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Logitech Revue to get Honeycomb update in 2011; we’re a bit skeptical


The Logitech Revue, the first Google TV device to hit the market, has had a crazy ride since it was released almost a year ago, and it hasn’t been all that positive. Logitech recently announced that it was getting out of the Google TV business, signaling weak performance of its Revue set-top box.

Google announced exactly one month ago that it would be bringing the much-anticipated Google TV 2.0 Honeycomb version update (complete with the Android Market) to Sony TV devices, and that the Logitech Revue would see the update within a few weeks. Those weeks have since come and passed with nary a word from Logitech on the update.

Logitech announced a few weeks back that the Revue would receive the next version of Google TV “before year end.” Though having a confirmation that the Google TV 2.0 update would indeed be coming soon, this move will surely be met with a healthy amount of cynicism from Logitech’s customers who have already grown impatient waiting for Logitech to figure out the upgrade process.

We have a bit of skepticism, since we’ve been waiting and waiting for this update to come ever since a Logitech Rep told us at CES that Google TV would get the Android Market sometime in Q2 2011. Furthermore, initial builds of the Google TV 2.0 update first surfaced way back in mid-2011, and Logitech has been in QA testing mode ever since (which has seemed like an eternity).

If the time frame does hold, all you Revue owners out there should see this update hit your devices in the next 4 weeks. Here’s hoping the wait is nearly over (for real this time).

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Source: Logitech

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  • stenzor

    Maybe Logitech should just stick to accessories

    • Anthony Domanico

      haha. well, they are getting out of the TV game.

  • uknowme

    Wow, I hope its for real this time. Probably a pipe dream.

  • br14n

    “Logitech announced today that the Revue would receive the next version of Google TV “before year end.””

    It looks like the Logitech post you’re referring to is from November 11th. Your droid life reference is just chiming in today.

    I’m a bit aggravated with all of this as well. The CEO trashed the product. No one will give a straight answer about the release date. I hope it’s all worth the wait.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Damn good catch. Don’t know how exactly I missed that.

      Still, we’re insanely skeptical that we’ll actually see this update before the end of the year. I’m not convinced the update actually exists. haha

      • jivemaster

        Well considering the update exists in beta form, with the most recent beta quite polished, I’d assume there isn’t much left to do to get it working. They are being epic slack though.

  • seven2k

    They overpriced it and got greedy. They blame that there is no interest in GTV…WRONG!! If they would of priced it at least $149 or lower they would be singing a different tune.

    • jivemaster

      I agree. I don’t understand how they expected the box to work at $299 when the Apple TV is $99. The general consumer wouldn’t buy into that, even though the Revue is superior to Apple TV in every way.

      • john

        It does twice as much as the Apple TV and comes with a keyboard, so there is no way it should sell at $99. Look at all the features it has and compare it or Roku and Apple TV. No comparison.

        • ijonb

          John, while I agree, Google & Logitech have done such a horrible job explaining what it does that the average consumer doesn’t understand that. And while the hardware it comes with is better than the competition, the end user benefits aren’t.

          I have a neighbor who just bought a Roku simply because it supported Hulu. And AppleTV is simple to explain… “It’s just like an iPod for your TV.”

          GoogleTV does more, but is harder for the average joe to wrap his mind around.

  • Chris

    As an owner of 2 revues, I gave up and grabbed the Sony Bluray Google TV box on Black Friday, and couldn’t be happier. Glad Logitech made this announcement themselves (Was had to have much faith when Google said it) but I will still believe it when I see it. I expect another delay, followed by an announcement that the update has been canceled as customer warranties are running out and the only promise Logitech made was to support their customers to the end of the warranty.

  • pekosROB

    If this update doesn’t come by December 31, 2011 I’ll just try it the harder way… by rooting and adding the market as others have done already.

    I just really didn’t want to have to do it that way and just hit “update.” And honestly, the current navigation of GoogleTV on the Logitech Revue box is kinda annoying. Looking forward to the update (if it ever happens).

  • Android Cowboy

    I understand that it didn’t really work out for Logitech but it’s a good device. And if they are getting out then the least they could do is update the damn thing so we could get on with our lives.

  • Aaron

    At this point Google has clearly released the code to Logitech, and now Logitech is doing whatever it needs to do. It seems unfair to knock Logitech for the slow pace of the update up til now, given that until about a month ago, the delay was entirely on Google’s end.

