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The Galaxy Nexus is easily the most anticipated device of the year. The hype surrounding the launch of the next Nexus is unmatched by even the most drawn-out device launches, Bionic and US Galaxy S II included. But as the year continues on and more high-end Android devices make their way into carrier portfolios, you have to wonder what’s going on. What happened to the launch that could have been? Where is the Galaxy Nexus?

The announcement

The announcement of the Galaxy Nexus was delayed for a reasonable cause. But why didn’t they just delay it further? Instead of announcing and detailing a device that is coming out several weeks later, why not just hold off on the unveiling and wait until the Nexus was ready to ship? So they could compete with Apple and try to tempt people away from buying the iPhone with the promise of a device that wasn’t confirmed for any specific carrier, without a price and no firm release date? In the end, it just makes Google look a little sloppy. “We have a device that exists, with these specs, running Ice Cream Sandwich, and it will come out someday.” That’s not what consumers want to hear. People hate being left to wait. By announcing, detailing and releasing a device at so many different dates, you create a roller-coaster of excitement that eventually no one wants to ride.

Just think about it like this: It’s been almost a month since the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, and we still don’t know the full who, when and for how much of the device. Not everyone is just going to sit around and wait to see if the Nexus should even be a contender for their next phone.

Too little too late

One of the big original rumors tied to the launch of the Galaxy Nexus was how the device would be used in the market share battle vs Apple and the iPhone. For quite some time, it was rumored that Google would push the Nexus right around the same time as the iPhone 4S. That time has come and gone, and the latest iPhone now has a healthy lead over the Nexus. Other Android devices have been released in an appropriate time frame to really compete, but some of the heavy hitters of the holiday season have either just released or are about to soon. If you’re wondering just how the lack of the Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus and some Galaxy S II configurations may have affected iPhone sales, just take a look at 4S preorders. They are record shattering, and the Galaxy Nexus was nowhere to be found. Google couldn’t have single-handedly stopped that with the Nexus, but just sitting back and watching wasn’t the best approach. Google missed that window of opportunity. So what’s next? Black Friday?

Rumors are still swirling as to when the Galaxy Nexus will be released. Some say before Black Friday, but some say after. If the Galaxy Nexus launches after Black Friday, the amount of face time consumers will get with the Nexus will be much lower. As shoppers rush out to malls and department stores the day after Thanksgiving, they will undoubtedly spend a healthy amount of time in and around corporate and authorized Android dealers. The more people that get to see how amazing the Galaxy Nexus is in person, the better. Google can’t miss this opportunity.

So who’s getting the Nexus anyway?

Our readers here at Android and Me have made one thing very clear. They want to know who will be carrying the Galaxy Nexus. More than when it will be available and for how much, people just want to know if their carrier of choice will even carry the phone. And we still have no idea. Verizon is the only sure thing in the US at this point. For everyone else, it’s still a guessing game.

We know a model exists that will work with T-Mobile and AT&T, but nothing has been announced for either carrier. A Sprint Nexus has been tipped in some leaked internal documents, but again, nothing has been made official. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S has already been made available on three of the four largest carriers in the US, and it’s hitting regional carriers soon.

As a T-Mobile customer, I am stuck. I don’t want to switch carriers and incur an early termination fee for the Galaxy Nexus, but if the device doesn’t come to T-Mobile, I don’t know what I will buy. I’m still using a Nexus S, and it’s starting to feel old. ICS will probably help me get through the wait ahead, but why hasn’t Google just come out and said who’s going to get the Nexus already?

Just another carrier device

Is the Galaxy Nexus doomed to become yet another carrier device? The Nexus One and S are shining examples of what Android devices should be. No bloatware, timely updates and all the latest features Google has to offer. Sure, the Droid RAZR will be a great device, but consumers will be forced to live with oodles of apps and software they don’t want on their device. The Galaxy Nexus should be different. But will it be?

All signs suggest the Galaxy Nexus will be a Verizon exclusive in the US (for at least awhile), with Verizon pulling the strings behind the marketing and release. If the Galaxy Nexus was just another Verizon phone, how much bloatware would find its way onto the device? Would Verizon be allowed to mess with the look or limit settings eventually? Will it turn into another Nexus S 4G scenario, where even though the Nexus is made available on several different carriers, only one version gets certain updates and features first?

We don’t know the answers to a lot of these questions, because Google doesn’t want us to. As far as we know, the Galaxy Nexus is a Verizon 4G phone that will release sometime in the next couple months. As far as the average consumer knows, well, they probably don’t know much of anything. In fact, I doubt they even know the Galaxy Nexus exists. Even if they do, I highly doubt they’re sitting on their hands waiting for it to release.

Google, what happened to the launch that could have been? The launch that should have happened weeks ago, on all four major carriers in the US (at the very least), with a barrage of marketing showing just what Ice Cream Sandwich can do?

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  • @BiGMER F

    great article DUSTIN.. You have captured and wrote exactly what most of us feel. This is an absolute disaster and failure on every level. From marketing to announcements. I cannot understand the lack of details or all of the secrecy.It seems they are doing everything possible to push any chance they have of a loyal fan base or any chance they have to prove they are worthy of Apple competition

    • @BiGMER F

      by the way Dustin, hope ya feeling better

    • AppleFUD

      Yep, the fact that it is THE ONLY real Android device (Google supported without bloatware and skin) is the only reason I even bother.

      If Apple put out a ~4.3″ screen on their iphone I would be tempted to jump ship. . . but the “one size fits all” just doesn’t fit me :)

      None the less. . . complete and utter FUBAR release by Google+Samsung–way to make apple look like professionals. . .

