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Galaxy Nexus cases arriving at Verizon stores; LTE battery life put to the test


Two tid-bits of information on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have made their way online today that should put Big Red’s users in a good mood.

Cases for the upcoming Nexus have already been spotted at Verizon stores. Both a shell/holster combo (with a kickstand!) and silicone case have been photographed in the wild. There’s still a million possibilities for when the Verizon Nexus will launch (tomorrow, November 10th, is one of the less popular rumored dates), but this is a good sign that it’s coming sooner than later.[1]

In other slightly more interesting Verizon Galaxy Nexus related news, a tipster from DroidLife has been able to spend some quality time with the device, and is happy to report that battery life is much better than expected. According to the tipster, after five hours of heavy use, at full brightness on LTE only, the Nexus still had 45% of its battery left.

To anyone who has used a device like the Thunderbolt on LTE, this is great news. If this information is correct, with some brightness regulation and only moderate use, even on LTE the Nexus should last a full day on a single charge. We’d love to see how the battery really performs once the Nexus finally launches, but this gives us something positive to look forward to.[2]


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  • @BiGMER F

    Im guessing those cases wont fit a gsm version.. Sigh. Any way im glad to see some signs of life!

    • the rock

      why do you say that? are the dimensions different?

      • UndergroundWire

        Yes the LTE dimensions are slightly thicker because of the LTE radio.

  • mike

    Just picked up a Galaxy S2 on TMO. Should I return it and get the HSPA+ version? Galaxy has the faster network. HSPA+ 42.

    • Ironzey

      I would really like to know know how much of a difference that makes. I’ve got a Sensation and IIRC it has HSPA+ 14 (or something like that). Compared to the SGSII in the same spot at the same time my speeds were 1/2- 1/3 as fast. We both had 4 bars of H so I would assume that it would make a difference.

      With a device that is supposed to push us to the cloud it seems as thought they would add the best/fastest radio they could. I think Samsung used their inside knowledge of the Nexus to outclass it with the SGSII.

      Too bad.

      • mike

        I came from the galaxy a 4g with HSPA+ 21 and I can live with those speeds but I use my phone for Web a lot so do I want to is the question. Love the look of ICS though.

        • Ironzey

          ICS is nice. People like to talk a lot of crap about Motoblur, Touch Wiz and Sense but IMO they add some pretty nice features to 2.3.X. Once again IMO, Gingerbread felt barren, stark and lonely until you add stuff. At least with Sense 3 things are a lot more inviting. A lot of the “features” un Ice Cream Sandwich

          • Ironzey

            … seem to be borrowed niceties from OEMs. I wonder what they will do to make themselves stand out with ICS.

  • triangle

    Just announce the release date, Verizon!

  • Josh McAllister

    Was that tipster p3droid? He has videos of the device on his YouTube channel

  • gadget freak3

    How does it compare to iPhone 4S battery life? I read on news there is a problem with iPhone Battery life

  • WarDrake

    now imagine a GSM version’s battery, i’ll be the happiest person on earth if this nexus allows me to spend the night elsewhere without a charger and come back home the next day juice on my phone!

  • Clueless AT&T tech support

    Unlike AT&T you can turn off the LTE. Freedom to control you’re data without overages, priceless!

    • Dale Bebeau

      You can do the same with any Verizion LTE device… he’s just making a point by using nothing but LTE because it uses more battery than 3G.

      Your name reaks of troll by the way…

  • Monochrome

    While this is all exciting news, as I’ve been waiting for this phone to come out for almost a month now to replace my aging Droid1, (and this is going to sound so sad and reflective of our instant gratification based society) I am almost feeling like this is too little, too late.

    First, after reading up on the Tegra3 information that came out today, I can’t help but think if I wait another 4-5 months I’ll have something that is leaps and bounds better than the GNexus. Yes, its a beautiful high-end phone – now. But, that’s the problem – in a few months I’m suspecting that I will be regretting getting this phone because the next generation will not be incrementally better, but truly a full step above. The Tegra3 does more on less juice and I’m looking for a phone that’s going to do games/movies/etc without issue. Something that is essentially a computer replacement. After seeing samples of the Tegra3 demos, I honestly believe that coming devices incorporating this chip will be the beginning of computer replacement phones – not just smartphones.

