seem like they will only continue in getting more powerful.

  • Jorge89

    My Asus Transformer has replaced my laptop, but until a tablet can outperform my desktop with an i7-950 CPU over clocked to 4GHz with a GTX580, I’ll keep hard core gaming on my desktop. I still spend a lot of time gaming on my Transformer though :p

  • Mighty_O

    i’ll wait and see if its any good.

  • BOB

    great, then they’ll 900.00 for a tablet on contract

  • Silver

    With a better CPU, the thing that came to mind was: better gaming and better potential for mobile numerical analysis on your phone. It be awesome if for some odd reason I’m stuck somewhere on an island and with enough battery, able to do numerical analysis and engineer a super boat to get off the island… yeah I wish.

  • desean

    I am waiting for Transformer Prime until I see this… I could wait a little more for this :)

  • weezeremo

    Nice…. i’m pitching nerd tent

  • baldypal

    Bring out the Quad Core baby!!! Let’s go Tegra 3

  • mavensage

    The increase in clock speed is probably more important than the increase in number of cores.

  • azeeba


  • intel8140

    I don’t know what is better a qaud core or this?

  • ramenchef

    This will almost definitely scorch the Tegra 3.

  • danallen82

    Tegra 3 will have a run for its money.

  • SLC75

    I hope his dream comes true and ALSO….
    I’m all for Cell Providers going back to 1 year contracts….Phones after 2 years are totally ancient!!

    • ordio

      We are stuck with 3 yr contracts here, and while i don’t mind.. i’m still have 20 months left on my contract… Long wait! Would love 1 yr contracts, unfortunately its about how much im willing to spend up front too :)

  • tkitty93

    I would like this on my S2 :>

  • e36bmer

    The Exynos processors are really good for the time. Look at what is in the SGS2… when that came out, and even now, I don’t see a better CPU/GPU combo. I wonder why samy doesn’t sell these to other OEMs, or at least put them in the Nexus. I’m bummed about the gpu in the galaxy nexus :(

  • ToonPanda

    This is freaking sweet :)

  • cakonopka

    This will be amazing. Its gonna be as quick as my old laptop, insane!!!

  • WowoW

    This is indeed a great evolution, but I hope the batteries on these devices get amped up soon.

  • seeklerhun

    hate nvidia for tegra’s fragmentation efforts like tegra games BS.

  • ccn_cristi

    And what about a battery for this little monster ? :))
    Is it too much to ask from my phone at least 2 days of normal use with data connectivity ?
    Turning of data/bt/wifi/ is not an option, after all i’m using a smartphone…not a dumbphone.

  • SuperAndroid

    My S2 exynos is jealous.

  • fekle

    Seems to be awesome, however, i would prefer a Quad-Core! ;)

  • la_resistance28

    Geez, Samsung is gonna continue building a huge logistical leg up on the competition with production of their own processors AND their SAMOLED screens… Can any other Android OEM match this? Wonder if Moto will try to do so after Google buys them, but Moto doesn’t seem to have the volumes that Samsung does globally

  • donger

    wow, great work. shouldn’t it be qual-core.

  • kimminer1

    I hope the new display is super amoled (sp?)

  • wontsttle4less


  • vid500

    I’m fascinated how more and more the mobile technology progresses and is coming always closer to the stationary computing. I’m glad we will be able to see in a few years tablets and mobile devices with the power and resolution that could handle more advanced programs for professional users.
    The sooner the better.:)

  • blaseb

    I can’t wait to see the speeds on this..

  • taketheleap

    I want my quad core! Forget the 2ghz, gimme a quad core instead.

  • reflux83

    As I understand, the magic in the tegra3 is not the raw power (in which it has plenty) but in how efficiently it uses those cores. I rather have the battery life of the tegra3 at a lower clockspeed, then just raw horse power which may be a battery hog.

  • raminscc

    Can’t wait. This is gonna be one helluva processor.

  • aburgthing

    This reminds me of the desktop CPU arms race when desktops became the “must have” devices. Then only the consumer with the deepest pockets could hope to keep up. Brings back fond memories of my update from my buggy Packard Bell to IBM Aptiva with the first generation Intel Pentium CPUs. Woo Hoo…what a ride!

  • zylor

    Hope i can try this out! Time to spare a bit and buy the ultimate phone lol

  • jkinsey88

    Wow! You have to admit it’s getting better.

  • jathak

    Looks great. I’ll be looking forward to getting the generation after this processor with my next phone (for now I’ll be getting the Nexus)

  • redraider133

    The dual core exynos were pretty much the top tier processors so I can only imagine how well the exynos quad cores will perform. Maybe finally give better performance for those graphic intensive games.

  • neil14n


  • neil14n


  • peterfoeng

    looks like Samsung leading the world now for smartphone @[email protected]

  • Ryan Cowley

    his is awesome 2 bad ill nvr own it lol.
    I still rolling with the Sony Ericsson W800, ill nvr afford something like this.

  • falvey6607


  • eioous

    now just waiting for 5 ghz phones

  • MarkT

    Desktop chip progression – meh?
    Mobile chip progression – raging hard on!

  • Jude

    So which is better, A dual core processor with High GHz or a quad core processor with average GHz?

    • Vipitus

      Quad Core CPU’s are only better with specific optimized applications and games ;)

      So far Dual Core CPU’s are faster IMHO, but Transformer Prime seems be very fast even on Honeycomb.

  • aykutb

    i wonder what speeds processors will achieve in 2 years

  • Vipitus

    I wonder if it’ll be faster than overclocked Tegra 3…

  • devoncatt

    After a while I wonder about overkill. Too many processor choices. Is a quad core processor with a dual graphics core better or a dual core processor and and quad core graphics better? Most of the tablet users use their tablets for email, web and a few games. There are hard core gamers but will they use something like a tablet? How would something like world of warcraft work on a tablet?

  • smisa27

    With the quad cores coming out, I’m wondering how well they’ll be able to sell their dual cores. I’m sure that it will perform well, but for most people, it’s about numbers. And if the competing number is bigger and it sells the same price or cheaper, will people really opt for the “lower” quality one?

  • Daniel Grice

    just a matter of time until i’ll finally get my smartphone that has a faster cpu than my intel i7 2600k

  • antfelici

    This is going to be nice

  • aranea

    Seems impressive. Can’t wait to get my hands on a phone running these cpus.

  • dased14

    Wonder why their not putting a quad core in there

  • coryteague

    dont really know what processors do or any of that. but if android is moving to a more “desktop” like experience… COUNT ME IN. I want to get rid of all these dang laptops so bad.