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Android Market website now supporting unofficial devices


There are two things Android could not live without – development and the Android Market (among other things). There are those few manufacturers that chose not to get approved by Google, and their devices end up being released without the Android Market (or Google Apps, in general). Once developers get in the game, though, more than one can believe starts becoming possible.

For example, it is now possible to install the Android Market on most of these Google unapproved devices. So far, the Android Market on these builds has only worked via the Market application on the device itself, though.

For Google certified smartphones/tablets, it is possible to install apps directly from the web. Simply head to the Android Market website, select the app, click install, select your device, and boom. Next thing you know, your device already has the app in there. While we can get the Market to work on our non-Google Android devices, installing from the web has been impossible, until recently.

Reports have been attesting to the fact that the Android Market website is now supporting un-certified products that get the Android Market hacked in. Such are mostly tablets, and include the Kindle Fire, the Nook Color, Nook Tablet, older Archos tablets, etc. As you can see in the image to the left, the list of devices displayed includes 3 unofficial devices, even including the HP Touchpad.

This process seems to cause a small (but not massive) issue, though. Reports also claim that when using the Android Market app on one of these devices, there is a problem with the apps that were installed via the website. Apparently, the Android Market app can detect which apps were installed with the app itself, and upon trying to update the ones that were not, the process fails. Nothing that a re-install can’t fix, though.

If you feel like this process would be convenient to one of your hacked devices, go right on and try it out. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments to let us know how this is working for you. We would love to see if many of our readers are able to do this.

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  • DroidSamurai

    With the Kindle Fire selling so well, Google would be stupid not to allow it to use the Android Market.

    • Dale Bebeau

      Google isn’t not supporting the Fire, Amazon chose not to have it preloaded. That would make it Amazon’s problem, not Google’s…

      • cheeseasaurus

        Amazon is trying hard to press their own market, which will probably work better for them than having the android market instantly accessible on the device for the average end user. The android market not being pre-installed won’t be a deal breaker for many. The average end user who bought it as a kindle won’t know the difference, instead they’ll purchase the apps they want from the amazon market and never know what they’re missing.

        And the dev community gets a new toy. Seems everyone wins. Except Google, maybe, since they get no percentage on market sales on the device.

  • derfrankie

    You might also mention that there has been a redesign … the market now shows “your library”.

    My G-Tablet was showing for some months and then disappeared – so now I know that it was because of the redesign…

    Curious to see how it evolves.

  • Alex

    The nook color has been listed in the web market for a while for me. But I was happy when the touchpad started showing up a few days ago

    • Thatdba CLK

      Noticed you have a Nook Color attached to the Market. Mines was there and is now gone since the transition! Questions:

      What applications if any have you found to be of interest to update that did not come on the Stock version of the Device?

      I guess you also can take advantage of the Google EPUBS also?

  • Nathan

    Well this is a nice surprise

  • charliethesuperturtle

    hp touchpad ftw!!!!!!!!

  • 00quantameister

    What Google should do is allow their apps & the Android Market as an official download on the Amazon App Store. That way we have an officially supported channel. I’m sure Amazon would welcome Google support of their device as one more way to sell Android. Its a way of breaking the iPad stranglehold & show that Android is here to stay. Adding the Android Market would really be a sign of solidarity with all Android devices.

    • Monk

      Amazon do not want other content on their devices because the tablets were created for amazon consumption only (they are not getting profit now with the hardware). I doubt that they will allow the google market on amazon app store. if this was not true they wouldnt take the time to develop their own appstore and a totally customized OS…


    I think it would be good for Google if it extends its services to other devices.

  • cheeseasaurus

    I’ve been using this on my nook color for a fair bit, though it’s starting to collect dust as other things are looking better. It’s nice to see this evolving as it is though. Everything seems to be getting more polished since the market app redesign.

  • YMS123

    This is really great for developers, gives them more potential customers

  • lee

    I still cant get my archos arnova 9 g2 to work!! Whats the correct way of logging into the market?