    Secondly, ICS, while gorgeous, awesome and so delicious, is one of my chief reasons for getting this phone. But, even this will be out on every android phone come the new year – that is if the manufacturer wants the thing to actually sell… If ICS is smooth on the GNexus, it will be like liquid butter on some of the hardware I’ve seen slated for next year.

    With every passing day, I’m having a harder and harder time convincing myself to take the plunge on the GNexus – especially with the hard evidence that something much better is right around the corner.

    • was

      What in gods name do people need 4 (or 5) cores in their phones? It won’t matter until the “J” version of Android anyway, cuz it wont be optimized for quad core yet….Idk….these phones are already fast, how much faster can they get? Lol! I can’t wait for the Nexus GSM version!

      • korntoff

        Optimizing for dual core is exactly the same as optimizing for quad core if you’re modular enough about it. Does anyone here actually know what the word optimizing means? Everyone passes it around like a goddamned hot potato.

        • kazahani

          So true. If God ever did damn a potato, man that would be the hottest potato ever.

          • JoeJoe509

            I’m not willing to wait another 4-5 months. Chances are when those 4-6 months eventually roll around, you’ll be waiting for something else that’s even greater than quad cores. I’m tired of always chasing the next best thing. It’s never ending.

            I’ve been waiting for this device since springtime (Galaxy SII) and I’ll be damned if I have to wait one day past the Nexus’s release date. The Nexus is a very special phone and it’s pretty effing baddass as far as current market specs are concerned. Plus, Google will adorn this phone with updates as quickly as possible so even a year (or two?) from now, I’ll still have the newest software.

            You just can’t look that far into the future. You should only be drooling over phones that are 2-3 months around your upgrade. Get the phone you want right now and learn to be happy with your purchase for the next two years.

    • oh yeah

      When Nexus S came out people felt and said the same thing. But the new phones around the corner did not that crush Nexus S. Nexus S have served really well if not better. Some people even would go abck to Nexus S from some dual core devices. And besides Galaxy Nexus which device is to get the ICS update the first? It is the Nexus S.

      Have some confidence in Nexus :)

      • Arnold

        Yeah, I remember the days of the Nexus S launch. People said you should wait for the new Tegra 2 devices bla bla bla, like the Atrix or Optimus 2X. But in retrospect it turned out that Nexus S was the better buy, it was way faster to use even if it only had a singlecore processor and it did receive updates quicker etc.

        Nexus and pure android is the way to go! Don’t just look at the specs. Software is the one that matters.

    • Kevin

      And you’re stuck in an infinite loop. There will ALWAYS be a phone that’s a full step above today in 4-5 months. I guarantee it. If you play that game, you’ll never be replacing that Droid.

    • BobsDogs

      Wow a month. Aren’t you a trooper. God forbid something important in your life takes up less time than that… “Grandma’s not getting any better, it’s been a week since she cut her finger with the knife. I think it’s time to put her down if her wound doesn’t heal before my interest elsewhere replaces her.”

      I’ve yet to meet anyone in my boat that’s been as patient as I have been. I’m on an original BlackBerry Storm (1) from 08-09 on 1XEV connection CDMA. I’ve got only 128MB of application space and 100 of that is filled with bloatware. I’ve got an 8mb sim card that sort of serves it’s purpose, but I can barely do one function at a time throughout the phone.

      I waited on referral for the Bionic. Had an upgraded beginning of this year. Bionic didn’t come Q2, barely made it to Q3. Waited 9 months on that phone and passed. While waiting on that phone I read up on Razr, Vigor (cause it’s the better name), and the Nexus. Honed in on the Nexus as it had more of what I wanted. At the time of the Storm I was on the cutting edge, I like to keep it that way, so Nexus it is. I’ve waited since earlyish August into September looking for hints and clues on the Nexus (Prime, cause it’s cooler and should be a google phone without samsung lable), patiently sitting on my brokenberry.

