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Verizon Galaxy Nexus could be pushed back to December


Of all the recent release dates attached to the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus, November 21 has been one of the most reliable. Why? Because a seemingly legitimate internal document from Verizon surfaced about a week ago confirming the date. It certainly makes the most sense; it’s after the UK launch, but before Black Friday. And the most recent internal document wasn’t the first time we’ve heard that date either. If yet another rumor making the rounds today is correct though, then we won’t be seeing the Galaxy Nexus until at least December.

According to P3Droid of MyDroidWorld, “word on the street” is that, thanks to a few bugs and rough edges, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t going to be released until December at the earliest. While none of this has been confirmed, there are other Android users in the know who seem to be saying the same thing. When it comes down to it, there’s two things to take away from this rumor.

Verizon is very thorough when it comes to device testing. If they don’t believe the Nexus is ready for launch, then it probably isn’t. They want it to be as perfect as possible. And in the end, that’s what will be best for Google’s reputation and for consumers.

The other point to take away from this rumor is just how lost everyone is when it comes to the launch date of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. There have been so many rumored dates and so many conflicting reports, no one is sure what to think anymore. Right now, the most accurate time frame is anywhere from next week to a month from now. Usually, when a phone is this close to release, pinpointing the launch date is a bit easier. The Galaxy Nexus is proving to be rather tricky. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Source: DroidLife

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  • Joshua Naylor

    Please, no. I am dying here.

    I had so much device lust for this phone a month ago… but now I feel like I’m going through a bad break-up. Just release the thing already!! A few bugs is perfectly fine with me!

  • Starship

    I just received a text from Verizon stating that I was now eligible for an upgrade. By the time this phone comes out, I’ll just wait to get it with my Christmas Bonus.

  • GreyBeard

    Hey Dustin,

    Its not grammatically correct to start a sentence with “And”. Just thought you might profit from this information for your future articles.

    • bstringy

      I disagree. Perfectly acceptable use here. Much has been written on this.

    • Dustin Earley

      Starting a sentence with “and” or “but” has been looked down upon in the past. So has “logical” punctuation in the US and not using Oxford commas. It can be sticky with writing online, but this isn’t a medical journal or something.

    • Grammar Police

      Dear GreyBeard,

      It is generally not considered acceptable to start a communication with the phrase: “Hey Dustin” and furthermore, the contraction for the two words “It is” should have an apostrophe, as “IT’S” rather than “ITS” as you wrote it. Your sentence starting with “Just thought” has no subject; perhaps you meant “I just thought.”

      If you are going to be snotty, you should at least be competent.

  • @BiGMER F

    The place I pre-ordered from this morning announced that it has pushed back and they could not give a definitive date. This may a blessing, since there are now rumblings of a Tmobile version

  • Starship

    Also guessing when this phone comes out is like guessing when Jesus is coming back.

  • DRA

    they need stop with all these delays and just release the phone already

  • Mfg68

    So it’s launching in the UK with all of these “bugs”?

    • Starship

      They’re two different models. I would assume that the LTE version still has some kinks to work out.

      • mabroid

        LTE is going to be tested shortly. The UK edition will work on both 3G and LTE

  • BJ

    Spoke to a Verizon marketing rep on 11/11 for the Razr launch. He confirmed that Verizon will not be releasing the phone directly on Black Friday, as he said that would be too chaotic; however, he did say that could mean the phone might be released prior to Black Friday; ie. the 21st. The only concrete answer he was able to give me, however, was that it would definitely be before Christmas. He gave me his personal contact info and said he would pass along anything that he hears.

  • yeahright

    My @@@, Verizon releases plenty of phones that are full of bugs, its a bug party every time a device is released on verizon. Look at all the droids and the d2 global especially. Either this rumor is complete BS or verizon is butt-hurt that people want this pure android phone over their bloated crap. They better release this with the other carriers or they are just full of it.

  • DroidSamurai

    >> Verizon is very thorough when it comes to device testing. If they don’t believe the Nexus is ready for launch, then it probably isn’t.

    So, why do they allow the iPhone 4S to launch with the battery problem? It seems that Verizon just closed their eyes and let the iPhone pass as long as Apple said it’s ok.

    • RW

      Also look at the Thunderbolt and Bionic, they have plenty of bugs when they launched. VZW is not that thorough when it comes to device testing.

  • Aaron

    I just ordered my Rezound today…. looks like I won’t be able to change my mind with a hands on feel with the Nexus in 14 days.

  • GeauxLSU

    I wonder if this is cutting into Verizon’s exclusivity period. If the end of the exclusivity period is a certain number of days after launch, or a specific date. If they have an exclusive for 30 days after launch then Verizon could just be delaying it to give the Razr and the Rezound more sales time before the Nexus is launched.

