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UK Early Adopters Report: How do you like your Galaxy Nexus?


Every time a big Android device hits stores we like to poll all the early adopters that read this site and get their initial impressions of the gadget they just purchased. It’s a fun way to see how the first batch of devices is doing and poll how popular it is with our audience. This past week the Galaxy Nexus landed in the United Kingdom across several retailers and we know a lot of you ran out to pick up the first device to run Andriod 4.0.

Fans in the United States are still waiting to receive an official release date, so now it’s time for our UK audience to tell us what you think about the phone after using it for several days. If you were one of the first who raced out to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your new toy.

What was your purchase experience like? Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the dual-core 1.2 GHz OMAP4460 processor? What is your favorite new feature in Android 4.0? How do you like the 720p display? Are you impressed with the new camera software? Have you experienced the volume control bug?

Please share your feedback so that those of us who are still waiting on the device will know what to expect. Would you recommend the Galaxy Nexus to a friend?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • eid3tic

    I don’t have one but would definitely recommend the device to a friend.

    • pussylicka


      • Samm


        • awesomellamas57


  • David

    Got mine yesterday after 3′s online stock delay.

    The screen has a strange pattern of dots that dont go away and weird stripes on auto brightness in low light on grey backgrounds.

    Otherwise it’s very nice. Tbh it is a bit big… getting cramp but maybe I’ll get used to that.

    Battery hasn’t settled yet but was bad yesterday after Google+ auto downloaded 160MB of nothing :s

    • Sturoid

      How exactly are you gettibg cramp from a phone?

      • Mark

        Some phones are either too large or have a bad shape and holding them for excessive periods or even a short amount of time can cause cramps.

      • David

        I must be holding it funny :( after a while it hurts

    • Christopher Gammon

      Omg you got your yesterday due to stock delays, luck you. Ive got to wait till Friday for the same problems. Oh well glad i am going with three tho as unlimited data and it is free on £40 month contracts where as all other networks is like £51 and its free with 1gb :L

      • David

        All you can eat rules !! :)

      • Daniel

        Strange. I got mine on Orange £33 free handset with 1gb of data. Not quite free but sadly Three is worse than bad reception in my area.

        Got mine yesterday and I am loving it. So much better than my Nexus S. Responsiveness is best I have ever seen on a phone, it is snappy, zero lag and the app switcher is great. Screen is awesome, the notification light is handy and I am definitely liking the screen size.

        My only problems with it really are that the widgets don’t seem to make use of full screen, would like the option the to remove the Google search at the top and Peoples app can be annoying to go through joining your actual contacts to their social media profiles.

        • Ralf

          That issue can easily be solved with a 3rd party Launcher like ADW, Launcher Pro oder GO.

          • alamoe

            Use a 3rd party launcher on ICS? That’s sacrilege lol

        • Michael Lopez

          I was under the impression ICS brought widget resizing?

          • Roy

            It does, but not for all widgets. For example, the contacts and bookmarks widgets can be resized but the youtube widget can’t

    • Garthy

      I also have the strange stripes and blotchyness on auto brightness. Is it just the two of us or everyone?

      To reproduce…
      1) Set your phone to Auto Brighness.
      2) Go somewhere dark.
      3) look at a white screen (google home page is pretty white)

      • David

        I have it too and on gray like the marketplace loading screens


      It must be dead pixels. I you got a warranty, maybe you can change your unit for a new one.

  • Sturoid

    Im loving it. One of the best features in the development option of the browser to invert the page to black with white text to save battery. One pet peeve is no facebook integration :( could probably say a lot more but im working at the moment so might stop by again later.

    • mercado79

      Cool option. Hadn’t noticed it before. Its found under browser settings — accesibility.

    • Perry Ahern

      There’s an app for that. ;-) Either way, it’s better not to force integration so that people have the option – not everyone wants to use it or to have Facebook track them everywhere they go online and in the world.

    • Juhani

      Install the facebook app and then you have facebook integration.

      • TantrumV1

        Are you saying that once the Facebook app is installed, we can sync contact photo’s in the People app from Facebook?

        • Warden Chinbach

          That’s facebook’s fault.

      • Sturoid

        You get Facebook by installing the app but not contact sync/integration.

        Friendcaster works but the contact pic looks terrible cos its low res even on the high res option. The other option im using now is Contapps which has slightly higher quality pics but still not high quality.

        I really want to avoid having to download high res pics for every contact cos I like them being sync’d.

