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Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date guessing game still on; November 17 pops ups again


Rumored release dates for the Galaxy Nexus are not in short supply. Just about every other day now, another internal document makes its way online with a new, or old, release date for the device. The latest document to hit the Internet lends a helping hand to the credibility of an older rumored release date.

Just two days ago on the first on the month, a leaked Verizon memo pegged the Galaxy Nexus as releasing after Black Friday. A couple days before that, the release date for the European Nexus was set as November 17. It was said that the US Nexus will not be launching until after the European version does. Today, yet another internal document has leaked that puts the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on track for a November 17 release.

The document, obtained by Android Central, is said to be a “work in progress that will be sent out next week to all retail stores/partners along with promotional materials such as posters and flyers.” Of course we’d like a little more solid evidence than what we have, but if nothing else, this is a sign to not give up hope yet.

It doesn’t make sense for Verizon to wait until after the biggest shopping day of the year to release one of the biggest phones of the year, so don’t be surprised if Big Red is rushing around trying to push the Nexus out the door as fast as possible. Either way, it won’t be long now. We’ll be sure to update you on any other release date madness we can get our hands on.

Source: Android Central

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  • triangle

    November 17th sounds a lot better. Make it happen, Verizon! Don’t piss off the Android Army!

  • ben dover

    It’s looking bleak for a tmo/att nexus launch by the 17th… Unless they announce they will be selling it just days before!

    • iamXiV92a

      I need this on AT&T – GingerStreak is nice, but the Galaxy Nexus is better. . .

  • dcdttu

    I can’t see V waiting until after Black Friday to release this phone. Course, I also wouldn’t have believed how badly the previous Nexus devices were handled wither. With that said, at least the Nexus S was announced and then released 10 days later, end of story.

    Oh Verizon…. You’re the best, but the worst…

  • @BiGMER F

    At this point anything short of an actual announcement by verizon is just not credible.. To many rumors on a daily basis

    • Black Kristos

      Which, even if do look at this document, will not be until the 15th. I’m not getting my panties in a bunch either way. :)

  • Black Kristos

    This makes total sense to me and also would back up the post-Black Friday marketing leak that we saw a couple of days ago.

    - A quick release with no pre-order. (This leak shows they do not release promo stuff until 2 days prior)
    - Lots of promo and device discounts for the RAZR and iPhone starting th 14th through Black Friday. (The marketing leak from 11/01)
    - After deep discounts for other handsets the weekend of Black Friday, they start hardcore marketing for the Nexus. (The marketing leak from 11/01)

  • Sal

    I NEED this phone before Thanksgiving week. If they can’t make that happen, I may look at cheaper, lesser phones :(

  • The Android Advocate

    Meanwhile in another part of town…Apple is pulling off a flawless rollout of the “iP4Same” in it’s top 70 markets…users have the info and know the whats and the whens the day of the [email protected]#$#@!?

    The same carrier players are involved here and elsewhere..why are we foaming at the mouth and awaiting the blogosphere’s latest detective like efforts..

    For a multinational behemoth of company of 30,000 employees’ with the savvy and resources that Google has…it boggles the mind why we have no information after the announcement.

    It would appear that there are still lessons to learn form Cupertino (alas)..i.e. When you announce something..(that the Android community have been pining for for a long time btw)’s does not serve Android or it’s users well (and we are the ones that are driving the momentum btw Google) to provinde highly limited information in the markets! This phone may launch in 14 days..and we have no visibility.

    At the very least..give me enough information; so I can make a decision. Without knowing what is going on / and not being on Verizon.. we risk spending a ton of cash..with the potential local launch on tmo still MIA…#SortItOut #LookingABitAmateur #LettingAppleMakeUsLook Bad..Again!

    • The Android Advocate

      Apologies for the typos #smh

  • xoldier

    They can’t seem to get it done right. They keep fumbling around with the dates because the device is not yet ready. Now they’ve got their heads up their asses trying to cover shit up. Seems like even Verizon and Google aren’t on the same page on this. So unprofessional.

    Just imagine the issues we’ll be having with our beloved Nexus One once it hits the market eventually.

