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Amazon Kindle Fire gets root access with SuperOneClick


If you are among the millions who have already purchased the Amazon Kindle Fire, you may be pleased to learn that Amazon’s new Android tablet has already been rooted. The Kindle Fire’s rooting method was discovered by death2all11o who used the Android SDK and SuperOneClick 2.2 to do a lot of the heavy lifting. The instructions provided by death2all11o are simple and straight forward for anyone who’s used ADB and the SDK in the past.

Currently, there’s not much that can be done with root access on the Kindle Fire, but we should see a few custom ROMs pop up within the next few weeks and maybe even an unofficial port of the Android Market.  Due to the Kindle Fire’s massive user base, we suspect that the development community will rally behind Amazon’s little tablet and give the Nook Color developers a run for their money. As Ice Cream Sandwich was just released into AOSP, perhaps we’ll even see Google’s latest and greatest operating system make its way to the Kindle Fire.

Keep in mind, you do not need root access on the Kindle Fire in order to side-load applications on the device. Amazon retained the standard “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” option found in the tablet’s settings – allowing users to load up their applications one at a time or use one of the many third-party app stores available.

Via: Engadget

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • Monochrome

    SuperOneClick Root + ICS Rom = instant purchase of Kindle Fire

  • DaveS

    I saw this and went straight to to order one. Only a matter of time before the roms get ported.

  • Nick Gray

    I got to play with the Kindle Fire a bit this morning and can say that I’m really impressed. I know it doesn’t have a tablet UI like Honeycomb, but it’s super easy to use. I’d like to see if someone can install ADW or Launcher pro on the Fire to see what that would look like, but really don’t think a custom ROM with a dedicated tablet UI will make the device any more usable than it already is.

    • evelio

      So far Launcher Pro crashes as some other apps

      • IIDX

        I have Go Launcher running on it right now and the ICS Music app :) It works great!

  • erik mn

    Just rooter my fire in about ten minutes. super easy process everyone should try this!

  • CactusCat

    Has anyone gotten the App Market to work on this yet? I know that the App Market is just another app that you can download, as I’ve d/l’ed it myself in the past. I think I still have it on my PC actually. If that is available, then the wait is over.

  • LilSmurf2009

    i just order mine like two days ago.

  • pritams

    these guys are awesome…