        • Porter

          So wait until Facebook updates their app. It worked great on Gingerbread, I see no reason why they wouldn’t update to work correctly in ICS, asap.

          • orangestrat

            I wouldn’t say it worked great on gingerbread..

    • Aran Miller

      No Facebook integration? this phone just got a lot better!

  • MajDroid

    I am an early adopter but not in UK. Been using it for at least a couple of weeks. Here are my thoughts:
    - Browser (and overall performance of the device) is so smooth. It has the best browsing experience on an Android device.
    - The screen is amazing. I cant go back to my trusty old friend (Nexus S), it just feels pale and small
    - Feels more comfortable in the front jeans pocket compared to the Nexus S
    - Battery life is quite good but not better than the Nexus S
    - I came across three games so far that didn’t work
    - The voice quality is great
    - I love the camera. Although im not a camera expert but compared to the cameras of other phones i’ve used before, this one is really really good
    - ICS is so beautiful

    • jphasson

      Are you in the us? if so, what carrier and how are your speeds?


      What games did not work?

  • james bricknell

    ICS is the star of the show for sure. The phone itself is nice enough but nothing we havent already seen. Its the software that really shines.

    I wrote a review over at Wasnt sure if you guys would post it here and sassibob is a friend. Check it out if you want details.

    • BiGMERF

      I HATE YOUR FACE !!!

      • charliethesuperturtle

        We shill have seen better and equal phones MONTHS before.the galaxy nexus was released. The only reason people are buying it because it has ics.

        • charliethesuperturtle

          Its true the gs2 is a faster phone and everything but it doesn’t have ics
          If the galaxy nexus didn’t have ics would you get it?

      • JLix

        I second that!

        Who cares about your review D*Bag. I wrote a review about your mom over at but you don’t see me trying to give it props here do you?

        • james bricknell

          jlix. thats an awesome troll post. thanks for that made me laugh a lot.

          i wasnt trying to give it props. i’m not out to get recognition but to inform intelligent people about tech. (i of course dont include you in that statement)

          have a nice day :D

      • james bricknell

        haha love that these cretins give you negatives for what is clearly a joke. god bless em.

        • BiGMERF

          i wasnt joking.. I HATE YOUR FACE.. LOL

          • james bricknell

            Keep trying big man. No one believes you lol

    • alamoe

      Nice, fair review. Good job.

  • googler

    Absolutely LOVE the new Nexus, that hardware looks so much more impressive when you actually get to hold it in your hand. the screen is simply amazing and anti smudge actually works!

    ICS is amazing and refreshingly fast, no lag here at all.

    I have one issue, movie maker was a big plus for me on ICS and every time I export an edited project it crashes my phone! so i have to pull the battery out. Really annoyed by this, wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?

  • googler

    Oh yes, Facebook (love/hate) intergration is not available on ICS. Not good, most my contacts have the default thumbnail pic and it doesn’t look pretty

  • googler

    Also finding that a lot of apps have not been made available to the Nexus, BBC News for example is “not compatible” says the Android market, but I’m sure it is! Sort it out please!

  • Code

    I love the device so far other than the volume bug but im hoping that will be fixed soon.

    feels so much better in a pocket than the nexus S. i originally thought there was something wrong with my screen, but it seems you can just see some graining on white backgrounds when the brightness is down really low (really only happens in almost total darkness).

    the screen is huge, if you have small hands forget it, even with big hands it can be a.. er.. handfull, but i cant say ive had any hand cramp any more or less than with other phones. the biggest plus over the nexus S is its so much lighter so the size isnt such a big problem.

    dunno how great battery life is yet as ive obviously been caining the device most days, but even with that there has still been a good 15% left at the end of the last couple days.

    as for the buying experience, you’d think the stores (glasgow, scotland) had never heard of the thing. called on the 17th to ask if they had it in stock and they had no idea what i was talking about.

    • James

      Eeep. I have small hands lol. Waiting for mine to be delivered. Didn’t seem too bad when I held a dummy in store though..

  • John

    I came from a HTC Desire running CM7 to the GN, and it is such a massive leap in terms of what I am used to from an Android phone. The hardware itself is really good, the screen is amazing but really ICS is the centrepiece. ICS is far, far better than any other version of Android before it, everything is in its rightful place, everything feels coherent and things work the same way between apps.

