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Droid 4 breaks cover ahead of December 8 launch


On December 8, just a hair over five months after Verizon and Motorola introduced us to the Droid 3, they will be back at it with the aptly named Droid 4. This time around they’re delivering both LTE and a dual-core processor to the keyboard slider loving masses on Verizon.

The full spec rundown is as follows:

  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor (Likely the TI OMAP 4430)
  • 4-inch qHD Display
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Storage
  • 8MP Rear camera with 1080p video capture
  • “HD” Front-facing webcam
  • 1785 mAh battery
  • LTE
  • Micro HDMI, Micro USB, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Micro SIM and MicroSD

The new Droid bears a striking resemblance inside and out to the recently released Droid RAZR. (From the front anyway, don’t give it a complex by comparing profile shots). Just like its more svelte sibling, it will come running Android 2.3 and will feature the same smart actions software found in the RAZR for all your battery saving and task automating needs.

The Droid 4 does have some tricks up its slider beyond that five row keyboard though. It one-ups the Droid RAZR by offering a Micro SIM for those who require a world phone and also by giving users the ability to expand via the MicroSD slot hidden under the cover. One interesting thing to note is that there’s a small tool needed to remove the back cover, but considering how infrequently you should be needing to access that back compartment it shouldn’t present too much of a hardship.

So, all in all, the Droid 4 presents quite a solid package; it’s just a 720p screen away from being in a dead heat with the top devices on Verizon.

However, the Droid 4 also serves as a perfect capper to the bizarre year we’ve seen from Motorola on Verizon. The Droid Bionic being so quickly supplanted by the Droid RAZR was perhaps understandable based on the rather extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Bionic development and launch, but we don’t have any such tale associated with the Droid. We Android users have come to expect that our device will be surpassed in a few weeks or months, but it’s usually at least by another manufacturer or on another carrier, not the next version in the same product line.

Motorola-Droid-4-Specs-1 Motorola Droid 4 Full specifications

Source: Droid-Life

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  • iliyan

    I don’t understand why all manufacturers are still releasing phones with hardware buttons 2 months after the official ICS announcement. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Am I the only one concerned about that?

    • Genetic_Bloom

      It makes perfect sense. ICS source was just released 2 weeks ago, so there hasn’t been enough time for Manufacturers to look through it and build around it yet. ICS can still use the hardware buttons, so there’s no reason not to release a phone that’s finished now just because it doesn’t have ICS at this point.

    • Marcus Nolasco

      I was wondering the same exact thing. Its weird because those buttons will become obsolete in a matter of weeks or months.

      • iliyan

        Exactly. I’m aware ICS supports them. But I definitely won’t buy a phone with hardware capacitive buttons anymore. I’d rather wait a month or so, it’s just too late to release such phones now. It’s better to utilize the real estate to make the screen larger.

        If they were real hardware buttons, that’s a whole different story. Frankly, I don’t understand why 100% of the phones being released have capacitive buttons. My Desire has real hardware buttons which give very good physical feedback, which capacitive buttons don’t. Plus, they can be used to wake the device up. Apart from being stylish and easy to clean, I think capacitive buttons are not good. Either real hardware buttons or on-screen.

        Actually, it seems that iPhone found the best trade-off already 4 years ago. It’s good to have at least one hardware button on the front.

        • counsel

          The Playbook has no buttons on the front, and it is easy to use… best of all designs-just a few software Apps needed ;)

    • DroidSamurai

      Look, ICS does not make software buttons a requirement. There are people who want a hardware button, just like there are people who want a hardware keyboard.

      What is unacceptable is the lack of NFC. The NFC support in Android debuted with the Nexus S , which was released LAST YEAR!

      • Ironzey

        Totally, I will not consider a phone without NFC. It’s like last year, with the front facing camera without the latest hardware options, IMO, a phone isn’t complete.


        Yes, just like the custom ICS ROM on Samsung Galaxy S2. It has virtual buttons but you can still use the capacitive keys on the phone.

        If the Droid 4 doesn’t have an NFC chip, then it will not be featuring the most awaited Android Beam.

        But the Droid 4′s build looks sturdier compared to Galaxy Nexus. Does it come with a splash Guard?

  • YNWA

    Wow it still has the hump even with the extra space the keyboard slideout provides? Fail

  • ndokami

    Really Motorola? Really Verizon?
    That why i would never get a phone on this company,or by this manufacturer
    You cant even buy a phone and enjoy it for like a half of a year before they release its predecessor. I feel for the few people who went out and brought a Droid 3 #FAIL

  • Mark

    Yawn! A Droid 3 with a slight bump in processor and double RAM. YAWN again.

  • Hemdroids

    with all the 720 displays coming out recently and more to come,still sticking with the gayness that is QHD?.. wacksauce.. count me out ,everything else is awesome though. :)-
    Galaxy note or Galaxy nexus for me.

  • E

    Awsome phone but already I can see the let down this won’t get ics till probly the end of the summer of 2012 MOTO don’t call me blur will infest this potential device and and knowing Motorola this will be more locked down than a federal prison and I’m pretty sure there’s more cons but otherwise spec are awsome

  • NitroExpressNY

    I love gadgets keep’em coming.

  • Heroine Headliner

    This phone finna be da shit…..



  • Heroine Headliner

    Only way ya boi won’t cop dis phone iz if deez fools at moto don’t hook it up wit motoblur, ya dig?



  • mikeyDroid

    I wish they launched another droid that is “ground breaking” like the OG, all the others have been bloaty, skinned garbage.

  • YMS123

    Had they only called it the Razr Keyboard, or the Droid Slydr, there would be a lot less disappointed Droid 3 owners…

  • theluck

    I have the original droid and this will be the perfect upgrade for me.

  • blaseb

    Droid after droid after droid.. aha

  • Chrislewissd

    i think ill wait for the gnex

  • falvey6607

    i think this is perfect for my girlfriend, she insists on a keyboard

  • Samar


  • Delray

    At least apple waits a whole year for their phone upgrades damn!