      So if you want to chat about Patience, Waiting, and Too Little Too Late… then you don’t deserve a phone of this maginitude. Go buy an iPhone cause you sound like you’ll jump to any new item handed to you in a heartbeat like iSheep.

      • joejoe509

        A lot of us Verizon people have been waiting for this device since the Galaxy SII was announced way back in the beginning of 2011. The GSII was delayed and delayed and delayed when Europe has had it since springtime. We’ve been fooled once when we learned we were not getting the Galaxy SII. That was back in mid-late summer. It’s now nearing the end of the year and we still do not have our phone or even a solid release date. I’ve litterally been salivating over this phone since March/April. I’ve been patiently waiting for at least 8-9 months now.

        Sure, I’m just an impatient American pig waiting for his new piece of technology that I really don’t NEED. And sure, one more month isn’t going to kill me. I just feel like someone is jerking my chain or playing a mean joke. THAT’S why I feel that I shouldn’t have to wait even one more day than I have to. Let’s go Verizon/Google/Samsung. We’ve waited long enough now.

      • CD

        Well BobDogs, meet me. I currently have a first gen BB Storm as well and it’s one of worst pieces of crap I’ve ever owned (so sad too, seeing as how my 8830 was awesome). I had to replace my first Storm last year as I got the permanent White Screen of Death (JUM Error). VZW gave me another first gen Storm to replace it and this one has gotten the WSD as well. Not to mention it barely takes a charge anymore–as I have to jerry-rig it to do so.

        I had my eye on the Bionic/GSII for the longest, but VZW didn’t get the GSII and the Bionic came too late. My Storm is dying…err…rather it’s the walking dead. I’ve been pretty patient and definitely plan to get this bad boy when it comes out.

      • titaniumwombat

        Let’s be honest, it was grandma’s time. Her finger was just our excuse…

    • Richard Yarrell

      This choice is very easy for me I will purchase the Galaxy Nexus regardless of what comes next WHY because ICS is optimized 100% for the Galaxy Nexus and NO OTHER DEVICE. Regardless of future devices recieving the ice cream sandwhich update those devices will not operate in the fashion of the Galaxy Nexus. Updates directly from google is something I never had that I will be enjoying for the first time. You can also keep this in mind what do you think next year’s NEXUS WILL BE LIKE.

      • squiddy21

        Fake di,ck yarrell ftw!!!

      • squiddy20

        If ICS really was “optimized 100% for the Galaxy Nexus” then absolutely 0% of other phones would be getting ICS. This just simply isn’t true. Try to get a little smarter Dicky. Your stupidity astounds me.

  • Nathan

    If only there was a release date and price for this thing(officially) “sign”

  • CJ84

    Is there a gsm flavor of ice cream coming? I bet its delicious.

    • Dale Bebeau

      What? ICS is not just for CDMA (or LTE)…

      • UndergroundWire

        I think he means Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Henry

    One step closer! By the way, the Verizon shell/holster combo cases w/ kickstand are amazing. I currently own one for my bionic.

  • J-Man

    Apparently, the European version should be released on the 17th or the 21st – with the latter being the more probably one. I’ve already pre-ordered it, so should get it (hopefully) within a week or so.

    On the note of Tegra 3 and quad-core stuff, I don’t think I’d ever need 4 cores in a phone. Sure, it’d be a nice thing to have, but imagine, do you really spend that much time playing games on your phone? I certainly don’t. The occasional 10 minutes of Angry Birds does it for me, I’m not going to play through FF7 on the crapper.

    And always remember; if you keep on waiting for the next best thing, you’ll never buy anything…

    • J-Man


  • Kevin

    Sad we still hear nothing on date from Google or Verizon

  • Richard Yarrell

    I can say this is TRUE. I was on Prince and Houston street here in Manhattan and saw cases here in the verizon store that customers were purchasing I was shocked to see these cases. We are not that far off from launch day…

  • pritams

    @Richard O_o