    That said, there are a couple of small issues. The main one is the removal of Facebook sync – like googler, I now have a lot of contacts with the default thumbnail, which is a rather boring thing to see. The second one is the new reliance on MTP and PTP protocols for file transfers. I actually didn’t mind having my phone’s SD card show up as a USB storage device, and to have that removed (Yes, I know the GN doesn’t have an SD card slot) does seem like a step backwards when I want to use my phone with any desktop I plug it into.

    They are minor annoyances that I am sure I will get over in time. I’m enjoying my new toy, and when custom ROMs start showing up for it I’m sure it’ll get even better.

    • decanem

      download a free app from market called syncmypix – it’ll sync your fbook photos, will grab nice hi-res ones too if you want.

      however, when the contacts sync back to google the pics are reduced in quality so you may want to turn off auto-contact syncing.

    • Vforvortex

      You could use syncmypix app to transfer your Facebook friends profile pic to your contacts. Or find a similar app like it.

  • John Garner

    Had mine for 3 days now – thoughts:
    ICS – amazing
    - the software is outstanding. Huge progress for the platform – everything feels much more consistent, easier and many little irritations are gone. Not quite at iOS levels for fluidity but offers options iOS doesn’t and is equally easy to use.

    Hardware – good, but not great.
    - Flicking home screen from side to side feels less ‘smooth’ in practice than a Galaxy S2 and still not up to the iPhone 4S (I own both) – my strong suspicion is that the phone is less powerful but the improved software is making up for a lot. Maybe I am too demanding, but put it next to a 4S and you can see the iphone follow tighter to your finger
    - Hi-Res Screen is impressive – feels as good as iPhone 4S for sharpness, but colours/blacks not quite as good as Galaxy S2. Gradients show it up a bit, as a previous poster mentioned. Auto-brightness STILL doesn’t work acceptably.
    - Signal strength – Amazing. Not sure about lab benchmarks, this phone has the fastest real-world download speed I have ever seen – much better than Galaxy S2
    - Apps – Flash may not be available, but actually the majority of applications are on the market and work fine – no real issues here
    - GPS – gets a great signal very fast – no real improvement
    - Camera – zero shutter lag really works. Sensor is an inexplicable choice

    Bottom line:
    - If the Galaxy S2 had ICS, it would probably be a better phone overall. NFC is interesting but not something I suspect most people will use, and the hardware feels lighter and faster on the S2 (plus a much better camera), SD card slot,…
    - Its great, but this is not a product most people should buy. It feels like a development handset that is being pushed harder than originally planned to take mindshare from the iPhone 4S
    - If you are not a developer, wait. This is a signpost to what’s next, and its not far away. Take a Galaxy S2, increase the resolution of the screen, and install ICS on it, and you have a world beater – and that something that wont be far off.

    • AppleFUD

      Sorry, but I have to disagree with you about the GN being for developers.

      I would argue just the opposite. While your review may be spot on, the GN is better for NON-devs because it is the ONLY Android handset supported directly by Google–you won’t need to go hunting for ROMs, etc. .. when the OEM decides to stop supporting the device, or doesn’t push a critical update asap, etc. . .

      Pushing “average users” toward anything other than the Nexus line, IMO, is a bad move–they are likely to find themselves in a position, like my friend, where their Android handset doesn’t get updates and is barley usable due to the last update being a buggy POS (all due to the OEM trying to drive hardware upgrades).

      Therefore, from what I’m getting from you is, *advanced* users may want to wait for a better peace of kit?

      • John Garner

        You have a very fair point regarding ongoing support for a non-power user who does not want to root their phone and install a custom ROM – definitely one of the most serious issues in the Android landscape and a good reason to steer someone to a Nexus phone.

        For a power/advanced user, I don’t think this is the right time to buy as we can expect to have better options so soon – as an better camera, more powerful processors, SD card slot, better speaker already exist on other Samsung phones.

        Don’t get me wrong: its an amazing phone, and anyone who upgrades at the end of an 18-24 month contract is going to be astonished, but I can’t help but have a tiny element of disappointment as Samsung had the technology already there in other lines to build something even more magical. Whereas with ICS there’s no hint of disappointment at all :-)

        • AppleFUD

          I can totally agree with that!

        • Anthony44

          That’s because Samsung is saving all the good stuff for the sg111

    • TantrumV1

      Thx 4 the insight, a few follow-up qns:

      - Do you notice any lag/stutter when on homescreens/app drawer? i.e. Does the new 2D hardware acceleration show?

      - Can you read paragraph text on a website fully zoomed out?