      • Mike

        Even worse, rumor mill has it now that VZW did indeed get their bloatware installed on it. So while it might not have a skin, it’s coming with bundled software.

        This is just a disastrous launch. It’s not coming out now until 2nd week of December on VZW, even though it was just released globally. What a complete mess.

    • pekosROB

      Agreed. Enough with the secrecy, get the word out on the street, let everyone else know just how great of a product they have in store for the public!

      Out with the details – I mean why can’t anyone answer if it’ll be a true Google Device with vanilla Android? Seriously! Or when it will be released. Weren’t the last two Nexus devices announced with a firm date?

    • shhon75

      We have similar feelings regarding Google’s horrible release track record with the Nexus line. I wrote this when the Nexus S specs were revealed.

      Man! Google/T-Mobile had the opportunity to be the first US carrier to have a dual core phone on the market. The Nexus S specs don’t make sense. It will be completely out classed within two months after being released and deemed another failure because a phone with a dual core processors will stifle it’s sales. I guess Google really isn’t in the phone business because they dropped the ball again. First with me beloved Nexus One and now with the soon to be released Nexus S (I’ll pass). Here’s to hoping for a dual core vanilla android experience from Google in 2011. You have one more strike Google, next time swing for the fence.  As the old saying goes third times a charm.

    • @BiGMER F

      “Great article, This is why I keep coming to this site, non-biased articles. You guys seem to understand the mobile space a lot better than a lot of the fanbased android sites out there. You are all looking at the big picture here, and are willing to call people out on their mess-ups. I feel you all are a lot more down to earth…keep it up.”


    • Craig

      I have the original Droid I purchased in 2009 and am looking to replace it. I was excited to hear about the phone and then left in the dark like everyone is emotionally draining. They shouldn’t say anything until the phone and providers are in place. Make a big announcement and then release it one week later. It works for Apple and the iPhone and Verizon with their upcoming Droid Razr phone.

    • Mike B

      Hopefully SOMEONE over at Google will read these posts, and feel like a gigantic doucher for dropping the ball…. <>

    • Clement

      Maybe I’ve missed something there, but what I was personally expecting, more than the Galaxy Nexus announcement, was a Google tablet announcement. The fact we still haven’t got a date for the phone and that Google did say nothing about the table, proves that they are just terribly late with ICS and are actually waiting for everything to be ready before telling us more…

  • Mfg68

    Google is great at building things, but terrible at getting them out there. Seriously, there was a lot of hype after the ICS event and now that steam is gone.

    Google needs to grow a pair and tell the carriers, “This is when it is releasing”. You think Apple tip-toes around with the carriers? Apple just launched an iPhone on THREE carriers on the SAME DAY. That wasn’t the carriers’ choice, it was Apple’s. Do you think Google could do that? I laugh out louddd.

    It’s all very upsetting and I hope the Nexus releases soon on Verizon with not one piece of bloatware.

    • Alekzander

      They have to be scared. Apple sues everyone for everything. It’s so stupid. Every major phone thats been released lately has been targeted by Apple. They sue anyone who had a rectangular thing with a touch screen. They can’t handle the fact that they are being surpassed. (Rezound/RAZR/Galaxy Nexus all surpass IPhone 4s) Apple is just tring to slow the competition down.

  • mmark27

    I agree 100%. Failed expectations on my end. I’m not getting it anyway but would love to see it done properly. Announce and release. Everything else is vapor ware.

  • Nate B.

    I’m a Sprint customer & I was honestly thinking Google would do it right from the beginning to end. I was clearly wrong. The launch system was the only thing I feared. There is no benefit launching on one carrier then others later. The longest wait period should be a week or two after announcing it. Google honestly did fail after announcing it. It almost seemed to good to be true. I mean they simply announced it and that was all. Left us with no details. Its almost like crashing a patty then running from the scene. By time Sprint gets this, it’ll be next year and the 4th installment of the Nexus will be in the works. I’m assuming every carrier will pretty much be on the same 4G network, so hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Google will get it right with a one shot kills all launch around the world. As bad as I wanted this phone, I don’t even want it anymore. I’ll just enjoy it on my Nexus S 4G as much as I can and hope a pure port comes to my Epic Touch 4G, or even official update. I honestly can’t believe this. Things like this are supposed to be prepared. A one week to two week max after announcing and the update for previous Nexus phones should be ready to go on the same day as launch, or if you want to be nice like Apple give it it to is two days before. You failed Google, I’m sorry.

  • Scotter

    Thanks, Dustin, for echoing the feelings I have exactly!
    I’m sporting a Nexus One and yeah it is feeling OLD.
    I’m tempted to run to the T-Mobile store now and just snag the HTC Amaze instead of waiting for word from Google/Samsuck.
    Yes, I’m disappointed in both of them.
    Even HTC for continuing to make fat phones with crap batteries. At least they increased the capacity of the battery in the Amaze.
    My other option is to Craig’s list purchase a Nexus S to get me by and skip the Galaxy Nexus and buy the HTC Edge coming around March where finally I’ll get all the features I want in one phone.

    • Tech Guy

      I couldn’t take the wait any longer either and bought a nexus s off of craigslist myself. It will be getting ICS so I figured why not.

      • Queen Laqueefa

        I pretty much did the same thing. I got a Nexus S 4G dirt cheap and said screw it. I’m done waiting.

