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Amazon’s Kindle Fire tops sales charts for Black Friday


Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, has come and gone, leaving many victors and losers in its aftermath. Waffle maker riots may have been the hot topic of the weekend, but now that things have calmed down, manufacturers and retailers are starting to talk turkey.

While they won’t release any specific numbers, Amazon has made it abundantly clear that their Kindle family of devices was a huge winner this weekend, with the Kindle Fire leading the charge. According to a press release put out by Amazon, the online retailer sold four times as many Kindles this Black Friday compared to last year. When it comes to the Kindle Fire alone, Amazon says the device has been their best selling product across all of Amazon for eight weeks running.

The Kindle Fire is also doing well in retail stores like Target and Walmart. Target, who sells a wide variety of tablets including the Apple iPad, said that the Kindle Fire was their best selling tablet this Black Friday. (Unadvertised deals could have certainly helped atribute to those sales, but apparently they’re few and far between).

Once some official sales numbers are released, we’ll really be able to put the success of the Kindle Fire into context. Until then, let us know if you bought a Kindle Fire this Black Friday in the comments below.

Via: The Verge

Source: Amazon

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  • triangle

    I wasn’t planning on buying one at $200, but at $123.38, I may re-consider.

  • AsakuraZero

    well somehow im happy with these news because in a way it kills the news about the “successful black friday” for apple.

    good tech will always sell well

    • WarDrake

      i can always get behind some Apple Hating ^_^

  • Canterrain

    This was a triumph…

    No seriously, what do you get when you combine good hardware with low low prices and hooked in services?

    Huge… success.

    Although short of rooting it and putting ICS on it (someday) I’d still consider this a reader more than a tablet.

    • pikahatonjon

      yeah i totally agree. i highly doubt anyone even doubted the kindle fire’s ability to sell well. let alone on the biggest holiday shopping day of the year.

    • spintrex

      I was also seriously considering the Kindle Fire as a reader however the price didn’t win me over but if I had seen it at $123 I think that would have been an instant buy. The price is prob one of the main factors that drew consumers into buying the Kindle Fire as it would seem as a more economical alternative compared to the $499 iPad.

      • AsakuraZero

        as far i know many people buy tablets as “e-readers” with extras, games and apps not always matter, the Kfire combines the amazon ebook store with some awesome hardware price wise and people in our actual and horrible economy (worldwide) can buy a cheap 200$ bucks tablet.

        thus why i say, good tech well always sell.

        because the best tech is the one which people can buy and have

        plus for those who care and know you can put a full AOSP rom on the Kfire, and that is a plus for amazon.

  • thekaz

    The part of me that roots for the underdog really wants to continue to support the Nook products (which do seem good!), but this table/e-reader looks nice, and with Amazon behind it… I just hope it doesn’t drive the Nook out.

  • bikerbill

    Walmart and target has it for $123 and did not advertise it

    • ndub21

      I would’ve bought one for this!!!

  • ndub21

    I’m just not sure this could take the place of my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I know it’s less than half the price, and isn’t meant to compete with high-end tablets, but once you’ve got the best it’s hard to go down. I do think these will be great for some people though.

  • jd1ezal

    Rather have a ASUS Transformer Prime than the Kindle Fire

    • Alex

      So would I , but the Fire isn’t bad by any standard, and that price is pretty appealing…

  • yuichiror

    Bought a Kindle Fire for my daughter last week. Seems pretty solid.

  • Dev-CreativeReach

    It the Best for it price! thats a sure thing.

  • Julio Chavez

    The name fits well. Its spreading like a Fire!

  • KinFire

    I’ve gotta admit, I’m somehow drawn to this little guy every time I go to Target with my wife & baby girl. I always gotta stop and swipe atleast one screen. :) Had Verizon not dropped the 4G Xoom down to 199, I’d probably get one of these bad boys….ah who am I kidding, I would’ve got the Prime! And I still have another upgrade…Rezound or Nexus…decisions decisions…

  • bossyman15

    damn i would have gone to my target and risk the black friday hell to get that!

  • Brad

    I thought about buying one but walked out of BB with the Asus Transformers for $50 more.

  • YellowDucati

    Thanks for the tip @androidandme @du57in I got 3 Kindle Fires @ Wal-Mart in Austin,TX for $123 each.!/ericlong/status/141357663459098624

  • ShadowGod

    The only tablet you should be comparing to the Kindle Fire is the Nook Tablet, as they are both e-readers recently released. That being said I have both and the Nook Tablet is much much better than the Kindle Fire. Amazon will sell millions simply because they’re Amazon but if you are considering a low-cost e-reader tablet then seriously consider the Nook Tablet. It’s amazing.

  • hoowally

    If dollars are your driver, this bad boy fills a void. If you go from a 10.1 Sammy to the 7 inch screen you may be a little disappointed. If this would be your first tablet, go for it.

  • GUI_Center

    Would love to see a physical number on the sales of the Kindle Fire. Im sure it’s immensely impressive!

  • tristan

    kindles are better to read off than ipads, here is a funny joke I saw about black friday,

  • Samar

    Bound to Happen.