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HTC Edge to be world’s first quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone?

HTC Edge

Remember those rumors that Qualcomm was losing their grip on HTC and we might see future phones with NVIDIA processors? According to the latest leak from Evan Blass of PocketNow, HTC is working on a new handset called the Edge, which could be the world’s first Android phone to feature the quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

Rumored specs of the HTC Edge include:

  • Quad-core 1.5 GHz Tegra 3 processor
  • Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0
  • 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Backlit 8 MP camera with 28-millimeter, f/2.2 lens
  • Beats Audio
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • HSPA+ 21 Mbps
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Slightly over 10 mm thick

When it comes to software, expect the Edge to launch with Android 4.0 and Sense UI 4.0. The device is also likely to see HTC’s latest content services, including HTC Watch movies, HTC Listen music store, HTC Read bookstore and HTC Play gaming hub.

PocketNow’s sources claim the HTC Edge will be available late Q1 or early Q2, which is close to the Q1 time frame NVIDIA gave us for Tegra 3 smartphones. Hopefully this means we’ll see the device launch at CES in January or Mobile World Congress in February.

We originally thought the ASUS Padfone might be the first smartphone to feature the Tegra 3 processor, but our latest info says it will feature a Snapdragon S4 device instead. Both the ASUS Padfone and HTC Edge could be available in the US around the same time, so it will be interesting to see how the two next-generation processors stack up.

Unless you were already planning to buy the Galaxy Nexus later this month, it now looks like the HTC Edge will be the next must-have Android phone.

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  • Arnaud

    The glass seems to follow the case shape on the left and right sides “à la” Nokia N9 and Lumia 800! Like!

    • mikecoffee

      so HTC are jumping ship from qualcomm to Nvidia after all this time don’t think so fake!

      • Taylor Wimberly

        HTC is not jumping ship from Qualcomm. They are just going to dual-source their processors from different vendors just like every other major handset maker.

        • mikecoffee

          like HTC did with dual core….. nah they didn’t they have had this relationship with Qualcomm for a while.

          Single flash on the edge, no beats logo and capacitive buttons mmm this stinks of fake
          like paul from modaco

          • Donald

            dont know why they would have to advertise the beats logo when every “QUALITY” phone they have produced since they purchased beats has beats loaded in it. Just because you dont see a red circle with a white B does not mean its not in there… Either way phone looks promising

  • chris

    if it has android 4.0 why the capacitive buttons? Htc really needs to work on the designs of their phones.

    • Makhnooth Kahba

      It takes months to design phones. So the design was probably finalized before the ice cream sandwich announcement.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      the capacitive buttons has become like a signature for htc phones. you find on most htc phones. Their vibration feedback is a life saver.

  • Mfg68

    Nice specs, but with Sense on it, the Nexus still seems to be the best choice. I cannot wait to buy it and be content for the year until the next Nexus hits. :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Don’t forget that HTC now has a policy of allowing customers to unlock the bootloader, so you could still potentially load a custom ROM with stock Android.

      • 666

        Nothing beats a rock solid stable ROM, stock or based on stock. AOSP ports seldom are as stable.

  • alex

    T-mobile!!!!!!!!! please :D not Verizon they got all the good phones this year

  • BJ

    So is the Tegra 3 going to be a 28nm processor?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No, Tegra 3 is on a 40nm process technology. Snapdragon S4 will be the first at 28nm.

  • pekosROB

    I cannot wait to see what happens in 2012 for smartphones. 1 GB RAM will soon be “ONLY 1 GB of RAM? That’s so little! Why isn’t it 2 GB at least?”

    I’m just waiting for the day all smartphone cameras take pics at least like the Amaze/4S/GNex/etc.

  • triangle

    The specs on this thing make it sound like a beast. I just wonder about battery life, along with how Sense will play with ICS. Looks like we’re already getting a jump on the shape of things to come in 2012.

    • kazahani

      Don’t forget that quad core chips typically use less power than single core or dual core chips, not more. Also, ICS has a lot of optimizations for multicore chips which should also improve battery life.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      i think HTC will replace the ICS UI with the Sense UI. HTC may only make use of the some of the new features: android beam, ofcourse, the fragmentation fix etc.

  • Kwills 88

    I dont even own a dual core phone yet and I am seeing this lol, maybe I just been committed to HTC for too long or are their phones starting to look a bit familiar instead if wow I love the new design.