    • Scotter

      I went just now and used my subsidy to get the HTC Amaze at the nearby T-Mobile store. Been playing with it installing all my fave apps. The 4G is so fast I may not even use WiFi. I’ll run some benchmarks in a bit…

  • hinds

    The galaxy nexus is definitely worth the buy and when it launches ill buy. There are definitely other great devices like gs2 series to be bought right now, either way its a win win.who ever wanted to by crapS was gonna buy it no matter what! True Android fans would buy android and be able to wait for the galaxy Nexus.

    • icedtia

      But see that’s the thing… all the people who are on Verizon don’t have either option! We’ve never had a Nexus and got screwed out of the SGSII as well! Personally, I’m just really bitter about Samsung phones at this point. I waited eagerly for about 6 months for the SGSII to come to the US and was extremely disappointed when it finally came to every major carrier BUT Verizon. I just don’t want to play the same waiting game with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • razgriz94

    Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am hugely disappointed with how the Galaxy Nexus is being handled. You would think that with two previous launches of Nexus phones, Google would have this kind of thing down by now. Guess not. I still really want the Galaxy Nexus, but I will only be getting it if a T-Mobile compatible version comes to the US. I don’t even care if T-Mo themselves carry it. I’d be ecstatic if Google would sell the GSM version exclusively online, and let Verizon have the in-store carrier exclusive, if that makes any sense. I just want the phone, and I want it NOW. The Nexus devices should be clean of all these carrier politics and confusion.

  • CJ

    This is nothing more than drivel! Anyone that actually wants the Galaxy Nexus is going to get it regardless of when it finally hits the market. Google didn’t give a launch date, end of story. So there’s no reason for anyone to be all up in arms because it won’t launch on this date, that date, or the other date. Sites like this feed into the hype by spreading rumors from unnamed sources and trusted ninjas and then try to play the other side as soon as that info doesn’t pan out.

    • Anthony Domanico

      your response is nothing more than drivel! and neither is mine!

    • Nate B.

      People like to upgrade or get a good sense of feeling of having that device for a while. The longer a wait the phone actually becomes somewhere irrelevant. The successor starts to get rumored and not everyone just drops their recent phone and goes to the next one. It was honestly poorly handled. Its not a want now thing it was honestly poorly handled. Who wants to buy a phone next year and in the same year the successor comes out? Not me. I like to have a good moment before then .

      • Robin

        The Sgs-II was announced and shown in Feb 2012 , it became available the end of may and , sold millons since .
        I see it as an advantage to know the devices (long) before they are actually available, it gives me time to choose, reserving funds ect.

        • Jeff

          What other phones were announced in 2012? I’m curious! :)

        • Nate B.

          This is not the SGSII. There is a huge popularity difference. A Google phone will never sale that much because it is never advertised to the majority. Samsung is very popular and didn’t take to long to sale in their native area. There alone they can sale millions. Anywhere else is extra honestly. See I love Android so much I want them to do well as a business point of view and success. I don’t think the phone is for everyone but something that good should be handle professionally. Google acts like Tony Starks thinking they’ll do a late announcement after a long night in Tony’s case and things will still be successful because he is so popular and innovative. Well, popularity doesn’t exist if you don’t advertise it. Make business moves and get it out. Google can honestly be so much more. I mean everyone knows of Google in general.

    • Jason

      I think you couldn’t be more wrong. Anyone who doesn’t see this as a huge failure on Google’s part has blinders on.

      First off, Google had a chance to actually capitalize on Apple’s failures and draw a lot of people over to the Android side if they had put the phone out in a timely fashion. Sure, Android fanboys are going to go get their phone, but do you really think there are enough Phandroids out there with upgrades available to sustain a mobile economy? The Google Nexus was an important potential step forward for the ENTIRE Android community, to not only give the fanboys a cool phone to play with, but to REALLY gain some traction as a device people WANT, as opposed to one that they settle for because it is simply priced less or more readily available than the iPhone that they are told they are supposed to want. You have to understand that a TON of Android customers right now are people that are just that exact situation… either the iPhone wasn’t available on their carrier of choice or the Android was just a cheaper solution.

      Further, not releasing information about what carriers the phone would be available on is inexcusable, and TBH the exclusivity with Verizon is a step in the wrong direction for a phone that had the potential to really bring Android to the forefront. It should have been less about “how much money they will make” on the Galaxy Nexus, and more about what it could do for the Android market share if it was marketed and distributed the right way.

      Finally, the delay of the release is totally killing any steam that Google did have for the device. Again, I’m sure that some people who have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus for 9 months+ now will probably still get it, but I know that I for one was psyched to get it before it was announced, and I’m now rethinking if I should just wait for a different option on the horizon before Xmas.

      Excitement level was through the roof before the announcement, then after the meager specs were announced it was still #1 on my device choice list, but with less fervor. Now, after the way it’s been delayed to this point, I don’t even know if I want it anymore.

  • DroidSamurai

    What happened? Look, the Nexus has NEVER, NEVER been a consumer phone, period. Well, may be Google did want it to be one when they made Nexus One, but the plan failed “miserably”. Have you ever saw a traditional advertisement of a Nexus? No. Guys like you and me know about the Nexus, because we are “geeks”! As big as web marketing is, a consumer product has to be promoted in traditional media. Want a proof? How about the original Droid? Before the Droid, Android smartphone’s existence was mostly unknown to the general public. What made the Droid so successful? I would say that a large portion of it could be contributed to the marketing, which consisted a pretty awesome traditional media advertisement.

    Look, I was naive enough thinking that this time may be different. After all, Google allows Samsung to snap a “Galaxy” label to the phone’s name, and I thought may be the ODM will play a more active role in promoting the phone this time. Well, I have my hope high for the first couple days because Samsung answered quite a few of the questions regarding the phone. But since then, it became quiet again. So, the marketing seems to be still relied on Google itself, which, as noted in the last paragraph, doesn’t have a very good record.

