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Droid Bionic drops to $199 on-contract, sorry early adopters


The Motorola Droid Bionic was easily one of the most hyped devices of 2011. Unfortunately, when the Bionic was finally released almost three months ago, the sales did not match the hype. So what’s Verizon to do? How about chip a hundred dollars off the on-contract price?

When the Bionic first released on September 8, 2011, it cost a hefty $299.99 on-contract. Not that the Bionic isn’t worth $300 along with two years of your mobile freedom, but up until this year, $200 with a two-year contract was the industry standard for a high-end smartphone. Which is exactly what Verizon has officially moved the Bionic to if purchased with a two-year contract.

The original high price, competing phones that launched around the same time, and the threat of bigger and better phones on the horizon all undoubtedly attributed to the $100 price drop. It’s not unusual to see a device go down in price once it’s been out for awhile, but three months seems slightly early. At the absolute most, early adopters have had their Bionic for under three months now, and all they have to show for it is an extra $100 dent in their pocketbook.

Still, it’s nice to see yet another one of Verizon’s amazing devices become a little bit more affordable. Now that the Bionic has gone down in price, will you consider picking one up?

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Source: Verizon

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  • charliethesuperturtle

    Fuck no
    Galaxy nexus ftw!!!!!

  • stenzor

    This happens all the time.. early adopters should expect to pay more than those who buy the device later

    • Anthony Domanico


      • stenzor

        Also, didn’t this happen with Apple a while ago? Then I remember there was a big outrage and people demanded a $100 credit?

        • raichleb

          And I’m pretty sure they got it.

          • Tony

            Yup, they did.. they got a $100 credit.

        • pitacrisps

          I’m calling Verizon and demanding my credit now.

        • erikiksaz

          Yeah but those apple-lovers got what they deserved, >=]

          I keed, I keed (kinda)

  • Kaote

    I’m a bit confused, what exactly does it mean for a phone to have the DROID moniker? Is it just android phones on verizon or, are there specs that are specific to the DROID branding?

    • stenzor

      DROID is a Verizon branding. The majority of DROID branded phones are made by Motorola so far, but really the manufacturer doesn’t matter… Verizon owns the name.

      • E-Dub

        Actually Lucasarts owns the name Droid. Verizon licenses it.

        • stenzor

          Oh right, good ol’ Lucasfilm…

    • DroidSamurai

      Well, when people start asking this question, we know that they’ve dilute the value of a brand so much that it becomes meaningless.

      We can hate Apple, but there’s no denial that they know how to keep the value of their brand.

    • nwilliam3

      Verizon doesn’t brand all the Android phones as Droid. Usually, but not always, they use the Droid brand on their higher end phones and those phones often have a little less crap ware on them. It seems to be a little random these days was to which phones do and don’t get the Droid label the Thunderbolt, Revolution and Resound don’t get the Droid Label, but the Charge, Razr and Bionic do.

      Everything about Verizon’s marketing seems jacked up these days, including there seemingly random use of the Droid label.

  • erikiksaz

    They need to slow their role when it comes to device releases. i would think that maybe 2-3 heavily developed phones will probably be easier to manage and have more customer satisfaction in the long run. Plus rom development would be so much better with more devs per device.

    • spintrex

      Must be horrible to see how the market doesnt meet the expectations of the people behind the making of the phone. After putting so much time and money into the development of a device and to see it outshined in a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, that’s just technology.

  • NegativeOne13

    Hopefully dropping the price to compete with that rumored $199.99 release price of the GN.

    Also, the only Android phones that deserve the name “Droid” is the Droid OG, Droid 2, Droid 3, and soon to be Droid 4. I don’t like my Incredible to be referred to as a “Droid.”

  • pitacrisps

    This pisses me off! Verizon is in the process of sending me my FOURTH Bionic. I paid $320 for this phone and I’ve had nothing but issues. Constantly loses data, touchscreen doesn’t work right, apps to sd don’t work, earpieces that don’t work, loses wifi, no sound on HDMI out, etc etc etc!
    Verizon offered me to replace it with something else last night but the only thing really comparable at the moment is the Razr and they didn’t have any “like new” in stock.
    Don’t mean to vent here but I’m incredibly frustrated >/

    • Todd Thedell

      Thanks for the review, I was considering it.

  • Sean Riley

    If I were a Droid Bionic owner I would still consider the Droid RAZR to be a much bigger kick in the teeth than this price drop.

  • BigCiX

    This should of had been the price from the start.

  • itzxdjx

    I think this is more or a ‘nexus is coming out soon’ type of move, anticipating no one will pay 300 for that when you can get the nexus!

  • spintrex

    I believe price cuts are always going to be present and yeah three months is pretty close to one but also consider the holidays around the corner. If Droid isn’t selling the numbers they were hoping for there needs to be some incentive to draw in the crowd, especially for a device that isn’t considered the top smartphone in the current market.

  • Mighty_O

    Glad i didn’t buy it :)…where are you hiding galaxy nexus?

  • kevin

    I will never buy a Logitech product again!

  • spattigilli

    Electronis as we know evolve fast.. and so many andriod peices coming into the market. So this should be anticipated. Moto itself released a Razr like a competeition to Bionic… So what can we say..

  • ericwilborn

    Glad I got mine for $249 at least…

  • Luke Haviland

    people are paying $800 for unlocked nexus phones right now
    early adopters pay more
    and usually get screwed.
    manufacturers don’t care about early adopters
    we all know this.

  • bldmovs

    I’d pay $800 for unlocked galaxy nexus if I had the opportunity Mr. Verizon.

  • wontsttle4less

    saw that coming

  • GUI_Center

    Harsh for the early adopters, but with the sheer number of phones being released each month this happens to everyone. Maybe not as fast but still within 3 months its price drops. Really makes you wonder why you invest all that money in the first place.