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Transformer Prime teardown reveals Tegra 3 processor


Want even more proof that the quad-core processor inside the Transformer Prime is the long-awaited Tegra 3? The guys from Wireless Goodness spotted a full teardown from a recent FCC filing that confirms NVIDIA will provide the processor for ASUS’s next flagship Android tablet. Not many official hardware details have leaked, but ASUS plans to announce the device on November 9. We expect it to go on sale within the coming weeks.

Also found in the Transformer Prime teardown pics were several other chips from different companies. Wireless Goodness spied NAND memory from Hynix, SDRAM from Elpida, wireless capabilities by an Azurewave chip and GPS functionality provided by Broadcom. I’m sure there are some more hidden features based on all the chip numbers, so hit up the source link if you’re a nerd and want to dig around.

Looking at the high-end Android tablet market, there aren’t many other products to get excited about before Christmas. Motorola will most likely roll out their Xoom 2 and Toshiba has their upcoming thin tablet, but those are both powered by the dual-core OMAP4. That chip has the early advantage of being the first platform to support Android 4.0, but ASUS has already said they will update their products to the latest version of Android by the end of this year. If that’s the case, then I’d rather go with the cinco-core processor for the improved battery life and better graphics.

For those who can afford the rumored $499 price tag, the ASUS Transformer Prime appears to be the best tablet coming out this year.

Via: Wireless Goodness

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  • dnar56

    Oh my stars!

  • M3rc Nate

    Thank you Taylor, that last paragraph break down of high end tablets is EXACTLY what i needed. I still need to wait for ICS official info and reviews of the T-Prime, but im betting i will be purchasing my first tablet and it will be the Prime.

    It would be awesome if info was leaked about the second gen Samsung 10.1 but i have no clue if thats even expected this year let alone Q1 2012.
    I would love for someone to ask ASUS if they made the Prime in mind with ICS or if ICS was announced to them the same time it was to us and they had it made for GB in mind. (not sure if it would affect anything either way, id love to know that too).

  • 4n1m4l


  • Raptor

    Why they do not offer variety? Add there 2560×1600 13.3″ screens (equal to standard A4 format) and i will buy even though i am waiting Windows 8 tablets. Just the larger battery and hi-res screen….damid

    • Jeff

      I think a screen of that resolution and quality alone would cost $500.

  • darkhorse166

    I note that the Kal-El chip is marked 1133A3 – likely meaning this particular chip was produced in the 33rd week of 2011 (mid-August), and is A3 revision silicon.

    Assuming this is one of the earlier production Kal-El chips that NVIDIA produced, that means that they were slightly late ramping up their production of Tegra 3, since back at the MWC launch of Project Kal-El in February they were aiming for real-world devices by August, not merely having their chips ramped up to volume levels. (ASUS would’ve needed some time to assemble the actual tablet, after all.)

    Wouldn’t that mean that the delay in seeing these quad-core devices is NVIDIA’s fault, rather than the OEMs schedule like we’ve been hearing? (Coincidentally, A3 silicon is also what Fermi’s release turned out to be, and it suffered its own delays…)

    • metafor

      No company likes to admit a slip-up. If something doesn’t go on schedule, they’ll blame someone else. Happens all the time.

      The only problem is people take all the PR way too seriously and think it’s actually true.

  • PhyzX

    Somehow the Transformer Prime feels almost as big of a news as the Galaxy Nexus.
    Both the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime is releasing in Nov? Gosh, gonna be so broke for the rest of the year.

    • inviolable

      Wanna buy me one?

  • Julio Chavez

    I have a strong urge to go for the Transformer Prime, but I’m scared that by next year it will be obsolete. Its so hard making decisions with so many great products and innovations…

    • EwanRGR

      The advantage of the Prime is that it’s a quad core, so you can feel comfortable that unlike a single or even dual core tablet that you will be riding the crest of the wave at least through next year. By this time next year there may be a proliferation of even higher core count chips – though many of those will follow the Big.Little concept where not all the cores will be equal :-)

      TL;DR – Buy Now, you don’t need to worry until at least next November – if then.

      • David

        The prime certainly is awesome. I wonder about future updates… I’m a happy camper with my nexus s and I don’t want that to change.

      • metafor


        cores != performance

  • J-Man

    Sorry to go off topic, but am I the only one getting notifications of malicious pop-ups (ads) when visiting A&M?

    You guys might wanna take a look at any ad providers possibly shoving these here.

  • pekosROB

    Does anyone here with an original 3G/4G Xoom experience ridiculous battery consumption after the LTE equipment upgrade? It’s so abysmal I’d like to buy a new tablet. The only problem is, I would honestly feel guilty selling this one to someone since the battery life sucks.

  • Brian

    Any news if this will have a wacom digitizer?

  • Nate B.

    I’m more curious as to what IC will bring to the tablet game. The hardware is there but it really needs to utilize the power and show off its functional on what quad core is capable of. The hardware alone doesn’t do much for a consumer. The user experience and glitter on the screen is what puts the the coffin.

  • pritams

    Yes Yes..Santa…