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200 million Android devices have been activated globally; 550,000 new additions daily

200 million android devices

During Google’s big music event today, Google’s director of digital content for Android Jamie Rosenberg was eager to share the latest numbers on the amount of activated Android devices around the world, as well as how many are activated each and every day.

Back in May of this year, the official number of activated Android devices was 100 million. Now, just six months later, that number has doubled to 200 million. An astonishing 550,000 devices are activated every single day. For a platform that’s only been around for three years now, those numbers are impressive to say the least. And just to put them into perspective, as of this October, some 250 million iOS devices have been sold. In the numbers race, Android and iOS are neck in neck.

In my personal experience, those numbers are finally starting to show. On campus, through the grocery store or anywhere else in town, Android devices are everywhere. For quite awhile there, an OG Droid spotting was exciting. And if you saw someone with a Nexus One, you knew you’d get along well. But now, it seems like every other phone I see is running Android. That certainly isn’t a bad thing.

As Google continues to push Android into the future, always refining design and adding great new features to the blossoming OS, numbers will continue to rise. By this time next year, the number of activated Android devices world wide could be double or even triple what it is now. We’ll probably have to wait until Google IO to get the next official count, but it should be huge.

Source: Google Music Event

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  • Marcus Nolasco

    That is amazing! even in a small community like the one I live in, those numbers definitely show. I’m proud to be am Android owner :’) lol

  • WarDrake

    When you take into account Java boasts a total of about 3 Billion devices running it, that’s one hefty chunk of the pie right there…

  • thaghost

    Out of those 200 million ZERO “0″ of them are galaxy nexus or nexus prime!!

    • Sway_212

      ‘galaxy nexus or nexus prime’? The device is called galaxy nexus,yo! Not the nexus prime anymore!

      • thaghost

        My bad yo!

  • E

    Is no surprise each day here in ny I’m seeing less ppl in the train wif bb and iPhones …it will only be a matter of time Android completely takes over ….and launch da dammm nexus already !!!!!!

  • KatSelezneva

    I have been using an Android phone since a year, and I am quite satisfied with it despite the fact my phone is still running on Android 2.1 :) But various iStatistics impressed me really very much, so I’ve decided to take a look on an iPhone 4. And I got it – but only for an hour. So I found out what an iPhone can make with a staunch Android supporter within an hour. And being honestly, my conclusions surprised myself. A year on an Android-based smartphone vs. an hour with an iPhone

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I cant wait for the numbers on the next Google I|O.

    I must say it sucks to see that this numbers don’t represent the reality where I live, or my country for that matter. We are one of the major RIM’s BlackBerry consumers on South America, or I think even the world. Is just crazy, people just went crazy ’cause of BBMessenger and for most of them is the only reason they even have those things. And those who do not own a BB, own an iPhone, yet they don’t use iTunes or anything, all they have is this unpersonalized, overpriced thing in their hands, just to play with a few apps and stay connected to Twitter and FB.

    But, slowly, I’ve seen a few more people enjoy the wonders of Android and two of our three carriers have been doing quite the work to help Android enter the lives of more people.

  • pritams

    go get ‘em…