  • ihatefanboys

    Love the Revue, my wife(who didnt complain about the price) got it for me for Christmas last year and I literally use it every day, I’m using it now to post. I use it as my primary means of accessing the internet in my home, and I have a dual core HP computer sitting next to me.

    Why ? Because I can surf the internet on my 52inch Sony Bravia, and not strain my eyes looking at a 15 inch laptop screen..its more convenient as well.

    Anyone that has it as long as I have and doesnt think it continuously amazing and bought it because they were waiting on the Market or this or that, needs to go back and realize what Google TV IS, not where its GOING to……. its Internet TV, how is that confusing ?

    Sure APPS are cool, and I cant wait to see what they look like on my giant TV, but thats not why I have it, and its not an issue when or IF I get it…and if youre dissapointed because of that, then you missed the point and the whole promise behind Google TV….like I said….Internet on your TV…

    For those who will undoubtedly say “I should be able to watch content from Tv websites like, etc, and its blocked” well you can stream those shows from any one of a dozen or so “peer to peer” sharing websites for FREE and most of them stream in HD….. But I was doing that long before Google Tv came along, on my laptop, so the transition for me was quite easy…..

    I too hope the update comes before Christmas, but if it doesnt , you will not find me bitching about it on the Internet.

  • rekaviles

    I lost hope and went the root route just yesterday. Found the info and downloads and installed the update lastnight. Just took a few minutes after I figured out how to get to the boot menu.

    To test it out I jumped on Netflix and installed a few apps. The app made for GoogleTV ran without errors, but I installed another app and it crashed. Asides from that, everything’s working fine. The new UI is a welcomed change and it seems much more organized.

    Not sure if i’ll be able to update to the official build, once its released but someone will figure a how-to, when it does.

    Love this community!

  • ndub21

    I am beyond pissed about this. So pissed I’m not going to even bother putting exclamation points in my post to convey my emotions.
    What should happen is that Google should take over the firmware upgrading from Logitech so we get upgrades on a reasonable schedule. The question is why do the Sony devices already have the update???

  • Kindroid

    Would be a great Christmas gift….

  • charliethesuperturtle

    I was on the phone with a rep and he said it should be out in about
    End of 2011
    Let’s hope but that’s all we can do ( besides riot)

  • John Walker

    I’ve been tempted to apply the leaked update but have decided to just be patient and wait. I hope we do get it this year because I’ve had mine almost a year and haven’t seen anything other than security updates.

  • John Walker

    I have had mine almost a year and thought about updating to one of the leaked versions but I guess I can be a little more patient.

  • OutofPlace

    I’m just happy I didn’t buy in until the thing hit the $99 mark (and I used BB rewards points to buy it). If I paid full boat for this device I would be pretty fed up with Logitech by now. But it’s not all their fault. Google has mishandled Google TV big time.

    The lack of “mainstream” video content is the most frustrating thing. All the networks and Hulu block it. And Google had to know they would going in, yet the pressed forward anyway. But what is also frustrating is that the services that aren’t blocked work sporadically. ESPN3 works about 10% of the time. It’s not blocked. The browser just hangs. Amazon instant video is sketchy, Pandora is buggy, blah blah blah. I hope Honeycomb fixes these issues. Or at least I hope someone launches a 3rd party browser that better handles content because the Chrome browser is simply failing.

  • frmorrison

    Now the release timing is Logitech’s fault. They have had the final code for over a month and still no release. I am sure there are still issues on Logitech’s end, but they have been testing so long. This delay makes me not want to buy more Logitech devices.

  • John

    Let me know when I should box up the Revu and put in the attic next to my Coleco Adam PC.

  • Paul Balsam

    I heard the root can only be done from a new Logitech review that has no updates. If someone has a website that I can perform the root on a Logitech Review that has been updated, please let me know.


  • ericwilborn

    Glad I got mine for free…

    • Josh

      I got mine on the 2nd for $130 with the camera. I like it so far but if the update does not come by 12/31/2011 it will go back to the store

      • mag5586

        Even when the update arrives, it is nothing earth shattering. I have honeycomb on 2 sony devices and I’m barely impressed. The apps that are out there are limited and relatively useless. The only major difference is the interface. If I had known this a year ago I wouldn’t have invested in GTV.

  • Bob Frankston

    After such a long wait don’t we deserve Ice Cream Sandwich?