    Frankly, I am not even sure your post is necessary in the first place. It’s not like Google messes it up only this time. No, it messes up EVERY SINGLE NEXUS release. Why would we think it can do better this time?

    That said, I am still going to get a Galaxy Nexus. But deep inside my heart, I really hope this time could be different, and that the GN could be the biggest selling Android phone ever, but now it seems to be just a dream after all.

    • Nate B.

      The sad thing is we all will have big expectations next year around this time.

      • Nate B.

        I so hope so my friend.

  • tron

    couldn’t agree more. i really don’t understand why it’s so hard. you present the device and ship it 2-3 weeks later. or at least you announce the shipping date AT THE SAME TIME as the original announcement. not one manufacturer is able to do this… except apple. they are so much better at this game, it’s really sad (and i’m as big an android fanboy as possible).
    but hey, in the beginning, android was worse than iOS, it took some time to get where it’s today. one day, they’ll maybe also be able to do proper product launch. (same topic was also the ICS introduction event: pay proper attention that you have lots of fanboys in the audience that show some enthusiasm… just compare google i/O to the hongkong event)

  • Jeff

    The 1700Mhz band means there will be a T-Mobile, but it’s always been a question of when, not if. I don’t think you’d enjoy having to wait 6 months for the phone like the Nexus S 4G on Sprint.

    • Anthony Domanico

      They use the 1700 MHz band outside the U.S.

      • Wilson Lara

        Really? I thought it was only T-Mobile and a couple of Canadian carriers.

        • Jason

          Even if it was only a Tmobile band, it could easily just be there for roaming purposes. It doesn’t mean anything for sure.

          That said, I would certainly expect to see the GN on Tmo this year or Q1 2012.

          • Anthony Domanico

            I’m just saying we have no confirmation of it coming to T-Mo USA. I bet it will, but not until 2012.

            Unless the At&t deal goes through, that is.

      • Dags

        Are you suggesting that this phone has been designed to capture the incredibly lucrative Chilean market? Because that’s really the only place AWS is used outside North America.

  • BK

    Absolutely! Excellent article. I’ve been making similar comments on sites like this for weeks now. I’m no Apple fanboy, but I have to applaud their tightly controlled product launch model. The iPhone 4s is announced with significant details of carriers and prices, and is available for pre-order that same day – allowing Apple to take advantage of initial excitement, impulse buyers, early adopters, etc. In contrast, Google announces the Nexus, nobody really knows who’s getting it or when or for how much (in the US at least). In the meantime, consumers are left to think about their options and (at least for some) realize that they don’t really “need” this device. What’s really going on? Does Google just think this sloppy approach won’t hurt sales, or does it simply not have enough balls or clout to get the carriers in line? Yes, I’m probably going to get the Nexus anyway – but I know of others who may have a few weeks ago, but now probably won’t. And in light of today’s reports regarding Apple’s huge lead in profit share, I really hope Google starts to tighten up its ship.

    • Jason

      Right… as someone who worked in cell phone sales for 10 years, I’m almost taken aback to watch the whole announcement process and then to see them not give ANY details on who will have the phone and how much you can buy it for. Nothing about preorders, nothing at all.

      It would be akin to me going door-to-door selling something, going through my whole sales process, and then forgetting the most important part — where to buy it and how much… and then just walk away.

  • Yuriy

    “you create a roller-coaster of excitement that eventually no one wants to ride.”

    This is exactly how i feel right now. The Nexus One and Nexus S announcements had dates and specific information on when and where. Even hearing them talk about a ‘strategic launch’ in the live web cast last month made me cringe. I was thrilled a month ago, now i’m having mixed feelings about waiting for it. If it doesn’t launch on T-Mo by the end of December, i’ll most likely grab an SGS II. Shame on you, Google.

  • WarDrake

    This are exactly my feelings on the matter…
    the people that want the phone will wait for the phone and get it, but google could have crippled apple’s sales if it had gone and released the phone instead of pandering to the carriers bullshit.

    i’m still gonna wait for it because i want it, but people like me are just a very small percentage of the people buying phones during this season…

  • nemov

    I agree the release date wait is annoying. However, the phone was “rumored” to compete with the iPhone? I have been following this phone since July and there never was a rumor. It was fanboy nonsense.

    The “Nexus” brand is non-existent. The closest thing to a clear iPhone competitor is the Galaxy S II, but Verizon isn’t even carrying in the United States.

    This biggest problem with this phone is Verizon. When Google hitched themselves to that wagon they probably didn’t realize how much of a pain in the ass Big Red is when it comes to phone launches.

  • Mark

    I hate Apple as much as the next guy but you can’t deny that when their marketing and PR prowess. That’s part of what keeps their fan base coming back for more.

    This is Apple: “This is X product. It has this and this and that. I comes out on this day, will be available at these stores or on these carriers for this price.

    This is Google: This is X…or wait, we haven’t named it yet. It might be Y product. We’re not sure yet. Anyway, it might come out between this day and this day. We’re still thinking about it. Carriers will be announced once we finish talks with them.

    Google really needs to work on their marketing and PR in general. I mean, they have a huge fan base that are essentially saying “STFU AND TAKE MY MONEY DAMMNIT!!!”

  • MarkT

    As with lots of things, success or failure is measured against peoples expectations. When you fail to set them correctly you place yourself at the mercy of individuals subjective perceptions and that’s no place for a company like Google to put itself willingly.

