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Transformer Prime gets some early hands-on treatment

Transformer Prime

ASUS finally revealed the Transformer Prime specs this week, but unfortunately the release date was pushed back to December. If you are patiently waiting to pick up the first Tegra 3-powered device, then you might want to head over to Brazilian blog ZTOP for some early hands-on treatment of the world’s first quad-core Android tablet.

Henry Martin of ZTOP notes the three things that surprised him the most were the “loud, clear, share” sound, ultra-slim design (only 8.3mm thick), and the overall speed of the device. It’s nice to read he was impressed with the performance because the engineering sample he played with still had Android 3.2 and we expect even greater performance enhancements when the device is updated to Android 4.0.

Hit up the source link for a handful of pictures and a couple of quick videos. Does the Transformer Prime look like it will live up to your expectations?

Via: Engadget

Source: ZTOP

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  • Sway_212

    It’s beautiful! I love it!

  • OGdroid57

    The only lag i’m seeing here is from my friends ipad decoding the video >=)

    • Transient

      The iPad has a pretty powerful GPU, wouldn’t be surprised if the Tegra 3 isn’t that much better, if at all.

      • M3rc Nate


    • Shanikwa Johnson

      I’m no fan of Apple but know what you are talking about first before you make a stupid comment. The iPad 2 GPU is the best on the market.

      • Yin

        You are extremely short-sighted. You need vision correction. The ipad2′s GPU was the best before the Tegra3 came out. Now? Possibly not.

      • mkrmec

        Who said anything about an iPad 2? he just said iPad.

      • OGdroid57

        I’m no fan of Shanikwa Johnson but know what you are talking about first before you make a stupid comment. I never said Ipad 2..

  • M3rc Nate

    Definitively good to hear about positive experiences by those who get their hands on it. Though personally this video doesnt interest me a lot. Just cause i dont really ever plan on playing games like that. However its awesome that it can and it looked smooth as silk.

  • Postal Jim

    Fanboy trollers. Gotta love ‘em!

  • DRA

    it’s looking good

  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    Hi Taylor, awesome news, looking forward to getting one myself… One note on a translation though the quote: “loud, clear, share” is supposed to be “loud, clear, sharp”.
    Keep the good work, love the site!

  • Nathan

    Better have ics because of the delay

  • MarkT

    These games on a tablet (of any sort) have never interested me as the thought of playing a game via touchscreen is lame. (at least for my 40+ year old thumbs) But with ICS support for 3rd party controllers such as Xbox/PS3 I am up for some fragging as this looks creamy smooth.

  • deckoff

    I am really impressed with the way things go for both Tablets and Android. I personally believe Transformer is the way to go: tablet when you need one, PC when in need of some word editing or chat. Android apps provide everything the average PC user needs – even torrent downloads and Remote desktop. The quality of games is really high, too. I just finished Greedy Spiders and started great little War game.
    To sum it up – I think that in not distant future devices like this one will be replacing PCs and laptops, while PCs will be used mostly for heavy duty work and specialized software. The Tegra 3 and coming hardware will probably convince more bigger game studios to shift to Android from PC.

    • IllogicalMethod

      Though amazing for a device like this….the Tegra3 does not hold a candle to current PC GPU’s. Remember to keep things in perspective.

  • pritams

    the wait is killing me…