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Lenovo, HTC, and Acer working on Tegra 3 tablets

Lenovo Tegra 3

During NVIDIA’s recent Q3 earnings call, their CEO boasted about the number of quad-core devices their partners would bring to market soon. Jen-Hsun Huang said, “We have more design wins in Tegra 3 today than we had at Tegra 2. We have more design wins, more devices, more OEMs.”

We already know about the ASUS Transformer Prime launching in December, but where are all these other devices he’s talking about? Over the weekend, a trio of quad-core tablets leaked out.


First we have Richard Lai of Engadget who reports Lenovo is working on a Tegra 3-powered tablet with Android 4.0 that they plan to launch this year. The device is rumored to have a 10.1-inch display, quad-core 1.6 GHz Tegra 3 processor, 2 GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM, back-facing camera of unknown resolution, a “Special Fusion-Skin Body”, USB host socket and a fingerprint scanner.

With a Tegra 3 clocked at 1.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, this should be the fastest quad-core device we’ve seen yet. Both of those specs are a little suspect though. Engadget says the DDR3 RAM is clocked at 1600 MHz and the Tegra 3 product page says it supports DDR3 speeds up to 1500 MHz. The Transformer Prime also runs at 1.3 GHz in quad-core mode and up to 1.4 GHz in single-core mode, so it’s surprising to see Lenovo offer a device at 1.6 GHz.


Next up we have Digitimes citing a Chinese-language Commercial Times report that says HTC will unveil a quad-core tablet at next year’s Mobile World Congress in late February. We previously heard that the HTC Edge would be the company’s first Tegra 3 phone, so it’s not that big a surprise that they’re also working on a quad-core tablet.


Finally we have the Italian blog NotebookItalia reporting Acer will upgrade their Iconia tablet line to Tegra 3. Another Italian site says the features should be similar to the Tegra 2-powered Acer Iconia A500 Tab, but a few design changes will be made to upgrade the look. Expect Acer to launch two Iconia Tabs with Tegra 3 processors — the WiFi-only Iconia Tab A510 and the 3G-enabled Iconia Tab A511.

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  • Louis

    Oh my lord, it’s a good to love the next gen android tablets. Lenovo, Acer let’s go, it’s time for me to buy a new tablet!

    • circle

      I’m a likely buyer too…but only if a tablet maker is driving USB3.0 with that strong CPU — for MHL video-over-USB & fast sdXc transfers!

      It’s about time Android devices catch up to other mobile products as mundane as CAMCORDERS which have had USB3.0 with sdXc for about a year…

  • triangle

    Agreed, glad to hear that everyone is working on the next set of tablets. I’m looking forward to what Samsung is going to bring to the table with a quad core processor, along with their next gen screen will be and what should be a light, thin form factor. But it’ll be hard to wait and pass up the Transformer Prime if it’s here next month with ICS.

    • ericl5112

      I think the TF prime is about as thin as it gets. They are already having to reduce the size of the casing/glass. I think the internals are near as thin as it gets, and they can’t shave the structural support forever. We might see the high 7.x range, but not much thinner. That’s a .5mm difference.

      Samsung needs to find a new angle. My Tab 10.1 had a great screen, but not leaps and bounds better than my TF1 has, which is about as good as my iPad.

      SAMOLED+ 10.1″ screen anyone?

  • Nathan

    yes choices and this is why I love android =)

  • ericl5112

    I’m honestly surprised. I expect there will be far fewer manufacturers of Gen2 android tablets than there were of Gen1 tablets due to the size of the android tablet market. One of the manufacturers I expected to see go was Acer. I don’t think they sold many at all.

    I’m willing to bet Lenovo sold more than a few in Asia where it seemed to put most of it’s effort. As for HTC, they probably realize what a flop the Jetstream was due to it’s price/AT&T exclusivity, not to mention lateness to market. I’m sure they are working to rectify that. Not sure they can build a tablet people want though. They go for the fat sturdy build. Most people want thin tablets. Their pen input isn’t enough for most people, not like the Transformers keyboard dock.

  • wuwoze

    If NVIDIA can migrate its Tegra 3 to 28nm technology node, that would be very nice.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah some leaked slides I think suggested a Kal-El+ in mid 2012 which could be Tegra 3 on 28nm. Who knows, they might wait for 28nm until Wayne (Tegra 4).

  • darkhorse166

    Re: the Lenovo specs, the original Engadget source lists a T33 processor – which appears to be the Tegra 3 refresh from what we’ve seen of the roadmaps and rumours. It’s entirely possible that that’ll be produced on 28nm and have higher clock speeds, but I’d consider it highly unlikely for that to come out merely a month or two after T30. The specs could be accurate, but only if the date is off.

  • Samar

    Yes Plz..Bring it ON.

  • pritams

    let’s see…