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ASUS Transformer Prime benchmarks leave the big boys in the dust

ASUS Transformer Prime

Right now the most exciting tablet, without a doubt, is the ASUS Transformer Prime. Not only will it be the first NVIDIA Kal-El Tegra 3 quad-core tablet, but it will also be among the first devices to get Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). We don’t know the exact release date yet, but we definitely know many of you are eagerly waiting for this bad boy and would like to see how well it performs.

We know benchmarks don’t always translate directly to the level of performance, but they do provide something to go on when we don’t have the chance to test a device. And benchmark results from the ASUS Transformer Prime have now shown up. As displayed in the AnTuTu benchmark app, this tablet (clocked at 1.4 GHz) beasts the best of the best in benchmark tests. With results over 10,000, the Transformer Prime leaves superphones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II in the dust.

As already mentioned, amazing benchmark results do not always result in amazing performance. Regardless, we expect this tablet to be quite the beast. We’ll have to wait and see how much punch it really packs, once we get our hands on it. Are any of you planning to purchase a Transformer Prime? Do you think the performance will be as outstanding as these benchmarks?

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Josh McAllister

    OVER 10,000!!!??? I’m glad I didn’t get the first one! But I am getting this one! lol

  • triangle

    The transformer prime is shaping up to be one impressive device. I’m looking forward to the reviews, as well as some of the new games that will take advantage of the new processing and graphics capabilities.

  • Techrocket9

    You missed a chance to say over 9000…

    • Kimbo

      It totally blew up my scouter.

  • Sway_212

    Holy benchmarks!

  • Nathan

    You know I want this for Christmas it will go nicely next to soon to be galaxy nexus =)

  • Kwills 88

    Pardon me while I be a geek and quote the infamous Prince Vegeta “it’s over 9000!!!”

    • Kwills 88

      Can’t believe I am getting down voted for a DBZ reference….anyways, I’ve never owned a tablet, but this just might be my first

      • diordna

        I’ll give you a vote, someone had to say it.

      • SilverZero

        Only because you were the 2nd to make it.

  • Juan

    Amazing benchmark…however…graphics don’t look any better than Galaxy SII

    • Jes

      Did you not see the Glowball demonstration?

    • Darkseider

      The reason the graphics performance is showing no improvement is that it hits the limit of the benchmarks ability. New benchmark utilities will have to be written particularly those testing GPU.

      • Jonathan Rung

        Yeah, I agree. Exynos 4210/Mali 400 is really nice, but I can’t imagine anyone expects exynos 4210 powered devices to graphically out-perform nvidia’s latest (as this benchmark seems to suggest with the GS2) or run glowball at high resolutions. I have to profess my ignorance of this particular bench-marking test, but even without software optimization, I wonder if, or how much, the (rather large) difference in screen resolution impacts the graphics benchmarks… look at how much differently the xoom and G2X perform in 2D an 3D, despite the nearly identical chipsets: G2X performs much better, despite (if I remember correctly) faster GPU clock speeds and comparatively newer software on the xoom.

        On a side note, I’m surprised to see how similarly the Galaxy Nexus and GS2 perform. Surely the results will also improve for the Galaxy Nexus? Is it possible that the GN has less to gain, considering OMAP 4 was the reference for ICS? Or is that irrelevant if the app wasn’t coded to take advantage of the new software?

  • Shay D. Life

    Moar Powa!!!

  • Homncruse

    Dammit Asus, another pair of pants RUINED.

  • John K


  • jjsink

    I guess I’d better get one…. my Viewsonic G-Tab running a Tnt mod 2.2 benched out at 3398 :(

    Besides, I want one with better screen viewing angles, an internal GPS and HDMI out.

  • M3rc Nate

    Will its benchmark be even better when it has ICS installed? I assume cause ics utilizes quadcores that ud see even better results. Then again I might not know what I’m talking bout. Either way I’m planning on getting the Tprime.

    • SliestDragon

      Not only would the benchmark be better, but if that benchmark app was better coded to support multi-core devices, I’m sure it would skyrocket even more. :)

  • Taylor Wimberly

    First Android devices with Icera modems should be out in first half of 2012. Don’t expect a fully integrated solution till 2013.

    • Nathan

      Can I ask what icera is?

  • WarDrake

    This bad boy is coming to papa!
    I can’t wait to be able to order mine…

  • Lux143

    Are these benchmarks even muti-threaded for quad?

  • SliestDragon

    I want this so bad! Yeah, benchmarks are not a good test for devices, but who cares! This still makes me want it more! Only a few days left! :D

  • deaddave

    Might’ve made more sense to benchmark it against other tablets, such as the iPad 2, rather than the Desire HD and ‘my device’.

  • Postal Jim

    It’s nice to see this blow away phones, but can we see some comparisons to other tablets? Like the dreaded iPads? If it’s gonna be billed as the iPad killer, I wanna see how bad it slays it!

  • Edgardo B

    Why is there so much excitement of these results? Yes I think it’s great, and will probably get a Tegra 3 device. But aren’t the current tablets, phones,processors sufficient and not laggy anyways? What more will the extra processing power provide?


  • ezer

    amazing piece of high tech engineering

    i am already competing for one on its (official?) forum, you can win this tablet there!

    they are asking only for a couple of posts.

  • pritams

    Can’t wait..