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ComputerWorld releases comprehensive Android 4.0 upgrade list


As anticipation builds up to the official release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the United States, owners of the multitude of Android devices out there are all asking one simple question: Will my device receive the Android 4.0 update? Upgrade information has slowly been trickling out from various manufacturers, and we will almost assuredly see this onslaught of information continue over coming weeks as manufacturers continue to test Android 4.0 on their devices.

One blogger has taken it upon himself to compile this information into a single upgrade guide. JR Raphael, a blogger for ComputerWorld has put together the Android 4.0 upgrade list, a comprehensive and continually-updated guide to which Android phones and tablets will and won’t be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012.

Rather than re-create this massive creation, we recommend that you head over to ComputerWorld and check it out for yourselves. If your phone, like mine, isn’t yet on the list, don’t worry. It simply means that the manufacturer hasn’t yet confirmed that your device will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. In this case, you may want to bookmark the ComputerWorld site to check back at a later date.

Source: Computer World

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  • Dragonithe

    That’s one impressive list!
    However I’m not so sure about the “iffy” list.
    I would call those more of a “you would win the lottery before these phones get a upgrade”.
    Also, my desire is in the iffy list, but the nexus one is in the defiantly not. Those are phones basically the same. I don’t get that..

    • GeauxLSU

      I think the creater of the list has 4 categories. The top is for devices that have had some sort of confirmation that it will get the upgrade. The bottom is for devices that have had some sort of confirmation that it will not get the upgrade. The iffy list would be level 3, devices he doesn’t expect to get upgraded but does not have confirmation that they wont. The 2nd level is everything else, which may or may not.

      I wouldn’t expect a device to go from level 2 to level 3. It will stay in level 2 unnamed until it is either added to level 1 or level 4.

  • ranwanimator

    No love for the G1? Come on T-Mo get with the program.

    I want a new phone

  • Michael Kennedy

    There are alot of phones not on that list under any of those categories, droid 2,3,4 droid x,x2 and thats just motorola phones i can think off on the top of my head

  • mikeyDroid

    No upgrade for my OG Droid? BLASPHEMY!! That list hurts my head.

    • GUI_Center

      OG Droid never gets any love….


    Absolute fantastic job by JR !

  • thekaz

    What?? No update for my Droid Eris?!? Now I DEFINITELY am going to have to upgrade…

    • Anthony Domanico

      man, the droid eris had enough problems running its stock software, let alone ICS.

      • Nathan

        Let also remember that Verizon stop all production of the phone after a year (I think) of failing to sell well enough .

    • invaliduseofnull

      I upgraded my Eris to a Droid 3. I’m disappointed not to see my new phone on this list.

  • E

    how the hell the evo design 4G get the update and not the OG when they are very similar… dam sprint and then no nexus love either SMH!!!!

  • iamXiV92a

    Interesting… no mention of the Atrix or Atrix 2 (Atricies?)

    I like that they put the Dell Streak in the iffy list, but I highly doubt we’ll ever seen official ICS. Hopefully DJ_Steve can bring it to us though

  • roamdeus

    This is the reason y I brought the nexus s last year cuz I know it will b updated and I didn’t go look on the list to find that out …. I didn’t wana deal wit the “will it” so I went with nexs,but now I’m dealing wit the “should I ” cuz since I’m eligible for an upgrade ( cuz I brought the nexs at full price last year) and get the nexgal… definitely sounds great

  • Mark

    Where is the G2???

    • McLovin

      Yeah, WTF! T-Mobile G2 HTC Vision

  • Deeds

    The phones not on it will be able to get it through Cyanogenmod or other roms most likely

  • azswift

    Thanks, this will help me plan my upgrade to a new phone.

  • spintrex

    Not sure if I’m going to wait until Sprint and Samsung release ICS for Epic Touch 4G, thankfully there’s CM9

  • pitacrips

    The Galaxy Tab 10″ isn’t listed at all…
    What do you guys think? ICS or no?

    • Mighty_O

      It should get it. i don’t see the reason it shouldn’t.

  • djembeman

    I would have thought they would mention the LG Revolution … they even mention the LG Ally.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Thought I’d throw this out if anyone wanted to track custom ICS ROM’s for their phones.

  • mclarensr

    Sad casue no upgrade for Nexus One. May be happy casue I can get this latest nexus, if it is EVER, released in US on a GSM network. Will keep waiting.

  • SuperAndroid

    Glad to see my phones on there but CM9 will prob. arrive first.

  • mimogear

    OH YEA! Asus Transformer is on the list!!

  • ericwilborn

    Go go gadget Bionic!

  • minimage

    I will hold out hope that someone will put together something for my Motorola Photon 4G. I always seem to get the phones that get left behind, just like my Samsung Moment.

  • Vipitus

    Shame that Galaxy S isn’t on that list, but I put hope that CyanogenMod 9 will be the best :D

  • Vid Faith

    Ok, now I will have to buy a new phone or may be I’ll update it my self. But seriously why won’t ther be any update for the Desire HD. :( Bad HTC, bad.

  • DKLDroid

    It would be nice if the phone makers would just run the stock Android OS and just concentrate on competing with each other on hardware only. That way any updates can just be put on the phone as soon as the user wants, and not when the hardware makers decide to do it. That is if they ever decide to do it.

  • sylar

    The Samsung Attain sure as heck better get the update or I will be steaming mad.

  • zippyioa

    LG list the Optimus 2x as a future receiver of ICS. I like how they are keeping quiet on the date though. I’m not holding my breath seeing as we only just got GB :)