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Video: How the Droid RAZR was put together and how we can take it apart

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The Motorola Droid RAZR is about the thinnest Android smartphone to date, measuring a mere 7.1 mm in thickness. Having an extremely thin device does not mean you have to compromise power, though. The Droid RAZR comes packed with some of the best specs out there. And since current 4G LTE devices are relatively thick, you have to wonder how Motorola managed to make this possible.

It seemsĀ Motorola knows we’ve been wondering; they recently published a video[1] explaining their technique. They basically got rid of all the air pockets, laminating and condensing all the components together. Take a look at the video to see what this is all about.

If you prefer knowing how to open devices and take them apart, we have something special for you. The device was released today, and the guys from ifixit already have a tear-down guide for you. Simply follow theirĀ guide, and you’ll be able to take the guts out of the super thin Droid RAZR.

Check out the video, as well as ifixit’s guide, to see more details about the way this “impossibly thin” device is built. Also, don’t forget to take a look at Anthony’s first impressions if you’re interested in purchasing this smartphone. Stay tuned for an upcoming full review.


  1. Via motorola (YouTube)

Via: Phandroid

Source: ifixit

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  • Josh McAllister

    They packed a LOT of stuff into a small amount of space… and it’s rootable. If I had verizon, I would still wait for the Galaxy Nexus though… O_o

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  • Solar Droid Charger

    It really is amazing to see some of the stuff that Motorola has accomplished over the years. I’ve been a Motorola fan ever since they started making clear see through pagers.

    Ryan – Portable Solar Power Systems

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    It’s a real impressive design…