      Also, one point to note, a major incentive (personally) to buying the galaxy nexus is that it will be the first to update. The angst I feel after watching Android events and just knowing that I will be last to taste the delicious goodness could be completely avoided. My GS2 doesn’t even have an update date! It is extremely annoying, as Samsung has had access to ICS source code for ages now. You, my friend, are one of the privileged few.

      • John Garner

        There are a few software bugs that occasionally slow things down, but that’s not too worrying for such an early major release. It’s smooth, but not quite iPhone 4S smooth I’m afraid, just a touch of lag. Nothing that would stop enjoyment of the phone – you would only think about it if you just put down an iPhone and pick this up.

        Every so often it goes a bit odd (e.g. Spotify syncing in the background made the browser a bit unstable, just playing music was fine).

        Paragraph text is just about readable fully zoomed out – e.g. I can go to for news and read all columns on screen and once to decide which story to select, even vertical. It seems much better and correctly calibrating touches on the URLs as well. For reading a story you then would want it bigger.

        Also – volume bug impacted me for the first time yesterday – really irritiating – drove out of a 3G signal area on my way home, and phone turned down to mute. Hope it’s soon fixed.

    • M0nk

      A true developer needs a SD slot to test functionality and compatibility with most phones that have SD slot and removable storage.

      If you are a modder or ROM addict, a SD slot may save you from a bricked phone…

      I know that many developers will buy this phone, but in my case I will wait until a phone with SD slot, removable battery and true 720p screen (not pentile) is released. I’m really sad because I wanted to taste a Nexus…

      For the average user on the other hand its a great phone, they will get timely updates without looking for custom roms

  • Neville

    I would like to see hi res (or know how to put them on the device) contact pictures. Also the Volume thing (but that just a matter of time before it’s fixed)

    I’ve also has a freeze (required battery pull) and a couple of random restarts…

    Despite any of these… I love this device, the screen 720p is crystal clear. There are issues with the low light levels but I think this is the screen type issue rather than the phone.

    The speed of the device is… you have to see it to believe it. The 1gb ram and 1.2 Dual core processor work perfectly…

    As a Google device I miss a couple of the HTC Sense features. But the fluidity of this device far out weights anything lost.

  • jasonvincent

    I’ve had one for the past 5 days and I am loving it!
    It’s my first Android phone, but I have been watching the space and testing friend’s devices for several years as I am a former mobile developer.

    My first impression of the device was that it is super fast: browsing, switching apps, taking photos. Everything was quick. I would have never thought I was on a phone.

    The screen is lovely. I haven’t noticed any weirdness with it. I am glad the fix for the volume problem is forthcoming and it’s not a hardware problem. I was getting a bit worried about that and installed the Volume Locker app. Apart from the software problem, the volume button appears to be in precisely the wrong position: I keep touching it when I hold the phone.

    As expected, the screen lock ‘feature’ doesn’t work when I need it to. Nice gimmick (when it works), but not usable in day to day life.

    The phone in general is good to hold. Sturdy-feeling and sleek.

    However, I’ve been a bit disappointed in some of the stock apps that come with it:

    Camera app didn’t seem to take ‘good’ pics by default (a must for a camera phone IMO). They were blurry (medium-low and low light). I have since swapped it for CameraZoom app which is brilliant!

    The Contacts app is pretty but not as intuitive as I would have expected. Not usable in the long-term. I have changed it for the Contapps app.

    The Dialer app is likewise not up to scratch. Also swapped for Contapps. Pity Contapps doesn’t have the dialler and contacts integrated like the call log in ICS.

    To complete the switch-over, I switched the Messaging app for Handcent SMS. The stock one wasn’t doing it for me.

    Now, I feel like I have a world-beating phone!

