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Amazon App Store updated with Kindle Fire-like UI, more settings


The Amazon App Store is probably the most popular third party Android app store out there. App selection is great, and the free app of the day definitely makes mornings a little better. Amazon hasn’t been known for paying attention to UI detail, though, but that’s about to change. Amazon has updated its App Store to version 2.0.

Aside from bug fixes and a performance boost, improvements mostly consist of UI and settings tweaks. The Amazon App Store now looks more in line with the Amazon Kindle Fire’s UI, which has more shades of dark grey. Amazon’s $200 tablet will be hitting the streets next week, and we wouldn’t want the App Store to feel incongruous, right?

The look is not the only thing that’s been improved, though. The new app store also has a better variety of options in the settings menu. It’s now easier to enable/disable in-app purchases and set up parental controls. You can also check gift card balances, as well as claim new gift cards.

Check out the new version of the Amazon Appstore if you haven’t already. It definitely feels much smoother, and the look is not displeasing us at all. It should look great on that Kindle Fire many of you guys are purchasing! If you haven’t been using this app, go ahead and set yourself up at Amazon’s site. Enjoy!

Check out the screen shots below and let us know what you think. How are you guys liking the update?

DSC_0025 amazon_appstore_1 amazon_appstore_2 amazon_appstore_3 amazon_appstore_4

Via: Android Central

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  • @BiGMER F

    I like the update… it a lot cleaner and more professional looking

  • Adrien C.

    Looks a bit iPhonesque, but very nice tho.

  • Nathan

    Just got the update and it great, it’s better then the last one =)

  • GeauxLSU

    Download status is now in the notification bar.

    • Lane Montgomery

      Yeah, I always thought not having that was a big mistake. Now it acts more like you’d expect if you’ve used the Android Market.

  • Lane Montgomery

    Please come up with an AJAX gallery widget. This one takes a real long time to load because of reloading the entire page every time.

    It also forces a separate comments area for each image, which some might like, but I would rather keep this comment area persistent across the gallery.

    I really love the site otherwise, not trying to troll.

  • Welmoed Sisson

    I’m still waiting for the ability to either archive or delete apps that were downloaded but are not wanted anymore. I love trying out apps (especially the daily freebie) but some of them are not keepers. Any idea how to remove them from the list?

  • Toonshorty

    Looks great, bring it to the UK already?

  • EmeryLee

    I’m digging the new interface. Well done. Unfortunately, the feedback function doesn’t work on it otherwise I’d let them know my opinion.

  • pritams

    Let’s see how it goes..