  • Aaron

    I’m pretty well set on this whole deal. When the Rezound and Galaxy Nexus was announced, I was torn between the two. More and more as the days go by, I’m really leaning towards the Rezound. Or, I’m thinking about picking up a Droid Incredible 2 so I don’t have a contract. I am currently using a Droid Incredible, and love it but it is too getting old. No contract, updated phone, waiting for that HTC quad.

  • Ken

    I thought the original vision Google had for the nexus series of phones was to be unlocked, and available for as many carriers as possible. It would be weird if they just went a total 180 on that and made it only for Verizon in the US.
    Samsung seems to play very nicely with carriers by making carrier specific versions of their phones. I seriously hope that won’t be the case with the Galaxy Nexus. I agree that a big opportunity was missed with the launch. And now it’s like everything since then has been counterproductive to spurring consumer interest in the thing.

  • midijunkie

    I want to +1 this on Google+ :)

  • BiznessMan

    You know, I always wondered why Google never tried to push the Nexus devices. I’ve never even seen a commercial for any sort of Nexus device on TV until it came to Sprint (and it was a Sprint commercial, not a Google made one)

    I don’t understand what the point of the Nexus is within the market. I’ve seen only 1 Nexus One in public and maybe two Nexus S’s. You’d think that Google would try to step it up and compete, but it seems like the carriers are the ones taking care of that

    • OOMatter

      They’ve generally meant to be a guideline for where Google wants the direction of Android to be going on phones and a baseline for developers to target. If Google tried to make the Nexus phones into absolute the pinnacle of Android they would likely piss off the all their OEMs. Google doesn’t want to compete with the companies which are distributing their mobile advertising platform for them, that would be ridiculous.

      If anyone is going to step up here, it’s Samsung because it’s their hardware. However, they have Touchwiz which is they way they claim to add value to Android. If the Nexus does better than Touchwiz phones that’s bad for Samsung because they spend a lot of money developing Touchwiz. So you see neither Google nor Samsung really wants the Nexus to be a big seller, they just want it as a marketing prop.

      • BiznessMan

        Although I do agree about Google not wanting to piss off the other OEMs, I don’t know if I quite agree with the whole stance on “This is how Android phones should be”

        The Nexus One, yes. The only comparable phones at that time were the Evo and Droid. But right now, whenever the Galaxy Nexus launches (who knows when), its pretty much already speced the same or even lower compared to other phones right around the corner. Honestly the only thing I’m really excited for is the screen resolution and possibly the camera quality (and shutter speed)

        I really wanted the Nexus, but as more time comes along the more outdated it seems to become. If it launched last month when they showed it off that’d be great, but now we have stuff like the Atrix 2, Droid Razr, I’m sure Galaxy S III will be very beefy in specs. They’re only making this worse by delaying the release

  • donnieace

    On the money with this article!

  • Perry Ahern

    First the news of the Samsung GS2 came out and I waited, then it took so long for the GS2 that the Nexus Prime was “just around the corner” so I waited again. (I’d much rather have the Galaxy Nexus to get pure Android 4.0 and no bloatware.)

    Now here I sit on Sprint with my old flip phone, waiting for some sign of life for this device on Sprint and I’m losing hope.

    I’m thinking of getting the new $19/mo Republic Wireless service as an android phone to hold me over until pigs start flying and Google gives us some real info about this device.

  • Csaba

    I so perfectly agree! This launch is messed up… again.

    At lease here in Europe we have carriers announced and a date. But I have doubts that date won’t be pushed back. Google fails with every single nexus related stuff. Do you remember how many times we heard ‘in a few weeks/days’ for releasing gingerbread for nexus one? It was a joke, but not a good one.

    Google should learn from Apple how to announce and launch a product properly. This waiting kills all the hype.

    • Tom Servo

      Dates have already been pushed back in Europe. Retailers are saying that this comes straight from Samsung. A bunch even pushed it into December, Amazon UK among them. If Amazon can’t get proper stock on time, then it can be considered delayed. While Samsung flaunts a Nov 17th press release around.

  • OOMatter

    There seem to be a lot of companies who make big announcements about consumer products before the consumer can buy them. It always seems really stupid to me, because they lose all the excitement their big announcement builds up.

    I broke my phone and I’m using a crappy loaner right now so I will be getting a new phone this holiday season. If the Nexus had been available when they announced it, I would have paid the $300 or whatever and gotten it. Now that I’ve been waiting for a while already and I’ve been exposed to Rezound and RAZR marketing I might end up getting the one with the best black Friday deal. Even if it doesn’t have a barometer.

  • c.bill

    Samsung has confirmed the release date has been pushed from Dec 17th to early december in the scandinavia maybe further, becaurse of software translation issues etc in scandinavia.
    Samsung further says officiely the Galaxy Nexus will be region specific and language locked and there will be no options to make language shift if the phone is purchased in another country.

    This is the officiel statment from samsung Nordic.
    Damm you Samsung

  • Tony Rivera

    You know? this is whole fiasco! and it has to do with Verizon and Google.

    First, Verizon it’s been a B!%TCH because the device is NOT an exclusive to the carrier those they WON’T promote the device whatsoever and will only be available for web only! seems to be that Verizon just feel pressure to release a Nexus device so they just doing it like someone that really doesn’t want to do such a thing since Verizon doesn’t like any device that is NOT exclusive to them…. FAIL FAIL!!!

    Second, since this is a Google device the advertising falls on Google labs since Verizon won’t move a finger for a non-exclusive device but Google is the WORSE company at advertising products… they just DON’T ADVERTISE anything. They think that by putting a couple of web ads is all they have to do… WRONG!… FAIL FAIL!!!