  • Roy

    Got mine on Friday from 3UK, coming from a Galaxy S2. First off, I hated touchwiz on the S2 so I’m really enjoying the UI on the Nexus. Screen animations are very smooth (although some of the stock live wallpapers are causing slight stuttering). For me, the screen is gorgeous and is miles better than my previous phones (nexus one, desire hd, galaxy s2). I’ve not experienced the volume issue but I have had a couple of problems:
    Tried to use Google Navigation yesterday but the app kept crashing after entering a postcode, so I loaded up CoPilot Live Premium and it also kept crashing. This app worked ok when I first installed it on Friday.
    I’ve had strange issues while making phone calls where calls would drop and the screen seemed to be stuck on a black screen, only a reboot would clear it. This has happened twice so far.
    Facebook app works ok but since the phone lacks a menu button I’m unable to go into settings to setup contact sync etc. Hopefully the app will be updated soon to provide a soft menu button.
    I’ve noticed the youtube widget having strange behaviour, very similar to how the youtube widget displayed on my asus transformer before a recent update. Basically the scrolling screens would disappear and the circular timer is displayed. To fix I had to remove and re-add the widget.
    I hate the power button placement as each time I press it my hand accidentally presses on the volume button on the other side of the phone.
    Face unlock has quickly become annoying and gimmicky due to probably only a 60% success rate. I hope they improve the software in future updates as it’s a neat idea.
    The camera is rapid, and I mean rapid. My only complaint is that when taking 4 or 5 shots in quick succession you also get 4 or 5 relatively loud beeps and so far I’ve been unable to find an option to silence these. The picture quality is more than adequate for me, can’t really see that much of a difference the nexus camera and my s2 camera.
    This is by far the best phone I’ve ever had and I love showing it off. A guy at work was thinking of getting a 4S and proclaiming that Android screen animations don’t flow smoothly. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to demo the Nexus. His face lit up, jaw dropped ever so slightly, and he’s now changed his mind about getting the 4S lol.

    All in all, I’d say this phone is f…..g amazing! There are a few bugs in the OS and some of my apps require their developers to update them for full ICS compatibility, but this is a small price to pay for having this phone 1 day after release. By the time it gets released in the US there’s every possibility some of these issues will already be sorted. If you’re thinking of giving up waiting on an official US release I’d say…..hang on a bit longer, this phone is a beast and is worth the wait. Enjoy :-)

    • George

      Whilst in the camera press the volume down button. That ought to silence those beeps

      • Roy

        Thanks for the tip, worked a treat. It’s so obvious so not sure why I never thought of it :-)

    • Anthony44

      Hey Roy, I know it’s said the screen is 4.65 but all the videos I’ve seen it looks the same as the s2. Please if I may ask what’s the real difference in screen size between the two.
      T-Mobile sports a 4.52 so perhaps no real difference there

      • geezagame

        My S2 is the UK version with a 4.3 inch screen so I am unable to properly compare to your 4.52 inch screen. The diagonal on the Nexus is indeed 4.65 inch and I also measured screen width and height (this was difficult as the blacks of the notification bar and the soft button area at the bottom are so black they blend right into the blacks of the case).
        Screen dimensions are:
        5.7 cm wide
        10.4 cm tall


  • Roy

    Meant to say, my friend also got the nexus so we tried the NFC features for maybe 10 mins or so. Think we need more time as we had a wee bit of difficulty getting things to send (such as youtube links). It did work, I think we just need to read up on exactly how to use all the features properly

  • Razzer

    The lack of flash really sucks, I miss my search/menu hard buttons and the browser has some odd issues. Like, it wont load the touch version of facebook unless I set it to load desktop versions of websites and I cant use autocorrect/text predictions on some comment fields (including this blog’s). My final gripe is that when entering new calendar events it doesnt show the day of the week when selecting date.

    However, I had no volume bug and everything else about the phone rocks. Skyrim actually looks better on the phone than my HDTV! Would definitely reccomend buying a Galaxy Nexus!

  • Jasonhunterx

    I think google choose the hardware that it did to stop fragmentaion of android jumping to dual core so fast would fragment it even more so they stuck with dual core an same gpu to make things more universal like how nexus s uses same gpu to make software work on more hardware

    • Roy

      I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about

  • Toonshorty

    I don’t have one buy my Dad’s migrated to one from an iPhone 3GS.

    He was worried that he wasn’t going to like it, but he now feels quite the opposite.

    The phone feels lovely to hold, it’s not too thin and even for someone with small hands like myself the phone fits wonderfully and isn’t too big.

    Makes my HTC Desire feel small, slow and insignificant.

  • PGrGr

    I just upgraded from an HTC Desire, and I can tell you, 18 months is a LONG time in mobiles!

    Anyway, I’m very happy with the Galaxy Nexus so far, but I knew exactly what I was getting. I don’t think it’s better or worse that the S2. It just has different features. Certainly I’ve had it with trying to be evangelical about phones. Leave the iphone masses to it. I know that what I’ve bought is the best thing for me!

    Anyway, back to the Nexus, and I was a bit miffed about the lack of FB contacts integration, then a friend recommended the FriendCaster app – problem solved.

    To those people complaining that the BBC app doesn’t work, I think that’s probably because of Flash related problems, so that should be fixed by year end too.