    • Monochrome

      Actually, I’m wondering if this is deliberate by Verizon. Remember that they had an exclusivity marker on their site regarding the GNexus and then removed it a short while later. I bet they didn’t get the deal they entirely wanted for the exclusivity and at this point have just decided to say “F%^& it” and throw all their weight behind the new bloated RAZR by just leaving the GNexus to rot and launch it with every other company.

      Wouldn’t be the first time a company gets vindictive and it certainly won’t be the last.

      • Rick

        I can totally see that. Since the Galaxy Nexus on no or 2 or 3 bloatware, they stand to make no profit.

        I think that is why they announced the Nexus One, but at the last minute canned the phone and went with the DINC.

  • mikeyDroid

    I’m crying at my desk.

  • kk

    So its launching in every other country with “bugs and rough edges”?

    These rumors are getting more fucking stupid by the day.

  • Rick

    “Verizon is very thorough when it comes to device testing” really, look at the stock Thunderbolt and the Bionic should have been scrapped.

    I rather not listen to a word that P3Droid has to say, since he is becoming unreliable source.

  • Richard Yarrell

    When will all this confussion end. I’m going back to sleep.

    • Marcus Nolasco

      Your comment made me laugh. I just thought I’d let you know. Lol

  • ynot74

    You know what? Fuck it. I’m this close to crossing over to AT&T. I’m getting really tired of waiting on Verizon. I don’t know why I waste my time with this company. When it comes to launches THEY SUCK! Verizon needs to pull their heads out of their asses and get with the program. How long does it take to test a device?! How long have they had the device for testing? This is absolutely rediculous! It’s no wonder Verizon is always last when it comes to getting top notch phones. What they should be doing is making sure they take all of there crappy ass apps off the phones prior to release. Who the hell wants VZnav??!!

  • espiandev

    Thank god I live in the UK! Only two(ish) more days…

  • kkloster

    I cracked the screen on my Nexus S and I’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to come out so I can get a new phone. I’ve been ready to switch to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus even though Verizon service is more expensive (it does have better coverage where I live) than T-mobile. This is making it so difficult, ha. Now I’m considering either switching to Verizon and getting a RAZR or just getting an HTC and staying with T-mobile. Oh, who cares.

    I’m starting to feel like an idiot for waiting for this vaporphone.

    Taylor are you surprised to hear rumor of a delay until December?

  • dpcwollmann

    All this release date ambiguity does not inspire confidence in Google or Verizon. Somebody needs to make an official statement even if it’s just “it will ship when it’s ready.”

  • Nathan Dube

    Hey man…where dod you see this notice. I checked their google + and fb pages..nada..

  • Mark

    One of the worst device launch in history. All the hype for me has died down.

  • David Webb

    I think alot of people..including me are sick of waiting on the Nexus and ready to go get on with it already. Even if the real release date is officially announced in December it will be too little and too late…. we’ve all bought a new phone… Whatever..Nexus..I don’t really care anymore.

  • triangle

    I just hope this isn’t true. Just looks like this launch has been bungled big time, but maybe they’re just trying to create more hype. Not sure what to think anymore.

  • apay

    Until the Galaxy Nexus came out, there will probably be another ICS phone on the market ahah !

  • Splinter

    I’m not waiting anymore and I just emailed Verizon to tell them so. Once my current phone dies (likely in the next week or so) If the Galaxy Nexus isn’t put up for pre order I’m getting a GSII from someone else. 1.5Ghz Exynos here I come! (Yes I know that basically means AT&T but let’s face it, the Skyrocket is one of the best phones you can purchase.)

    • sean

      I couldnt wait any longer myself i made the upgrade to Samsung skyrocket. Its the best android phone i had so far..I’ll just wait for the ics update comes out early next year.

  • cb2000a

    I already left Verizon, but I can hear the groans from this postponement. Another Verizon letdown.

  • sir1bmw

    December is a great month to release a NEXUS SERIES PHONE… like the Nexus S and the Nexus One (actually its January)

    So before christmas launch every year of a NEXUS phone is super acceptable to me and others I know…

    I bought my Nexus One – January then my Nexus S – december…

    So guys, we have to tell google to release a Nexus phone in a yearly basis – december is the best month…

  • moving on…

    Alright, it’s official. I’m over the Nexus. I know CyanogenMod will provide all my ICS needs. I’m upgrading in February so I’ve got plenty of time for more phones to come out.

  • james bricknell

    i get mine tomorrow! woop woop

  • Nathan

    can I say this has become a fail if this keeps up

  • jamboy5590

    shit i guess im moving to London then.

  • pritams