    Third, once again this is a Google device even tho is build by Samsung, Samsung won’t promote the device either because the device doesn’t fall into there Galaxy line with TouchWiz and is a plain vanilla device… may be even considered a “developer ONLY” device… as per Samsung eyes…. FAIL FAIL!!!

    This whole thing is a HUGE F-ing FAIL! I still getting mine but would thing that I would hardly if EVER see anyone else on the street with a Galaxy Nexus just like I haven’t ever seen ANYONE with a Nexus One or Nexus S here in Los Angeles.

  • Lux143

    Of course the pre-orders are going to be incredibly high…THEY ONLY HAVE ONE FRIGGIN PHONE TO CHOOSE FROM! HAHAHAHAAHAHA!

  • n25philly

    I am so sick of the BS the manufactures and the carriers put us through. Samsung seems to be the worst of the bunch. Why is it that the Galaxy Note is out in Europe and there isn’t even a date for the US? Why did it take 7 months for the GSII to come out here in the US? Why is Google willing to risk pissing off a good portion of their user base with BS like letting one carrier control the Galaxy Nexus (even if temporary) or by putting in BS restrictions like no SD cards?

    I like having a smart phone, but they are starting to make me hate smart phones. The carriers become bigger a-holes by the day and it’s becoming more of a hassle having a smart phone than it is worth. I’ve been sticking with a Vibrant that could really use a replacing because I can’t get the phone I want (Galaxy Note) because it won’t work with my network. Pretty soon they all need to get their act together and stop putting their customer’s second or I am going to move to the platform.

    I know I could be happy with a WP7.

  • jckeyes


  • Kwills 88

    After the carriers screwed us with the 6 month wait with the US SGS2 release I am not even surprised anymore, I just wished google had released it on the Nexus page and let us Select our cariers and be merry.

  • thaghost

    Due to utter disgust with google i couldnt stand to read the article. There is a consensus among the android faithful that they have screwed up the launch of this device. I no longer care if the nexus competes with the iphone but i wanted it to get its just due respect and spotlight. I just think that they should at least give us a release date and put it on multuple carriers at once. Android: great. Google: boneheads.

  • xoldier

    More and more, its starting to feel like I am sticking Android not because its a better product (end-to-end), but because its the only alternative.

  • Brandon Peters

    This article has hot the nail on the head squarely, and I am glad that someone with reach has finally spoken out, I have been saying this on my twitter all along, Google were STUPID in the way they handled the release of ICS and the Galaxy Nexus.

    They obviously jumped the gun with regards to the announcement, Steve Jobs passed and they delayed, but they should have delayed even more until the logistics were worked out with regards to the release of both ICS and the Nexus device< the mobile landscape is too competitive for a company to show it's cards and still not have something tangible in the consumer's hands 3 weeks later, all the momentum is gone and we still don;t have any solid information, and these are my thoughts and I am not even going to purchase the GN as I already have a SGS2, so I would assume that those who are interested in purchasing the device would feel more disappointed than me….

  • dcdttu

    Letting the carriers dictate their release is neither good for Google, the customers OR the carriers if this is how they are going to do it. Why on earth would you want to have your phone announced and then still not know s*** about it a MONTH later? Why on Earth would you want to hear that the UK is getting a phone before you even know when you can? (Sorry UK guys. No offense. The Nexus (and iPhone) are the only 2 phones that we get to see first in the US, mainly because the carriers aren’t allowed to f*** it up, until now.

    Google, Verizon, Whomever else is ruining this for the customers eager to get this phone: S*** OR GET OFF THE POT. Stop dictating to Google what slot the Nexus gets in your fall lineup and just release the damn phone.

  • Nathan

    And we all ban together to tell Google to get their crap together and release the date and price at lease.

  • CJ84

    So sick of this bull crap from google! Anyone gonna outsource it? I will if its not on att by xmas! Or maybe i’ll get an HTC.

  • CJ84

    Nobody likes a guessing game.

  • mikeyDroid

    I’m just said it won’t be AS future proof as I had hoped – still plan on upgrading from my OG Droid.

    …Yes, I know, nothing is future proof.

    • mikeyDroid

      *sad :( boo

  • mario

    Best article I ever read, I felt jealous when my apple fans got to know when their iPhone was out, still dnt know when nexus is out. Hope some from google reads it and see how annoyed we all are-

  • jimbob

    Actually what I was thinking. They are really screwing this up.

  • Daniel Greene

    Wow. Great article. I don’t understand the point of all this–what–secrecy? Uncertainty? I wonder if Google even really wants to compete with the iPhone, but you would think they would want to, especially with their flagship phone. I hope Verizon doesn’t load up the Galaxy Nexus with a bunch of bloatware. We got my husband a Verizon Samsung Stratosphere and it’s got Verizon stuff on it we can’t even delete. Oh well. I, for one, have decided to leave T-Mobile even though Verizon is more expensive. I am beyond tired of waiting for this phone, so if Verizon is going to be the first one to carry it, they’re the carrier I’m going to go with. I’m sure I’m just playing into their hands, but whatever.

    P.S. Remember the Chromebooks? Hype for months, and then what? Not even available anywhere for a hands-on test drive. Only available online. Who’s going to buy a notebook with a brand-new operating system without even taking it for a spin? And where is it now– I’ve never seen one in anyone’s hands and I don’t know anyone who got one. Again, this is a sad commentary on Google’s marketing *and delivery* of their hardware products.