    I haven’t had any auto-brightness problems (yet) and can’t reproduce them. Can’t comment on the volume problems because I haven’t actually used it as a phone yet!

    People on these blogs seem to be quite obsessed with the manufacturer and clock speed of the processor, which always baffles me a bit. The phone runs very smoothly, and I think it is typical of its generation of dual core GPU assisted devices. I’m happy to trust manufacturers to get the balance right between processor speed, design and battery life etc. It’s always going to be a case of choosing the right set of compromises to create a device that works best in most people’s hands.

    I should mention that I know someone in the chip design industry. Whenever we talk about these things, he points out just how random and off-target these rumours are. For example, I keep reading about the choice of exonys processor in the S2, but the Galaxy S2 apparently uses 3 different processors depending on where in the world you buy it. Samsung clearly don’t care quite as much as the bloggers about the choice of processor. They know that all the options create a consistent user experience and they are probably more concerned about supply chains.

    My friend also told me about a couple of other technologies which will improve mobile experience which are at the development stage currently, and which are likely to make a difference far more quickly than some of the stuff we read about in these blogs!

  • Nathan

    As i read these comment i become envies, is that OK?

  • masterpfa

    Absolutely love my phone, it has been a refreshing change to the Android UI with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich although still on a bit of a learning curve, I’m loving the adventure all the same.

    Phone size
    Overall speediness and smoothness
    Face Unlock screen
    Speech to text
    Call quality

    Dis Like
    No Flash (But not a huge worry for me!)

    I feel Samsung and Android have worked wonders with the hardware here as despite the features not matching some top Android phones currently available, this phone “Just Works” and beats most currents phone in overall performance and User Experience

    Glad I made the move.

    • Podginater

      Mine has a flash, are we talking about the same phone?

      • jasonvincent

        I think he means no Adobe Flash :)

  • Maff

    Had mine 30 hours now…
    Speed is fantastic
    Brilliant battery compared to my last 2 phones (Desire and Optimus 3D)
    Screen is brilliant from all angles, colours are perfect, blacks are black, no dots or lines etc
    Not seen the volume bug (on O2)
    Camera speed has to be seen to believed, quality is good compared to my past phones.
    ICS is so much more than the “best bits” of Honeycomb and Gingerbread, I have a tablet with honeycomb and I want ICS on there now, it’s so much better and quicker, simple things like the animations when clearing your notifications.
    did I mention the speed of the thing?

    no flash (not the phones fault)
    no Swype (not the phones fault)
    maximum screen timeout is 10 minutes, no good for me, I use my phone to track my cycling, it turned off halfway to work this morning, it kept tracking but I couldn’t see my speed or pace.

    overall: fantastic phone coupled with a brilliant OS

    I may have to make a new Android video as my old one looks too dated now!

    • hector

      The screen timeout issue is not OS fault, but app’s fault. Tell the developer you’d like the option to keep screen on while using it.

      • Maff

        The OS has a maximum of 10 minutes, that is a fault of the OS, all my past Android phones (and tablets), of which there has been a few, are all 30 minutes

      • Dirge

        Actually, it’s up to the OEM. I remember my Droid had a timeout limit of 30 minutes, and so did my Fascinate when on Éclair. Then, it was lowered to 10 minutes starting from Froyo on. Actually, it might be an OS thing.

    • ceppm

      Agree with most comments. Coming from an HTC Hero and Nexus One, this one feels massive. Still getting use to it, I wouldn’t mind it being half inch smaller.

      I miss the scroll ball and dedicated search button as well.

      Re apps not ready for ICS, I also miss Swype. That got me thinking about Android fragmentation. This is the only ICS handset out there so devs are not in a hurry to fully update their apps and exploit the new features. It could take months for update their apps.

      I have and iPad 1 and I took some weeks to update to iOS 5, when I updates, 80% of my apps updated with some iOS 5 feature. I hope it was the same for Android.

  • bobbyvybz

    One thing to say having owned every phone in the nexus range. This phone is a beast. Brother has the S2 and it compares to that but has a better os. Even though S2 will get updated, I would still recomend the GN just due to being the first to get updates and continued support. USB mass storage problem for macs is easily solved by downloading android file transfer for the mac. As simple as that. Go get yours now!!!!!!!