    While Nexus owners should be getting the best overall experience of Android…in reality, we will turn out to be ICS Guinea pigs.

    Google, the next Microsoft…

    As for Andorid, I can’t help but think of all that it could have been under a more passionate, professional and wise management.

    • xoldier

      OMG Android Market is sucking hard again and Nexus S is fucking so freaking Royally.

      I am about to crush this thing under my foot – I am having serious mental health issues because of this…and they keep not only delaying but sitting ignorantly and blatantly silent on it after the something-big-is-coming announcement. Such poor decision making on Google’s part. I seriously hope its not a something-biggest-piece-of-turd like the Nexus S was. Way to go…Half ass release to serve the hype, and a stable release (Nexus S 4G) towards the end of its life cycle.

      This is coming from one of the earliest Android supporter. Really disappointed in how poorly they are managing a great OS.

      I KNOW THAT I ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF SO LET IT BE THAT: Today, the only reason I am waiting for the Galaxy Nexus and not going elsewhere is the fact that nothing is as tightly integrated with Google as much as Android and this is the reason Google “chooses” not to release native applications in the same manner and on the same schedule of other OS’es as they do for Android…because many will flee once they have integrated Google on a stable OS.

      Google is huge and they think that just rolling around on their belly in a battlefield will crush everything in their way. Eventually, someone will pull the battlefield from under their belly. Remember Windows Mobile 6…it was around wayyy before the iPhone???

      Now flame on everyone.

  • Slith

    It’s true! It’s true! God knows Verizon would never lie!

  • DroidSamurai

    >> It doesn’t make sense for Verizon to wait until after the biggest shopping day of the year to release one of the biggest phones of the year, so don’t be surprised if Big Red is rushing around trying to push the Nexus out the door as fast as possible.

    My biggest fear, though, is Verizon is not seeing the Galaxy Nexus as a “big hit”, or intentionally playing it down because it won’t have any bloatware.

    • Slith

      I’m still wondering about the bloatware myself.

  • GeauxLSU

    Does anyone remember how long between the official announcement and the release date for the Droid 3? For some reason I don’t remember there being an official announcement, just it showed up as being available online one day. I wonder if Verizon is doing the same thing for this.

  • Kevin Williams

    This feels like the Samsung galaxy s 2 saga all over again, when we waited and waited for a release date in the US to the point where we just stopped caring all together…I just hope it doesn’t reach that point with this device.

  • Nathan

    Well at least it the 17th and not after

  • Chaoz

    I just wish that I could buy this phone without contract on the 17th..#Iwantthisphonenow

  • galaxynexus

    it’s the 10th, fact

  • Marcus Nolasco

    Hopefully it does come out at least on the 17th. I’m not worried though. We just have to be patient and find out for sure. lol

  • SliestDragon

    Can’t wait for this phone. Hopefully it’s available on other carriers soon!

  • kobain

    First, I’ll admit, I check news of this phone daily, sometimes thrice daily. How much free advertising have they got, by keeping us in the dark? If they said, “here it, here’s the specs, it’ll be out ___” we wouldn’t be foaming at the mouth for this thing. Waiting, wondering, wishing has made this thing more than the sum of its parts. I still want it though!

  • Kevin

    What the hell! Why doesn’t Verizon just put out the date? Bag O Dicks

  • Sam

    Someone know the Price of the galaxy nexus when he release

  • Nate B.

    I really can’t believe that Google left it out their hands with the marketing and getting this thing out. Before we even knew what the Galaxy Nexus was, this was the only thing I feared. I was so sure Google would have it down pat from IC giving us the experience we need and getting this thing out proper.

    The phone should have been out a week or two after announcing IC & the Nexus S/4G should of been updated a day or two before or after the release. Prep is important. Its like they talk a good talk and they’re still getting things done as as if it was never really finished.

    Dev phone or not, this phone needs marketing. For one carrier first is a shame. I really can’t believe this. I rather feel stupid and they surprise us. Doubt. Smh terrible.

    I actually considered looking at Verizon’s plans to get this but they are way to crazy with these additional add ons. Make one unlimited plan.

  • pritams