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Acer demos the ICONIA TAB A200 in sentimental fashion

acer iconia tab a200

Two of the biggest complaints about Android advertisements is that they lack any personal appeal and fail to show what a device is really capable of. Take Motorola’s new Droid RAZR campaign for example. The TV commercials play like action movies that don’t really detail the phone. The style has become a signature for Motorola’s Droid series of devices, but they aren’t the only ones doing it. The same can’t be said about device manufacturer Acer, though, who has taken a totally different approach to how they want to advertise the ICONIA TAB A200.

Acer has released a two-minute video for the A200 that shows a loving family and how they use the A200 to complete their lives. While the approach is headed in the right direction, the commercial ends up playing out like a bad Lifetime movie rip-off. There’s several scenes that feature the family hugging and smiling while they gather ’round the A200 making family memories that will last forever. And there’s plenty of campfire crackling, birds chirping, lens flare, emotional piano music and soothing narration to go around.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Acer is targeting a certain audience and playing to them the best they can, but the whole video ends up being a little too much. What do you think? Did Acer’s A200 video bring a tear to your eye, or will you never be able to look at the device the same way again? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Android Life

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  • charliethesuperturtle

    Its good but it goes to slowly and the part with the
    “Share you favorite memories using a micro SD card”
    Its kind of odd at the moment.

  • tengo

    Wow! That is cheesy. I applaud them for showcasing how the tablet can fit into a family’s life but it was a bit slow and drawn out. I kept waiting for it to end with ‘…live from from New York, it’s Saturday Night’

    • erikiksaz

      It’s weird to think, but it’s this type of cheesy that helps the non-geek masses understand that the ipad isn’t the only tablet out there. These commercials appeal to how these devices can improve our lives.

      The general public doesn’t really understand/care about the whole “Our tablet has a 5bajillionHz PENTA-CORE cpu with Super-AMO-Bright-as-FsCK-OLED displays”

      *weird, seems like my posts were deleted


        I agree, this ad was presented to present the tablet at the level of non-techie individual. Well just leave the technical explanation on online sites.

  • Mitch Samuels

    I really love my A100. It’s the perfect size. The only problem is there are many apps that are not compatible with it. Mostly Fist Person Shooters.

  • Jes

    Why was the kid sneaking under the covers with the tablet?

  • Futureboy

    I don’t think this is any more “real life” than the droid “secret agent” type commercials. They were going in the right direction (showing the product and highlighting the product differentiating “Acer Ring”). However, I think it tends to have an adverse effect if you cross that fine line between “real enough to elicit an emotional response” and “trying too hard to be nice or cutesy.” The latter just kinda creeps out the viewer and/or causes a loss in credibility.

  • Eludium-Q36

    I thought the ad was touching and sensitive, far better than most. Everyone needs to understand that this ad will be chopped into 30-sec segments, it’ll never play all the way through like that.

    • JIW

      I agree that this is headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, I think consumers will feel manipulated by this ad… It’s almost too transparent in it’s intentions. The sappy music, the super cheesy narration, the sitting around the campfire, the video chat with grandpa. *sigh. There are more effective ways of making an emotional connection with your target market.

      The funniest part of the commercial, for me, is when they zoom in on the two young children playing a game by the campfire… and it turns out to be Madden Football or something. Those kids are like 8 or 9 years old. They really need to change that to Angry Birds (or something more family oriented).

  • HilDroid

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. The everyday person can relate to it. Tech geeks like most of the people on here will not, but then again if they told you to make one, I don’t think you will do any better.

  • Ironzey

    Looks like that family needs at least one more tablet.

  • snowbdr89

    I want that guys dick
    So feels like corn

    • charliethesuperturtle

      The hell???

  • Canterrain

    That picture up top makes me want a really nice fireplace app for my tablet.

  • itzxdjx

    I get it, they are trying to get the person that wouldnt think of getting a tablet, not geeks like us, more the moms and dads not in tech. It is just a bit too long.

  • Theodore Wirth

    Not any worse than the gift-wrapped bimmer and other copycat commercials that are already flooding the airwaves. Sappy, yes. Disgusting, no.

  • Steven Nutt

    There are some good bits in there, but the fire noise is just odd and the bird song completely out of place.

    Also playing games on a tablet while camping! That there would probably put most parents off (including this one), they should be using it to play music or record the event (although the ebook is a good part).

  • melvinjavier

    it tickles me to death knowing that hell yeah!
    usb ports comng to honeycomb, gotta ready me exernal HDD :D

  • Jaz

    Great idea. Not very well planned out though. A large portion of the video was drawn out and awkward.

  • Luke Haviland

    wow looks pretty cool

  • SuperAndroid

    Only thing I didn’t get was the end part, why would you leave it in some snow?

  • androidfamily

    This is a budget device, the Iconia Tab A500 and Iconia Tab A700 are the Tegra 3 tablets.

  • mimogear

    Full sized USB port. Now you’re talkin~

  • pritams

    It’s for the iFan audience actually who don’t know what to do with their tablet!!

  • Samar

    Can they add a dockable keyboard port (universal that is, not like ASUS :-)) in there somewhere.