  • Ariff Bham

    I got my Galaxy Nexus on the 18th from Three on a free. All you can eat data, 500 mins and Ultd texts. By word. What a phone. Amazing. I was using the Galaxy S II prior and I thought I wouldnt be massively surprised but ICS is just on another level. Today, after 5 days with the phone, I pulled out my Galaxy S II to sell and while I was doing the factory reset I noticed how far behind Gingerbread was. Really, you need to use the phone for a while to truly appreciate ICS. The Task manager, unlocking options, settings in the notifications tray, the notification light – all these are tiny bits that really add up to a very very very polished experience. I own an ipad, an ipod touch and blackberry bold as well but I can safely say this is the best phone I have EVER used.

    I noticed a few comments about the screen – in low light, yes, there are very tiny patterns when displaying large grey areas but unless your phone is on the dimmest brightness and you really bother to analyse the screen, it won’t bother you. The screen is AMAZING! Trust me. 720p resolution on a 4.65inch screen is perfect. I would prefer this to the retina display without any hesitation.

    BUY IT – (google should pay me for all this promotion) (but seriously – this is what I actually feel)

  • Ariff Bham

    I got my Galaxy Nexus on the 18th from Three on a free. All you can eat data, 500 mins and Ultd texts. By word. What a phone. Amazing. I was using the Galaxy S II prior and I thought I wouldnt be massively surprised but ICS is just on another level. Today, after 5 days with the phone, I pulled out my Galaxy S II to sell and while I was doing the factory reset I noticed how far behind Gingerbread was. Really, you need to use the phone for a while to truly appreciate ICS. The Task manager, unlocking options, settings in the notifications tray, the notification light – all these are tiny bits that really add up to a very very very polished experience. I own an ipad, an ipod touch and blackberry bold as well but I can safely say this is the best phone I have EVER used.

    I noticed a few comments about the screen – in low light, yes, there are very tiny patterns when displaying large grey areas but unless your phone is on the dimmest brightness and you really bother to analyse the screen, it won’t bother you. The screen is AMAZING! Trust me. 720p resolution on a 4.65inch screen is perfect. I would prefer this to the retina display without any hesitation.

    ps – No volume bug on Three UK

    BUY IT – (google should pay me for all this promotion) (but seriously – this is what I actually feel)

  • jasonvincent

    Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on a manual for the Galaxy Nexus?
    Most things are easy to work out or self-explanatory but there are some that I wish I had a manual for!

    Google! Why is the email address that the ‘welcome to your nexus’ email was sent from a ‘no-reply’ one? A little customer service would be nice!

  • George

    Only had the phone since Saturday, here’s what I think so far:

    The screen is great, good colours, very sharp, but like some other people, there seems to be a ‘weave’ texture to greys at lower brightness. A caveat of pen-tile? Not a deal breaker as it is rarely noticeable

    Its too big for one-handed operation. That’s all. Fits into pockets fine.

    I adore the all-glass front and textured back. I honestly love the design and I find the build quality decent.

    The camera is also decent, but nothing amazing. All the pictures you take will look fantastic on the screen. View them on a computer and you can see how much noise reduction is applied. Eugh! I know many point-and-shoots are guilty of this, but the nexus takes the cake. My guess is, zero-lag shutter uses high ISO settings, producing noisy images that are then de-noised, losing a lot of the image detail and sharpness in the process. Maybe I’m nitpicking and shouldn’t expect more.

    On the other hand, my previous phone is the HTC Hero that also has a 5MP camera. While the colours it produces are hideous, It seems to me the images are much sharper than the Nexus’.

    ICS is fantastic! Butter-smooth overall. The browser is faster and smoother than anything i’ve seen on any mobile device, and I have an iPad2. The gallery is another highlight, with a nice little gallery widget. Photo editing options are similar to what you find in Picasa, and frankly I always thought they were amazing there: shadows/highlights/midtones, colour temperature etc. Live wallpapers do impact performance and battery life…

    …which isn’t fantastic to begin with. The battery life that is. Its decent, I’m counting just over 16h with 5% remaining with screen on auto-brightness and auto-sync for Gmail and Twitter, and the screen being on for 3h7m.

    So, despite my moaning about the camera, I’m really happy with it. Really enjoy using it and won’t put the thing down.

  • Jon Rankin

    Hi, I must have been one of the early adopters getting this phone 10am on the friday morning. I didnt pre-order or reserve one but tried ringing phones 4u as soon as they opened.

    They had 3 in stock and were charging £630 sim free. I asked them to hold one for me and i would be up in an hour! This is ridiculous money though and more than i would have liked to pay.

