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Canada’s big three lay out launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus; US users jealous, eh?


It’s been nearly one month since the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, but Canada’s three largest carriers (Rogers, Bell and Telus) have all announced their launch plans for the pure Google device.

Bell will be the first carrier in Canada to release the handset, starting in early December. No specific date has been handed out just yet, but users of Bell at least know that their wait will be over in just a couple more weeks now. For more information on the Bell Nexus, you can check out the dedicated site Bell has put up for the phone that features some great pictures along with a nice feature rundown. [1]

As of today, Canada’s largest cellular carrier Rogers has opened up preorders for the Galaxy Nexus’ early January release. No exact date in January has been set, but for $40, you can guarantee a handset as soon as the Nexus hits shelves. [2]

Much like Rogers, Telus has announced that they will also be selling the Galaxy Nexus in January. Yet again, no word on pricing or an exact release date, but any information is better than none. [3]

While they aren’t one of top three carriers in Canda, Virgin Mobile has also announced their launch plans. They’ll also be releasing the Nexus in December, using the tagline “we’ve got it first!” on advertisements for the device. Exactly when in early December is still a mystery, but you can preorder here. [4]

Now that Canada’s largest carriers have started to reveal their launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus, you have to wonder if carriers in the US will follow suit. If all of this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Canadian and US launches of the Galaxy S II. Thanks to the carriers in the US, Canadians saw the Galaxy S II long before anyone in the US. Could we be seeing a repeat of that scenario, or does Verizon just have a death grip on Google here?

If the Galaxy Nexus were to come out for Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile around January like the Rogers and Telus versions, then an announcement shouldn’t be too far off. Until then, anyone in the US might want to get their Canadian contacts ready to do some exporting.

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  • @BiGMER F

    In need of canadian contact!

    • hinds2009

      I’m on Rogers buy will most likely buy the bell 32gig galaxy Nexus and unlock to use on Rogers!! Overall I think the UK launch is the best of all! No exlcusives and each carrier will be launching theirs soon!

      • @BiGMER F

        I pre-orderd from the UK and the same crap is happening there. first the 17th, then the 21st,now its the 23rd. some are even reporting they are getting emails from Amazon UK that it may not ship until week 2 of Dec. My supplier assures me that his supplier in the UK says it will ship mid next week. which of course is a four day holiday weekend state side. meaning I wont see mines for about 2-3 weeks.Only thing I can hope for now is that something is announced here, so i cancel my pre-order. wow man , I got to say …. Google/Samsung you guys have failed big time. lear from your competitors, you have a long way to go..(mostly directed t Google, they have the power)

      • Brian

        I am thinking about doing the same thing. I am NOT waiting until January.

  • midijunkie

    Hmm, preordered the Galaxy Nexus at Amazon Germany a week ago. Now it says “Der folgende Artikel kommt nach dem 24. Dezember 2010 an.”. Yeah. “The following article will be shipped after 24. december 2010.” Right. 2010.
    Sooo…it’s all wrong or 2010 is a typo and means 2011.

  • Nathan

    I hope it doesn’t become like the Samsung galaxy S II cuz hat would be some BS

    • Adnoxaei

      Espeicially since Verizon never actually got a GSII model, even after all that wait.

  • ben dover

    no matter how bad I want this phone, I have to admit that this galaxy nexus launch in the U.S. is becoming a major FAIL!

    Why can’t hard dates and prices be announced along with the phone unveiling!?

    if all your ducks aren’t in a row, don’t announce it until you’re ready then!

    I’ll most likely still get the phone if it comes to att or tmo but man, this is getting old…

    • AppleFUD

      I agree. . . I’m sure a lot has to do with the carriers wanting to wait till after black friday or something, but Samsung & Google need to push harder for the Android flagship device.

      At this point I might as well get the GSII at T-Mobile with $150 off this weekend and then put CyanogenMod on it. . . . .arrrggg

      • @BiGMER F

        my guy at tmo store was told by Is regional manager to begin telling customers that ics will be coming to the sgs2 in late december early January. They even have a jan 12th date in there system listed with ics. Wheteher that date is for A device he did not know. It lines up with CES. My guess is its either the first device baked with ICS will hit tmo or that is the date the galaxy nexus finally make it to tmo. Time will tell. He did say tmo has 2 big smartphone sales coming the 19th of this month and one in dec, so i doubt the gnex will be coming to tmo within that time

  • TJungus

    This is the GSII all over again, what a fail.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I will inform everyone to hang in there strong I have a real good feeling by Friday we will have something special that will take place. Either this friday will be the preorder day for Verizon customers or the phone will be released on friday for Verizon customers. Why do i know well today a technical support rep told me that I can trade in my current Lg Revolution on friday for the Galaxy Nexus and all I would have to do is pay 65.00. Rather this is true or not who knows but I really hope this takes place friday at least preorder wise…..

  • Muhammad

    Does anyone if it’s possible to buy one of the Nexus phones via the Candian carriers, unlock that phone, and use it on of the US carriers? I’m not sure if the GSM/CDMA dichotomy applies to Canada.

    • Aaron

      All three major Canadian carriers use HSPA+ networks for their 3G+ (I refuse to call it 4G). It’s a variant of GSM, so neither Sprint nor Verizon are supported.

      T-Mobile uses GSM, but their area of the spectrum (1700 Mhz) is only supported by phones from WIND and Mobilicity, two small Canadian carriers (don’t know if they’ll be carrying the Nexus). AT&T uses the same 3G band (1900 Mhz) as all three major Canadian carriers, so any of their phones should be compatible.

      For more info, see here:

      • Noel

        The phone comes with all the bands that will work for both Tmobile and Att 3G/ u won’t have to unlock the device.

    • Noel

      The GSM version comes with all the bands that will work for Tmobile and Att…so u will not have to unlock it…just pop in ur sim card and u will be in biznez

  • CJ84

    Anyone else sick of the guessing games being played by google and US carriers?

  • mabroid

    It’s not a fail by Google/Samsung. If they had said a release date and not delivered then yes that could be considered a fail.

    The problem is with th US carriers wanting their bloatware on the device etc etc

    • Andy

      Yea but the nexus has no bloat ware. Your comment is a fail.

  • dantman

    The Big-3… screw that, I want to see the Galaxy Nexus on Wind Mobile.

    Well… that said, I’m not in a good position to replace my phone right now anyways.

  • Samar


  • pritams