  • Dags

    One thing that is not mentioned in this article, along with all the unfavorable comparisons to the iPhone, was that the iPhone was delayed for 3 months after it’s usual July release date.

    I don’t have a problem with how Google handled this. Obviously they are trying to get the phone out as quickly as possible and announcing it before it was ready for release in order to at least keep as many people from buying other phones as they could, seems sensible. Their hand was clearly forced by the iPhone launch too. The author seems to think that if they had not announced it until it was ready for release (maybe not until late November), more people would have held off purchasing other phones and waited for a phone that may not even exist. I don’t agree.

  • Galen20K

    This entire Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime fiasco has been handled completely wrong, messed up, and completely against everything that the “Nexus” ethos stands for. It SHOULD have been released weeks ago on all four major carriers, it SHOULDN’T have been made exclusive to ANY carrier for any amount of time, and they SHOULD have shown the average consumer(the ones who don’t read blogs) exactly why they should be excited and care about Ice Cream Sandwich on its new flagship phone that should have been accessible to anybody who wanted it. As badly as the iPhone 4S launch was, it was light years ahead of our beloved Galaxy Nexus that would have been.

    I’m a diehard phone fanatic and now I have to admit…. I’m just not that excited over the Galaxy Nexus (now).

  • chris gammon

    One thing i love about being in the UK we have a official release date that is the 17th November, and will be available on all the big networks. I am getting as a upgrade, which will be free for me but no idea on pricing. Really excited.

    • mabroid

      Not all major networks. Orange/tmobile still not confirmed.

      Also only Amazon has released a release date

      • chris gammon

        Nope i got confirmation from Vodafone the other day that the 17th is the day i can upgrade my phone to a Galaxy Nexus.

        Tmobile and Orange i thought they had lol.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Regardless of this long drawn out ordeal I will be getting this Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. I just opened my verizon line tonight and got the 4g LTE Lg Revolution with 10gb of data monthly for 50 dollars. When the Galaxy Nexus arrives before November 25th I will be able to exchange my Lg Revolution for the Galaxy Nexus. If the Galaxy Nexus does not Launch before November 25th then I will be screwed into adding another line to my verizon account just to have the Galaxy Nexus. And for perfect measure I still have my EVO 3D on sprint What more can anyone ask for. My Lg Revolution will be arriving on Friday…Now lets see what all this VERIZON FUSS is all about with this LTE NETWORK…

    • snowbdr89

      I’m pretty sure verizons exchange policy is 14 days dumbass

      • snowbdr89

        So hopefully it lands on the 25 so your dumbass will be stuck with 2 lines with an etf of 350 each line

  • Dr.Carpy

    This article voices the concerns of most Google fans. Yes, we all love the software, openness, choice, etc. However, the time has come for the the Google gang to refocus. To have seemingly no idea as to when this product is going to launch is nonsensical. I think sometimes the meteoric success of Android will ultimately be it’s undoing. Ask any of the handset makers (HTC or Samsung) when they’ve ever sold this much units? The common denominator is Android. Google needs to take more leadership in how the product (Android) is updated and when it comes to market. Anything less is simply well…less. Remember Google: Amat Victoria Curam (Victory likes careful preparation).

  • Dustin

    the problem is not google…it is verizon. they wait till the last minute to tell you hey the nexus will be launching next week. just look at the razr that just came out…..the just said 5 days ago that it will be launching on 11.11.11

  • kevin n

    Little info would be nice!! come on Google pull your head out!!

  • rhY

    Hey, google, why not trump all the carriers and release a device like this direct to Boost and Republic Wireless? The carriers have been fucking you over long enough, time to fuck back, and finally steal the whole enchilada from Apple.

  • mabroid

    There are a couple of reasons:

    1) Google is a brand. How we can expect them to compete with Apple is ridiculous. Apple gave been designing/manufacturing/selling tech & gadgets for 40 years. Google has to rely on manufacturers to do those things, their hands are tied
    2) carriers/networks. Apple tell the carriers what to charge, they don’t fit in with the carriers current tariffs, they sell their (over inflated) tariffs. Android / Google phones don’t. They sell their code (which is what they do best) to manufacturers who then flood the market to fit into lower end prices which overall sell to the masses.

    Moral of the story? Stick with Google for the overall experience, not the fashion/current trend setting/designer-culture devices Apple makes. Stay true and stay geek, buy the device for the UI not the label.

  • Gekko

    awesome post! i have a theory – Google doesn’t want to push and market the G-Nex too hard. why? because they don’t want to alienate and sabotage their hardware partners. they don’t want to cannibalize all of the other hordes of currently selling Google phones out there. so Google WANTS a soft, ambiguous launch.

  • Mike Brehmer

    I think it is safe bet to say that Verizon’s 15 day return policy has a lot to do with the delay in the US. The Droid Razr is releasing 11/11/11 and Verizon does not want to ship a ton of RAZr’s only to have people return them ten days later for an ICS Galaxy Nexus.

  • Vladimir Kelman

    Excellent article, frustrating stile of Google’s marketing. Thank you Dustin for that sad story.

    Vladimir Kelman
    Android fan from the day one.

  • Eric R.

    I have gone sofar as to avoid visiting most tech sites due to the Galaxy Nexus rumor mill anxiety.

    Please androidandme take a stand and stop all Nexus rumors and predictions.

  • DPiddy

    I’m am average consumer and I’m waiting for this phone.