  • Donald

    YES last time I remember Taylor giving advice to purchase the so called Glacier and then he recanted and told us to wait it out for a better phone. WELL I can say one thing I like the MT4G even after Taylor bashed it some. Cant wait for this one. Love your posts. This is why I keep checking this site out. All the great goodies that are important are here.

    LETS GO TMOBILE!!! 6 MONTHS till wife will let me UPGRADE!!!!


    • revs


  • mattcoz

    Interesting that they’re sticking with “hard” capacitive buttons. But yeah, 4.7″ now? When will it stop?

    • kazahani

      It won’t. They’re just going to have to figure out how to make jeans with bigger pockets…

      • mattcoz

        Skinny jeans out, cargo pants in!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice change offering something different meaning Nividia processors tegra 3. But oddly enough that ”I just gotta have it feeling didn’t come over me like it did for my current EVO 3D and especially my upcoming Galaxy Nexus. I am one of the biggest HTC/QUALCOMM/SPRINT fanboy there ever was I just feel some changes need to exist with htc. The android platform is changing and all manufacturers must realize designs that are implemented must be different. Spec wise this is really not that exceptional from what already exist step up the screen, gb of ram, then maybe. For now the soon to be purchase of my upcoming Galaxy Nexus will hold me over just fine because regardless of what ice cream sandwich is with sense 4.0 it won’t be the same as ice cream sandwich 4.0 and pure android on the galaxy nexus. HTC better seriously WOW me for CTIA in May for the EVO BRAND.

    • snowbdr89

      Throw in dumbass, idiot, douchebag etc after fanboy

      • Richard Yarrell

        You should stop coming into these forums expressing your hate towards your momma that’s not nice at all poor boy.

        • snowbdr89

          So are you saying your a woman?

          • Richard Yarrell

            I am saying your gay

          • squiddy20

            Well, dumbass, idiot and douchebag all perfectly describe you. I mean, your latest comment makes absolutely no sense, hence “idiot”. How does “expressing your hate towards your momma” in any way indicate that he’s gay? Let me answer that for you Dick, it doesn’t. There is no relationship between “hating his momma” and being gay. You’re nothing more than a moron if you believe that. Go troll somewhere else you “useless bum”.

  • vieper

    shit on nexus and rezound i buy thisone ….10 of them!!!!!!

  • Christian

    Sense + capacitive buttons + thick = no deal.

    Any one of these would be enough for me to pass on this phone, and it has all three so . . .

    • Anjie

      battery life more important, more premium feel over any plasticky samsung super skinny phone. (except nexuses)

  • vieper

    thats what ive been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mabroid

    Looks amazing. Possibly on the thick side

  • K.C.Cheah

    What? No NFC? How are we gonna use Android Beam? Dun tell me we have to use NFC2.0 simulator? Another one bites the dust!!!

  • Anjie

    Is ics optimized for multicores or just dualcore?

    • Taylor Wimberly


    • korntoff

      Multicore == Dualcore. I’m amazed by how many people think there’s a distinction between dual core and quad core apart from performance.

  • Anjie

    sweet :DDDD I don’t understand this but why doesn’t the nexus devices have the best specs? Can’t wait till cm9 for touchpad

  • Sid

    Ideal Specs for me would be :

    # Quad-core 1.5 GHz Tegra 3 processor
    # Android 4.0 with Sense UI 4.0
    # 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution
    # 2 GB RAM
    # Backlit 8 MP camera with 28-millimeter, f/2.2 lens
    # Beats Audio
    # 32 GB internal storage
    # HSPA+ 21 Mbps
    # Bluetooth 4.0
    # thickness : 8mm or less
    # NFC

    Is this too much to ask?! I hope not.

    • Zhi Hao

      Hmm… sounds good, everything should be feasible except for the 8mm part…

      HTC isn’t known for slim phones. But hey, there’s still hope!

  • Androidcrazed6

    HEY GUYZ!!!

    should i get the galaxy nexus if and once it goes on sprint or the samsung galaxy s2

    or wait till 2012 where there will be new android 4.0 phones.

    i lik the nexus and s2 but i just wish that samsung would stop using plastic! it realy does bother me because i am spending what $200 on plastic but then you have the awsome super amolet screens!

    and there are supposoviley new phones coming in 2012 that will rock 4.0 but i dont know if i should wait that long (bout 3 months or less) for a phone!

  • Diaeko

    thats my future phone!!!!

  • Samar

    Alrighty Then..It begins..

  • pritams


  • Moosa Mahsoom

    NVIDIA will be the best in the beginning. but, later on others crush them.

  • goldenboyrb

    I hope the weight is just right… hate samsung for being too light…