    Lookily just before i left i heard a rumour ’3 mobile’ where also getting them so gave them a ring. The shop in question had a offer on for discounts on all pay as you go phones, as long as you buy a £15 sim card at the same time.

    I got my nexus galaxy for £360 + £15 topup. !!!! I can prove with receipt.

    They told me in store it would be locked to “3 mobile” and probably have some bloatware on it, but it was clean as a whistle and unlocked to all networks.

    The phone itself has truly wowed me! Not since the nexus one have i been this impressed. The screen is lovely. The fluency is amazing!

    Android 4 is a huge step, but even the little refinements are amazing. Little things that companies dont think about, like when an unknown number rings it comes up with the contact location based on the area code. Ingenious but so simple!

    So many other things are lovely and work fantastic!

    The screen is big, but i like it ! I wouldnt change it and it works well.

    The sounds problem i havent experienced. Only that on loud speaker music isnt especially loud!

    The facial recognition works, but it is a bit of a gimmick, although i am still using it ! If you angle it different to the original photo it does struggle though. Luckily it reverts to a second method like pin!

    Overall my genuine opinion is 9.5/10, and easily the best phone out there!

    I am getting another 2 phones tomorrow when stock comes in from the same store, at the same price ;)

    Enjoy the phones boys!

    • masterpfa

      How did you get the phones for that price, they are showing on their website at £499

  • Mark

    Hey all – got the galaxy nexus on the friday morning. Spectacular – haven’t got the screen/pixel error and haven’t encountered the volume control error.

    What I have noticed is the slickness of android 4 – Only time it gets buggy seems to be when pushed with several app downloads and using other apps simultaneously.

    Also seem to get > 24 hours out of my battery at the moment with pretty heavy internet use.

    Screen is great – solid and bright – and currently not affected by three (accidental) low height drops and a good scratching by my car keys.

    Haven’t had much opportunity to use nfc though but i’m sure the day will come.

    also nice touches are the folders and widgets

    Paid £40 for the handset and on a £32 pm contract with orange via phones4u

    lovin it

  • Richard

    Great phone with fantastic screen but it would not be an android phone with out bug or 2. Seen my volume jumping up and down several times but loving 4.0.

  • John laseter

    Very disappointed by my new nexus :/ :

    Dead pixel, volume problem, it’s very unstable … I am gonna to ask for refund and get back to my former droid.

    • Bob guy

      Agree … Unfortunatly This new version of android have a long way to go before beating iOS. I am android fanboy but let me tell you this is not yet the iOS killer that we all hope for.

      • DRTigerlilly

        It would help if you could clarify this a little more or people are just going to think you’re trolling. But i’m really curious to find out why you think ICS isn’t ready.

        • geezagame

          He’s trolling. Don’t be put off by his remarks, ICS is ready, it’s gorgeous to look at and slick in use. For me, the combination of ICS and the gorgeous hardware give me the feeling of owning something special. I haven’t felt this way about a phone since my Nexus One. It’s like owning an Audi when everyone else has a Ford. Of course there are a few bugs but these will be fixed shortly.

          This is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there are many like it, but this one is mine…

  • Charlie

    I quite love my Galaxy Nexus.

    The pro’s nice screen, really nice… great resoloution, NO dead pixels, no hue or anything, pretty spectacular…. and great for my fat thumbs being that slightly larger :)

    ICS 4 does seem like a step in the right direction, loving the browser, email, google chrome bookmarks import alll automatic, etc. Seemless would be a good word to use…

    The only downside I have discovered is that developers have not caught up with it yet, there are several apps which do not work (copilot being one, which despite google maps I do use).

    I’ve noticed 2 bugs
    1. volume bug has happened to me (I live in a 2g area!!!)
    2. Unlock, I can set to unlock in 30minutes, however if I press the power button to put it in standby mode, it automatically locks and ignores my 30 minute rule :(

    saying that if I leave it to go into standby naturally it then obeys my 30 minute rule :)

    Is there a lot between this and the S2? Not really, At first I thought not having an sd card slot was a negative, then I realised ICS 4 Seems to count the 16gb as full phone storage (No apps saying install to sd, etc)… which is great as I now just install and go…

    The other feature I prefer over the s2 is the noise cancelling mic, a must for talking instructions…

    As for other bits, try google voice “send text to fred, going to be late home”…. boom its done!

    Great Job Google, a couple of niggles, but being an early adopter, I knew that, looking forward to the future and the stuff you havent told us yet :)