  • jd

    I am going back to China for winter break and I so want a Tmo Galaxy Nexus to show off to those iPhone fanboys… Now I have to settle with my G2

  • Androidcrazed

    Pleaseeee can someone help on deciding between the Htc Rezound or Samsung Galaxy Nexus or to just wait for a quad core phone next year???!!! I WILL DEFINETY APPRECIATE IT!! btw i have a astonishing out dated samsung rant!

    • Ironzey

      I’ve nver liked Samsung phones, if I pass this one up it’ll be the second nexus I’ve missed out on. I’m not too impressed by my Sensation (dual core). Usage wise it wasn’t much of an upgrade from my Nexus one. If you really care about saying how many cores your phone has wait for the quads but I can’t see how they would be that much better.

      If you must win the specs drag race go with the rezound.
      If you want updates and NFC go with the Nexus.

      I’m getting the Nexus as soon as I can get my hands on a T-mobile compatable one for less that $600.

      • Androidcrazed

        thx i realy dont giv bout specs, the most important thing is that it is fast and the screen is oustanding! the thing with the gal is the built quality and the htc rezound is too thick and ive recently heard that it was slow and the same boring desighn over and over. So this is why i asked and also im on sprint so i think that ill go with which one comes on the carrier first, wich i heard curently was the galaxy. oo yea and the other phone is iphone but i moving away cuz in my perspective it is just the same os over and over even with “notification bar”, and “siri” which android had for who nose how long!

        thx to ironzey again.

  • spintrex

    I really like the Black Friday effect, Nexus needs to be seen by the general market otherwise they can easily get left out by the dust. For the most part not a lot of people even know about the Nexus compared to other smartphones, like the Razor, that have been promoting to get the name out there. I hope Google comes up with some clever scheme for the public to gain knowledge of ICS and Nexus.

  • Chauncey

    You blame google in all this, but the truth is, it isn’t really their fault, at least not when it comes to the Verizon release. Other carriers in Europe have given a date, big red hasn’t. They want to market the droid RAZR first, that’s fine, but they’re going to have to announce a release date immediately after. they will probably also market the rezound leading up to it’s release leaving poor gnex to come out last.

    my point is, verizon flubbed this up, not google.

  • Ricky`

    Don’t forget that at the presentation, Google revealed also Ice Cream Sandiwch that has a lot of new (cool ) API. They also provided SDK in order to create applications using new API and test existing application over the new platform. In my opinion, the time between announce and delivery is correct and justified.

  • Zod

    After being with Verizon for a very long time, I have a feeling it has more to do with them than Google. Verizon is the bloatware king and I find it very difficult to believe they would allow anything on their service without them packing that crap inside to attempt to nickle and dime it’s customers. I guarantee updating all that bloatware is 100% of the reason VZ is always so slow to release new OS updates.

    I really believe it’s going like this: Google wants a strong push for it’s flagship pure Android ICS platform and wanted the biggest carrier. Problem: Verizon is in that position. This is a company that packs a paid navigation app with monthly fees on phones that have far superior FREE navigation built in. They disable phones’ WiFi hotspot capabilities so that can charge a monthly fee to turn it back on.

    I knew I’d never see the Nexus One or S on Verizon as the Nexus brand means pure OS and no BS. Verizon is most likely insisting on bloatware and Google is resisting. But they’re partners in this venture so neither wants to speak out against the other publicly. I imagine VZ saying if you want to launch along side the RAZR you’re putting in the bloatware, otherwise we want X weeks of RAZR exclusivity.

    Sad thing is, who will win and how long will the consumer wait before they brand the phone as a failure and move on to the next big thing? If my speculation is correct I hope Google sticks to it’s guns and deals with the wait preserving the Nexus’ clean app drawer. Better late and pure than on time and tainted.

    Google, when you deal with the devil he’s going to come around looking for payment.

  • Brian

    I agree. Google really made a turd sandwich out of this one. ICS is the bread holding it together. The 4S gets announced and is available the next day BUT the Nexus is a no show weeks after a ginormous presentation flaunting the power and awesomeness of Samsung and Google’s new uber-phone. I’m kinda over it already and its not even out.

    I have no idea if its going to be on t-mobile and I’m sure that T-mobiles going to use this as an excuse to try and force me out of my plan and on to a tiered plan. I don’t know what to think. Why couldn’t they have done what they usually do and do it the right way. Who is responsible for the cluster-fuck that was the Galaxy Nexus? If I was Andy Rubin or either of the Google twins, someone needs to kick this baby into the street, and fast.

  • Dave

    I am just so fed up with Google and Samsung over this Nexus phone. WTF? How about a legitimate announcement or something. I’m headed to the Verizon store now for a new iPhone. Sorry Samsung, you blew it. I’m guessing there are about 5 million more people just like me. I hope you turn out like RIM for being stupid. You deserve it.

    Annoyed at Android

  • Keith Kaplan

    Great article. You really captured how I’m feeling and how many other people are feeling right now. Do you think the promotion on the @GoogleNexus account will eventually lead to the release date of the phone?

  • Darkbotic

    I knew that the Galaxy Nexus release was going to be a disaster since the beggining.

    When Google cancelled the release in San Diego, CA, I knew they would drop the ball again.
    Why they did that? Steve Jobs death is not an excuse because even Apple didn’t pushed back the release date for the iPhone 4S.

    Google made the release in Hong Kong.
    I mean, seriously? Hong Kong? Thousand miles away from the potential customers in the U.S.?
    Then they just showed the phone and features. No launch date, no carriers, no nothing.

    You dropped the ball Google, you dropped the ball again.

  • Dan13

    I was really looking forward to this phone. Now… all that keeps popping up in my mind is all the new goodies coming up at CES.

  • pritams